Big Daddy and baby girl


Big Daddy sat in the chair across from me while I laid back on the bed, my bent knees flopped open. I rubbed my warm pussy in slow circles through my Hanes flowered briefs. I felt Big Daddy's eyes widen at the wet spot that began to show through my panties. My tiny tits were covered by a white cotton training bra, my usually puffy pink nipples were hard and visible.
Big Daddy suddenly stood up and walked over to the bed--this wasn't usually part of our routine. He leaned down and put his face to my warm cunt and breathed in, slow, groaning as he exhaled. Then I felt Big Daddy's wide tongue lick hard over my wet panties, from my asshole to my clit. I shuddered and squirmed as he pressed his lips to my clit and sucked through the cotton.
Suddenly Big Daddy got back up and walked back to the chair, smiling as he sat. I saw his arm moving as he began playing with his growing cock through his pants. "No, Big Daddy, come back over here. " If he could mix things up then so could I.
"Oh, baby girl's getting a little bossy, huh?" Big Daddy grinned as he walked to the bed and sat down by me. I took his large, warm hand in mine and pressed his flat palm to my warm, wet pussy. My panties were soaked. Big Daddy's eyes grew with hunger, and I lifted my hips to rub my cunt against his palm.

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   "Oh, baby. " Big Daddy moaned. As he rubbed my cunt through my panties with one hand, the other snaked up my slender torso to cover the barely visible mound of my right breast. He rubbed and squeezed, and I humped and bucked and panted. I arched my back and moaned as Big Daddy's thumb brushed over the peak of my nipple. I looked down at the tent in his pants. "Mmm Big Daddy--I can see you're enjoying this," I panted. I reached over and began rubbing my hand over Big Daddy's wide shoulders, his broad chest, his round belly. My hand kept moving south as I wrapped my hand around his belt buckle and humped harder. I ran my hand over the bulge in his pants, then wrapped my hand around his now visible cock, feeling its full hardness. "Oh Big Daddy, baby girl wants to ride. " I purred.
Big Daddy suddenly took his hands from my body. He reached back and quickly spanked my round ass hard through my panties. "Oh!" I cried with delight.

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Big Daddy laid back, his erection reaching higher than his big belly. I licked my lips with delight as I shimmied over. I braced my hands on Big Daddy's chest as I swung one leg over his pelvis, giggling as his erect cock brushed my inner thigh.
I undid Big Daddy's belt buckle, and he groaned out with pleasure as I yanked it off in one smooth motion. I hungrily lifted his shirt to fully expose the bulge in his pants. Then I lowered myself down until I felt Big Daddy's cock sliding against my pussy, through his clothes and my wet panties. I tilted my head back and shook my hair as I lifted my hips up, and back down. I reached under Big Daddy's shirt to run my hands up and down his hairy torso. Big Daddy's cock was brushing my swollen clit. He breathed heavier each time his cock head ran over my pussy. "Ohh, fuck. " I moaned. "Ohh, Big Daddy, your cock is soo good. "
"Hold on baby. " Big Daddy paused, grabbing my hips, and lifting.

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   "Just getting a little too excited. "
I giggled at my power over Big Daddy, and looked down to see the dark spot on his khakis where my pussy juices had soaked through.
Big Daddy pushed me off of him so that I landed on my back, my legs falling open. Big Daddy's hands grasped the waist of my panties and I lifted my hips as he pulled them off. The air felt cool against my glistening bald pussy.
Big Daddy lifted my panties to his nose and breathed deep, his eyes rolling back. He then wadded them up and held them to my mouth. I could smell the musky sweetness. "Open," Big Daddy ordered. I obeyed.
Big Daddy pressed the wadded up cotton into my mouth, gagging me. I could taste my own pussy juices as the panties were completely soaked. Daringly, I sucked some of my sweet nectar from the cotton and swallowed. The taste excited me.
Big Daddy's head was by my legs.

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   He kissed my knee--I giggled. His tongue ran up my thigh and kissed again midway--I breathed in deep through my nose. He licked further, kissing where inner thigh met pelvis--I purred. His tongue traced in and he kissed just outside my wet hole, pressing his tongue to my skin--I moaned. Big Daddy's warm hands could barely hold my wet pussy lips apart as his tongue began circling my swollen clit, closing in. Suddenly, he pressed his lips to my eager, waiting clit, and kissed--I groaned, arching my back. Big Daddy's hand once again snaked up my lithe body to my breasts, groping at me as I began moving my hips. His hand moved around back and I felt him fumbling at the clasp. I reached back and helped Big Daddy undo my training bra, my white cotton with the tiny pink rosebud in between the cups.
As soon as my tiny tits were freed, Big Daddy returned his hand to them, groping and squeezing and tugging on my nipples.
I felt a brief pang of sadness as Big Daddy stopped kissing my clit, but the joy returned when I felt his rough, wide tongue lick me from my asshole to my clit. Slowly. Once. Twice. Then Big Daddy began lapping at my wet hole, drinking in my sweet nectar.

