It was so nice of him to write a story just for me. I sat at my laptop reading it once, reading it once more, and the images of what he was saying running through my mind. The familiar stirrings down between my legs were a tell-tale sign I was enjoying reading it. I needed to do something about it, I was desperate to touch myself, but i wanted to spread myself out. I went downstairs into the lounge; the warm, soft furry rug in the middle of the floor beckoned me to it. I took off my t-shirt and jeans and lay down, the softness of the rug warming my semi-naked body. I closed my eyes; i could see him typing out the story for me, how hard he was as his fingers hit the keyboard buttons. The more he wrote the harder he got, he wanted to touch himself so badly but he carried on writing the words he knew would turn me on. How I wished I could feel his fingers on my button! There was warmness between my legs as i moved on the rug. My panties were feeling damp and I had to take them off. My bra came off as well so I was completely naked. I loved the feeling of being free, how I would love to live naked, no need for clothes; they just got in the way. I licked my lips, a finger finding its way between them, wetting it. I traced my finger down my neck towards my left beast, rubbing it around my nipple, tweaking it so it caused just that little bit of pain. My other hand came up to do the same with my right breast. My nipples were hard little buds, pointing upwards, aching to be sucked.

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   My hand travel led downwards, over my belly, finally finding the secret place that longed to be touched. I stroked down the middle, ahhhhh yes that’s what I needed to do. My right hand kept on caressing my breast, playing with the nipple, while my left hand explored what was waiting for me down there. I was wet and thinking about his story was just making me wetter. My fingers were rubbing faster and harder, wishing he would put his story into practice on me, replace my hand with his tongue. In my mind he was there, I saw his dark hair moving between my legs and his tongue was darting in and out of my hole. I was in ecstasy, completely lost in my lustful dream. A small moan escaped my lips; I wanted to push his head down…. . A cough outside my window startled me, brought me back to reality. Shocked, I looked up to find my 22-year-old next door neighbour staring at me through the window, his mouth gaping open in surprised, but there was also a glint in his eye that told me he was excited. Embarrassed I tried to cover myself with the rug, hide my body from him. He’d only ever seen me in shorts and atop sunbathing in the garden. He shook his head, asked me not to cover up. Asked if he could come in as he had a parcel for me that the postman had left while I was still sleeping.

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   I stood up, still wrapped in the rug, and made my way to the door. Upon opening it my neighbour stepped inside, looking me up and down, the glint in his eye still there, his tongue slightly out of his mouth wetting his lips. The sight of him taking in my body sent a fresh wave of warmth and wetness to my pussy. “You don’t need to hide yourself from me,” he said, “I’ve already seen you naked there. ” “How long had you been standing there?” I asked him. “Long enough. Long enough to know that you need a bit of help and I would love to give it to you. ” I looked down; there was a bulge in his trousers. His eyes followed mine, he knew what i was looking at and from the look on his face he knew what I wanted. “Watching you from out there got me hard Pinky; do you want to see what you’ve done to me?” Of course I wanted to see. I knelt down in front of him, my shaking hands fumbling with his zip and button. I pulled down his trousers, his shorts coming down with them, and up sprang his magnificent penis I gasped with delight for it was a length and girth that I knew would not disappoint me. I reached for it, I had to touch it, but he stopped me with both hands. Pleading with my eyes I looked up at him. “Please let me touch it, I need to touch it.

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  ” “No,” he said. “I always please the lady first. Put the rug back down on the floor and lie down. Let me get a closer look at your fine body. ” I lay back down, shivering with anticipation. What was he going to do to me? I needed him to touch me so badly. He knelt on the floor, his eyes moving up my body and back down again, eyeing every inch. He straddled me and kissed me, our lips crashing together with a passion and fierceness i hadn't’t felt in a long time. His hands took hold of my breasts, pinching my nipples that were so hard, like bullets. I wanted to feel his mouth on them. As if reading my mind he stopped kissing me and took one of my nipples in his mouth, his warm tongue darting over it. He paid the same attention to my other breast, sending jolts of electricity coursing through my body. Oh the pleasure I was getting. And from the look on his face he seemed to be getting the same. As he was sucking on me his hand travel led down over my stomach, finding its way to where I really wanted it to be, between my legs.

