Boot ClubPart 2 The Initiation


Several days had passed since my introduction to the Boot Club with Chris.
I was playing golf with Chris on Wednesday afternoon when he told me that
if i wanted to join the Boot Club that i would have to go to the next meeting
and be presented as a pledge. I asked him how many people would be there
and he said that there would be 7 other guys beside us, I asked him when the
next meeting was , and he said it would be Saturday night at 7 pm and that if I
wanted to come he would pick me up at the school and that i better tell my folks
that i would be staying the night with one of my friends. I asked him what was
expected of me, which he replied i can't give you any details other than the
few you are allready aware of and that you wouldn't have to do anything you
didn't want to do and that nobody would force you to do anything. He also
told me there are rules for a pledge and that he would tell me them on
Saturday on the way to the Club. He promised me that he wouldn't let anything
happen to me and he would be right there with me. I agreed to go with him
and began thinking about the Boot Club and could hardly wait for the weekend
to get here.

Saturday night arrived and at 6:30 i met Chris at my school and hopped in his
car, he asked me if i was ready and i said that i was a little nervous but i think
i am ready. He handed me a big fat joint and told me to light it up and that this
would help me relax. As I fired it up Chris reached over and was rubbing my
leg up and down and telling me hot i looked and how hot last weekend was at
the Boot Club. I continued smoking the joint and becoming quite high and feeling
no pain as Chris continued to rub my leg and my dick through my pants, i had
a raging hard on, Chris began telling me the rules for tonight and again made
it clear that i did not have to do anything that i didn't want and at any point if i
wanted to leave we would go. The first rule is that you cannot speak unless
someone asked me a question and then i was to only answer the question and
offer nothing more, second was the fact that the other 7 members were going
to be wearing facial masks to hide their identity and that if I was accepted into
the Club that they would reveal their identities, third is that if i was asked to do
anything that i would do it without hesitation unless i did not want to do it then
we would leave immediately and that would end my possible membership and
the last thing is that i must solemnly swear that anything that happens at the Boot
Club reamins a secret and i have to swear to tell no one ever. With that i told
Chris that i am ready and agree to the rules and i swear my oath that i will not
tell anyone of the Club.

We had turned down the road that leads to the club and would be there in a
couple of minutes when Chris stopped the car and reached over and kissed me
right on the lips and rubbed my cock then he released me and told me that we
were going to have a great time tonite. We drove the next several minutes in
silence as we pulled into the oval driveway of the club and parked. There were
4 other cars there and a nice fire going when we got out of the car.

