Buffy The Vampire Slayer vs. La Blue Girl Pt. 03


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, La Blue Girl or the characters from them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: Muliple Character Pairings, Tentacles, Noncon-Con, Teen, Incest, First, Futa

Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. La Blue Girl Pt. 03
By Muhabba

Now that the sun had set Angel was able to make better time with his mission. Unfortunately that meant that tonight he was able to find out nothing faster. He had already criss-crossed the town once without seeing a single demon and was currently listening to a police scanner he had swiped from an idling police car. He had checked the local demon hangout at Willy’s Bar but it had been deserted as well and with no better idea, swiped the scanner. Now he leaned against the wall in a dark alley waiting to hear if the police had any leads. Nothing. Well, mostly nothing.

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  He had noticed he had picked up a tale when leaving Willy’s.

For nearly an hour before deciding to duck into the alley Angel had noticed the slender blur flirting around just out of the corner of his eye. So after deciding to borrow the police scanner he had ducked into he alley to wait whoever, or whatever, out and see how long it took them to show themselves. It took 20 minutes.

The blur finally made it’s move with a loud, high pitched, “Hiii Ya!”It streaked at Angel who had already made his move an instant before it thumped against the wall with a loud thud. “Owww. That really hurt,” it mumbled.

Angel turned and looked at his pursuer. The blur had turned out to be a slender, teenage girl with purple hair, tight, black pants and a green top showing off a great deal of cleavage. “Something I can help you with?” he said as he tried not to smirk. “Isn’t it a school night and aren’t you a bit young to be out this late on a school night?”

“I’ll show you a ‘school night’,” the cute girl said as she took up a martial arts stance. “Ready to learn your lesson, fiend?”

Angel chuckled, “Fiend?Listen, kid. Maybe you should head back home and play with your dolls or. . .

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  ”He was suddenly interrupted as the girl’s round house kick caught him by surprise and he staggered back.

“Prepare to be schooled,” the young girl said as she unloaded a barrage of quick, precise hits and kicks and forced Angel deeper into the alley.

“She’s fast,” Angel thought to himself. “But not fast enough. ”Angel’s face shifted from from that of a handsome young man to the visage of a vampire: heavy brow, yellow eyes and long, pointed fangs. “Schools out,” he said as he grabbed the girl’s ankle mid-kick and threw her to the wall.

The girl slumped down onto her back and then quickly flipped herself up to her feet. “Then I guess it’s time to ring the bell,” she said as she flung the lid of a garbage can at her opponent's’s head.

The lid bounced off Angel’s head, staggering him back to the far wall. He tried to catch himself but failed and the back of his head hit the wall hard with his arms outstretched. He shook the cobwebs out of his head and made to go after the girl but as he tried to step away from the wall he couldn’t move his arms. He looked at his arms and saw a large, 3 pointed Sai stuck through his shirt and jacket, pinning him to the wall. Each of his wrists were caught between 2 points of the Sais, preventing him from stepping away and buried deep enough that even his vampiric strength was having trouble breaking him free. “Where’d she get these?” he thought. “She obviously doesn’t have any pockets.

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The girl sauntered over to her prisoner. “School’s over. Class is out,” she said with pride.

Angel’s face returned to his human form since she was obviously not affected by his vampire features. “Listen, there’s obviously been some kind of mistake here. I’m sure if we just talk it over like adults we can work something out. My name is Angel. . . ”

“Make a deal with a vampire?I don’t think so,” the girl said, staring up and down the bound vampire.

“Listen, I don’t know who you think you are. . . ”

“I’m Miko Mido of the Miroku Clan!” the girl interrupted. “And you’re my prisoner.

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  That means you answer my questions, got it?”Miko stuck her finger at the vampire’s face and wagged it menacingly.

A quizzical look crossed Angel’s face. “Miroku Clan?I’ve heard of. . . ”

“Yea!We have a fan club,” Miko said sarcastically. “Now answer my question. Where’s all your demon buddies?”

“’Demon buddies’?I think you have the wrong impression,” Angel said, trying to remember where he had heard of the Miroku Clan.

“Impressions, huh?” Miko said as she paced back in forth in front of her captive. “Well, why don’t you do an impression of someone who can tell me about demon summoning scrolls. ”

Angel felt lost in the conversation. “That doesn’t even make sense. ”

“Wanna play hard-ball, huh?” Miko said, accidentality sounding like a 1940’s gangster. “Let’s see how hard you are against my Oral Interrogation Technique!”

Angel felt even more confused. “’Oral Interrogation Technique’?What does that even.

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  . . ” suddenly the girl dropped to her knees and yanked down his pants and underwear. He looked down at the young girl kneeling in front of him,“The Miroku Clan!You’re a. . . ” he was suddenly shocked into silence as the young girl quickly inhaled his soft dick.

Using a technique honed over generations Miko grasped Angel’s heavy balls in one hand, gripped the base of his cock in her other hand, sucked hard on the head until her cheeks hollowed, and lashed the tip with her tongue. Moaning around the vampire’s prick she began bobbing her head up and down as the cool cock quickly hardened.

