Teen Affair

True Story

While a true story, the names of the main characters have been changed. The acts that take part in this story are between a minor and a barely legal (by Australian law) girl and if such material is offensive to you turn away now.

NOTE: This was written last year so when it says I'm 21 that's because I was that age when I wrote it.

My name’s Amanda. I live just outside of Brisbane in the state of Queensland, Australia. I’ve lived here since I was five, when my parents and I moved up here. It was shortly before my younger sister was born. I’m twenty-one now.

I’d tell you a bit about myself but to be honest, this story is about the first time I was ever with another girl. Yes, I’m a lesbian. Have been since a remarkably young age. A string of bad relationships with boys was what alerted me to the fact that I was gay. That and losing my virginity to one at the age of twelve. It was a stupid move, I know; scold me for it all you please. But at the time I was more mature than all the girls my age, and I thought I was ready for it. The guy was my boyfriend at the time, and let’s just say it .

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  . . well it sucked.

Ok, so much for me not telling much about myself. I suppose it’s relevant though. Not too long after I realised I wasn’t into boys anymore, a friend of mine, Debbie, came to spend the annual fortnightly weekend at my place (I went to hers every other weekend). On this weekend, she brought with her a playboy magazine she had stolen from her brother’s room and we spent the night under the covers with a torch staring at the pictures on the pages.

While she was fascinated by the men on the pages with their – in my opinion – obviously enhanced cocks, I found my gaze drawn to the women sitting or standing with their legs wide and their hands playing with their pussies or titties. The sight had my own pussy drooling with desire. But because I didn’t know whether Debbie would be receptive to me being a lesbian, I kept my mouth shut.

I was thirteen at the time, at 4’8 with green-brown eyes and dark red coloured hair down past my shoulders. I usually kept it tied back in a ponytail. My breasts were only just starting to come through, so I was still wearing a meagre A-cup, and I while I had very little hair growth on the mound of my pussy, I had recently taken to shaving it off. I loved feeling the smoothness of it when I masturbated. It was something I would carry on until I turned eighteen when I started getting it waxed.

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Anyways, I should get to the actual story.

In eighth grade (thirteen years old) I developed a crush on a girl I went to school with. Her name was Charlie and she was sixteen at the time. Though we were in different levels of the high school, every chance I got I would stare at her perfect body with her full breasts and her round ass. She had to be a C-cup; I swear (a size bracket I would later grow to myself). She was around 5’5 tall with dark brown hair and blue eyes, a mesmerising combination, and an hourglass shape that had all the boys in school literally drooling over her.

I drooled too, but not from my mouth, and I had to make frequent trips to the toilet to play with myself before it got out of hand.

One day I was in class as per normal, pretending to listen to the teacher as she droned on about something to do with someone from the past, resting my chin in my folded hands on the desktop.

And suddenly, in walks Charlie.

I sat upright so fast my friend Debbie looked over to me and asked if I was ok. I assured her breathlessly that I was fine.

Charlie walked right up to my teacher, looking around the class only once and so quickly I was sure she hadn’t noticed me staring at her. Today the skirt she wore was shorter, halfway to the knees and plaid dark blue. The shirt was pale blue with dark stripes on the collar perfectly folded down. She was one of the fewer people in the town I lived in that didn’t like the use of makeup, compared to me who was wearing eyeliner, mascara and lipstick that day to her complete lack.

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I began to squirm uncomfortably in my seat as I watched her and the teacher talking quietly amongst themselves. I could feel the heat and dampness from my pussy growing in intensity.

When it became too much to bear, I shot my hand into the air and excused myself to go to the bathroom. With all the squirming, the teacher assumed naturally that I really needed to go pee and let me go without a fuss or giving me a pass.

I dashed out of the room, ignoring the incredulous stare Debbie shot at me, and down the hall to the girls’ room. Once inside, I zipped straight into a cubicle and locked the door.

I stopped, turned, and leant back against the wall of the cubicle, hands covering my eyes and chanting a silent mantra to calm myself. My breathing was heavy and I needed to get it under control before somebody walked in and heard it and assumed something was wrong.

It took me a couple of minutes to get my breathing back to normal. When I did, my other senses started to kick in. I could see nothing because of my hands over my eyes, but I could smell the very familiar smell of a very wet pussy I knew to be mine. And I knew it wasn’t just going to go away on its own. Not any time soon. It would take hours unless I dealt with it, and I couldn’t spend too much time away from class.

I dropped my hands and opened the door to the cubicle quietly, sticking my head out to see if anyone else was in there.

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   Sure that I was alone, I hastily locked the cubicle again and flattened my back against the wall.

