An Xmas wish


Hello my names Jess and I'm a 19yr girl from south England.

Some people call me a slut or a whore and I love proving them right ;-)

This is first time I've written about my fun times but I know people like to hear about them so I shall tell all ;-)


Just before Xmas we had the work Xmas party, being the naughty little girl I am with my30D tits, long brown hair, tight ass and mouth that loves to be filled the guys at work loves me.

It was one of those private things staff only and for a small car dealer ship there are alot of people. We had a big dance floor and I was playing into some of the guys , pushing my boobs against them, letting them feel my ass in the tight blue dress i was wearing that stopped just after the base of my ass. After about an hour i decided i need a drink so I headed to the bar. A guy called Simon (Fit as fuck, and hung like a horse) was there. I had been dancing with him but he vanished before I could get really close.

I walked over to him and pushed in front so I was up against the bar, I pushed my ass back into him and I could feel that he was rock hard dick inside his pants. I decided I had to have some fun with him. I put my head back and looked up, him towering over me, "Ladies first Simon" I winked at him and looked at the bar tender. Simon reached over and handed the guy a 20, "Vodka please mate and keep them coming*. He pushed forward pinning me between the bar and his throbbing hard dick. I reached down to feel my panties I knew I was getting wet but my pants were still dry, for now.

30 Min's past before I realized that Simon wasn't knocking back the shots, so I pulled him close and whispered to him. "You're trying to get me drunk so you can have you're way with me aren't you"? He looked at me and smiled before putting his hand on my ass and squeezing pulling me close to him. "Ok Jess you caught me, my plan has been foiled".

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   I looked up at him smiling while biting my lip. I put my hand against his bulge and whispered softly to him "You don't need to get me drunk to fuck me Simon, all you had to do was ask". He looked down on me in complete surprise, a little stunned it was kind of hot. He knocked back a vodka shot and whispered into my ear, "Hey Jess wanna go somewhere and ride my dick"? I didn't say anything, I didn't even look at him. I took his hand as lead him out of the building and to his land rover. I was hoping his car was as big as his cock. It was a bit cold as the ground was covered in snow. We got into the passenger seat and we headed out of the car park.

God I wanted it so bad. I pulled up my dress slippeda finger into my now soaking pussy, it was a good start but I wanted some MUCH bigger. We were driving to some random car park in the country side as we planned to go back to the party. I couldn't wait though and from what I could see he was a about to explode.

I reached over undid his jeans, it was a bit of struggle but I managed to get his gorgeous cock out. I couldn't contain myself, I forced it into my mouth so quickly I gagged. I could already taste the pre-cum on his cock but I wanted the full load.

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   He put his hand on my hand, "Wow you really are a dirty little slut aren't you Jess". I would have answered but I had a mouth full of dick.

I took about 10 Min's to get to the car park and just as we pulled in I got my first Xmas wish ;-) Simon almost lost control of the car as I felt a thick warm cream hit the back of my throat. I came off his dick my mouth fill with his seed, I looked down at my boobs and let a little dribble from my mouth onto my tits and down in between them. I thought Simon was going to explode again. I showed him the load in my mouth before swallowing like a good girl, as Simon put it. I was still thirsty I wanted more.

I reclined the seat and Simon got to work on my pussy, Simon almost ripped my white lace pants off. God it was hot. Having Simon's tongue against my dripping cunt had be screaming in ecstasy in Min's. It was time to get really slutty. I got out the car, "What are doing Jess"? I looked back with a kinky smile. Still wearing my black 5inch heels standing in the snow I unzipped my dress and dropped it to the whiteness on the ground. I opened the back door and lent over the seat. "Are you going to come and get me or am I'm going to freeze"? He got out the car in a flash and ran round to side, his cock now fully erect again.

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He went to slip it into my soaking pussy but I blocked him with my hand. "What do you think you're doing Simon"?
"I'm going to fuck you're pussy like the slut you are". I looked back at him with a kinky smile on my face. "You were groping my ass back at the bar why don't see how it really feels". I took hold of his dick and directed it towards my tight ass hole. He knew what I wanted and boy did he give it to me.

He pushed it into my ass and I began to moan so much I was almost screaming. Simon had hold of my ass and began pulling me back onto his massive cock. I was screaming with pleasure as Simon called me names, Oh I love names. He was calling me slut, whore, bitch, slag and my fave DIRTY LITTLE FUCK TOY. He could have had me cumming just with names he was calling me.

I had my fingers in my pussy so wet I was dripping onto the side of his car seat, my head resting on it, Simon still calling me those oh so dirty names then he said the words I'd been waiting for him to say for an hour,"Oh god yes I'm gunna cum". Some girls don't like but I love as much as I can get and I love it even more when it's thick and creamy. Nothing makes me hotter then feeling a thick warm load slide down my throat, makes me feel like such a slut.

So I dropped to my knees in the pure white snow.

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   I grabbed his dick and sucked it so hard I could have pulled it off. Finally he gave me what I wanted and it was perfect. I swallowed ever last drop just like a good girl should.

Even after all that we still made it back in time for the rest of the party. Thank fully though this wasn't mine and Simone only encounter.

You'll have to let me know If you want to hear more.

Sweet dreams all XxxXxxX.

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