Buffy The Vampire Slayer, A Bad Weeks Sleep Pt. 01


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the characters from it. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/F, Bondage, Non-con

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: A Bad Week's Sleep Night One
By Muhabba

Exhausted, Buffy stumbled into her small bedroom and plopped down on her bed. Since the fall of Sunnydale it seemed that all she and the gang did was move from place to place, country to country, finding and training the new Slayers they had made in order to defeat The First Evil. Across from her bed, her reflection looked back at her and she thought she looked about ten years older then she had been before Sunnydale was destroyed. Her blonde hair was flat and lifeless since she didn't have the time anymore to find a salon and her clothes were crumpled and formless.

Stretching, Buffy stood up and pulled off her top and plain bra, her small, firm breasts high and firm on her chest and capped with rosy pink nipples. She bent over to tug down her pants, her tits dangling below her and her tight, muscular ass out-thrust. She stood back up in just her plain panties and looked at her reflection for a moment before deciding she was too tired to get her pajamas on and crawled into bed.

Buffy started going over her errands for tomorrow and the list seemed way to long. She had to enroll her sister into whatever school district they were in now, Xander needed to go over the Vampire Slayer communications network he was working on, Giles wanted to go over the training protocols for the new Slayers with her, and Willow wanted to do some fact checking with her Scythe about the spell they had used to defeat The First.

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And suddenly, Buffy the Vampire was asleep. It was dark and kind of cool but she didn't want to get out of bed to adjust the thermostat so she just tried snuggling into her blanket. Her blanket was far to scratchy to get comfortable in and seemed to barely cover her feet so she tried to tuck her legs up and roll over but her hands seemed stuck above her head making it difficult to move and her legs were spread wide apart.

Suddenly Buffy's eyes flew open and she began struggling against the chains holding her to the bed. It was dark wherever she was but she was certain it wasn't her room. The walls were cold stone and seem to sweat with perspiration in the cold of the large room. She tried kicking out with her legs and noticed that not only had she been kidnapped, she had also been redressed.

At first Buffy was relieved not to be naked but then she noticed what she was wearing, her old, white formal dress from her first year at Sunnydale High.

"Nice dress," a cold voice mocked from somewhere in the darkness. A familiar voice. A voice Buffy hadn't expected to hear ever again.

"Did you really think you could escape me, Slayer," the Master hissed from somewhere off to Buffy's right side, still hidden in the darkness. "I've seen entire civilizations rise and fall," he continued, his voice coming from the left side of the bed now, "And after all those centuries you thought that you, a little schoolgirl, could defeat me," the voice said, now seeming to come from somewhere deeper in the darkness. "I walked this world before the humans had figured out how to use fire and you thought that you had what it took to kill me," he continued from somewhere closer but she couldn't tell. where, "We'll just have to see if you actually do have what it takes to handle me, Slayer.

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  "Suddenly the darkness at the foot of the bed seemed to part, revealing the Master in all of his hideous glory.

In a flash of the Master's claws, Buffy's dress flew apart in ragged shreds to reveal her white, lacy push-up bra and matching panties which she had most definitely not been wearing the first time she had worn the dress all those years ago. Her breath caught in her throat, her chest pushed out, as the Master slowly began tracing his clawed fingertips up her tan, spread, trembling leg.

The Master grinned, his fangs gleaming in the dark as his fingers reached the inside of the Slayer's golden thigh. "Finally at my mercy," he hissed with malicious glee as he traced circles around the insides of Buffy's spread leg. "Finally where you belong. "

Buffy began panting in fear, her exposed body trembling as the Master slid his fingers over her barely covered pussy mound. Her firm breasts jiggled inside the cups of her bra with every panting breath as the vicious monster's fingers slid up to her flat stomach and circled her belly button. She moaned in fear as he slid the tip of his claw inside, the implications not at all lost on Buffy as he circled the inside of her vulnerable belly. Her moans and pants increased and she found herself wishing that he'd just attack her already. She knew what to do during the usual vampire attack but had no idea what to do against this.

The Master smiled down at Buffy before bending down slowly, pulling his claw away from her belly button as he extended his tongue. She knew that he had hypnotic powers and that was the only thing she could think of to explain the way her bound body reacted to the touch of his tongue against her. The instant his wet tongue touched her, her stomach fluttered and the image of his wiggling tongue other places on and in her body flashed through her mind. He slowly circled her causing her breathe to catch as he delicately slipped inside of her.

