All Her Lustful In-Laws


This is a story about Donna Polk who lived on a small farm with her husband, father-in-law and brothers-in-law.
First, let's get all the informational facts and explication out of the way, so we can get down to the story:
When Donna married Ray Polk, she moved onto the small family farm that was owned by Turk Polk, Ray's father. The Polk family consisted of Turk and his three sons. Ray was the youngest of the sons; his two older brothers were nicknamed Red and Worm. Turk had been a widower for a few years; Worm and Red were single. Turk, Red and Worm worked on and operated the farm full-time. Ray, on the other hand, worked part-time on the farm. He had a job, working the night shift at a textile mill in the nearby town. Although Donna was married to Ray, she had become the woman of the farm. She performed the dozens of tasks required of a farmwoman. In Donna's case, she performed more, for she had four men to take care of, and she was the only female in the household. Donna was pretty and comely; her body was curvy and shapely.
Now that all that explication is out of the way, we can get down to the meat of the matter:
In the evening, Donna's husband went to work as usual, leaving his father, brothers and his wife in the farmhouse. Donna did some evening chores around the house, watched some TV, took a bath, and read some. Turk and his two sons lounged around, drank some beer, and watched TV. They also watched Donna.

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Unbeknownst to her, they watched her movements, sweeping their eyes over her with lustful looks. Each of them hungered for her; each of them grew horny; each of them imagined fucking her.
Donna went to bed rather early, and fell into a good deep sleep.
Such a nice dream she was having; such a nice warm wet dream. Something warm, wet and thick was sliding up and down inside her, sending delicious erotic waves tingling and rippling through her body. Oh, it felt so good, so warm and wet and thick, sliding up and down her pussy.
She awoke gradually in the pitch-dark room, becoming aware that something was licking and lapping between her legs; something wet and thick was sliding back and forth in her cunt.
It was a tongue — a long thick wet tongue.
At first Donna thought it was her husband. "Oh darling," she breathed out huskily. She raised her legs and moved her pelvis up.
Two hands grasped her thighs, the tongue slid out of her pussy to be replaced by a cock — a long stiff thick cock. It dug into her cunt without halting, sliding all the way up her pussy in one continuous stroke.
Donna was awake now and becoming aware that it couldn't be her husband. He was at work.

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   But the thick dick was already doing its job. It was jamming her cunt, screwing it with strong full strokes. She now knew for certain that it wasn't her husband. This prick was long and hard and meaty, filling her pussy up, frigging her fast and fully. It was much bigger than her husband's and it was screwing her more lustily than her husband had ever screwed her.
It was dark in the room, too dark to see whom it was fucking her. She knew it had to be her father-in-law or one of her brothers-in-law, but she couldn't make out whom it was. She could only hear his panting and feel his big cock pumping her pussy full and deep. But by then, Donna didn't care who it was anyway.
She threw her legs over his shoulders and heaved her pelvis up, and he went to town on her cunt. He fucked her fast and hard, hunching his dick in her pussy, frigging her all the way to her core.
"Oh, ah, umm, ah," Donna panted and humped her cunt to meet and match his thrusts.
He pounded his big hard prick in her, fucking and filling her up as she'd never been fucked and filled up before.
"Oh god, oh yes!" she gasped and lurched her body up as she climaxed.
Her fucker mashed his fat balls on her ass and crammed his cock deep in her pussy and let her have it.

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   He pissed a stream of cum in her, spewing it into her marrow.
She panted and bucked and writhed as he squirted what seemed an endless amount of cum in her.
Never had she been fucked so good; never had such a big prick filled her up so completely; never had so much cum been spurted in her cunt.
The man slid his dick out, and, without uttering a word, broke away from her, got off the bed and was gone.
She lay there, totally satisfied and fulfilled, savoring the best fucking she'd ever had.
The next day, Donna thought off and on about her fucker and the good screwing she'd received. She wondered who it was, her father-in-law or one of the brothers-in-law? It had to be one of them. Periodically, through the day, when she saw them, she studied and observed the three men. None of them gave any hint that he was the fucker. She thought about her in-laws, picturing each one. Her father-in-law Turk was stout and robust with iron-gray hair; her brother-in-law Red was strapping and ruddy; her other brother-in-law Worm was dark-haired, tall and sinewy. It could be any one of them, she thought.
That afternoon, Donna's husband screwed her. He mounted her, gave her a dozen strokes, shot his wad, and then rolled off her. And that was it.

