Angel & Karens Night Out 4


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I felt paranoid stepping back in with a ruin in my sheer hose, and finding more blacks in the place. I heel toed it to the edge of the table by Karen. The bar tender looked over still serving drinks and keeping a watchful eye out. Angel was nodding off some drinking with Cliff and Anthony by the sidewall table she was going fast her legs still crossed showing leg a little more then she like.
 “Hey slut go an fetch us another round of shots and tell those guys to come over here. ” Tyrone ordered.
I lifted my purse to the bar to get some shots of tequila the bar tender asked if I wanted a tray smirking. I balanced back to sit down the next round. Angel flourished over doing pretty well in her pink and white dress holding hands with Cliff for balance in them 4-inch heels. Anthony was grinning behind watching Angel come over to site down I am ready to smoke. “Ok in a minute darling first a shot. ” “Ok um, but I am already pretty drunk. Desirae you making any money tonight” she said slurping it down and wiping her chin.
 Karen kicked me under the table motioning me to go with her to the restroom, yelling for Angel to join us. We all got up I grabbed my purse feeling the weight of the long cucumber. Angel told us that she would be in after she was done smoking.

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   They went into a lit hallway in the middle separating the men’s, and women’s restroom to somewhere in back. Then a young black male in a red handkerchief on his head came up to Karen and I.
“You have to suck it till I come. ” Karen pointed behind her to me. “That’s the slut you want. ” Going to the women’s restroom  “You have to suck it till I come. ”
“Well for a 10 dead presidents. I’ll be out in a minute I scampered to the ladies room white door. Karen was in the small room standing against sink. Going threw her purse primping in the mirror pointing towards the toilet. “ Wow they did a job on your face and hair don’t worry about it now its going to be used a little more” giggling taking the cap off her lipstick. I sat down with my head back of the lid. A few wet spots on the tile floor made it kind of cold on my elbows.
“The guys are coming back to the house with us. With that Karen swayed coming over facing away from me, lifting her skirt to her waist slid her thong over and squatted down.

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   Her arms braced the back of the cool toilet balancing herself on my face. My hands cupped her older ass to hold her up. My mouth covered her hairy wet lips. Her pussy was already wet as she balanced on my face, and started using me as a toilet. Peeing straight into my open mouth. I tasted tequila out of her pungent hole. Spewing yellow urine from her clit. She sighed “ Oh wow I really had to go. I swallowed what I could before some spilled out from around my mouth down into my cleavage. She waited till I caught my breath and started up again. “ I think someone is taking a liking to Angela. How big are Anthony and Larry? Oh ha your mouths full you can’t say” giggling I got drunk drinking Karen s piss cupping her ass she frequently shifted herself on my face for balance letting out a wet one in my open mouth. She finished up with telling me to lick her pussy all over my messy face. “Clean it up real good your going to be clean up tonight for us. ” She took one of my hands and had me stick a finger in her moist pussy for a few to wet it, and stick it in her ass.


   I sucked on her wet pussy tasting her, while finger fucking her tight ass, “That’s it whore suck that pussy your going to be a good pussy eater aren’t you? It looks like your going to be eating cum out of my pussy. ” Karen finished up with short drips in my mouth dripping. She finished moved her hips back and forth fucking my finger and face until her knees shook, around my head having a wet orgasm in my mouth pleased with my clean up she waddled up from my face pulled her green silk back between her wet lips.
 “ Now go fix your self you look terrible. You have the guy out there waiting on a blowjob. Don’t keep him waiting too long because Tyrone wants his money that you earned and he is kind pissed. ”
 Next all I could hear was a door open “ OH No she’s not” busting out in laughter a drunk Angel embarrassed shut the door. ” Karen quickly yelled threw the door. “ I’ am done. With that she fixed her fishnets, and primped her mini down grabbed her purse. “Who’s next with a chuckle” she walked out. I got up as quick as I could feel cold and a mess. Getting to the mirror grabbing for my purse to start on my face. Using the brush only to tease it instead of fixing it. I dried my self off when Angel open the door staggering in almost ignoring me she came over with tequila, and weed on her breath.