I slid my hands up the sides of my top, letting them roam over my breasts and back down again teasingly. I couldn’t get Charlie out of my head. I could almost see her standing in front of me doing the exact same with a cheeky smile on her face, teasing me as her hands travelled up and down her perfect body, resting on her tits just a little bit too long with each pass. I allowed my hands to roam further down past the hem of my skirt, softly running them back up my legs. The fire in my panties was getting hotter. I wasn’t going to be able to resist long.

So I didn’t try.

I slipped my left hand under the waistband of my skirt and my panties to my pussy.

God, I hadn’t realised just how wet my pussy was until that first contact. My fingers were instantly wet when they reached my smooth pubis, and I could feel the wetness from my panties on the back of my hand. It was turning me on even more and I felt more juice seep from the slit into my hand and panties.

I rubbed my hand up and down against myself, spreading the wetness all over my pussy area and causing pleasure to ripple up my spine. I moaned, softly but still enough to be heard by anyone in the room. Gently, I pulled the lips of my pussy apart with my index and ring fingers, sliding my middle finger as deep inside I could get it.

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   It was the first time I had penetrated myself, and I couldn’t come up with a reason that I had only just thought of it. It just seemed the natural thing to do. It felt good.

My image of Charlie in front of me was doing the same. Fingers in her pussy, she cupped one of her tits with the other hand and started to rub it in circles, biting her lip as she watched me. It was such an erotic site it made my juices flow more copiously.

I slipped my finger out, covered in sweet smelling juices, and slid it to the top of my opened pussy to rub the juices around my aching clit. It felt really good, so I continued to rub circles around my little clit until I felt the last of the juice rub off and then plunged my finger back into my slit, sliding it in and out over and over.

I was getting close, and fast. I knew if I kept this up for much longer I would have an orgasm right there and there was nothing I could – or wanted – to do to stop it. Just a few more strokes –

And then there was a knock on the cubicle door.


Quick as a flash I took my finger out of my aching, now painfully aching, pussy and out from under my panties and skirt and straightened my uniform up.

I opened the door.



“Yes?” I said.

Her only response was to gently shove me backwards and push her way into the cubicle with me.

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   She turned, locked the door, and then turned around to look me in the eye. Her blue eyes were dazzling and I was lost in the depths, forgetting just how turned on I was by her and just wanting to be held by her instead.

“What were you doing?” she asked me, breaking me out of the spell.

“Um . . . I was . . . er . . . peeing,” I stammered nervously.

“No you weren’t,” Charlie said defiantly.

“What makes you say that?” I said in the same tone, daring her to have a reason.

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“Because girls don’t usually moan when they’re taking a piss,” she said with a sly grin. SHIT! She heard me! “And because I know what the sound of a pussy being played with sounds like. So tell me, what were you doing?”

I was busted. I didn’t know what to say. I was too embarrassed to tell her what she clearly already knew.

“I thought so,” she said, forcing me back against the wall of the cubicle. She started to unbutton my school shirt with no protest from me. I was too stunned at the turn of the events, at being caught to have any thought to protest.

When she drew my shirt open and down over my shoulders and I felt the cooled air against my skin, I snapped out of the shock and pushed her back against the partition between the cubicle we were in and the next one. She stopped fumbling with her own buttons and grinned, mistaking my shove as participation.

She dived back at me, wrapping her arms around me and pulling my smaller body against her perfectly shaped one as she forced her tongue past my lips into my mouth. I didn’t resist that at all. In fact, I played with her tongue with mine, licking the sides and wrapping around it, moaning all the time. I was giving in to her.

She seemed to sense this because she drew back again and finished unbuttoning her top.

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   It sprang open and she unhooked the bra straps from her shoulders and pulled the cups down so that her breasts bounced to freedom before my eyes.

They were as perfect as I had dreamt about, fantasised about as I masturbated myself to orgasm before going to bed each night. Her areolas were the size of fifty-cent coins with nipples that – hard as they were – were almost an inch long.

I found myself cupping her breasts without encouragement, rubbing them all over, flicking my thumb and forefinger over her stiff nipples over and over, while she watched me with a smile on her face. I pulled on her nipples gently while she purred at me, arching her back to push them towards me some more.

I pulled again on her nipple and she wrapped her arms around my neck and drew me into her. I took her nipple in my mouth, savouring the feel of the stiff nub against my tongue as I licked away at it. My hands gripped both of her tits as I sucked at her nipple greedily, feeling her hands on my shoulders travelling down, down, down.

She brushed them softly over my breasts, pulling my bra away to free them. My nipples grew hard in the cold air and at her touch and I flooded my panties with fresh juices, waiting for more. Her hands travelled down my sides. She moaned as I nibbled gently on her nipple and lashed it over and over with my tongue.

She slipped her hand under the hem of my skirt, holding it up as her hand slid under the waistband of my panties to my wet pussy.

I moaned in spite of myself as her fingers touched my wetness and clamped my teeth down on her nipple.