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   Donna lay there, unsatisfied and unfulfilled—and thinking. Compared to her fucker of the night before, her husband fell way short. His dick was small and he had given her a mere dozen strokes and had ejaculated a meager wad of cum in her. There's just no comparison, she thought.
That evening, after her husband had gone to work, Donna thought more and more about her in-laws. Which one could it be? None of them gave any indication that he was the one who had screwed the daylights out of her. Would he fuck her again? Would he come into her bedroom that night and pump it in her, fill her up, fuck her good and strong and full?
That night, Donna went to bed, thinking about him—whoever he was: her father-in-law or brothers-in-law.
She was awakened gradually, as she had been the night before, with a wet thick tongue sliding in her cunt, tongue-fucking her.
She lifted her legs and drew them back, clutched his head and pressed her pussy on his face.
He jammed his tongue in her cunt, digging, swirling, and squirming it up and down.
"Oh, ah, umm, ah," she panted and twirled her pussy, grinding it on his mouth.
She reached down to his crotch and grasped his cock and stroked it.
He slid atop her, and she gasped as he stuffed his stiff thick dick in her cunt.
"Fuck, baby, fuck," he hissed in her ear as he began to frig her.
She recognized her fucker's voice.

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   It was her father-in-law.
"Oh, Turk!" she huffed. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and began hunching back at him.
"You like your daddy-in-law fucking you, honey?" he chuffed as he pumped his prick in her pussy.
"Oh, ah, your cock feels so big and good!" she gasped.
He humped his daughter-in-law, screwing her fast and hard.
"Oh, ah, oh darling, I'm cuming!" she panted and bucked and thrashed.
"Cuming in your pussy, honey," he grunted. "Hot cum deep in your cunt. "
"Oh god, yes!" she gasped and writhed and heaved her body up as her father-in-law grinded and mashed his fat balls on her ass and spewed semen in her pussy.
The next morning, Donna got up as she usually did: before dawn. She liked to prepare breakfast and have it ready for her husband when he got home from work. Her husband would eat and then go to bed. Then she would stay up and prepare breakfast for her father-in-law and brothers-in-law who got up about six. Usually by seven a.

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  m. , Turk, Red and Worm had eaten breakfast and had hit the door to go do their farm work. But this morning, her father-in-law stayed in the house. He told Red and Worm to go on and do their work, that he had some stuff to do around the farmstead and the barn.
Donna was in the kitchen, clearing away breakfast things, when her father-in-law came up behind her, slid his arms around her waist and pressed his crotch upon her rump. He ground his dick onto her butt, and ran his hands up to her breasts and rubbed and squeezed them.
"Ohh . . . Oh Turk," she breathed out huskily.
"My cock's hard as a rock this morning, honey," he rasped. "Umm, wanna stuff it in you—wanna dig it in your sweet pussy. "
He hunched her rump and slid a hand between her legs and rubbed.
"Oh, ah, I want it, Turk," she squirmed and huffed. "But, Ray—he's here, he's in the bedroom—he might wake up.

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   We can't do it here. "
"Come to the barn, honey," he said and pulled away and walked out the kitchen door.
She went to the bedroom and quietly opened the door and looked in. Her husband was sound asleep. She walked to the kitchen and went out the door.
She walked to the barn, her body tingling, her breasts throbbing, heart thumping, and bolts of wet heat shooting and rippling up and down her cunt.
She entered the barn and saw her father-in-law standing by a stall. He was stroking his crotch, rubbing it up and down. "Come here, honey," he said. She walked to him.
He had her in the stall.
He was on his knees and she straddled him, her legs wrapped around his waist. He held her tightly around the back, sucked her titties and pumped the meat to her.
"Oh god, you've got the biggest cock," she gasped and hunched. "Ahh—fuck, Turk, fuck.