Angel moaned in a mix of hopelessness and pleasure. “Sexcraft Ninjas,” he muttered under his breath as his cock began to throb in Miko’s talented hands and mouth.

As Miko sucked Angel’s cock she became slightly embarrassed that she was enjoying herself so much. She preferred that sex be a intimate act, not just a weapon to be used, and this vampire had a great dick. Thick but not to thick, long but not to long, and it felt wonderful in her mouth. She twirled her tongue around the cock-head and her mouth watered at the taste of his pre-cum coating her tongue.

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Angel moaned in unwanted lust, he could already feel his will slipping. “She is so good at this,” he thought to himself as he unconsciously bucked his hip up and down, trying to fuck the girl’s talented mouth.

Miko ran her pink lips up and down Angel’s shaft as she jacked the base and firmly squeezed his cum filled balls. As she heard him groan in pleasure she pulled her mouth off of his throbbing cock and looked up at her prisoner with innocent eyes, “Where are the demons hiding?”

Angel looked down at his young captor, “I don’t. . . (pant) don’t know. ”

Miko ran her tongue up and down the sides of Angel’s hard cock. “Oh, come on now. Where’d all the demons go?”

“(Pant) I don’t. . . (groan) don’t know,” Angel panted. “We’ve been. .

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  . (pant) We’ve been looking for them for days now. ”He was trying to stop himself from telling the young ninja anything but he was so desperate to feel her pink lips wrapped around his cock again.

Miko plunged Angel’s hard dick back into her wet mouth and began sucking on it again as she thought to herself, “Hmmm. . . Maybe he’s telling the truth?Better be sure. ”She released her captives balls and shaft and used her hands to brace herself against his hips before forcing her head down, swallowing his entire cock, deep throating him.

“. . . ” Angel tried his best not to yell out in pleasure as Miko deep throated his cock. He could feel her tight throat rippling around his shaft as she tried to swallow him whole.

Miko nearly sneezed as Angel’s pubic hair tickled her nose and she felt her eyes begin to water. She puller her head back until the vampire’s cock popped out of her mouth and wiped the drool from her chin before going back to tugging on his cock and fondling his balls.

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  “Are you sure you don’t know where the demons are hiding?”

“No, no!” Angel yelled in desperation. “We’ve been looking for them for days now!”

Miko released Angel’s cock and balls and used her hands to pull open her top, revealing her B-cup breasts topped with hard, pink nipples. She wrapped her firm tits around the sides of the vampire’s hard shaft and began sliding her chest up and down, fucking him with her firm tits.

“Ohhh. . . ” Angel moaned in unwanted lust.

Miko looked up at the vampire with a practiced look of lust, “Before the demons all went into hiding a demon summing scroll was smuggled into town. What do you know about it?”

Angel was eagerly rocking his hips back and forth, lost in the feel of Miko’s silky tits rubbing the sides of his aching dick. “Nothing. Nothing. We never heard of any demon summoning scroll. ”

Miko bent her head down, licking the top of Angel’s cock as it slid up and down between her firm tits. “Any new demons make their way into town before all the other demons disappeared?”

Angel grunted, a string of drool escaping from his mouth as he fucked the young ninja’s tits, his will to resist gone. “No.

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  None that we heard of. ”If his hands were free he wouldn’t try to escape, he only wanted to feel Miko’s body fill his hands. He was completely her's.

Miko released the vampire’s cock and started to grab a knife to cut his head off and end his undead life when she suddenly realized what he had been saying. She took his prick back into her warm mouth, lashing it with her wet tongue before returning to her tit fuck and asking, “What do you mean by ‘we’?”

Angel needed to cum, was desperate to release his load but first he knew he had to answer the talented girl. “I work with a group. We hunt and kill evil demons. ”

Miko released her tits in surprise. “What do you mean by ‘evil’ demons?You are a evil demon. ”

Angel was in a panic when Miko released his dick from the firm, pillowy embrace of her tits. “No!(please)I have a soul. (don’t stop)We fight the evil demons. ”

Miko thought it over for a moment. There was certainly no way she could trust the vampire, bespelled or not, the idea of a vampire with a soul was ridiculous. But he certainly knew less than she did and since that made him useless maybe his friends could answer her questions.

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The Sex-Craft Ninja slowly got to her feet, making sure that the vampire’s cock slid down the front of her body as she slowly stood. “And who are these ‘friends’ exactly?”

“Just. . . Just a group of. . . of people. ”Even lost in lust Angel began fighting to protect his friends.

“He’s started fighting me again,” Miko thought in surprise. “His friends must be pretty special to him. ”She gripped her captive vampire’s cock in one of her small hands, toying with it, trying to raise his libido even higher. “So who are they, your friends?Where can I find them?”

