A naughty office girl


Since I have a recieved a comment form my last entryI feel it only fair to continue to tell of my dirty tales ;-)

This story takes place on 28th december 2010. It was freezing because the ground was still covered in ice and snow. Despite this I chose to wear a short grey skirt with my grey high heel boots and a short sleaved white top. I had to go work to sort the paper work out that was left from before xmas. I knew it was going to be a nightmare so my dad dropped me in and left me to it.

Because of the snow and ice there weren't many people in the office. There was me, Jayde (My kinky best friend, you may hear more about her later on), Paul an older salesman, Sammy from reception and Simon with his nice big cock.

I spent most of the morning filing paper work and freezing my ass off in the records room. About 11 I started getting texts from simon. He'd been texting me ever few days since the xmas party but lately they started to get more and more dirty. He knows how much I love to be called kinky names and every so often I save some of the texts he sends me. This is a couple he sent me that morning.

Hey Jess so when you going to ride me dick again? X

I didn't answer I looked back through the window in the door and to see simon sat at his desk rubbing his cock through his trousers under the desk. I smiled at him before bending over to show my top of my ass and part of my bright red lace pants. A few mins later I got another text from Simon.

Nice pants slut but that pussy would look even better with my cock in it.

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I couldn't deny the fact that the thought of simons dick was getting me hot. But I couldn't fuck him at work with others around, even with so few people someone was bound to know both of us were missing. I couldn't risk losing my job for a dick no matter how big and hard it was.

It must have been just coming up to lunch time and I was still filing away in the records room when I got my last text of the morning from Simon. I looked back into the office to see Simon wasn't at his desk his desk. I knew it had to be from him but I was curious to wear he was. I put down what papers I had left and headed back into the office.

"Sammy, where did Simon go to"?
"He's just headed out through the back door, I think it was a personal thing cos he has his phone on him".

I pulled my phone out of my pant matching bra to see the text from simon. It read "I'm waiting in the bathroom" with a picture of his cock rock hard cock underneither. Seeing it on my phone I had to have it. But I knew I didn't have long.
Just as i turned to walk away Paul came into the room and asked if anyone wanted to go to the pub for lunch since we weren't actually open. My eyes lit up and my luck just caught up with me. Jayde and Sammy went with Paul but I told them I wanted to leave early so I would stay behind to keep working.

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As they left I almost ran into the mens bathroom, I called out to Simon and found him in one of the stalls his trousers around his ankles and his cock standing tall. I dropped to my knees in a second and grabbed his dick "mmmmm yummy". He put his hands on the back of his head as his cock hit the back of my throat. With his cock in my mouth I slipped a hander under my skirt and around my pants so I round finger my wet cunt. Simon was moaning as I sucked his cock calling my a dirty little whore as I did it. At that moment I stopped sucking and look him dead in the eyes, pulling my wet fingers from my pussy and putting them into my mouth tasting my own juices. Just as I was tasting mine Simon his, the sight of me sucking them dry sent him over the edge. Cum started to flow from his cock down the shaft and onto my hand.

"Oh god Jess you're good".

I smiled at him without saying a word. I looked at my now cum cover hand before licking it all clean and swallowing it straight down. Simon called me a good little slut before I put his cock back in my mouth and sucked that clean to.

I was alittle surprised to see that Simon was still hard until he told me that he had take a "Magic blue pill" as he called it. I stood up and walked to the wall lifting my skirt above my ass and placing my hands on the wall.

"What are doing Jess, what I paul walks in"? Poor Simon looking all worried
"Don't worry everyones gone to the pub for lunch we have loads of time".

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   I had never seen Simon with a bigger smile on his face. Simon stood up almost falling over as his trouser were still round his ankles. He pulled them up and came over to me.

"Ok you dirty little slut were do you want it your ass or in your pussy"?
I loved the way Simon talked to me, he grabbed my pants and pulled them down to reveal my dripping lips. "I want you to fuck my pussy, just like you fucked my ass last time. "

I grabbed my ass with force basically slapping it and I let out a short loud scream of pleasure. He started to slip his cock inside me inch by inch. I was getting so turned on I was sure I was going to cum on his right there and then. But luckly I managed contain myself for a few more minutes before almost screaming the building down.

I could take much more and neither and could Simon I could tell he was fighting to hold himself together so I told him to give it to me. I dropped to my knees for the second time. Just managing tocatch simons load in my mouth and on the top of my boobs as it shot from his cock. I started to giggle as I got 2 or 3 straight shots of thick cream. He stood back admiring his work that now covered my face. I licked it from my lips and then from Simons dick.

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   I wiped up what was on my boobs with my fingers and sucked them dry. Simon stood closer to me and wiped up a small piece I had missed from my cheek. I stuck out my tounge and he wiped his finger across my tounge. I smiled at him and said thanks before walking away out of the room. Leaving him to collect himself.

For the rest of the day I couldn't stop smiling and when Jayde finally came back she knew I had been up to know good. So of course I had to spill everything to my sexy Jayde ;-)

If you want to hear more I have some other stories from the past you might be interested in.

Tell me what you think guys and girls Love ya XxX