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   As one hand worked on my breasts, I felt another cup my ass and squeeze, then release, then squeeze again. Big Daddy's hand pulled at my ass cheek, spreading me open so my tight pink rosebud was exposed, glistening with the pussy juices that ran over it. Big Daddy alternated long licks and flicks of the tongue while his index finger circled my other hole, teasing me. I felt pressure as he pressed his finger to my tight ass hole, then cried with pain and pleasure as Big Daddy sunk his index finger into my tight, untouched ass. "Oh, Big Daddy!" I moaned against my panties.
I reached down and grabbed Big Daddy by the back of his head, grinding my pussy against his mouth, moaning at his hot breath and eager hands. My back arched as my hips bucked, and I felt my orgasm build as Big Daddy suckled at my clit. I groaned and purred, and when he realized what I was doing Big Daddy released my swollen clit from his lips.
"Not yet baby. " He commanded.
Big Daddy pulled his finger from my asshole and flipped me over onto all fours, then pulled the panties from my mouth, tossing them aside. I felt joy flood my body as I arched my back, pushing my ass and pussy out for Big Daddy to play with.
Suddenly, a large hand pushed my face into the pillow, but my ass remained up. Then I felt the sting of a spank, then two, then three. My round ass jiggled as Big Daddy pulled his hand away.

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   I felt his mouth hovering over my clit once again, but it was brief. He licked me from my pussy to my asshole. And he stayed there.
Big Daddy's tongue circled my tight pink rosebud, occasionally passing over my eager hole. Then I felt his tongue dart into me, first just a little bit, then deeper, until his tongue was buried in my tight ass and I purred with delight. I felt my pussy juices dripping down my legs. Big Daddy's index and middle fingers met my thigh and swiped up, collecting honeyed juices. One hand grabbed my hair and lifted my head while the other met my lips, and I sucked his fingers slowly and obediently. My juices were thick and sweet.
Big Daddy's mouth kept working on my asshole while I felt his hand creep between my legs. He brushed his fingers over my clit, making me moan into the pillow, then fingertips met glistening hole, and he pushed his index finger into my tight pussy. I moaned harder. Daddy fingered me gently before pushing in his middle finger. A third finger stretched me to the limit and I groaned out with pleasure as Big Daddy filled both holes.
My pleasure was short-lived as Big Daddy suddenly pulled his fingers from my pussy and gave my ass hole a final lick.

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   His wet fingers spanked my ass again and he praised me-- "Good girl. "
I wanted to take control. I wanted to bring pleasure. I sat up. "Big Daddy, can I jerk your cock?" I asked sweetly, batting my eyelashes.
"Mmm yes honey. " Big Daddy was more excited than he let on. He loved it when I jerked his cock.
Big Daddy stood up, letting me undo his pants. They dropped to the floor. His erection was bulging through the cotton of his boxer briefs. Precum and pussy juices marked the grey fabric. Big Daddy pulled his T-shirt over his head while I grabbed the waist of his boxers. His thick cock sprung free as I pulled them down. There was no hiding his excitement now.

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   "Lay down, Big Daddy," I cooed.
As Big Daddy laid down I straddled his right thigh, nearly sliding off as my soaking pussy met his skin. I reached down and swiped some of my thick, sweet juices, then wrapped my slick hand around Big Daddy's swollen cock. I stroked up and down, wetting him, but only for a moment. Big Daddy looked confused.
I reached across the bed and grabbed the previously discarded panties, now soaked with pussy juices and saliva. I wrapped them around Big Daddy's erection and covered them with my fist, then began stroking Big Daddy with his baby girl's wet panties. Big Daddy grinned and broke into a belly laugh. "Oh, fuck, baby girl," he laughed, "You're fucking incredible. "
"Always thinking of new and exciting ways to make Big Daddy cum!" I answered cutely, leaning over to plant a kiss on his lips.
I stroked Big Daddy's cock from base to tip, making sure to run my hand over his sensitive head. My pace and my pressure increased, and I could hear Big Daddy panting. My free hand was braced on his big belly.
Not wanting to be left out, I began gently thrusting my hips. My slick wet pussy slid slowly up and down Big Daddy's thigh.

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"Ohh, baby girl wants to cum too, huh? You like riding thigh?" Big Daddy teased. Grinning, I pressed my thumb to his cock head in response. "Ohh, fuck!" Daddy groaned.
I began bucking my hips faster, gently rising and falling to stimulate my clit on Big Daddy's generous body. My breathing quickened. I leaned back, pressing my pelvis down as I jerked Big Daddy's cock.
We were both panting soon, and I knew that if I didn't stop we would both cum. And I wanted Big Daddy's cum inside me.
I stopped riding Big Daddy's thigh, then pulled my wet panties off Big Daddy's throbbing cock. As I gave it a final squeeze, precum dribbled out the tip. Big Daddy looked hungrily into my eyes. I knew I had him.
I climbed off Big Daddy's thigh and, pressing my body against his, slowly snaked up his torso. As I climbed over the mound of his stomach, his aching cock brushed down my flat chest, down my slender torso, and as our faces met, Big Daddy's cock head brushed over my soaked, swollen clit, causing me to cry out. His mouth met mine in a deep, possessive kiss.