Angel stared in lust at Miko’s naked breasts as he began unconsciously rocking his hips back and forth, trying to fuck the soft fist wrapped around his dick. Even as desperate as he had become, as lost to lust as she had made him, he managed to shake his head no.

Miko took a deep breath to steady herself, pushing her breasts against the horny vampire’s chest as she thought, “I have no choice.


  I hate this part. ”She released her breath, resigned to finishing her interrogation. She smiled at the vampire with another practiced look of lust. “Then you leave me no choice,” she said breathlessly as she turned around, pressing her tight ass against the vampire’s rock hard cock and began unfastening her pants.


In the dark cavern beneath Sunnydale Cathix laughed with malicious glee. “Everything precedes to plan. And the Slayers’ other allies?What of them, Modup?”

Modup bowed reverently as he hissed in pleasure, a throb trailing through his dick as he spoke, “Modup sneaky spy. Modup see all of Slayer and Slayer ally. Two of them already distracted. ”


“Mr. Harris?” Anya barked, slapping a ruler held in one of her hands across the palm of the other. “Where is your homework?”

Xander peered up at Anya who was pacing back and forth in front of him. He had rolled out most of his money for this little role-play with Anya and it was certainly paying off. “The dog ate my homework, Ms. Jenkins,” he said meekly.

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Xander and Anya were in the basement of his parents house. The had been cleaning it out so that Xander could move his room down here for more privacy. While they were cleaning they had found a old student’s school desk and chair combo and inspiration had struck. Xander had cleaned up the desk and then he and Anya went shopping for clothes. Pacing in front of him the beautiful ex-demon was wearing brown high-heeled shoes that seemed to stretch her legs up. She wore plain, tan stockings that ran tightly up her legs and stopped at mid-thigh. She wore a small, tweed skirt that they had cut and hemmed so that it barely covered her tight ass. The effect was that there was a good sized area of creamy thigh from the tops of her stalkings to the bottom of her short skirt. She wore a white, transparent blouse that did nothing to hide her fire red push-up bra and was unbuttoned half-way down her chest, exposing her jiggling cleavage. Xander wasn’t a good judge of cup size but he knew that her firm tits were smaller than Buffy’s B-cups and larger than Willow’s A-cups.

Anya slammed her hands down on Xander’s desk, giving him a eye-full of her dangling cleavage. “That’s no excuse, Mr. Harris!”

Xander looked up nervously from Anya’s swaying breasts and up to her stern face. She wore her hair up into a tight bun and was wearing an old pair of square framed glasses. “I’m.

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  . . I’m sorry, ma’am,” he stuttered. “She’s really getting into this,” he thought.

Anya licked her scarlet lips and sneered at Xander, “Not good enough, Mr. Harris!”As she tuned and walked away she could feel his eyes burning holes into her ass. She grabbed what she had seen earlier and spun around. “Detention!” she barked.

“A. . . Anya. . . ?” Xander stammered as Anya walked menacingly towards him with a paddle in her hands.

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“And the other Watcher?” Lord Cathix demanded. “What of the younger one?”

Modup chuckled. As small as he was, even he wasn’t afraid of the other Watcher. “Ha, ha. Yes, Modup Lord. Other Watcher young. Young and silly. ”


Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, young Watcher to Faith the Vampire Slayer, dozed in the librarian’s office of the school’s library. When Giles had called and asked him to help with research Wesley had approached it with all his usual enthusiasm. And as usual fouled it up. This time by accidentally swallowing his nighttime allergy medication rather than his usual multivitamin. And as he slept he dreamed.

“Oh, Wesley,” Cordelia Chase swooned as she collapsed into her hero’s mighty arms. Her gauzy white dress fluttered around her, ripped in several places by the fearsome demon’s attack and exposing pieces of her nude body underneath.

Wesley caught the dark-haired beauty queen with one arm, his other arm still holding the massive sword he had used to kill the giant demon.

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“Fear not, Cordy. I have slain the demon and you are now safe. ”The wind caught Cordelia’s dress and one of the rips exposed one of her large tits and her hard nipple.

Cordelia pressed her chest to Wesley’s leather armor, lightly running her chest up and down the smooth surface. “You saved me, Wesley. I have to repay you,” she gasped as she leaned up, kissing him deeply and moaning in passion into his mouth as her tongue slipped inside. She gripped his sword arm and brought it up to her now fully exposed breast.

Wesley toyed with Cordelia’s hard, dark nipple as their tongues wrestled momentarily before breaking the kiss. “No need, young lady,” he said in his deep voice. “My reward is that evil has been vanquished and that you are safe. ”

Cordelia pulled off the tattered remains of her dress and stood nude in front of her hero. “But I want to thank you, Wesley. I need to thank you,” she moaned as she began bending down on her knees. “Thank you long and hard. ”

Wesley grunted with a smile as he wrapped his hands through Cordelia’s hair and she freed his 9 inch cock.

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  “You are so beautiful, Cordelia,” he moaned. As the teenage girl swallowed his massive cock he began thrusting his hips back and forth, slowly fucking her beautiful face.