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   As i got out
of the car i noticed the guys all looking at me in their strange looking masks all
were drinking and sitting or standing around the fire, Chris opened the trunk and
i helped him carry an ice chest over to one of the picnic tables he then reached
in and pulled out 2 and gave me one. As we approached the fire i began to really
get nervous as no one was talking and everyone had these crazy masks on, then
Chris had me stand next to the fire and introduced me as his pledge and then he
said if anyone wishes this pledge away speak now if not we will begin the ceremony.
With that Chris told me i was to walk around the fire and that each time i must stop
at this spot and follow instructions, with that i began to walk and as i finished the
first round i stopped and was handed a shot glass which i drank right down then
the masked guy that handed me the shot reached out and pulled me into a very
gentle hug and then quickly released me. I started the walk around the campfire
again and again stopped at the designated spot. this time another masked man
handed me a shot which i quickly downed then he pulled me into his arms and
gave me a gentle hug and slowly rubbed his hands down to my ass then he released
me and off around the pit again, this time when i stopped i was handed a pipe which
i quickly took a hit off then again i was pulled into a hug, this hug was quite different
from the previous hugs as this guy went straight for my ass and just rubbed on it and
then he released me to walk the pit again. I must say that i was a little bit nervous
still and maybe a little bit horny as i stopped on my next round i was handed another
shot which i quickly downed then i was told to turn around, i did as was told then this
guy hugs me from behind and reaches around and rubs my crotch for 30 seconds
then releases me to walk and as i stop on the next round i was handed another shot
which i downed then this guy tells me to remove my shoes and socks, after i had
removed my shoes and socks i was told to turn around again and then this guy pulls
me into a hug and put one of his hands stright into the front of my pants and played
with my growing cock and then releases me to walk. I am feeling pretty good at this
point with all the drinks and with the weed as i stop i am handed a pipe which i take
a hit on on then i am asked to remove my shirt and after my shirt is off this guy pulls
me close and rubs nipples and chest very gently then he releases me to walk the fire
and this time i stop i am handed another shot which i quickly down then i am told to
remove my pants and then rubs my legs all the way up to my ass and my balls then
he releases me and this time when i finish my round Chris is standing there and he
tells me to remove my underwear and when i am finishedhe hands me a beer and
tells me to slam it down and as i tilt it back i feel his mouth cover my dick completely
as he sucks my dick then licks my balls and then he stands and tells me to walk. At
this point i have a raging hard on and i am completely nude and as i make it around
the fire this time the guys had all formed a line one after the other and they had all
removed their cocks from their pants i was handed a blanket to put on the ground
and told to sit on my knees on the blanket, i do as i am told and then the first guy
comes forward and offers his cock to my mouth which i readily accept and i begin
to suck his wonderful cock until he shoots his load down my throat as quickly as
it leaves my mouth i am presented with another beautiful cock that i quickly engulf
into my mouth and suck for several minutes until he also blasts his semen into my
mouth and throat. yet again another cock is quickly presented to my mouth and i
hungrily suck like there is no tomorrow this continues one after the next until i have
sucked and swallowed 8 wonderful cocks and their gigantic loads. Chris was the
final guy i sucked off and he helped me to my feet as my knees legs and my mouth
were very tired from all the action. i was then told i could have anything to drink or
smoke as desired and that i was to sit on the edge of the tableand as soon as i
sat down each man would take turns sucking my dick or licking my balls until i finally
blasted 2 different loads down 2 different throats. I was then told to lean over the
picnic tableand the men set to going around the campfire all of them were walking
around and then there were a set of hands on me rubbing me all overand putting
some kind of oil all over my legs my back and my ass this guy then stood up and
slowly guided his cock into my ass crack and rubbed it back and forth and slightly
entering my ass then pulling out a little in then out a little bit more in and then out
until i finally pushed back into it and it was completely buried to the hilt in my ass
as he fucked me slowly at first then picked up the pace until he could take it no more
he erupted into my sweet little ass, as he pulled out he told me to clean him up, so
my mouth got busy cleaning up his cock and when i had finished he pulled me to my
feet and removed his mask then introduced himself as Michael and then quickly
left and was replaced my another man. This guy started biting my neck and lightly
pinching my nipples and very gently slid his cock into my willing ass and began to
thrust very slowly while continuing to nibble on my neck and rubbing my nipples i
was in absolute heaven this guy knew how too fuck and i couldn't wait for him to
climax so i could get to see who it was that was fucking me so well, i didn't have
to wait much longer as he started grunting and groaning and shooting his load into
my ass and he finally pulled out he told me to clean him up so i went to work quickly
cleaning up his cock and i continued sucking it because he had been oh so good
at fucking me that when he finally pulled me to my feet and released his mask it
surprised me very much to know that i knew who he was allready, his name was
Bob and i had played golf with him many times in the past, he gave me a big smile
and then he kissed me opened mouth and i kissed him back and then released me
and was immediately replaced by another man who quite simply just slid his cock
into my ass and started thrusting for about 2 minutes and then shot his load into
my ass and then pulled out and told me to clean him up, well that was pretty crappy
if you ask me and as i finished cleaning him up he pulled me to his feet and removed
his mask and introduced himself as Joey and he was quickly replaced by another
man almost immediately. This guytook his time entering my ass slowly and then
would pull out completely stick it back in all the way and then pull it all the way out
he continued to do this for around ten minutes before he finally shot his load into
my ass and as with the others i went down on him to clean him up then he lifted
me to my feet and removed his mask and introduced himself as Randy. He was
quickly replaced by another waiting guy that did something that surprised me he
went to town licking and sucking on my ass this continues for a couple of minutes
before he finally stood up and just plunged his cock deep into my ass there was
no pain but he was not at all gentle as he just straight pounded my ass like there
was no tomorrow thank god he didn't last because i was not enjoying it very much,
finally he blew his load and then i cleaned him up and he removed his mask and
again he didn't have to introduce himself as i knew that his name was Jerry and
that i had played golf with him and i owed him because i had been such a tease
so he had fucked me hard and he said no hard feelings and then he gave me a
big hug and told me next time i would really enjoy it, yeah right there probably won't
be a next time with him.