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  She tried to move her abdomen away but only seemed to circle herself around to meet his intrusive touch again.

Looking up the length of the Slayer's quivering body, The Master smiled at her from over the tops of her breasts. "Vampires have been known for their sexual prowess for hundreds of years, Slayer. Prepare yourself for pleasure the likes of which you've never felt. "

Buffy licked her lips unconsciously as the aged vampire began sliding his talented tongue in and out of her belly button. She could feel her vagina begin to warm and become wet, barely even noticing as his hand began creeping up towards her chest. With a flick of his wrist her bra fell to her sides, her firm breasts exposed and her tan lines nearly glowing in the dark, her pink nipples hard. She gave an involuntary squeak of surprise at her bra being ripped away so casually and could feel the evil vampire smile against her stomach as he continued his gentle assault on her belly button,

Pulling his hand away from Buffy's vulnerable chest, the Master used his other hand to caress her ankle before slowly running his hand up her tan, trembling leg. As he reached the inside of her firm thigh he began stroking her skin softly, barely a hair's breadth from her warm, pantie covered pussy. Her breathing had become shallow and ragged as he molested her body and he could see a deep blush running throughout her as he continued his assault on her, turning her on whether she wanted his pleasure or not. Her body would be his. With a flash of his claw the Slayer's panties parted revealing her pink, wet, hot pussy, shaved with just a tuft of dark blonde pubic hair outlined around her tan skin.

Groaning out for reasons she couldn't describe, Buffy's entire body shivered as the evil master vampire kissed down her quivering torso. He licked and kissed down lower on her stomach, growling low and quietly in his chest as he moved down between her trembling thighs. She heard him breathe in deep, smelling her wet, vulnerable pussy mound before he gripped her tan legs tightly, his claws threatening to pierce her soft flesh.

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  He winked at her from between her legs before smiling wickedly and extending his long, blood red tongue.

The moment the Master's tongue touched her wet pussy, Buffy's body shook like it had received a electric shock. Her young, firm tits wobbled wildly in her chest as her back arched off the bed and she hissed in unwanted pleasure. His tongue slid softly up one dewy pussy-lip and down the other making her groan in pleasure. Her bound wrists strained the chains holding her and her legs tried to kick out while at the same time she held her legs open wide for him. His pointed tongue slid up her slit and circled around the sheath of her clit until the hard little nub poked out from it's covering. She panted hard, her breathe coming in ragged gasps as her chest heaved and her hips pushed up on their own.

The Master's tongue seemed to crawl around the outside of her labia, trailing around her mound to nuzzle in the hollows of her thighs. She held her legs open wide, her knees nearly touching the side of the ratty mattress as his claws caressed her sensitive skin and he continued to tease her with his tongue. Her groans became louder, echoing through the chamber as the wicked monster delicately teased her burning cunt and drove her wild with desire. The young woman couldn't remember the last time she had felt this turned on, her body on fire with need, her pink nipples sizzling painfully, her pussy practically gushing as the Master had his wicked way with her.

A trickle of shame ran through Buffy's naked, needy body at how much pleasure she was feeling, her desire making her feel traitorous to herself as she rocked her hips up to try and get the Master's knowledgeable tongue to slid inside of her horny hole and give her the pleasure she needed. Her groans turned to whimpers as she looked down the length of her naked body at the top of the villain’s bald head poking up from below her frothing pussy. She needed to cum. Needed to release.


  Needed his tongue inside of her more than she needed the next ten minutes of breathe as far as she was concerned and yet all his tongue would do was tease her and make her want more.

"Please," Buffy whispered pitifully, "Please let me cum. Please. "

The Master laughed menacingly into Buffy's soaked cunt. He stood up slowly, now completely naked, his body pale and mottled white and completely hairless. His cock was long and the color of spoiled milk, the tip dripping with pre-cum. "And why should I do that," he said with a wicked smirk.

"Please, I'll do anything you want," Buffy said in desperation without thought.

"Anything?" the Master chuckled as he walked slowly to the side of the bed, Buffy's eyes locked onto his bobbing cock.