“Oh, Wesley, you’re here,” Buffy said with relief in her voice as she walked up behind the Watcher. “I suppose you killed the demon already?” she asked hopefully.

“Of course,” Wesley said, never losing pace with his hips. “And young Cordelia here was just thinking me. Weren’t you, Cordelia. ”

Cordelia beamed up at Wesley with awe, grateful to be sucking his cock for saving her. She nodded her head once and moaned, “Um hmm,” never losing stride.

“That’s Cordelia. Always thanking everyone,” Buffy said, stepping over the vanquished demon.

Wesley eyed the young Slayer; her blond hair was up in pigtails with dark red bands holding them in place, she was braless and wearing a black tank-top 3 sizes too big to expose most of her youthful breasts with her nipples obviously erect, her tight red-leather pants rode low on her hips, barely a inch from her groin and how she managed to run in 6 inch black Stiletto heels he had not idea. “Now, now, Buffy. There’s no reason to be catty. Everybody shows their appreciation in their own ways,” he said sternly, as if speaking to a child.

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Buffy licked her lips as she watched Cordelia suck on Wesley’s massive cock. She looked up at her Watcher again with hunger in her eyes. “Wesley, have I ever thanked you for being the best Watcher I’ve ever had?”

Wesley smiled at the nubile young Slayer. “Now, Buffy. We’ve had this conversation before,” he said as Cordelia released his cock from her mouth and began jacking it and tonguing his heavy balls. “Despite your schoolgirl infatuation with me, we must be completely professional. ”

Buffy quickly ripped off her top, exposing her tan tits. “Prostitution is a profession,” she said as she quickly dropped to her knees. “In fact it’s the oldest profession,” she smirked as she engulfed her mentor’s dick.

Wesley smiled as he enjoyed the 2 teen girls oral attentions, stripping off his clothes and then placing his hands on the backs of their heads to help guide them. “A teacher is always helping his students,” he said as he gave a manly chuckle. After a few minutes of Buffy sucking his cock and Cordelia licking his balls the girls switched with Buffy licking his balls and Cordelia sucking on his cock. At first the girls took turns with one sucking his shaft while the other licked his balls but after a few minutes they eventually started bickering.

Wesley used his strong hands to pull the girls away from his groin. “Now, now, girls.

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  Share and share alike,” he said as the girls continued fighting, their firm young breasts swaying and jiggling on their chests.

“She’s hogging. . . ” Cordelia started.

“I want to taste. . . ” Buffy interrupted.

“Enough,” Wesley ordered. “Obviously there’s enough of me to go around. There’s no need to argue. Buffy?”

“Yes, sir,” Buffy said sheepishly.

“Cordelia?” Wesley asked.

She continued to glare at Buffy but she did quickly nod her head.

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“Now, kiss and make up,” Wesley ordered.

Buffy and Cordelia stared daggers at each other but then slowly embraced as their firms tits pressed into each other, Cordelia’s larger tits seemingly engulfing Buffy’s smaller ones. They reached around each others’ backs, holding each other closely as they leaned in and began to kiss. Their moist lips met and pressed against each others' as both their tongues slid out to caress the other. The young girls began moaning in desire and rubbing their chests together as their hands explored each others’ bodies.

“Sorry I’m late,” Faith said sarcastically. “I was busy doing whatever I want whenever I feel like it. ”

Wesley stared in anger as Faith approached. She was wearing black combat boots over fishnet stockings that ran up underneath her blood-red leather booty shorts. Her midriff was bare as she wore a black corset looking thing he didn’t know the name of and motorcycle gloves the same color as her shorts. Her hair was curled wildly around her beautiful face and her dark eyes stared daggers at the group of horny heroes.

“I would have hurried but I figured you had this,” Faith said cocking her hips and folding her arms under her large tits.

“Of course I 'had it', Faith, but that’s not the point,” Wesley said as he walked around Buffy and Cordelia. As he passed the two girls Buffy pushed Cordelia onto her back and climbed on top of her. “The point is respect, Faith.

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“I hear ya,” Faith said dismissively. “5 by 5. ”

Wesley grabbed the rogue Vampire Slayer and sat down on a chair next to her. “And it’s far past time I teach you some respect. ”He yanked Faith down onto his lap with one hand and pulled her shorts down with his other hand. His hard cock pressed and rubbed against her flat stomach and her tight ass stuck up high in the air.

Being a Slayer Faith’s pale ass was tight and muscular but with just enough plumpness to jiggle when Wesley brought his hand down. Slap!“Ow!” she screamed in sharp pain as her Watcher spanked her with his strong hand. Slap!“Ow!”Slap!“Ow!”Slapslapslap. “Owww. . . ” She cried.

As Faith’s firm ass reddened under his onslaught Wesley began patting and stroking the warm flesh. “Have you had enough, Faith?” he asked, leaving his hand on her reddened ass-cheeks.

