Whitney pulls up to the house at about three in the afternoon and finds herself somewhat anxious. It's been just short of a year since she's seen Kevin, and all they've done in that time is psyche eachother up. On WoW, over the phone, and with a few choice pictures. The last time they met, nothing happened. They both admit that the whole thing was forced, and all they did was hang out and see a movie in a town neither had been in before. This year, she'd decided to kill two birds with one stone, as it were. She'd been wanting to see Chicago for a long time, and he just happened to live just outside of Chicago. She almost got lost trying to navigate the subdivision, but she finally found the place. She grabs a bag, and walks up to the door.
Kevin has been anxious all day. He speant the better part of the morning cleaning up, making sure the place looked presentable. Jay's out of town, but he didn't take his mess with him, so there was work to do. He had music going in the morning, but once he got done cleaning, he shut everything down, made sure his phone was charged, on, and loud. Even the computer's off. Whitney called at two o'clock to tell him she'd gotten to his town. He knows the subdivision's hard to navigate, but he finally heard the car pull up.


   His stomach twisted in knots. Last time was such a flop, and he hoped to creation this time would be better. They'd spent a year flirting, teasing, passing pictures, and on a few occasions, having phone sex hot enough to keep the boys listening in busy for quite a while.
The doorbell rings, and Kevin's already there. He opens the door and is greeted with a smile. "Hey there gorgeous!"
"Hey, yourself, sexy!"
The pair embrace in a hug, and a kiss on the cheek.
"So what brings you to my neighborhood?"
"Lame. "
"Win some, and all that. "
"No, just lame. " She winks at him as she moves into the house.
"Nice ass. " Kevin does a quick grab as she walks in.
Almost snubbing, Whitney says, "Do i get a tour?"
Kevin moves away from the door, and starts pointing to rooms. "Bedrooms upstairs, decent living room, kitchen, garage out that door. " He opens one door just as she passes it.

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   "And the crown jewel is down this way. "
Now, if they hadn't spent extensive amouns of time talking over the last two years, this might weird her out, going into a dark basement, but with Kevin, it's somewhat exciting.
"Sorry for the lack of major lighting, the bulb went out yesterday, and I didn't get a chance to pick one up. Let me get the basement lighting. " The lights go up a few notches, and Kevin feels a hand on his ass. "Hey there, missy!"
"Nice ass yourself. "
Kevin turns around, grabs her by the waist, pulls her towards him, and the pair lock lips for the first time. It starts soft, but quickly moves into a deep, passionate kiss. The seemingly endless kiss continues as Kevin guides Whitney to the leather sofa that sits in front of the big screen. She mumbles out "Nice tv," in between breaths, to which Kevin responds with a "Thanks," also uttered between breaths. The kiss now takes a life of its own and their hands start exploring. Kevin goes first, moving from on top of the shirt, to underneath it. Whitney's hands follow, along with a quick pull away from him, to pull his shirt up.
The kiss resumes with a renewed ferocity, and Kevin makes his move under her shirt. With one swift motion of the one hand, he unhooks her bra, and stops.

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"Hold on. . . all the fun stuff is upstairs. I thought we might actually watch a movie first. " He stands up and pulls her along, as he goes back up the stairs. They quickly move up another flight of stairs, and he ushers her into the master bedroom. She walks in to see the window covered, the candles lit, and a massive king size bed that looks like it was almost made for fucking.
Kevin walks up behind her, and hugs her from behind. "Nice isn't it?"
"Yes it. . . " and before she can finish the sentence, Kevin moves and kisses her neck. ". .

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  . is. " He moves his hands to her sides, grabs her shirt, and pulls it straight up. She brings her hands down, and her bra slides off, too.
He continues kissing her neck from behind her, and moves his hands up her sides, and forward, cupping her tits. "Fantastic. Simply Fantastic. " He massages her tits briefly, while still kissing her neck. He moves his hands away from her tits, moves them straight down, and stops at the waist of her pants.
"Don't stop. I want you. " She arches her back slightly, pushing her ass against his pelvis, and he moves his pelvis to meet her.
"I'm not stopping, just teasing for a second. "
"We've had a year of teasing. I.

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   Want. You. " She turns around, and kisses him again, and leads him in the kiss to the bed. She undoes the buttons on his pants as she sits on the bed, and he undoes hers. She lays back, and he pulls her pants off, panties and all, while at the same town, letting his fall to the ground.
He's had quite a while to think about this day, and how this was going to go down, so he's prepared. As she moves back onto the bed, he opens a small tin of mints on the nightstand.
"What's that?" She's curious.
"You'll see. " He gives her a devious smile.
He moves on top of her, and they continue kissing. He slowly starts moving down, kissing and licking her neck. He moves down to the tits, licking and kissing all around the left nipple for quite a while before moving to suck on it. He bites down on the nipple, and moves away, slightly blowing air on it. He licks it some more, and gently blows on it, before again engulfing the whole thing with his mouth and sucking and nibbling on it.

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   He moves to the right, kissing all the way across to the other tit, and proceeds to tease the right nipple, as well.
Whitney moans a little with each suck and nibble, and she keeps wanting him more.
Kevin slowly moves down her body, kissing every inch, until he reaches her pussy. He reaches over to the nightstand, and grabs one of the mints. He lets it roll around his tongue for a few seconds, while he lightly licks and kisses Whitney's pussy. Keeping the mint at the back of his mouth, Kevin proceeds to lick once, straight from the bottom to the clitoris, to which Whitney shivers and moans. He moves the mint forward in his mouth, putting it at the tip of his tongue. He introduces the mint to her pussy very gently, and proceeds to move it with his tongue along the entire area, from the clit to the hole. In that time, the mint dissipates completely, and Whitney is moaning and shuddering with every motion of the tongue. Kevin reaches up, grabs her hands, and guides them toward her pussy, he guides her to spread her pussy lips apart, while he pleasures her. He moves on to her clit, and starts licking and sucking on the clit, to which she responds with several loud moans. He continues, moving from licking to sucking the clit, he places one finger inside her pussy, and starts fingering her, while sucking on her clit, he continues that for almost a half hour, speeding up and slowing down every once in a while.
Her body starts to rhythmically move up and down towards Kevin's face, and she finally screams out, "I want your cock inside me!"
Hearing that, Kevin moves, almost effortlessly, his cock towards her. At the same time, he grabs both her legs, and pushes them up, almost out of the way. He brings the head of his cock to her pussy, and teases for a second.

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"Just fu---ah!" As she started to talk, Kevin rammed his dick inside her so quick that she forgot what she was about to say. He proceeds to wildly ram her pussy, and hears her say "Oh fuck, yes!" After several minutes, he slows down, and puts one of her legs back down, as she turns slightly to the side, and he starts slamming her pussy from that angle as well. After a few minutes, they go back to the previous position, and he starts hard and fast, and after about a minute of that, he feels her tense up. "Don't you dare fucking stop!" Without losing a beat, he speeds up ever so slightly, and rams as deep as he can go, her whole body tenses up around him, he feels her pussy tighten around his cock, wich pushes him over the edge, and they orgasm together.

. . . tbc
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