When I Was Young Pt 3

True Story

Well, one day Candy and I wanted to go into town and visit some stores to look for some things to wear that the two of us could enjoy. We went to several stores and looked around but nothing seemed to be what we were looking for. Finally we were at a plaza of small stores and had looked in alomst all the windows and still nothing. We were just geting ready to turn around and go when we saw a woman come out of a door in the corner that was back from the rest of the stores. She had said "Bye" to someone and the door closed again. We looked at each other and went to the door. Candy reached out and tried to open it but it was locked. "Well, must have been the last customer and they are closed. " we thought. We tuned to go and a woman's voice came from the door, "Can I help you?" she said and we saw a very beautiful woman standing at the door with a long Summer dress on. Her hair was to her waist and she wore no shoes. She had blue eyes that trap you if you look at the too long, which I had already done. "Wel, we were just out window shopping and can't find anything that we want. " I blurted out.

The woman looked at us for a long moment and then said, "Well, come in, I may have something that you need. " and she stepped from the door and we walked in as if in a dream.

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   There were two other women there all looking around racks of clothes like the dress the woman was wearing. She watched us as we walked in to one of the racks and for some reason my nipples get hard as rocks and stuck out easy for anyone to see. THe woman smiled as she watched us. "Well, I am Dawn and I own this little shop. Look around as much as you like. What are your names?" she said. "I am Brenda and this is Candy. " I told her. She hugged both of us and again I felt a wave of heat flow over my body. I looked at Candy and she was red faced as I knew I was and she looked at me as if she wanted to take of her clothes right then and there. "So who is your family around here?" Dawn asked us. "Well, Maggie and Euigene are my Aunt and Uncle and Candy is related too. " I told her. There was a scent in he air of the shop and I was not sure if it was making me dizzy or what it was, all I knew was that I wanted to undress and do something to calm myself and the stirring in me. Now Dawn stood in front of me as the other two women talked with Candy.

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Take off your clothes Dear. " she said and I pulled of the blouse and then my bra freeing my tits and Dawn smiled as she cupped them in her hands. Then my jeans came off and panties and was totally naked in front of these women I did not know but I also did not care. Candy was naked too I could see and she was being led to a chair to sit in and then it reclined and she was laying in it. I was dizzy. "Watch the pendant. " Dawn was telling me. "Good, keep your eyes on it, you feel very relaxed and are ready to do anything that I wish you to do. Do you hear me and understand Dear?" I do not remember his part but Dawn made a video of our whole visit so I can say what happened. I told Dawn that I understood. She looked at me, "Good dear, now stand still until I tell you to move, spread your legs some and then just stand there. " she told me and I said, "Okay. " Her dress came off and then she began kissing me all over. I began to respond but she told me not to respond at all, not for any reason and so I stood there and my body was ready to explode but she had told me not to. She was sucking my nipples and making them so hard that I felt like I wanted to just suck them myself and make my pussy let go but she had said no.

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   Her fingers played with my clit and two slipped inside my pussy making me even worse off. "Maggie said that you love to fuck, is that true?" Dawn asked me. "Yes, it is. " I said. "and you really love women, is that true?" she said. "Yes it is. " I said to her. I had looked quickly and saw that Candy was being devoured by the two women she was with and that two more had joined them. She was not quiet and her orgasms made me cry out.

Dawn saw that I had looked and then told me, "Follow me. " and so I did. We went down a hallway and into a bar or lounge. We were both naked and there were men and women all drinking and watching a large screen that had a game on. She took me to the bar and turned and said, "Everyone, this is Brenda, she is here for your entertainment. Enjoy.

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  " and she told me to do anything I was asked to do. "Just tell her what it is you need and she will do it. " she finished. "And Dear, you will do it as if you really enjoyed it and needed to have whatever it is they want to do. In short Hun, you are a nympho until I say you are not. " and she left. Soon a woman came over and kissed me, "I want to get on the pool table with you Brenda, climb up hun and spraed out. " she told me and I did. ONce there she was next to me kissing and massagging all over. My passion was wild and I had an orgasm as soon as she touched my pussy and sprayed all over her hands. She was soon naked and in a 69 position we ate each other for a long time, orgasms happening over and over. She finished and got up. "Anyone else? Who is next?" she said and a man came to the table and just got up and pulled out a hard cock and shoved it into my pussy. I was wet already so it did not really hurt. Soon he filled me up and got off and I just laid there waiting for another person to use me.

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I was there a while and it was like no one knew it, I was like a piece of furniture or something. Then I felt something invading my pussy again. I looked down and a man had a pool stick and was pushing it inside of me slowly. It was moving very slow and finaly was as far as it would go. He began moving it in and out that way and it took ages for me to have an orgasm but finally I did and it soaked the table. Then Dawn's voice broke in, "Come on hun, need to find another place for you. " she said and I got up and went with her. She took me to the shower and cleaned me off and out and then told me to sit and watch Candy who was still being used by now several women. Dawn was on the phone and then she gave it to me, it was MAggie and she told me that Candy and I were to be with Dawn for the week and just do as we were told. I told her okay and then Dawn hung up and told me, "Just sit there and don't do anything, understand?" "Yes" I said and sat there.

I will finish this later folks, there is a lot that happened and this is just the beginning.

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