“Well, well, well,” she said, catching her breath.

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My hand dropped from her right breast to her wrist and I pushed her hand down my panties even further until she fully cupped my sex. I was so wet that my juices were pooling in her hand. I started to rock my hips against her immobile hand, holding it there until I was sure that she wouldn’t move it.

Her nipple popped out of my mouth after a minute or two of her rubbing my pussy, but I was in so much ecstasy to correct it and I threw my head back and groaned as her middle fingers rubbed the length of my slit up to my clit and back down, retracing their path over and over with no sign that she would soon stop. I didn’t even want her to. I knew if someone saw us, or walked in and heard my moans of lust, there would be trouble. But it was a risk I was willing to take in order to cum.

And I so wanted to cum badly.

I needed to.

And I needed it to be because of Charlie.

She pushed her fingers into my pussy, slowly and gently, all the way in until she could push no further. I clamped my legs shut around her hand for a moment, getting used to the feel of her fingers inside of me. Just two of her fingers filled me much more than the cock of the boy I had had sex with. If not for the pleasure, I might have laughed at the thought. Instead, I groaned and bit down on Charlie’s shoulder as she cooed at me, urging me to be quiet.

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I tried, I really did. But for all the effort I put in all I could manage was to not moan out loud as her fingers slid their length back and forth in my sopping young pussy. My breathing was ragged, full of the lust within me, the pleasure I was getting. Just thinking about her fingers in me was pushing me to the brink, close to the edge.

I was going to cum soon.

Oh no!

“St-st-stop,” I stuttered, trying to get the word past the groan. She didn’t stop. Her fingers, in fact, picked up the pace a little, sliding back and forth a fraction faster. “Ch-Charlie! Stop! Pl-pl-pl-please?”

She did, and she frowned so deeply that I nearly wanted to cry. It was obvious she wasn’t happy I had asked her to stop, but I had my reasons for it, as she would find out. She withdrew her fingers from me, flicking my little clit before taking her hand out of my panties and examining her fingers. When she saw that her whole hand was covered in thick clear juice, she moaned so seductively that I just wanted her to thrust her fingers back into me and finish. Instead, I hooked the sides of the hem of my skirt into the waistband and pulled my panties all the way down my legs. I stepped out of them, and picked them up to shove into my pocket.

See, I had found only a few weeks ago that I can squirt.


   It was another incident, another day, which I’ll probably write about at some point but I won’t go into detail about it here. Needless to say, that when I orgasm, a thick flow of juices gushes or squirts from my pussy, flooding my panties or my bed or whatever happens to be beneath me in the process. Since there was still over half a day of school to endure, I didn’t want to be walking around with my cum smell following me everywhere. No perfume was strong enough to hide it.

When I stood back up straight, I saw that Charlie was sucking and licking all of my juices from her palm and fingers. My face and cheeks felt hot and I knew that she could see the deep red of the blush all across my face.

I stood there waiting, but not for long before she pushed against me again and once more thrust that sweet tongue into my mouth. This time, however, I could taste the nectar she had licked from her fingers. I knew already what I tasted like – strawberry and honey with perhaps just too much of an infusion of sugar – but to taste it mixed with her saliva . . . it was heaven and I groaned as she flicked her tongue around my mouth until it met mine and they began to dance again.

Her hand shot straight back down under my skirt until she felt my now bare little pussy and she started to gently stroke it. She pushed me backwards and the back of my knees bumped into the edge of the toilet seat behind me. I sat down on the edge of it, feeling her middle fingers once more penetrating my young pussy and sliding back and forth so slowly and sensually.

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   She fell to her knees to keep her lips and tongue in contact with mine, and I wrapped my arms around her neck as she kissed and fingered me.

She broke the kiss, sucking on my bottom lip just a little longer as she pulled away, and I groaned that she was being such a tease to me when it was very obvious by now that I wanted her.

She lowered her face to my chest, where she planted little kisses all over my naked breasts and flicked her wet tongue over my hard nipples, wetting them. She licked a trail down around the curve of each breast, and then straight down the centre to my belly button, which she tongued lightly as she passed it, kissing down my lower tummy and the mound to my pussy. Her fingers were still inside me, unmoving. I wanted to call her a bitch and tell her to make me cum. But I knew she would.

She flicked her tongue over the tip of my clit, barely even touching it, and I groaned so loudly and leaned my head back against the wall behind. Her fingers started up again, slowly, slowly gliding back and forth, curled just slightly so that they dragged against the upper wall of my canal on their way outwards and brought on the most intense feeling I could remember having felt at that time. Her other hand, meanwhile, had peeled apart my outer lips and the hood of my little clit to reveal it in all of its splendour. She spent a minute or two looking at it as she pushing and pulled her fingers within me, and then the leant forward and kissed it.

