A small victory to start with...


I was applying for a job as a secretary and I really wanted the job, it would be nice to have some extra money all for myself. My husband was older and good for his wealth and little else, his sex drive was non existent and he was as submissive as a pussy cat, so I always get my way. Which suits me fine, as I always enjoyed spending my money on the most important person I know, myself!I was wearing a black leather skirt, tight white satin shirt and a cropped black leather blazer with large shoulder pads (I guess there is nothing wrong with showing off my ass a little if it helps get me the job, and a little power dressing never goes astray). I arrived at the building and the secretary sent me right in, the man behind the desk motioned for me to sit down. "Hello. . . Susan Smith is it? Let’s see your résumé. " I handed him my references and résumé. He told me I was adequately qualified and that he would consider me for the position, he couldn’t take his eyes off my outfit, so I thought I'd see if I could get some extra points and told him I'd do anything for the job. He looked right into my eyes and said "Anything?"I knew what he meant, I thought about it. . . looked at my wedding ring, knew what I was about to do and looked back at him and said "Anything. " Well, why shouldn't I have some extra money to spend on myself? After all, I deserve it. Besides, this could even be fun.

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  . . He stood up and walked behind me, he started massaging my leather clad shoulders, I moaned that it felt wonderful and he slowly moved his hands lower to massage my leather covered breasts. It felt so good, he saw my wedding ring and said "Oh you’re married are you sweetheart?" I told him "Yes, but don’t let it worry you, it certainly doesn’t worry me. " I moaned a little more, it felt so wonderful having him rub the leather against my breasts. He told me to stand up, I did and he grabbed my ass and rubbed it, then he slapped it and told me to bend over, I knew what was coming, and I don’t know why but I didn’t even have a second thought, I looked him right in the eyes, kissed him and said "Sure baby. " I hiked up my leather skirt a little and bent over his desk, he unzipped his pants and rubbed my ass while he slowly entered his cock into me. It felt incredible, circumstances probably playing a large part in that, as he thrusted into me from behind, the desk even started moving a little, I kept up the rhythm as best I could while he was pumping in and out. It was wonderful, and I was loving every minute of it, I couldn’t believe how I was acting, here was me, a not so faithful wife and mother acting like a "slut". I was moaning so much I barely heard him warn me he was going to cum, he exploded in me, it was incredible, I orgasmed right as he did surprisingly, there was just something about the situation that turned me on so much, I was aroused beyond belief, it was the most intense orgasm I've ever had. (Up until that point I should say!) He withdrew slowly, zipped himself up and slapped my leathered ass again, and said "The job is yours, you start on Monday, of course, you know that its perfectly acceptable for you to wear leather to work. " I knew just what he meant and what he wanted. I pulled my skirt back down to my knees, smoothed out the leather and picked up my handbag, winked at him and said "See you on Monday. "I drove home feeling wonderful! I was having trouble keeping under the speed limit, I was just enjoying the moment. I am thankful I didn't run into any Police on the way home, as I know I was doing at least 20 miles an hour above the speed limit!I walked in the door and my husband greeted me with a tired look on his face and asked how I went.

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   "Extremely well and I have the job, not that it is really any of your business frankly, do I bother you and enquire about your work?""No, sorry dear. " He replied sullenly. .