Buffy looked up from the Master's cock to his evil, pitiless eyes and back again. Her body was on fire. She had no idea why she couldn't resist but she was sure if she didn't cum soon she would die. In complete defeat she nodded her head and opened her mouth to the monster's cock as he presented it to her. She looked up at him with tear filled eyes. “Please don’t make me do this,” she pleaded but he just looked down at her with merciless eyes.

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Stretching her pink tongue out, the Vampire Slayer drew the Master’s cock-head into her warm, wet mouth. He held himself still, forcing her to bob her head back and forth, her moist lips stretched tight around his shaft as they moved up and down along his length. She couldn’t reach the base of his shaft with him standing so far away but his was still long enough that the tip of his prick bumped against the back of her throat every time she sucked him into her. She ran her tongue along his length with every noisy suck, swirling it around his tip before drawing him back into her mouth.

As she sucked languidly at his prick, the master ran his razor sharp claws across the sensitive flesh of her firm tits, leaving small pink marks across the pale orbs and causing her to mewl out around him. The young girl’s talented mouth soon had him rocking his hips slightly, fucking her mouth slowly with his cock-head bumping against the back other her tightly clutching throat. With his free hand he lovingly stroked her silky smooth blonde hair as he gave her a toothy smile and licked the tips of his fangs. He slid his hand from her chest upwards and stroked her jaw before he suddenly used his hands to grip her head and hold her tight.

Buffy’s eyes shot wide open as the Master’s cock slammed into her throat making her choke as his balls slapped against her cheek. He began roughly fucking her mouth, his cock sliding down her throat as he held her head still and chuckled wickedly above her. Her lips were stretched tightly around his girth as he used her evilly, his cock plunging in and out of as she strangled around him. He slid his cock as deep as he could into her mouth, over her tongue, and down her throat, holding himself there, strangling her with his prick.

Chuckling as he watched the Slayer choke on his dick, the Master lightly caressed her face with one hand while he held her still with his other hand. Slowly drawing his cock out of the mouth he watched as she gasped for breath, her face pinking up as she filled her lungs as he rubbed his sticky prick on her face until it was covered with her saliva.

Buffy shivered as the Master lifted a leg up, afraid of what he was going to do next.

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  She was slightly relieved when he placed he leg on the other side of her prone body, straddling her chest but then realized what he was planning on doing to her next. His cock was pointing straight at her mouth, his tip throbbing as he lowered himself down and placed his prick against her chest, nestled between her breasts. He reached down and gripped her tender tips, wrapping them around his length and groaning to himself at the feel of her surrounding him. She tried to scream out in disgust but he suddenly lurched forward, his long cock plugging her mouth as he started fucking her tits.

Moving his cock back and forth along the Slayer's chest, the Master threw his head back in pleasure as he used her chest for his own pleasure. Her firm, warm tits felt like silk along his shaft as he thumbed her rosy nipples and plunged his cock in and out of her wet, sucking mouth. He growled from deep in his chest as he fucked her incredibly firm breasts before peering down at her and chuckling, “Your body is a masterpiece, Slayer, and I intend to enjoy every inch of it. And you will enjoy every inch of me. ”

The Master moved down Buffy’s prone body and slid his knees inside of her spread, trembling legs. He lowered himself down between her golden thighs, his pale prick resting at the entrance to her pale, dripping pussy as he made himself comfortable on top of her. He looked down at her with an evil grin and she turned her head from his face and shuddered, tears streaming down her face in fear of what he was about to do to her and shame about how much her body wanted it. He shifted his hips slightly and tortured her even more, sliding just the tip of his cock into her wet cunt and making her mew in unwanted desire.

Chuckling lightly, The Master licked the side of the Slayer’s flush face. “Tell me how much you want me, Slayer. Tell me how much you want to feel me moving inside of you,” he whispered as he continued shifting his hips, barely penetrating her and teasing her lustful body with his cock, “Tell me how much you want me to fuck you, how much you want me to let you cum.

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Buffy’s tan, naked, vulnerable body was wracked with sobs as she cried, her tears soaking into the dirty mattress as she began moving her hips, trying to get the monster’s prick deeper inside of her traitorous, horny body. She tried to fight against the deep seated desire burning through her like a forest fire but it was no use, her young, teenage body belonged to the Master.