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   “ Were going to be leaving her shortly your going to drive Karen’s car back to the house. ” Clicking her brown 4 1/2 heels on the tile going over to the seat Angela lifted her pretty flowered dress and tugged her pantyhose down around her knees. Adjusting her glasses sitting using the toilet where my face was just minutes ago she farted and started to pee. I fixed my foundation again then touches of blush and powder. Adding a layer of red lipstick, gloss, perfume, and with some famine poses in the mirror got me feeling like a sissy slut with my hair teased high and my white bow was somewhat looking sexy, I was ready to go back out.
“Well before you get back to the house. I want you to have a pad on and they want you to pick up some more Tequila, beer, and cigarettes your going to be parting with Karen mostly doing what they want. Anthony wants to watch you eat me after Cliff does me. He’s only going to watch Anthony he’s kind of cute though for a black guy but that huge guy no way not my thing put it up and back the it up. ” Slurring on the toilet explaining me what is to come.
 “ Does Karen taste good Desirae I think she’ll taste better after Anthony gets up in there that’s nasty. ”
            “ Yea, Angel can I taste you. You know while you um. ”
Shaking her red head no. “ Restroom Um No maybe when Anthony watches you can latter if your goods.

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   Take out your maxi pad and come over her. I torn in the plastic folded out the pad whisking the plastic away I handed it to her. “Turn around” I stood there silently bent as she took my nylons down rudely!
“Hurry up and get out there and do your job. ”
 Wiping clean with the pad hiking some she farted then set the pad right into position of my small crotch all scented with Angels remains I pulled my ultra sheer black pantyhose and panties up stepping to the mirror for final fixes to mainly my mascara. Angel flushed the toilet! She stood from the stool shifted her tan pantyhose up her thighs to her waist. Her breast jiggled stepping over carefully pinching my bubble ass in my skirt. “ We’ll meet you at her house when your done I guess one has a van. “Tammy Fay Baker has on more blush then that Com on!” Grabbing the brush and playfully applied more to my clown face. Leaving the rest up to me.
            Angela and I stepped out it was around 1:30 I could still taste the pee in my stomach. I walked sexy back around the corner brushing my skirt down carrying my purse next to the young black man witch looked pretty ruthless with his dark eyes and had a red handkerchief on his head. Standing 6’1 and about 220lbs I stopped my eyes followed Angel back to the anxious table where the guys ordered another round of drinks, and eyed the girl’s body up and down.   Karen was in Tyrone’s arms telling her something and making her giggle giving passionate kisses on her mouth and face Karen melted in his big arms. Angel hanged on to Cliff I knew she was drunk and expectable to advances by Anthony, but how far?                “Sup ho walking with a cigarette in his mouth sounding cocky like I said you have to suck it! Till I cum get it! Bitch! I hear you’re a sissy boy that likes dressing in girl’s cloths because you got a little white dick. That’s some funny ass shit.

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   Where you going to suck my dick bitch? Huh!
            Humiliation spread threw my body, blushing hard almost wanting to forget this one he seamed strange to me like he’s done some time in prison. He was some where in his 20’s but the only thing that came out in a submissive voice. “Alley”
            We headed out back this time opening the night door I could still smell remands of some pot.
“Sit on the step there open my pants up slut! Make me cum you sissy bitch!” Smacking me in the face I went in Aw but I scuttled down on the step with my knees apart and sucked him for about 30 minutes before getting him hard. He had me pull my nylons down Exposing my white pad laughing trying to stroke 8+ dark inches of meat in my mouth.
I imagined the van ride with the girls, and 3 big black guys and Cliff. I was sucking off this black asshole talking about the girls again said about tapping the red heads ass. When he blew his wad FINALLY I swallowed thick cum throbbing in my throat coming back up in my mouth gaggling. He grunted pulled the rest out on my face and did a sticky job. Smearing my lipstick to my chin, and my mascara ruined. He rubbed his soft penis across my lips laughing. Calling someone on his phone I could here the many rings as cum dripped. He waited for me to putt his black rod away and he reached back with his hand with out a word smack the side of my face ringing my head and threw a 10-dollar bill before going inside with a cell in his ear.
 I sat there in a fetal position for a few moments my throat sore before gathering myself using the corner fence post to balance I snagged my hose on the fence fumbling around pulling my pad out crying wiping my face tasting angel’s wipe and cleaning my own face. I knelt down in my purse looking for Karen’s keys OH no my hose had ruins in them worried digging only finding a cucumber and makeup.

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   “What I ‘am I going to do” occasionally looking in my purse. Karen had them. Staying back behind the bar knowing that I could get busted. Stepping heel toe to Karen’s to car to see if was at least unlocked NOPE!! I waited for several minutes looking for a way in the car ducking some my heels scuffed twisting sometimes I wondered what could I do the van already.

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