Accidentally Flashed My Brother In Law


My husband and I are in our mid-twenties and my sister and her husband are around 30. One weekend we went to my nephew's 4 year old birthday party at my sisters house. It was summer and the party was in the backyard so I had a short skirt on and a tube top. I have much bigger tits than my sister and she doesn't let me forget it. Especially since her husband admires them as much as my husband. They certainly fill out my tube top but are not saggy.

I was leaning over talking with my little nephew and he all the sudden he began to slip off his chair. He instinctively reached up to grab for support but ended up pulling my tube top down to my waist as he slipped off his chair. My first instinct was to reach for him to keep him safe rather than think about my tits being exposed. Besides, I didn't think there was anyone around who could see my tits. As I made sure my nephew was okay, I quickly pulled my tube top up to cover myself. Unbeknownst to me my brother in law had been videotaping this whole event. When I looked around I noticed he was videotaping and embarrassingly asked him if he saw what happened and he at first denied it but then said that he had.

I asked if he was videotaping it too and he admitted he was so I asked him to erase it cause my husband would be pissed if he knew. Nobody has ever seen my tits before except my husband. Now my brother in law, who apparently has admired them for a long time, has seen them too.

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   He said there's no way he would erase it since he's always wanted to see my tits and doesn't get to see big tits like mine since my sister is much smaller. Now he can watch the video anytime and enjoy them. I didn't know what to do. If I make a big deal of it or tell my husband, it could be a huge family fight. And if my sister knew her husband had seen my tits and was keeping the tape, she'd be pissed with him.

Part of me was turned on at the notion of my brother in law seeing me topless and that he was going to be watching it again, probably to masturbate looking at my tits. I've sometimes fantasized about posing topless for other guys to see my tits but never had the guts to do it. Now I have without even trying. So I sternly told him that nobody was to know and that I would deny knowing he taped me if anyone found out. He agreed it would be our secret.

A couple weeks went by and I stopped by my sisters house but she wasn't home, only my brother in law. He told me he had been enjoying his videotape of me. I told him I hope nobody knows he has it cause I'd be horrified. Then I asked what he was doing while watching cause I secretly wanted to know if he was jacking off. He told me to guess and I said I suppose your jacking off to which he said duh! He said he wished he could get some more video of me.

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   I laughed and said no way. He then told me it would be a shame for this tape to get into the wrong hands as he winked at me. I asked him what he meant. He said that if we could get some more video then he would throw the tape away after a week or so. Again I was torn because I didn't want to give in to my sleazy brother in law but was turned on by the thought of doing some posing in the nude if that was what he was implying.

I've suggested to my husband before that we ought to get our camera out when we were naked and he said that there was no way he would take pictures of me nude since he didn't want anyone else to see my hot body but him. So here I am with the opportunity to get those nude pictures but it would be for my brother in law and not my husband. I know that I have a hot body and the exhibitionist in me wants to show it off but my husband doesn't go along with that. As I considered what to do, my brother in law started pressuring me to let him videotape me and assured me my sister wouldn't be home for quite awhile.

In my moment of weakness, I decided to go along with it. I asked him what he wanted to videotape and he said that we should just start with me undressing and go from there. So nervously I started unbuttoning my shirt and dropped it to the floor. Then removed my bra exposing my now-familiar tits. This time he came in for some closeup shots. My nipples quickly got hard seeing the camera running.

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   Then he asked me to continue so I unzipped my jeans and slid them down to the floor. He videotaped up and down my body while just in my lacy panties. Then I slipped my fingers under each side of my waistband and slowly slid my panties down. I was getting turned on by his camera taping me undress. I tormented him by slowly revealing my dark bush as I took my time slipping my panties off. As they finally fell down to my ankles, I kicked them off. He liked that I have a full bush whereas my sister apparently trims her pubes into a landing strip.

At this point, I was no longer naked in front of my brother in law, I was doing a naked photo shoot for the camera and enjoying it. Finally someone else's eyes were checking me out and seeing me naked. I walked to the couch and sat down. Then I opened my legs to reveal my pussy as he came in for another closeup. I couldn't believe I was letting another guy see me naked for the first time. I slid my fingers down to part my pussy lips so he could get his moment. I was getting very wet by this time and I could see his cock was bulging in his pants. I lost control of who or where I was and reached over to rub his cock.

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   He put down the camera so he could get his hands on my body. He reached up and softly cupped my huge tits and marveled at how they felt compared to my sisters smaller tits. Then he slid his hand down to my wet pussy to rub my clit and slide his fingers in.

I was so horny I about begged him to fuck me. I had never fucked anyone but my husband but now I just had to get a cock in me and didn't care whose. He was very eager to undress and fuck me. His cock was surprisingly huge compared to my husband. I thought all cocks were about the same size. Glad I was wrong. He put the head of his cock against my wet lips and they easily parted swallowing his cock. We were both in ecstasy, him finally getting inside my pussy and me getting my first strange cock. We didn't last long until we both came. His hot cum shot deeper inside me than I'd ever felt before. It felt great.

We both dressed quickly and I left.

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   I avoided him for a couple weeks out of embarrassment that I let him fuck me and take video of me. After I did see him again, I asked him if he threw the tape away like he said he would. He said that he would let me take it with me if I would let him fuck me more. I said it was a one time only deal and that our spouses must never know. He again blackmailed me for his silence and I allowed him to fuck me again but not anytime he wanted, only on rare occasions and when we couldn't get caught. I did enjoy his big cock inside me as much as he enjoyed fucking me but I never let him know it.

My husband had still never taken naked pictures of me even though I encouraged him too so at least I've lived out my fantasy of posing naked for another guy and even getting fucked by someone else. Now I'm fantasizing about a three way with by brother in law and my husband but I'm sure my husband would go ballistic over the idea. Since I let my brother in law fuck me, I started checking out internet porn when I'm alone and have checked out three ways. I also discovered double penetration which has really intrigued me. Not the pussy and anal stuff, but having two cocks in my pussy at the same time. I'm not sure they would fit but it turns me on thinking about it.

I mentioned it to my brother in law one time so he went to an adult novelty shop and bought a silicone cock that looks real. The next time we hooked up to fuck, we broke out the rubber cock and he slipped it inside me and played with me. I got really hot cause he was licking my pussy while the rubber cock was in me.

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   A huge turn on girls!After I was real wet and desperately horny, he climbed up on me and slowly worked his cock inside my pussy alongside the fake one. It really stretched me and it hurt but at the same time it felt great. Ahhh, finally get that fantasy fulfilled too, double penetration. I might have to let my brother in law fuck me as often as he really wants to now that we have that toy. I fantasized about my husband licking my pussy with my brother in laws cock inside me after using that rubber cock.

My husband has never suspected that I'm fucking anyone else, let alone my brother in law. I started to feel guilty but he is more inhibited than me and I get live out some fantasies on my own so fuck him. .

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