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   Bury it deep, hammer it home. Oh god, you've got the cock I want and need. "
He humped his dick in her, screwing her fast and hard, pumping his prick like a piston.
"Oh, ah, every day, Turk," she panted. "I want a fuck like this every day. "
"I'm gonna fuck you every day, honey," he chuffed. "Gonna pump you full every day—every night. "
He jammed his cock as far as it would go up her pussy, mashed his bloated balls on her ass and squirted sperm in her cunt.
"Here it is, honey, ' he grunted. "Hot fucking cum. "
"Oh, ah, squirt it deep," she panted. "Fill me up with fuck, give me all you've got. Squirt cum deep in my cunt!"
Her father-in-law obliged her.
Something had been awakened in Donna; something hot, horny, lustful, and insatiable. Something had opened up inside her and demanded to be filled.

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As she and her father-in-law fucked almost every day and every night, it was inevitable that her brothers-in-law would find it out.
The day came when Red and Worm saw them fucking in the barn. The two brothers knew then that they were going to fuck her; they knew then that they were going to screw their pretty sister-in-law.
It didn't take long for them to top Donna. It was easy.
The two brothers were in the barn and they saw Donna nearby. Red called for her to come into the barn, and when she entered they pulled her into a stall.
In a few seconds they had her down, her clothes undone and her legs spread. Red pushed his prick forward into her pussy, and Worm began licking and sucking her tits.
Although Red's cock wasn't the size of Turk's, it was plenty big and meaty enough. He jammed it in her, stuffing it up her pussy. She wrapped her arms and legs around her brother-in-law and lifted her pelvis up to give him full access to her cunt. He pumped her pussy good, frigging her strongly and fully.
"Oh, ah, fuck me, Red!" she cried. "Fuck me!"
He pounded his prick in her, screwing her hard and fast.

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"Fucking you!" he panted. "You sweet hot-fucking pussy you!"
He rammed his dick up her cunt, mashed his puffy balls on her ass and pissed a stream of semen up her pussy. Then he pulled out and his brother took over.
Worm turned Donna over, pulled her up to her knees, got behind her and drove his dick in her cunt, cramming every inch of it in her.
He frigged his sister-in-law good and hard, pumping his meaty cock lustily in her pussy. He squeezed her titties and hissed: "Fuck, Sis, fuck. Ah, yeah, me and Red are gonna fuck you every day—we're gonna pump your pussy full every day. "
"Oh, ah, I want it," she gasped. "I want it every day. Oh yes, I want you both to fuck me like this every day. "
Worm jabbed his prick to the hilt up her cunt and let her have it. He spewed a gob of sperm in the core of her pussy.
"Oh god, sweet fuck!" she cried. "Sweet hot-fucking cum deep in my cunt!"
Donna was in heaven. She had three lusty meaty cocks to fuck her.


   Her father-in-law and brothers-in-law screwed her a lot. One or the other of them pumped her pussy every day and night.
As much as her brothers-in-law frigged her, it was bound to happen that her father-in-law would sooner or later see them screwing her.
And it happened. One day, just as the two brothers had seen their father fucking Donna in the barn, Turk saw them.
He watched as his two sons laid it on his daughter-in-law. Donna was on her knees with Red behind her and Worm in front. Red was screwing her ass as she sucked Worm's dick.
Eventually, Turk discovered that Red and Worm knew that he was frigging Donna, and the two brothers discovered that their father knew they were screwing her. So, eventually, all pretense was laid aside.
At night, when Donna went to bed, Turk would soon follow and fuck her. Red and Worm would wait till their father came out of her room, and then they would enter and screw her.
Donna was being fucked every day and night, and gobs of sperm were being squirted in the core of her cunt, to her womb. She was fertile, and it was only a matter of time until she was knocked up.
A baby was indeed squirted in her.

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   Nine months later, she had the baby, and it bore a marked resemblance to the Polk's—except for her husband.

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