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   His fingers traced a pattern on my lower lips. “You’re so wet,” he murmured. And with that he plunged a finger inside my wetness. I let out a cry as finally he was where i needed him to be. He inserted another finger, they moved with such ease in and out of my slick hole. He pulled them out, licked them, and then thrust them back inside me. Oh I was so close to coming… and then he withdrew his fingers. I opened my eyes, looked at him, my eyes pleading with him. He knelt on the floor at the entrance to my pussy, looking at it for what seemed like a lifetime. “Mm-mm you look so tasty. ” “Please,” I begged him, “please touch me. ” He spread my legs apart, lifted them over his shoulders, bent down and licked from the bottom of my slit to the top. A long moan escaped from my lips. He licked me again, and again. It was driving me crazy; I needed to feel his tongue inside me.

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   He circled my hard cl it with his expert tongue then sucked it into his warm mouth and gently nibbled on it. I nearly came there and then but I knew I should wait as it was only going to get better. Finally I got what I was so desperately wanting…. he plunged his tongue inside my hole, brought it out and plunged back in again. I was in heaven. The pleasure was so intense. I grabbed his head and pushed him further into me, his tongue delving deeper and deeper. I could take it no more and I shuddered to an almighty climax, writhing in ecstasy on the rug, my body convulsing. He lapped up my juices and licked his lips. For a few minutes we both lay there, me spread out on the rug, him resting his face on my pussy, traces of my cum on his chin. When I finally caught my breath I sat up. “Lie down,” I ordered him. “Now it’s your turn for some pleasure. ” He laid down, his gorgeous cock fully erect, aching to be touched. I took it in my hand, felt its length and girth.

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   He closed his eyes. I knelt down, my hair brushing his belly and the tip of his penis. I licked the tip, the pre-cum disappearing on my tongue. I looked up and saw him lick his lips, he was enjoying it. I traced my tongue down the shaft from the tip to the base, giving his balls a slow lick. I took his length in my mouth, little by little. It tasted good and I moaned, he felt the vibration against him. My head was bobbing up and down as I took him in and out of my mouth, all the while gently sliding my hand up and down the shaft. I altered my speed, faster than slower. I looked him deep in the eyes so he could see I was enjoying myself as much as he was.
He was starting to buck and I recognized this as a sign he was going to come. But he stopped me, sat up, his cock sliding out of my mouth. “No,” he said, “I want to feel myself inside you; I want your tightness wrapped around my cock. ” Being a single man he had a condom in his wallet. He fumbled in his trousers, brought out the condom and slid it onto his full length.

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   He lay on top of me, nudging my legs wide open with his, and then teased me by rubbing the head of his cock-up and down my slit. Finally he pushed inside me, sliding in as easily as I was so wet. He withdrew then plunged in again. I wrapped my legs around him, pushing him in deeper and deeper with my heels, crying out for more. He thrust harder. He pulled me on top of him so I could ride him at my own rhythm, then again I was underneath him as he thrust into me over and over again, taking me right to the edge. He looked me deep in the eyes and grunted, “Now! Come with me!” I let go. Waves of ecstasy rushed through my body in the most intense orgasm I’d ever felt. At the same time I felt him bucking on top of me, shooting his hot cum inside me, caught in the condom. We both let out the loudest moans as we came down from an earth-shattering climax. We lay there wrapped in each other’s sweaty arms, him still inside me. After we’d got our breath back he looked at me and said, “Not bad for an older guy am I? That was amazing. ” I couldn’t disagree. With age comes experience and I certainly had the best experience with him. I’ll definitely be going with him again!


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