A surprise visit from my sis in law


Topic: A surprise visit from my sis in law turns into a surreal afternoonMy Sister-in-Law came around unexpectedly one afternoon to see me and my wife. I told her her sis was out shopping and that she would be at least a couple of hours, I said that she was more than welcome to stay and she did. It was a bit coincidental that she turned up as I had been pleasing myself with some pictures of her naked I had managed to sneakily download from her boyfriends phone.
I had always fancied my sister-in-law, she had a sweet face and some seriously large assets that always seemed to nearly fall out. Her new dumb ass boyfriend let it slip one day that he had some *sensitive photos* of her on his phone and was not aloud to let anyone touch it. It was there and then that I hatched a plan to get my hands on those photos.
They stayed over one night in our living room. All through the night I could not sleep thinking how I could get my hands on his phone, it was always on him in his trouser pockets. At 5am I got up, went downstairs and slowly opened the living room door. They were both asleep and luckily, his trousers were right by the door. I knelt down, heart pounding like crazy as I carefully entered the room partially to look in his trouser pockets for his phone. . . Got it! I quickly left the room and pulled the door behind me, as I walked into the kitchen I browsed his photos folder and almost had a heart attack as I found the most explicit and hottest photos of her. My cock became instantly hard and I knew I had to be quick, so I blue-toothed the photos to my phone and then returned the phone to his trouser pocket, never knowing what had happened. I literally ran up stairs to the bathroom and had a very intense and furious wank as I looked at the fantastic photos of my sister-in-law.

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   Her tits were way bigger than I ever imagined and the close up of her clit sent me over the edge. After I was done (which wasn't long :p) I went to my computer and sent the photos there and deleted them from my phone. I know my wife is a nosy girl, so I had to be careful and cover my tracks. The photos were then hidden on my computer, always at hand for a nice cock stroking afternoon.
Back to our story. . . We started chatting about usual things like family and what we had been up to, nothing too interesting so I asked if she wanted a drink which she did so I went into the kitchen and started making a cuppa. She called out if she could check her mail as my computer was next to our living room, my brain was not obviously thinking at the time as I said sure. The next thing I heard gave me a heart attack as all I heard was a yelp and then "What the hell!".
There and then I realised what I had done and not closed the image from the screen, I closed my eyes and head butted the cupboard in front of me. . . how could I have been so stupid and reckless, I always am careful and cover my tracks!? She called me and I felt like running away but I slowly walked into the study where she was sitting still at my computer, hands covering her face. "I.

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  . . I don't know what to say" I said nervously and shaking. "It's not what you think" I said the most obvious thing any person caught could say. "I'm so embarrassed, I never should have done that" she said ashamed. I could see tears rolling under her hands, what had I done! I walked hesitantly over to her and knelt down next to her placing my hand on her shoulder. She shrugged me off and I apologized and said I never meant for her to see them. I said that she was beautiful and I couldn't help but look. She looked up again at the nude photos of her and then shook her head again, "How can you say I look beautiful? I look awful!" I reached out again and held her hand, she didn't move away this time. You are beautiful, I have always thought you are and when I found those pictures of you. . . well I couldn't help myself. I said. She looked up at me, eyes full of tears, I put my hand on her face and wiped a tear from her eye with my thumb softly.

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   "It's wrong to think such things" she said, "We both have someone who cares for us, why me?" Because you are amazing and beautiful and funny and sexy. . . I can go on and on hun. She smiled at me and looked once again at her pics, "Was you playing whilst looking at those?" she asked. I laughed nervously, "Oh yea and it wasn't the first, second or third time!" I said to lighten the conversation more. "I cant believe you have been looking at pictures of me naked and playing with yourself! "Did I disturb you when I rang the bell?" That you did, I was very close and was flushed when I opened the door and saw you. My cock was raging hard and wouldn't go down. Her eyebrows raised and she looked at my lap, "I'm sorry that I disturbed you, I should have come later as planned. " "You don't mind that I was masturbating then?" I wouldn't of known any better she said. "Does it bother you now, knowing I fantasise about you?" "A bit. . . it's nice to know I have that effect on someone. " "Oh you certainly do hun, I will have to let you know when the next show is on.

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  " I chuckled jokingly. "Didn't you get interrupted by me though and not get to finish?" She said curiously. "Erm yeah, the show got put on hold!" I replied. "Mmm when will it resume?" she replied with an intense look in her eyes. I was lost for words for a moment, not sure how to take her comment, "I think it can resume now if your interested?"
I wasn't to sure where this was going or how it was going to play out. "Ooh sounds yummy" is all she said, I didn't know what else to do, so I got up, pulled the spare chair to the side of hers in-front of the computer and then pulled down my trousers slowly and sat down. Her eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped slightly as the bulging erection in my pants came into view, I rubbed it softly looking at her photos, I could see her eyes transfixed on my cock, I then bravely pulled my throbbing manhood out to the exposed air and she startled and began to blush as I started stroking my cock. I didn't even realise I was masturbating frantically in front of her, my mind had gone to another world and was in pure pleasure. Her hands then started moving all over her breasts and legs, she was getting aroused at the sight of her brother-in-law jacking himself off in front of her. My cock started to get wet from my pre-cum slowly oozing out of me, this got her very curious and she lent in towards my cock slightly without realising. When she did she moved back trying to compose herself. "You can touch it if you like. " I said softly. She looked into my eyes hungrily and then put her hand on my lap and softly stroked my legs onto the base of my shaft. Her hands worked upwards to the tip and then down again, in moments she was now stroking my cock, totally fixated on the task at hand.