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I wanted Big Daddy inside me, but there was one more thing to do first. I reached down and parted my slick pussy lips, my clit resting against Big Daddy's shaft. "Ohh, baby girl. . . " Daddy kissed me again. He knew what I liked.
I began gliding my hips up and down, making Big Daddy's cock slick with my juices. A couple times I overdid it, nearly taking him inside me by accident. But I kept riding gingerly, the heat between us increasing. I felt my arms and legs begin to tingle and I knew my orgasm was building. I paused, taking Big Daddy's cock in my hand and stroking it while I cooled down.
When I knew it was safe, I lowered myself back down to Big Daddy's cock, stopping when I felt his head at the entrance to my tight wet hole. We made eye contact as I lowered myself slowly on his big cock, inch by inch, until I was sitting on his full balls.
After a moment I rose up again, then fell back onto Big Daddy's thick cock, crying out this time as he filled me up.


Big Daddy reached up and grabbed my tiny breasts in his hands as I began riding. I circled my hips as I rose and fell, feeling Big Daddy's cock press against every part of me. My pace quickened, and Big Daddy took one hand from my breasts to grab me by the hip. He began lifting his hips to meet mine, and our bodies began slapping together. Big Daddy's belly shook as I rode his cock. I was so fucking wet.
"Oh Big Daddy! Oh Big Daddy!" I cried out in pleasure.
"Mmm, fuck baby girl. Your pussy's so tight!" Big Daddy was loving it. I leaned over and kissed him deep, our tongues exploring each other's mouths. Then I licked Big Daddy's neck seductively, tasting the sweat that was beading on both our bodies. His hand still on my hip, Big Daddy pulled me down harder with each thrust. My clit was slamming into his pelvis. I felt pressure building inside of me, which could only mean one thing.
"Oh, fuck Big Daddy I'm gonna squirt!" I took Big Daddy's hand to my clit and he knew to begin rubbing furiously.

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   "Oh! Oh! OH! SQUIRTING!"
I lifted off Big Daddy's cock just in time to see my pussy juices gushing out, splashing onto Big Daddy's torso. "Oh, fuck!" I cried, my pussy throbbing.
"Oh, yes baby girl. Big Daddy loves it when you cum on his cock!"
I breathed heavily as I lowered myself back onto Big Daddy's wet cock, and we resumed our quick pace.
Big Daddy's chest was heaving with each breath and I knew he was close. I was gonna come again, too, but I needed Big Daddy's cum inside me.
I did everything I could to take him over the edge. I put his big bear paw to my bouncing breasts, and took the other to my mouth, sucking on his fingers. I rocked my hips to stimulate every inch of Big Daddy's cock. I got verbal.
"Oh, Big Daddy gonna cum in baby girl's tight cunt? Gonna fill me up with your hot sticky cum?"
"Ohh, fuck yes baby. " Big Daddy loved it.
"Big Daddy wanna make baby girl squirt again? Squirt on your big cum-filled cock?"
"Oh, fuck!" He called out this time. His hand smacked my ass.
"That's it, Big Daddy.

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   Flood my tight wet pussy with cum! Fill me up! Oh god--fuck!"
In trying to get Big Daddy to cum, I incidentally took myself over the edge.
"Oh! Fuck! Big! Daddy! Baby! Girl's! Gonna! Cum! Oh! Fuck!" I slammed against Big Daddy's cock as fluids gushed from my pulsing cunt. My body flooded with endorphins. My eyes rolled back in my head as my toes curled. "Ohhhoohh fuck!"
When I was about to come to a rest I felt Big Daddy's hand gripping my hip--my orgasm set off his. "Oohh baby girl gonna flood that tight pussy with cum---oh---FUCK!"
I begged for it. "Yes yes yes Big Daddy fill me up! Cum in baby girl's pussy Daddy!"
And he did. With a roar Daddy slammed his cock once more into me, and I felt him spasm, then flood me with hot, sticky cum. It pulsed out, rope after rope, until I was full.
I kept Big Daddy inside me as we caught our breath. I fell onto his chest, both of us gasping for air. My whole body ached and stung and felt fucking incredible. The air was ripe with sex and sweat.
"Oh, baby girl, you were amazing. " Big Daddy stroked my hair.

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"Mmmm. " It was all I could take just to moan in response.
After a moment, I pulled off of Big Daddy's cock, cum and pussy nectar spilling onto Big Daddy's belly.
"Can I clean that up?" I winked at Big Daddy, before licking at the mess I made.
"Oh, baby girl. " Big Daddy held my head in his hands.

I kissed, and licked, waiting for his cock to get hard again. Hard enough to suck. . . .

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