“Please fuck me,” Buffy pleaded through choking sobs, “Please let me cum. I need it. Please. . . ”

The Master gave no answer, he just moved his hips a little, slowly parting the Slayer’s hot, wet, velvet pussy as it gripped down on his invading shaft. She writhed impotently below him as he slowly entered her, taking his time, relishing the feel of her slowly welcoming his invading cock and her tears as she enjoyed it despite herself. Every time the bound Slayer moved beneath him he halted his efforts, letting the helpless girl calm down and realize that there was nothing she could do, he was the master of her body, only giving her pleasure as a way to torture her and her welcoming it anyway, needing him.

Struggling against her bonds, Buffy began pleading with the Master, staring up at him with her wide, tear streaked eyes. “Please fuck me, please fuck me, please fuck me. . . ” she moaned again and again, the last of her defiance melting away with shame and unwanted pleasure.

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  She held herself as still as she could knowing that anything she did would just make the Master stop and tease her some more, not matter how much she hated herself for wanting him.

Finally the Master slid the last of his throbbing prick inside of the struggling girl and licked the other side of her face, tasting her tears as his bloated balls rested on her compacted ass-cheeks. “A simple word, Slayer. One simple word. Do you want me to fuck you?Do you want me to let you cum?Will you surrender to me, Slayer?”

Buffy’s chest heaved with one last sob of shame as she gave up, damned to the molten hot desire burning in her body. “Yes. ”

“Victory,” the Master hissed as he slowly pulled his cock out of the Slayer’s cunt a bear inch before sliding back in, fucking her an inch at a time. He took his time as he fucked her deep, her body moving beneath her, her hips rolling up to meet his prick as she groaned in pleasure, her breath tickling his face. With every thrust he pulled back to a bit farther, fucking her just a bit harder, filling her just a bit faster, her pale tits swaying slightly on her chest as he moved inside of her more, her nipples scrapping against his bone white chest.

Without even realizing what it could mean, Buffy wrapped her arms around the Master’s neck as she rolled her hips up, welcoming every inch of his dick into her waiting, willing body. She squeezed her legs around his pale ass, holding him as deeply as she could inside of her, beginning to fuck him back as he violated her willing body. Her breathing became harder, gasping in pleasure, her back arching as her chest heaved with the exertion of holding him as deeply as she could, the time for teasing over as her orgasm began to rise with every thrust. “Oh, oh God,” she moaned in pleasure as the creature’s hard prick parted her, sliding in and out of her, her gushing cunt gripping down on him.

“Yes, Slayer, yes,” the Master grunted as he began pounding into Buffy’s now willing cunt. Their bodies made wet, slapping sounds as they slammed against each other, the Slayer moaning out as she fucked him back with every thing her young body had to give.

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  “Give it to me, Slayer. Give me every thing your body has to give. Give me your all,” he hissed as he grinned wickedly down at the completely willing Slayer.

“Yesss. . . ” Buffy hissed as pleasure began erupting inside of her like a volcano, “Yesss!”She came harder than she had ever thought possible, her jerking movements nearly breaking the bed as she held the Master against her, her arms holding him to her, her legs keeping his buried inside of her as her pussy clamped down. Her juices gushed out and soaked the bed as her white hot cunt rippled around his shaft and she rode out her orgasm with the Master’s cock locked inside of her boiling body.

Suddenly Buffy’s twitching body collapsed into the mattress, the Master still hard inside of her, holding himself above her as she heaved in an effort to regain her breathe. And the cold reality flooded her sweat slick body and her eyes began to water again with the realization that she had just fucked a monster who had killed and eaten hundreds of innocent humans over hundreds of years. And that she had indeed enjoyed every inch of it. “Oh God,” she sobbed as the dam of emotions inside of her chest broke free and she cried out in terror and shame, tears blurring her vision of the creature above her.

The Master peered down at the weeping Slayer and sneered. He pulled his long, cold cock out of her sodden cunt and sat back on his knees, staring at her shivering body as she shuddered in shame. “Roll over,” he ordered her with contempt.



Buffy paid no attention to the fact that the chains binding her to the bed were gone as she rolled over and got on her hands and knees. She new what was coming next and in her despair she believed she deserved the anal violation that was coming as punishment for having cum from the monster fucking her.

Gripping the young girl’s hips to hold her steady, The Master placed the tip of his prick at the small, pink, puckered entrance to her tender ass. “You are now mine,” he chuckled in victory as he slipped his pale pink cock-head into Buffy’s ass.

