A BBQ with our neighbour.


There was a bbq at our place and we had a few friends in including our neighbours. We had finished the two bottles of wine and the party was swinging along – Jane the neighbours wife said I have a special bottle at home if you like I can get it. I said that would be great I will come with you to check it out. We had hardly got inside their house and she grabbed me and kissed me and whilst I was shocked I rather enjoyed the experience and responded with equal passion. The she started to undress as we kissed – not that we had much on – shorts and T shirt etc. Then she said ‘Fuck me’ I want you to fuck me – I have been aching to get you alone long enough for months – this is it. . . . . do it now. She was young and attractive and had no inhibitions about showing her attributes off. My wife had often commented that she was hot and she pitied her husband as she believed she shared herself about occasionally. I joked and said she hasn’t shared anything with me – and my wife said ---Yet. ,It seems my time had come. She was tearing the last of her clothes off and when she was  naked and then started on me.

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   Between the two of us we both managed to get everything off and she was on the floor – her legs drawn back onto her chest - and her lovely pink slit open ready for my cock - which by now was rock hard. I got down and plunged my cock into the slit just below the hair strip she had. Going into her felt like my cock was going into a warm oven – she was hot and wet and her cunt virtually sucked my cock into her she was so randy. We fucked like I have never fucked before – fast furious and passionately – grabbing her tits as she fingered her clit while I shagged her. She rolled over and wanted it doggy style. Her tits were bouncing around as I pumped my cock into her fast and furiously and my balls were slapping against the cheeks of her ass as I drove myself furiously toward my orgasm. She began to grunt and said oh fuck – I’m cumming I’m cumming ……fill me up baby……. give me all your juice……. . hose my womb with your cock milk ……. flood my baby chasm. Her sex talk brought me up higher toward my climax and in seconds my cock erupted and I did as she asked and my balls erupted and I fired shot after shot of cum into her. We both managed to keep it going for another minute or so and we were so physical her cunt was covered in cum and cunt juice as I pumped my now firm cock in and out of her cunt now filled to the brim with my baby juice. Then she said take it out……. .

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   I want it again………. . and as I pulled my cock out of her cunt she turned around. I was kneeling before her and she got down and began to suck the fuck juice we had made together off my half hard cock. . I spun her around and we were now both flat out on the floor in the 69 position and as she sucked my cock. I licked and sucked the love syrup from around her labia and thighs before drinking it from her pink cup of sexual delight. She was full of it and it took me a couple of minutes to get her cleaned up. It was all over my face as well as I buried my whole face into her pubic region to get her cunt open and access to her clit. I wanted to get every drop of our love juices out of her. In the process I managed to get her to cum again as I oralled her clit. She squirmed and wriggled and bucked as I devoted every effort I had into bringing her off again orally. She was moaning and almost crying with the erotic pleasure saying… Keep going …. Keep going…. .

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   and she held my head down onto her vagina. Oh… f. . u…c…k. she moaned. I am cumming again ……. . oh shit this is amazing…………. . oh fuck don’t stop nnnnnn. . oooooo…. wwwww and then she just collapsed. It was obvious she could take no more and gasped……. stop     stop     stop now…… ohhh ………please…….

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  . I cant bear it any longer. I stopped and she sat upright holding her cunt. That is the most intense and amazing orgasm I have ever had, I think I had two or three one on top of the other it just wouldn’t stop and finally I couldn’t bear it any longer. Never have I cum that intensely before. It had me on the verge of fainting it came on me so hard. I smiled the smile of a very satisfied male lover. We kissed and we enjoyed the taste of ourselves through out tongue and lips. I said to her  - where did that come from - It was absolutely the highest form or erotic pleasure I have ever experienced. I have never seen a woman cum like that before – you were amazing.
She said I saw you there this afternoon and I began leaking so much just thinking about what you would be like in bed. I have never heard Nancy complain about not enjoying her sex with you. Suddenly I wanted to be fucked as urgently as that. I was hot real hot. I have  thought about having sex with you  – but never wanted to as Nancy and I are very good friends as you know.

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    I have often envied Nancy sleeping with you. You wont tell her about this will you. I said not if I want to keep having sex with her. She would not be happy knowing we have done this together. By now the eroticism had worn off and we were both exhausted – happy and fulfilled, well and truly fucked sucked and satisfied. We both got up and dressed, even though we were sweaty. I kissed each nipple of her breast before she covered them with her bra again. She said I had better get that wine – and left the room and came back a minute later with the bottle. When she came back she said shit this room reeks of sex – the smell is so powerful – I said well we weren’t actually sedate about it we went at it like animals – she said I will go woof woof  with you any time you want me to. I said – you are on – but we will have to be careful.
We went back to the party and I don’t think anybody had missed us. She and I started to drink the wine and she said I know a better vintage that this – and it comes in a very funny shaped container. I think I prefer that to this and winked at me. Nobody was any the wiser and Nancy said Jane behaved herself today – she wasn’t making eyes ay any of the men that I saw. IF SHE ONLY KNEW.

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  After that we occasionally enjoyed the new rare vintage we had discovered and she drank it straight from the container most times. The syrup from her pink well of sexual pleasure was my pleasure as well. Occasionally I filled her cup and we mixed our two juices and enjoyed the ‘cock’-tail we had made together.
We continued to fuck each other when the opportunity existed and when it was safe to do so. Nancy and Bob, her husband didn’t seem to have a clue we were doing it together.
It was pure animal sex – no love or emotion – just hard and fast and furious sex. Nancy my partner said to me one day – you know I have never enjoyed sex like we have been having in the past few months something seems to have changed – It sure had……. I was now fucking two of the best women alive, and enjoying it all. I smiled and said I have never ever had a complaint – age is improving you too.
We are still enjoying our secret love life together, and its now over a year. Its naughty ---- but nice. .