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“Y. . . Yes, sir,” Faith said with tears in her eyes.

“Have you learned your lesson?” Wesley asked as he reached underneath her and released her large breasts for her bra/corset/thing and cupped and squeezed them.

“Yes s. . . sir,” Faith sobbed.

“And what do you say to your teacher?” Wesley asked as he pinched and rolled Faith’s hard nipples.

“Thank you, sir,” Faith said as she started to moan.

“Then show me,” Wesley ordered, releasing the young girl’s body.

Faith stood up in front of her teacher and removed her top and shorts, leaving her wearing only her gloves, boots and stockings. She submissively got down on her knees and grasped Wesley’s throbbing cock in her hands. She bent down and lightly kissed the head before looking meekly up at her Watcher.


  “Thank you,” she said before bending down and swallowing his thick dick.

Wesley relaxed in his chair, grabbing two handfuls of Faith’s hair as she obediently blew him. He looked up and saw Buffy, now completely naked and laying on top of Cordelia as they 69’ed each other. He couldn’t decide which one was better to look at, the serene look on Faith’s face as she obediently sucked his cock or Buffy and Cordelia with their tongues and fingers buried in each others’ wet pussies.

So being a Watcher, Wesley just decided to watch both.


“Are there any other allies I should be aware of, Modup?” Lord Cathix asked his tiny minion.

“None of any real power, Modup Lord,” Modup said on his knees with his head bowed low. “Modup help plan. Last night Modup remove all ally on own. ”

“Very good, Modup,” Lord Cathix said, very pleased with his minion. He was enjoying his minion’s initiative.

“Yes, Modup Lord. Remove her last night and she not return,” Modup said with glee.

“And the ally is sufficiently distracted?” Cathix asked.


“Fuck me Nin-nin!Fuck me!” Cordelia cried out as the small ninja pummeled away inside of her tight pussy.

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  Sweat covered her beautiful, naked, panting body and gleamed on her large breasts as they shook with every one of Nin-nin’s rapid thrusts. She had insisted that he leave her tied up, it was kinkier that way.

Nin-nin sat up on his knees and held Cordelia’s tan thighs apart as he worked his cock inside of her wet cunt. His hips were a blur and he moaned in pleasure as her wet slit gripped his hard prick. “So tight, Miss. Cordelia. You’re so tight and sooo wet,” he muttered.

“Make me cum, Nin-nin. Fuck me and make me cum!” Cordelia yelled. She could feel her orgasm building as her well-fucked body writhed in pleasure. For such a small man with such a small prick he had made her cum several times already. She was so glad he knew how to use what little he had so well. She bit her bottom lip and moaned in pleasure as she felt a familiar heat build in her and about ready to crest in her heaving body. Her pussy burned in pleasure and her nipples sizzled as Nin-nin once again made her cum. “I’m cumming Nin-nin!You’re making me cum!”

“Me too, Miss.

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   Cordelia!Me tooo. . . ” Nin-nin shouted as he buried his cock balls deep and then filled Cordelia’s tight, gripping pussy with his thick cum. He stared at the young girl’s shaking body as he rolled her hips up and grinded her hard clit against his groin and arched her back in pleasure as her body trembled with the force of her own orgasm.

As Cordelia’s orgasm washed over her, her hot body trembled as she moaned out in lust. He body relaxed and collapsed back onto the bed as she felt Nin-nin slump forward, his head barely reaching the bottoms of her large, firm tits and his softening cock still buried inside of her twitching pussy. She purred like a content cat and moaned “Good job, Nin-nin. Good, good job. ”

“Thank. . . Thank you Miss. Cordelia?”

“I bet you’re pretty worn out by now, huh?”

“Yes, Miss. Cordelia.

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Cordelia smirked, “I bet you couldn’t get hard right now even if you wanted to, huh?”

“No, Miss. Cordelia. ”

“Ever have anal?”

Nin-nin shot up like a bolt, his cock already hard.


Cathix looked at Modup. The little creature was sneaky, yes, but he had never been this clever before. “And the rest of the allies?” he asked as he raised an inquisitive eyebrow.

“The totem of Sexual Desperation, Modup Lord,” Modup said, sounding more and more pleased with himself.


Just as the sun broke the horizon Modup had flown to the address his summoner had given him. The large building had been mostly deserted and it had been easy for the small demon to sneak inside. He eventually found the room he was looking for and had pulled out the first of the items from his satchel. His fight with the sex ninjas had left him jittery and he was eager to get stared on Lord Cathix’s plan. The purple demon had left the item on a table and quickly left to head to the school.

An hour later Joyce Summers had entered her office and got ready for work. She was dressed for business with a smart, red sleeveless top and a gray skirt. She wore sensible red pumps to match her top and a gray blazer to match her skirt.

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  After putting away her purse she noticed a odd object on her desk. “Who dropped this off?” she wondered as she picked it up. It was a foot tall and maybe four inches around and wrapped up with paper and twine.