“Y. . . Yes, Ma. . . Master,” Buffy cried as the centuries old vampire slowly violated her ass. His hard shaft slowly parted her tender ass, her body parting around him as he slid like a worm inside of her. Her firm tits jiggled below her as she continued crying in shame and the pressure she was feeling. The grip The Master hand on her hips felt like cold steel as he continued shoving himself deep inside of her, his cock as cold as his hands. Her hard nipples sizzled with need in the cold air of the dungeon as she unconsciously began pushing herself back against him, opening her warm body to his cool, dead, dick.

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“Yessss. . . ” The Master hissed in triumph as the last of his cock slipped inside of the compliant Slayer, his dangling balls resting against her wet pussy-lips. He held himself still for a moment, Buffy’s smooth, warm ass pressing against his bony, cold hips. “Tell me when to begin,” he ordered with a smirk on his face.

Buffy hung her head low, her blonde hair cascading down to hide her face and her tears as she wailed out in frustration and burning shame. “Fu. . . Fuck me. Fu. . . Fuck me, please,” she whined, rolling her hips back, trying to get The Master’s dick to start moving as her tears spilled off of her flush face and fell to the mattress.

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“If you wish,” The Master chuckled before pulling his cock out barely an inch and holding himself there for a moment, relishing the feel of the helpless Slayer before him. Without warning he thrust himself back in roughly, her golden ass rippling with the force of his thrust. She mewled pitifully out as he began fucking her rough and deep, rocking her warm, young body back and forth. He slid one hand under her chest, squeezing and molesting her chest as his other hand slid between her trembling legs.

The Master slid two of his long, clawed fingers into Buffy’s drooling cunt as he pressed his palm against her clit, throwing her into another orgasm, her ass clamping down on his cock and her cunt clamping down on his invading fingers. His fingertips pinched and twisted her hard, pink nipples bringing whimpers of pleasure to her lips as her body shuddered in pleasure, her pussy gushing out and spilling against his bloated balls.

“No-o-o-,” Buffy stammered as she came down from her orgasm, The Master’s cock still resting in her ass. As her orgasm subsided he began fucking her upthrust rear-end again, rocking her body back and forth, her nipples sizzling and her pussy churning in lust. “No. . . No more, pl. . . please,” she begged as she began rocking back against his thrusts, fucking his cock with her tightly clutching ass.

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Relaxing his thrusts, The Master let Buffy do all the work, fucking herself back against him, desperate to let him fill her. She grunted and moaned in pleasure despite herself, her body succumbing to him totally as she moved against him. He continued teasing her young, flush, teenage body, fingering her wet cunt and molesting her firm, ripe tits and causing her to moan out in unwanted lust and pleasure. He could feel his undead balls drawing up tight beneath him, ready to erupt and claim her totally.

“Mmm, mmm, mmm. . . ” Buffy moaned out again and again, her body betraying her completely as another orgasm began rising up inside of her. “Oh, oh, oh. . . ” she began panting, biting her lip as sexual pleasure boiled up, flowing through her body like lava. She shoved her ass back, filling herself with as much of the villain’s cock as she could as she cooed in pleasure despite herself. Suddenly her body began shaking as her orgasm crashed over her, her fluids gushing out of her cunt as her muscles seized as she came.

As the Slayer began cumming wrapped around his cock, The Master pushed her forward of his cock.

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  He roughly rolled her over on her back and pointed his cock down, fisting himself until he came. His thick, cold, white seed splashed down on her spasming body, covering her from her flush, panting face, over her firm, pale tits and down to her tan, flat, fluttering stomach. “You are mine, Slayer,” he proudly proclaimed.

“Yes, Master,” Buffy cooed up at the monster who had finally tamed her.

“Gah!” Buffy shriek as her head shot up off of her pillow. She looked around her room frantically but as her heartbeat and breathing returned to normal she began to calm down. “Just a dream,” she muttered to herself, the sound of her alarm clock filling her ears. She slapped it off and climbed out of bed and began slumping to the restroom.

With every step the dream she had just had flowed out of Buffy’s mind. Once in the restroom she slipped out of her wet panties and turned on the shower. Adjusting the water temperature before getting in, the running water washed away the bad dream leaving Buffy the Vampire Slayer to get ready for the day.

The End. .