Bandit Receives Some Oral


Bandit: *curls up with* i'm gettin sleepy. . . Otsumi: *Gently gropes*Bandit: *softly moans*Bandit: ^. ^Otsumi: *Gropes a bit more* I've been neglecting you havn't I. . . Bandit: *moans, pouts, and nods*Otsumi: I'm sorry lovie. . . *Nuzzles softly, while using other hand to undo your pants. Her other hand still gently gropeing. * You. . want to have some fun?Bandit: *nods energetically* I do. .

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  . I've wanted to for 6 weeks now. . . it's been torture. . . Otsumi: *She gently sticks her tongue out at him. * I'm sorry hun. . . *She finally gets the button and zipper undone. She then hooks her fingers on his pants and his boxers and slowly pulls them down exposing him. *Bandit: *he smiles* it's okay. .

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  . *He watches her, blushing a little, his cock slightly hard and slowly getting harder. He blushed a little more but smiled at her*Otsumi: wow. . I'm surprized it's not rock hard already. . *She looked to him and smiled then leaned to him and gently pressed her lips to his as her soft and gentle hands fondled his slowly hardening cock. *Bandit: *he kissed her back deeply and passionately, the warmth of her hand seeming to awaken his lazy cock which immediately rose and stood rock hard and ready, pointing straight up in the air* Ah. . Otsumi: *She looked down seeing that his cock was now hard and ready* mmmm. . much better. . . . 

   *she then slowly moved down to her knees. She ran her tongue over the tip teasingly. *Bandit: Ah. . . ! Mmm. . . *he shivered and his cock throbbed at the attention. He looked down at her, helplessly, unable to do anything but lay back and enjoy the much wanted attention* Otsumi: *She smiled gently enjoying his reaction to her. She then slowly slid just the head in her mouth. Her lips closed around it enclosing it in the warmth of her mouth. She then slowly sucked started to suck gently upon just the head. Her eyes closed as she enjoyed the taste of his cock in her mouth. *Bandit: *he let out a loud moan, throbbing hard in her mouth.

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   He felt the warmth, the pleasure, build rapidly through his body, the go back down, watching, waiting breathlessly*Otsumi: *She moaned back in response to his moan. Slowly she slid more of him into her mouth. Her tongue slowly started to wiggle and stimulate the underside of the shaft sending a sensation through him. *Bandit: OOooooh. . . !!! *he moaned loudly and couldn't help but buck his hips. He looked down and her, pouting playfully. the sensations had already caused precum to start leaking from the tip of his cock, which was warm and felt wonderful inside her mouth. *Otsumi: *She moaned as he bucked his hips making him slid in further. As the precum slowly leaked onto her tongue she slid him out slightly. Her tongue moved from under the shaft to the head as it licked the pre from the tip. Even after she had licked it up her tongue continued to run over the tip searching for more. She then slid him further into her mouth sliding him out again her tongue movign back to the tip searchign again. *Bandit: *his body writhed in pleasure under her skilled tongue, quickly finding all his resistance would melt away and his cock would throb at even the slightest touch of her tongue.

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  " Mmm. . . f-fuck. . . so good at that. . . Otsumi: *she moaned softly sliding him back into her mouth her tongue stroking and working the underside of his shaft. She started to suck a bit harder as she slid him out again her tongue running all along the underside then flicking over the tip searching for what it had just a test taste of. *Bandit: *he let out a loud moan, bucking into her again, feeling his body tensing slightly as the pleasure built rapidly* Ah. . . k-keep up that pace and.

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  . . mmmn. . . and you'll make me cum. . . *he moaned again and looked down at you, his eyes full of desire*Otsumi: *She moaned softly sliding him back in her mouth her tongue still working the underside. That's exactly what she wanted. She slid him out agian her tongue searching the tip agian. *Bandit: Mmmn. . . .

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  !!! *he bucked into her mouth a few more times, his cock throbbing violently, reaching the moment where it was inevitable* F. . . fuck. . . I'm cumming. . !!! *just as he said that his cock erupted jet after jet of his hot thick cum, one after the next. It went on, pumping 6 weeks worth of cum into her mouth, draining it, load upon load, until finally the flow slowed and stopped, leaving him panting and heaving as he looks at you*. . . O. . .

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  Oh wow. . . Otsumi: *She moaned as he then used her mouth bucking into it. Then finally as he warned her she felt the thick cum squirt into her mouth. She felt him filling her mouth as he just continued to cum. She swallowed it hungerly but knew it was not all he was goign to give her as she felt him fill her mouth again. She then swallowed that and was slightly surprized as he filled her mouth just slightly again. She swallowed the last of it with a smile. She looked up to him his cock still in her mouth. Then slowly she leaned away from him sucking greatly as it slid from her mouth making sure she got everything. * mmm. . *She smiled as it completly slid from her mouth. *.

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