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   I looked at her and reached over to her face and stroked her skin softly, she moved her face on my hands and kissed my fingers tips, she then began licking and sucking my finger in seconds which made my cock twitch hard. "Careful hun, you will make my cock jealous with that sucking" I said, lost in bliss. . . "We cant have that then can we!" she replied seductively and then knelt down to the chair I was sitting on and then began licking and sucking the tip of my cock.
I groaned out loud as she took the whole of my length into her hungry mouth, I held her hair as she swallowed me whole. . . I looked at the screen and then down at the same beautiful creature eating me, how the hell did I get here I thought? Only an hour ago I was jacking of fanatasizing of this girl and now she is here, giving her brother-in-law the mother of all blow jobs. After a few minutes of blissful sucking, I moaned out that I would cum if she wasn't careful. She stopped, licked up my shaft whilst holding the base and said looking up at me, "Mmm not yet baby, I'm not done with you yet!" she said wickedly.
Then next thing I know, she is pulling off her top, her breasts were busting out from her bra, my hands reached out to touch them but she smacked them away and laughed, she then revealed those amazing assets of hers to me and my mouth dropped. "Better in real life huh!?" She asked. "Oh God yeah, they are amazing baby!" She smiled and tweaked her nipples in front of me, her hands ran down her tummy to her skirt and she slowly pulled her undies down and off. She leaned over to me and slid her tongue into my mouth and we kissed for a few moments, "Your lucky" she said whispering into my ear.

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   "Not many people get to have there fantasy, but you are about to have it all!" and with that she straddled me in the chair and aimed my raging cock to her pussy under her skirt and squatted down onto me slowly. I moaned out loud and she lifted up, stopped for a moment and then sunk fully onto my shaft. Our lips met and tongues raced over each others, her hips were sucking my cock in deeper into her and she moaned out loud saying "Oh fuck yes! Your so deep inside me!".
    I held her shoulders as she bounced up and down on my shaft, her pussy juices were flowing out of her hungry cunt down my shaft onto the chair. My head was dizzy from ecstasy and our grunting was exceedingly loud. My balls were tight as hell and her pussy started contracting as she orgasm-ed on me. . . She let out almost a painful ergh! sound which scarred me a bit as I thought she was in pain, but then she shuddered and jolted on my cock. I never had experience that with my wife before and she leaned onto me and moaned that my cock felt amazing. . . her tongue slid up and down my neck. She leaned back and started grinding me hard, "Are you ready?" she asked. .

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      . "Yes" I managed to say, "Mmm then take me completely baby now! Cum for me!". . . I was in heaven, her hips bucked in a strange way that sent me over the edge before I knew it, I moaned out I was about to cum which made her go insane again and she began to orgasm. . . "God yes, cum in me now!" My balls set alight and I erupted hard into her hungry pussy sending spirt after spirt into her hot pussy and she convulsed over my cock. "Fuuuuuuuck!" she screamed out as our bodies held each others in a tight grip. Our orgasms together was beyond intense as we both moaned and kissed each other frantically. My hips bucked up pushing my cum soaked cock into her flooded cunt, our heads resting against each others trying to compose ourselves.
    We looked into each others eyes deeply, no words said, they didn't need to be. . . two lovers who have longed for each other were now finally one.

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       As we held each other closely, I opened my eyes to see my wife in the doorway. . . tears rolling down her face, I jumped making my sis in law think I wanted to go again and then she looked at the expression on my face and then to the direction I was looking. "oh my God sis!" she jumped off me quickly grabbing the nearest item of clothing to cover herself, cum dripping from her filled pussy, my cock still erect was now visible for my wife to see our love juices over me.
    I didn't say a word as my sis in law tried to explain our actions in the kitchen. I stayed by the computer and cleaned my self up, dressed and then slowly entered the kitchen. They were both on the floor holding each others hands. "Hun I don't know what to say or what happened, I fucked up!" She yelled at me whilst her sister sat there quite and half naked looking in despair.
    After what felt like forever, my wife left the house leaving me and my sis in law in shock and confusion. She started crying herself on me as we sat down saying what a mistake and how hurt she must have made her sis. I kissed her and held her close comforting her, "I don't know how we can help her" I said, "I love her of-course, but you are the one I want to be with, always have, always will be. I cant deny my feelings and now that we are exposed, I cannot bare the thought of loosing you as well now. " She looked deep into my eyes, "Your willing to end your marriage to be with me? It will hurt her so much knowing that. " she sighed, "I know, but she will move on, I know its hard to say but she is strong.

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       I want you always. You are my true love. I want to be with you every day, making love to you every day, have a family of our own. . . I am selfish but I want you more than anything else. "
    She smiled and put her hand on my face and leaned in to kiss me. We kissed passionately on the sofa for a few minutes which got me rock hard, "I love you" she whispered in my ear, "now make love to me right now!" she demanded. We then made love on the sofa for most of the evening and early morning, time and time again pumping my load into her.
    Needless to say, I split from my wife and sold our house and I moved in with my sis in law. We are now happily engaged together and expecting soon. Love hurts, but life is too short to deny your true love if you have the chance to have them for yourself.
    Thanks for reading.
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