Joyce unwrapped the object, tossing the paper and twine away and sat it on her desk. “What are you?" she asked under her breath. “You’re some kind of totem or. . . well, something. ”It appeared to be some kind of coiled serpent but instead of being coiled flat it was coiled up like a spring. She noticed that it was covered with strange markings as she picked it up to get a better look. Starting at the bottom she slowly scrolled up to the top, or rather the tip. “Ewww!” she yelled out in disgust, nearly throwing the totem. It wasn’t a snake, it was a coiled penis. “That’s disgusting,” she muttered as she quickly threw it into her desk drawer.

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  “I don’t know who delivered that but this is definitely the wrong office. ”

The office was so hectic that day that Joyce kept putting off finding who had ordered the stone penis and by the end of the day she was in such a hurry to get to her meeting with Principal Snyder that she forgot all about the grotesque statue. And even now, waiting for the disgusting troll of a principal it was the furthest thing from her mind.

After making her wait for nearly an hour, Principal Snyder opened up his office door. “Ah, Ms. Summers. So nice to see you again,” he said without even the attempt of sincerity.

Joyce stood up from her chair, nearly a head taller than the balding man, “Principal Snyder. ”

“Please come in,” Snyder sneered.

Joyce walked past him and into his office as he closed the door behind her. She sat in front of the desk and waited for him to sit down but didn’t give him a chance to speak first. “What’s this about this time, Principal Snyder?I’m getting fed up with you asking to see me to talk about Buffy every other week. ”

Snyder stared at Joyce with obvious contempt. “And as much as I enjoy endlessly trying to get you to instill some sense of discipline into your daughter, I’m afraid this will most likely be our last meeting. ”

“And why is that?” Joyce asked, starting to feel slightly nervous.

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Snyder reclined in his chair and steepled his fingers. “I’ve noticed that Buffy appears to have a rather. . . close relationship with some of the faculty. ”

“And?” Joyce asked, letting her contempt for the man enter her voice.

“Well, two faculty, really,” Snyder continued, pretending not to notice her attitude.


“Ms. Calender and Mr. Giles to be specific. ”

“And?” Joyce asked, sounding exasperated.

Snyder grinned. “It just seemed odd that a girl with such a history of contempt for authority figures would. . .

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   bond. . . ” he paused a moment and leaned back into his chair, “. . . so easily. ”

Joyce was beginning to get nervous. She knew that Buffy was the Slayer and that Giles trained her as her Watcher and that Ms. Calender was working with Willow to study magic but it was a secret. “Could Snyder have figured out what Buffy is?” she wondered to herself. She certainly didn’t like the way Snyder had said “Bond”.

“And?” Joyce said as she stared daggers at the small man.

“So I took it upon myself to investigate,” Snyder said, barely even paying attention to Joyce’s question.

“We’ve been through this before, Principal Snyder.

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  Mr. Giles and Miss. Calender are helping Buffy with her studies. ”Joyce tried to maintain a calm exterior but her body was starting to betray her. As her nervousness grew her body temperature started to rise and her palms started to sweat. She unconsciously rubbed her toned thighs together as she licked her lips.

Snyder grinned evilly, “Studies. Hmmm. . . I wonder. ”

“Wonder what, Snyder?” Joyce asked. “He can’t expel Buffy. He just can’t,” she thought as she shifted in her seat and a warmth started to flood her body. “We have a home here.

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  A life. ”Her rising nervousness was hiding the fact that her groin was beginning to throb and her nipples were growing rock hard.

“I wonder why her studies occur behind locked doors,” Snyder continued. “I wonder why her studies occur all hours of the day or night. I’ve been investigating, Ms. Summers. I’ve heard the sounds coming from behind those doors. The grunts, the moans, the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh. I know what’s going on behind those doors, Ms. Summers. ”

Joyce was beginning to realize how turned on she was, how very horny she was and a plan started to form in her mind. “And. . . and what sounds are those, Principal Snyder?”Her nipples ached and her wet pussy felt so empty.

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Snyder leered at Joyce. “The sounds of sex. Your daughter has seduced that new age guru computer teacher and that snobby, British librarian. She’s using her ample charm to beguile my teachers into giving her betters grades. And as soon as I’ve expelled your little tart of a daughter I’ll be firing Miss. Calender and deporting Mr. Giles back to the Motherland. ”He leaned back in his chair with his hands behind his head, smiling like a cheshire cat.

A sheen of nervous sweat broke out over Joyce’s body as her suddenly lust addled mind decided what she had to do. With Buffy expelled she’d have to move her family again and without Miss. Calender and Mr. Giles to train her daughter, Butty was as good as dead. “There’s nothing else I can do,” she thought desperately.

Joyce relaxed and stared hungerly at Snyder. “And you’re sure of that?” she asked as she smirked.



“Oh yes, Ms. Summers,” Snyder said as he leaned forward. “They’ll be fired and your daughter will be expelled. ”

“Not about that,” Joyce said as she stood up and removed her blazer, her hard nipples poking against her top. “The sex, Principal Snyder. Are you sure you heard ‘The Sounds Of Sex’?”