I could have peed myself then and there. I had never felt such a thing before. Touching my own clit when I masturbated, even having her touch my clit seconds before, could not compare to the feel of her lips or tongue. There was no way anything could compare to it.

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   It was pure heaven, pure bliss, pure SIN!

She started to lick around my clit gently, flicking her tongue over it every third pass and then sucking it into her mouth for a few seconds before she repeated the procedure. Her fingers within me continued their gentle stroking of my insides. I spread my legs wider, and threw my right leg over her shoulder to give her the best access to my sweet flower. She licked, and she sucked, and she licked some more. When she felt me tense, she would slow her licking, stop her sucking, avoid direct contact with my clit.

I didn’t know what to tell her. I wanted this. I wanted her. I wanted to cum. I wanted her to make me cum. But I needed to be done soon or my teacher would send someone to look for me. She seemed to have no intention of letting me go any time soon. Every time she felt me tense, every time she knew I was on the edge, she would pull me back and make me wait just those few seconds to a minute more.

She was so busy with my pussy I don’t think she noticed when I started to play with my breasts, rubbing them and pinching and rolling the nipples between my fingers, adding to the pleasures she was giving me in the hopes that I could push myself over the edge and into orgasm.

As It turned out, I needn’t have had to.

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As the fourth time I felt the orgasm rising arrived, she let me dive into bliss. She started to plunge her fingers faster and faster into me, and she started to suck and nibble on my little clit less gently and more insistently. A few strokes was all it took and I was done.

“I’m cumminggggggggggg!” I squeaked.

And I let fly with it. I tried to hold back the orgasm, but I didn’t succeed for long. But she got the message. A little juice squirted from my pussy past her fingers and splashed against her chin. I watched the fire in her eyes blaze when she felt this and instantly, the fingers were gone. The feeling of her fingers dragging backwards like all the way out of me ripped away any control I had tried to muster to hold the orgasm back. But it was ok, because the splash against her chin had warned her of what was coming and she had covered my whole pussy with her mouth, flicking her tongue gently along my lips to coax my orgasm on.

I came hard, squirting and gushing like a fountain into her mouth and down her throat, and groaning like I was in pain. It was quite the opposite, in a way. I might have been in pain had the orgasm been delayed much longer – the pain of needing one. But the feelings of pleasure washed over me and I felt the most euphoric sensations I had ever felt.

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   I had never had an orgasm before that wasn’t given to me by my own hands. This was new territory, and as I gushed into her waiting mouth I found myself hooked on the sensations another person could bring to me.

When I finally came down, she gave my pussy a few final licks to steal away any excess cum clinging to the lips and then got back to her feet and bent forward. I greedily licked my cum from her chin and from around her mouth where it had leaked and then plunged my tongue into her mouth to taste myself from her once more. I moaned into the kiss, and wrapped my arms around her again, wanting to do everything all over again.

But the fantasy was shattered.

She pulled away and took the panties from my pocket. She held them to her nose, smelling the wetness caused by my pussy and moaning herself before she got back to her knees and slipped my feet back through the holes. She pulled my panties all the way up, pre-emptively kissing the skin of my legs until she got to my pussy, which she gave a longer kiss before pulling my panties snugly back into place and giving the crotch a teasing little pat that elicited a gasp from me.

She straightened up her bra, buttoned her shirt back up, and smiled at me. “Monday, first break. Be here, in this stall,” she said quietly.

“Amanda,” I breathed.

“Amanda,” she repeated. She winked at me, and then unlocked and opened the stall door and left.

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I sat there in silence for a few minutes, gasping for breath. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I had just had sex with another girl. For the first time. Charlie. I had sex with Charlie. It brought a smile to my lips. I wanted more of her. I wanted to taste her now, and do to her the things she had done to me. I hoped she would let me. I pulled my bra cups back over my tits and hooked the straps over my shoulders before I fixed up my shirt and left the stall. I looked in the mirror as I washed my hands, taking stock of the hairs out of place and wetting them to force them back down.

On my way back to class, I stopped by the drinking taps and drank what felt like a gallon of water, making sure that the taste was washed from my mouth so that no one would notice the smell on the air. I hoped it worked.

Charlie and I had sex frequently at school, and then eventually she started sneaking into my room at night.

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   We started dating after a few weeks, and soon it was public knowledge across the school. Just before I turned fifteen, she broke up with me. A lot of her friends had shunned her for being a lesbian and being in a relationship with a girl younger than her. Though I was upset, I understood and today we’re still good friends, though she’s happy with her new partner Grace living in Perth on the opposite side of the country.

To this day, whenever I’m alone and horny and I’m in the kind of mood where porn doesn’t do anything for me, I still think back to those first days with Charlie in the girls’ toilets and have the most amazing orgasms. .