Anytime I Can Get a Peek, Sis


Being a teen I found it hard to stop the natural hard on i got every time I caught the curves of a luscious female. Everything about girls made the circus in my pants set up a tent. But the last thing I ever expected to turn me on would be my younger sister.
My sister was only 14 at the time. I was 16. I knew that guys though she was attractive, because my friends were always telling me how they'd like to bang her. She was a cute girl. A little under 5 foot, with brunette hair, a petit body that was accompanied by breasts that could fit into your hands nicely and an ass that looked as though it was poured into her pants.
I had never looked at her sexually until I had fucked every girl I knew in my mind, while dry-humping my pillow to death. I began to work up courage to bring my pleasure to a new level. When she would invite her friend over for sleep overs I would sneak into the room and get a good feel on her sleeping friends body. I'd grab her quickly developing chest, while rubbing between her legs while squeezing her ass. That lead some some explosive orgasms. But it wasn't happening enough. So one night I let my penis lead me into my sisters room. I stood over her bed looking down on her as she slept.

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   The bulge in my pants reached out for her. Not even taking into consideration who this was I began to feel her body. Grabbin onto her tight ass. Feeling the soft clothes covering the tight buns. Sliding my hands up her shirt and grasping her braless chest. After a few minutes of feeling, she moaned and turned over. So I rushed back into my room in fear that she may wake up. I banged the hell out of my pillow that night.
The next night I was laying in my bed thinking about the night before. Beginning to realize how attractive my sister really was. I turned over onto my pillows and thought of the night before and dreamed she was there suckin me off. Before I knew it I had finished. Thats when I decided that I liked her body. I slept.
The next morning I was taking a shower before school.

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   As usual my sister would come in and use the bathroom. This was our morning ritual. I had never thought anything of it. But this time I had a plan. I left the curtain open just so that I'd be able to see her form behind without her seeing. I listened as she came in. And waited til I was sure she was sitting down. I peeked out and looked at the top half of her ass. My bone seemed to notice too. I sat and enjoyed it for the moment then she stood up. I slid back to avoid being seen. I knew right then that I'd want more.
That night we were watching TV in my room. We were bored. So thinking maybe something could happen tonight I turned on one of those sex talk shows.

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   We both laughed at most of the ridiculous questions asked. But it lead no where. She eventually got tired and got up to leave. I stared at her butt as it lifted from the futon and out of the room, moving side to side. I was left there with hope broken. After I was sure she was asleep I went into her room and began the same routine. This time I slid my hand down the back of her ass and cupped her ass cheek. Again she turned and I went to leave and noticed something on the floor. A pink thong. I had no idea she wore them. It made my mind go crazy. I knew I wanted to see her in this.
The next morning I woke up but didn't get up and shower. My door was open a bit and across the hall I could see hers open. I sat there and watched as she put make-up on.

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   I knew sooner or later she'd be getting dressed. She stood up and slid off her shirt. I was amazed seeing her naked back. She leaned over to the left and one of her breasts was fully visible. She picked up a new shirt put it on then walked out of sight. That was enough for me right then.
That night we watched TV. She wore pink velvety pajama pants and a simple white shirt. I tried to hide my boner. I just stared at her chest knowin what it looked like underneath. Again, she left. Again, I went into her room that night. I needed to see things. I leaned over her happy with what was about to happen. The top of her ass was showing as she had her back to me.

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   I just cupped one of her cheeks. As soon as I did that she turned over and looked at me.
"What are you doing!?" She asked sharply. Oh shit, was all I could think of. I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to sound like a perv but at the same time my penis was screaming let me take care of things. She asked again. I just told her I was curious. She didn't seem to know if she should yell at me or not. I don't think she had realized all that had gone on. She looked at me and told me I could touch her butt for a second but that was it. I was shocked and surprised. I figured she'd yell at me. Then I'd hear her friends saying things behind me. But no, I was there cupping her ass while she was fully aware.