“I don’t. . . What do. . . I”m sure. . . ” Snyder stammered, confused at the sudden change of direction in the conversation.

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Joyce sauntered around to Snyder’s side of the desk as she began unbuttoning her blouse. “I believe it’s been quite a while since you’ve heard ‘The Sounds Of Sex’, Principal Snyder. ”

“I’d uh. . . I ummm. . . ” Snyder stammered.

“We should check on that,” Joyce said shrugging off her shirt. Underneath she wore a black half-cup bra that just barely covered her hard nipples. She ran her finger tips across her cleavage as she moaned erotically and licked her lips.

“I’d ah. . .

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   I ummm. . . ” Snyder continued to stammer.

Joyce got down on her knees between Snyder’s legs and smiled up at him devilishly as she quickly unfastened his pants. She reached in and released his hard cock from the frightened principal’s tighty-whities. “Do the ‘Sounds Of Sex’ sound anything like this?”With the skill of a mature woman she quickly inhaled his cock to the base, his pubic hair tickling her nose as his hard shaft slid down her tight throat.


Lord Cathix stared suspiciously at Modup. “It appears your time on this Earth has been well spent, Modup. You appear to have become craftier than ever before. Are there any other allies to the Slayers?”

Modup grinned evilly as he answered, “One, Modup Lord. Blonde Slayer have sister. Modup use the Mirror of Sexual Curiosity on Slayer Sister. ”


Modup had fluttered from tree-top to tree-top when he followed Dawn and Kanako from the school. The two young girls had talked and laughed with each other before leaving the sidewalk and walking up to the front door of a house.

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  “Finally,” Modup had hissed and darted to the backyard. He had landed and peered into the sliding black door just as the front doorbell rang. A young brunette girl ran through the house to answer the door giving the small demon a chance to slip inside.

Modup had heard the girls talking and laughing with each other as he quickly pulled out a small, hand-held mirror from his satchel. The mirror itself was just smaller than a dinner plate and was set into a wooden frame with a handle. The frame had several intricate carvings on it and the purple demon quietly left it on a nearby counter top before giggling to himself, tugging on his ridiculously long cock twice while staring at the young girls. “I wonder what their little pussies taste like?” he had wondered as he slid back outside.

“Dawn!You made it!” the brunette Janice squealed in delight.

“This is Kanako,” Dawn said. “She’s a new transfer student from Japan. ”

The 3 girls talked and visited as the night wore on and four more of their school friends showed up. The teen girls ate dinner and then helped Janice’s mom clean up before heading to Janice’s room for the night.

Once inside Janice’s room Janice locked her door and the girls began getting undressed for bed.

“Did you see that new Chemistry teacher, Mr. Smith?” Janice asked as she unbuttoned her blouse.

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  “He’s sooo hot. ”

“Oh yeah,” one of the other girls answered as she pulled her T-shirt over her head, exposing her pale blue bra. “And did you see how he kept staring at Dawn?”

“Phhpht,” Dawn snorted as she pulled down her tight jeans. “Whatever. ”

“Oh yeah, totally,” another girl chimed in as she pulled off her blouse to reveal her small, braless breasts. “He was totally checking you out, Dawnie. ”

Janice removed the last of her cloths leaving her in only her bra and black thong. “He was totally checking you out, Dawn,” she said from over her shoulder as she bent at the waist.

Dawn removed her shirt and began unhooking her bra. “Oh my God, Janice. Are you wearing a thong?” she asked as she stared at her friends up-thrust ass.

Janice removed her bra, revealing her A-cup tits and brown nipples. “Yeah. What of it?” she asked as she turned around to let everyone see. “How’s my butt look?”

All the girls laughed.

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“What?” Janice asked defiantly. “Does it look big or something?”

By now all the girls were topless and clad only in their panties except for Kanako. “Your butt looks very nice, Miss. Janice,” she said, trying to be helpful.

All the girls laughed harder, their firm breasts jiggling.

“That’s fine, Kanako,” Dawn said as she giggled as her young tits swayed slightly on her chest. “Here Janice, take a look,” she said as she handed her friend a hand-held mirror.

“Thank you, Dawn,” Janice said as she took the mirror from her friend and tried to look at her tight ass. “At least you’re a adult. ”

“Hey. Kanako’s still dressed,” one of the girls squealed in mirth.

Kanako looked around nervously, “I don’t. . . I didn’t bring.

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  . . ”

“Duh,” Dawn said as she slapped her forehead. “You weren’t planning on a sleep over. ”

“What?” one of the nearly nude girls asked as she began slipping into her pajamas.

Janice finished looking at her plump ass and handed the mirror back to Dawn. “She doesn’t have any P. J. ’s,” she said as she walked over to her dresser. “Get your cloths off, Kanako. You can wear some of mine. ”She bent over at the waist again, her ass high in the air, and began rifling through her bottom drawer to find the Japanese schoolgirl some sleep clothes.

