A party favor


Well ,it all started out as a great day at work. So feelinglike celebrating the conclusion to the week ,a shower and dinner , then out to get a drink. As I got up to order my drink , I couldn't help but notice the demure woman at the end of the counterI toldFrank , my favorite bar back at this spot , to get her what she wanted too. I picked up my drink and headed around towards the dance floor. This disco , had been a great place for several reasons , the DJ , was incredible ,the moodsand lighting effectshe toyed with to the rhythm of hisbeats , were alwaysworth the trip ,andthough the club was bi-sexual in its crowds ,it was always a fun danceand the women . . . woooooah . . . there were some , from timeto time that came thru , that for a primarily straight guy ,just made me beg for any sign of acknowledgment.
So a few more beers,andthe mood lighting effectswith the musichad me feeling horny. And once againoff in the distant corner , I caught a glimpseof the oneI saw on my way in. Not a knock-out ,but somethingin those eyes ,or behind them that caught me. I find it funny now, thinking back on it , how well that fits the theme of this.
I had been through the peep show , glory hole trick .

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  . . and had some incredible orgasms frompersons completely unseen . That's a concept most haveno clue about. My favoriteswere the oneswithholes just barely big enough to get my member, balls too, thru whensoft , but not able to withdraw until soft again.
So back the mystery woman. I got the nerve up to wander overand introduce myself , hard as that waswith the loud music and light show going on. And to my surprise she told meFrank pointed me out , whenI paid for her drink.
We stepped outside for a fresh air break , and some idle chit chat. I couldn't get overhow her eyes tripped something in my imagination ,as she was dressed nicely ,butnot physically whatI considered my dream girlsbody would be.
Aftera bit moreof me telling her about my work and simple life , she mentioned a party she was going to attend. And more to my surprise ,that she wouldlike meto go with her ! She mentioned it wasn't too far away , andwas justgathering of friends of hers ,giving a birthday party for one of them.
Sounded like fun to me ,so sure I was ready.
We drove off in my car , talking aboutmusic , and the usual weather ,anda bit more about me.
I wasn't really paying attention to exactlywhere we were heading ,just enough tokeep us in the right lane , no hurry to get there , enjoying the one on one chat.

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   She motions to a dark drive way ,andin we headed , to see the yardwith just a few cars scatteredhereand there ,buta nice size , apparently well to do house, anda few couplesstanding at the door.
I parkedmy car ,and opened her door , so wecouldgo in together. Thiswas exciting , the couples I saw , thought the lighting was dim , lookednormalenough . Mind you , I am 6'5" and 220lbs , so I don't usually feel uncomfortable, no matter how strange the circumstances. The musicfrom inside , was goodand once insideI vaguely remember seeing a few more what appeared to be normal couples , but the women . . . . to awhore hound the likes of me , dream or jack off material ,mmmmlovely.
A stop by the bar , a fresh drinkand more nonchalant introductions , but my eyes just saw lovely and incredibly sexy women , andthe potential for a fun party.
The realization of what was happening didn't come to me for what seemed awhile later. . . . I somewhat came to , groggy, but couldn't move ? Hm mm ,I felt likeI was standing , bent forward above the waist ,but restrained.

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   not gagged,but blindfolded.
Imagine a set of gym type parallel bars , that's how it felt. . but my legswere spread , anklesand wrists , out to the side , so I was slumped over one bar , and my head resting on a cushioned second bar. I could hear the musicplaying , but more distant. . . andthe giggles of girls, but couldn't figurefrom what direction. The next thing I felt were lips , warm and wet , on the head of my penis ,then a second set softly kissing my balls. Not altogether bad ,butI couldn't figure why restrained. Then the whysof the restraints , became apparent. I felt something prodding at my ass , greasing it up ! OMG! I was about to be ass fucked !
The first wasn't a big one ,andthe cock play continued , as that went on . I couldn't tell if the lips on my cock were maleor female. Buttime , well I just cant tell how longor how many times I was had. .

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  . I love to have my cock sucked ,but anal , given or received , well its just not something I can say I enjoyed. Then after some time , avery well hung male got behind me , and I ,in my apparently drugged state , simply couldn't do anything to evade or prevent this onslaught. The cock and ball sucking continued , but not as i can recollect to the point of my climax. Thento have a cock forced into my mouth , I was simply delirious , and incapacitated to where I wasavailable for the taking.
Scared , hell yes ,by this point I figured it was my doom ahead ! The anal pounding was fierce ,the forced oral was unbearable ,but the cockplay continued throughout it all . I prayed for it to end . Butagain , as time as fleeting as it seemed ,led to more , butnone of it mean, or excessively painful or brutal , I was vaguely aware of several people commenting fromthe sides of the scene , as towhatthe sight of it meant to them. Not total conversations ,just bits and pieces.
After a time , the oral and anal ceased , but the concentration on my penis intensified , I must have come a bucket or 3. Again and again.
Then sleep rushed over me.
I woke up , in my car on the side of a country road , not too far from home.
Sore , drained and weak , but free !
I told my wife , about it , and though it still bringsgoose bumps ,a small lingering of wowcould I endure itagain?But thistimesay under a more controlled circumstance ? It wasn't totally unpleasant , but not at all what I hoped for.
I meanlike theglory hole times, what risks it was.

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   Imagineif your a male , reading this ,to squeeze your cockand balls thru a small round hole in a plywood wall, someone on the other side , starts playingwith it ,and swollen it wont pull out ! then the sucking and rough ball play, that continues repeatedly , by obviously more than 3 or 4, until drained soft !andthen thewonderingof just how ugly that could have been if therewassome REAL sick twisted person on the other side of it !.

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