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   I rubbed up and down the soft cheeks as she just stared at the wall. It was almost like she was trying to go to sleep. I rubbed my hands higher and higher until I was at the top of her pants. I began to slid them inside when she turned back around and was told me to stop. I stopped in fear. I didn't know what to do anymore. I was getting a high off of everything that was going on. I just reached forward and grabbed her chest. She looked at me with an expression that said, I already told you.
I left the room. With a ridiculous hard on and so many questions going on in my head. I wasn't sure if she'd tell someone if I had done something wrong. I worked off the boner. Then just layed there thinking about it. I wanted more.

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   So I figured I'd try and talk about it the next day.
The next day I was in the shower. But I pushed my watching further. I wanted to see her get up and pull her pants back up. I saw it but she turned at the same time and saw me. I jumped back quickly. The whole day I was nervous. We came home and were alone for a bit. We weren't even on the same floor. I knew something had to be up. So I made my way up into her room. I just looked at her. It had seemed as though nothing had happened. I decided I had come this far and there was no reason to stop now. So I grew some balls and asked her if it'd be alright to dry hump her.

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   She seemed surprised, as though she though it was all done. I begged. She finally agreed after I explained what I wanted to happen.
    She figured it wasn't going to be something permanent. I asked her to lay on her stomach and let me get on top of her and dry hump her ass. As soon as she layed down I could feel the pre-cum dripping inside my pants. I mounted her and begin to gently rub myself against her ass. She was silent. I figured it was goin good. So I began to enjoy myself as i really rubbed myself against her. I grabbed her shoulders and pretended I was fucking her. With one hand I grabbed a bit of her hair and pulled back and asked her to moan like she was gettin it good and hard. She let out a simple moan and I finished up and rested my head on her back. She got out from underneath me. I thanked her.

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    I looked down and noticed my pants were still stretched out. I looked back at her and rolled her onto her back and began to dry hump her again. I moved my head close to her and started to kiss her face. She seemed a little uncomfortable at first but just let it go. I stopped and asked her if she could do this for me. She wasn't sure at first but i began to beg while I slid my hand down and began to rub her crotch. I pleaded with her. Finally she gave in again and agreed to give me a hand job. I layed back on the bed and let my penis out. She just looked at it with slight awe. She had never seen one. It turned me on to know she was looking at her first. I thrusted it up and she grabbed it. She began to jerk it. I slid my hand up her shirt and rubber her nipple.

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       As it began to become erect I slid her shirt up and began to suck on her tit. She moaned a bit. I then moved my other hand down the front of her pants til I came to her pussy. I rubbed it a bit. It was soft and already wet. She moaned louder as I slid a finger inside of her but she kept at work on me.
    I asked her if she could suck on it and if I could suck on her. She said yes and began to move her leg over me as I slid down her pants. I left on the white thong she had on because I wanted to see her in it. She layed her vagina right on my mouth and began to suck the hell out of my cock. I rubbed her pussy and her asshole a bit through her thong. I stuck out my tongue and began to lick her thighs and around her thong. At the same time she worked on me harder then ever. I let out moans and that seemed to make her work harder. I slid her thong over and took a look at the glory I had wanted for a while now.


       I licked her clit and tested her for sensitivity. She wiggled a bit. I licked her juice a bit and then stuck my tongue inside her. I raised on of my hands and snacked her ass hard. I watched as her butt took the impact. A red hand print showed up on her ass. I grabbed the back of her legs and just enjoyed the fuck out of my snack. She squirmed and began to moan loudly. She yelled out I'm cummin as she experienced her orgasm.
    I was about to come but wasn't gonna let it happen this way. I got up and she kneeled on her bed. The sexiest girl I had ever seen. A thong and T-shirt. I lifted the shirt off of her and began to beat off. I told her to open her mouth and taste this.

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       I began to came aiming for her face. I got a bit in her mouth but most of it fell on her chest. I fell onto her bed in exctasy. I rubbed her ass a bit as I layed there. She looked at me and asked if I was happy yet. I said not yet. I told her how I wanted to do her. If not right then, then that night. But she said no. She would not go that far. At least not with me. I accepted it as it was. We made some agreements. Like not to tell anybody. And whenever we were alone at home or everyone was asleep and we were horny we would help each other out.

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