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   he was quickly replaced by another masked man and this
guy was awesome he so lovingly fucked my ass nice and slowly nice and gentle
while rubbing me up and down and telling me howhot i was and how long he had been
been wanting to fuck me and playing with my nipples that i actually had the best
orgasm i had ever had to date at that moment it was absolutely incredible and
as i was climaxing my ass gripped down on his cock so much that he just lost
it and blew his load right up my ass and he was climaxing he turned my head to
face him and kissed me passionately he had allready removed his mask and i
also knew him from the golf course it was Dr. Fred as he finally released himself
from my ass i immediately went down on him and cleaned him and sucked him
like i had done for no other that night i had really enjoyed him, as i stood up he
whispered into my ear that he would love to play a solo round with just the 2 of
us, i quickly agreed, but thats another story. Finally the last masked man came
over to me but instead of going right for ass he wanted me to suck him first so
i went down on him and remember him from earlier as the guy with the biggest
cock of the entire group he had this incredible mushroom head that was just
enormous it was all i could do put 2 inches into my mouth because i had really
had to stretch my mouth wide open so i just used both of my hands to gently
massage his balls and to stroke his cock to help him get off, i had been really
going after it for about 10 minutes when he pulled me to my feet and bent me
over and to my amazement that giant cock fit into my ass like a glove, my ass
was so well lubed up from all the fucking that it caused no pain in fact i loved
the way i felt so very full with him buried into me as he fucked me good for a
few more minutes i started to have another uncontrollable orgasm it was not
the strongest but it was great nontheless and again as my ass gripped his
cock he also lost it and shot his seed deep into my ass, as he went limp and
slid frommy ass i went to clean him up and then he pulled me to my feet and
revealed his identity to me it was my golf coach Kenny WOW! Finally it was
Chris's turn but he led me over to one of the picnic tables and he laid a blanket
down and he had me lay down on the table with my legs spread and my ass
at the edge of the table as he entered me the rest of the guys all came over
and were rubbing me and kissing me and sucking while my friend Chris was
fucking my ass, what an amazing feeling with all the mouths and hands and
getting fucked again wow heavenly. Chris finally erupted into my ass and just
stayed there for a while and then as he slipped out of me the guys suddenly
were alll wiping me down with warm washclothes it felt so nice as they all
just wiped me from head to toe until i was sparkling clean again. As they
finished i got to my feet and that is when i realized that my ass felt like it was
wide open, i could actually feel the breeze in my ass, Chris gave me this
bottle with a nozzle and i laid on the table and inserted this tube into my ass
and then this warm feeling came over my ass, he told me to hold the water
as long as i could then just let it fly. Well no sooner had i gotten off of the
table and made it 3 feet then the water let loose and all the cum and water
all exited me, when i was done my ass had actually shut closed again. and
i felt no discomfort amazing. It was official i was now a member of the Boot
Club and i couldn't wait to get a few private lessons with Bob, Fred, Chris
and maybe Kenny.

Let me know if you like it I will write chapter 3
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