Dawn numbly handed the mirror to one of the other girls while she finished taking her clothes off and staring at Janice’s upthrust ass. Janice’s black thong rode low on her hips before disappearing between her plump ass-cheeks. The small bit of black material disappeared completely between her cheeks before peeking out below them, snuggled up to her you pussy.

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  Dawn licked her lips.

The girl Dawn had passed the mirror off to finished checking her hair in the old piece of glass before pursing her lips and giggling. She handed the mirror absentmindedly to another girl and looked over at Dawn. “So Dawn, I’m curious. You gonna make a play for Mr. Smith?”Dawn was standing unashamedly nude and the young girl took a moment to look her friend over. She’d never noticed how well Dawn had been filling out: long legs, high and tight ass, smooth stomach, and firm A-cup tits sitting high on her chest. The girl licked her lips.

Dawn shook the cobwebs out of her head, causing her budding breasts to jiggle slightly as she tore her eyes away from Janice’s tight ass and grabbed her sleep shorts. “No way. He is, like, so old!” she giggled as she pulled her shorts up her long legs.

“Found ‘em,” Janice said as she stood back up.

“Not gonna do much good, Janice. Kanako still has her clothes on,” the girl holding the mirror said as she passed the magical object off to another girl.

The girl leering at Dawn tore her eyes away from her friends ripe body and looked over at Kanako.

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  She grinned devilishly as she shouted, “Strip Search!”

The six American schoolgirls began giggling as they surrounded Kanako and began pulling and tugging at the Japanese girl’s clothes.

“No, no. Please,” Kanako pleaded. “I can do it myself. ”In next to no time the six girls had striped her down to her sports bra and panties.

Janice stood wide eyed for a moment after she had helped to remove Kanako’s clothes. “Wow,” she said as she stared at the other girl’s breasts. “You’re pretty big. ”She reached up and grabbed the exchange student’s larger than the rest’s tits. “Are these a C-dup?” she asked as she squeezed the firm breasts slightly.

Kanako blushed. “I. . . um.

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  . . B, B, B’s,” she stuttered. “Why are all these girls acting so strangely?” she wondered as she was molested by her new friends.

As all the girls took turns feeling Kanako’s breasts they all eventually fell back onto Janice’s bed, all still mostly naked. Dawn wore only her sleep shorts and her naked tits rose and fell on her chest as she leaned against the wall. Janice laid over Dawn’s legs, still wearing only her thong with her plump tits pressed against Dawn’s silky thighs.

Janice looked up at Dawn as Kanako readjusted her bra and panties as she knelt on the floor. She looked at Janice staring at Dawn and Dawn absentmindedly stroking one of her friends thighs. All the girls were flushed, breathing hard and nearly naked and obviously aroused. One of the girls slid off the bed and knelt next to her. “I love how pink your hair looks,” she said breathlessly. “All wild and mussed like that. Here, take look,” and gave Kanako the mirror. Kanako took a moment to look at her reflection and saw her hair was now much messier than when she’d entered Janice’s house.

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“I bet he’s a good kisser,” one of Dawn’s friend said as she giggled and softly stroked Dawn’s stomach.

“Who?” Dawn asked her friend as she turned her head and peered into her heavily lidded eyes.

“Mr. Smith,” Dawn’s friend giggled. “I bet he’s a good kisser. ”

Janice stroked the back of Kanako’s head as she looked up at Dawn and then nestled her head into Dawn’s warm lap. “Dawn wouldn’t know. She’s never kissed a boy before,” she giggled.

Dawn blushed deeply as all her friends gasped out. “It’s no big deal,” she said sheepishly as she shrugged.

Dawn’s friend chewed her bottom lip coyly. “I can. . . I can show you,” she said meekly.



“Great idea!” Janice said as she sat up quickly. “Show her. ”

All the girls began chanting, “Show her, show her, show her,” over and over again.

“Fine. Whatever,” Dawn said, throwing her arms up in defeat. She leaned over to her friend and whispered, “Show me. ”

Dawn’s friend stroked Dawn’s cheek as she bent forward. Dawn’s eyes were closed as she leaned in and pressed her lips to Dawn’s. She pressed forward and held Dawn’s face to her own as she kissed her firmly, moaning lightly. Stroking Dawn’s bare shoulders the broke the kiss and unconsciously licked her lips.

“Booo. . . ” all the girls yelled as she laughed.

“Boo?” Dawn asked, looking around.

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  “Boo what?”

“That’s not how you kiss a boy,” Janice said. “I’ll show you how to kiss a boy. ”

Janice crawled up Dawn’s long legs and sat on her lap, their hot groins pressing together and separated only by their quickly damping panties. She pressed her chest to Dawn’s, their plump tits smashed together. “This is how you kiss a boy,” she whispered as she bent down and pressed her lips to Dawn’s. As their lips met she cradled her friends face in her hands and rubbed her tits against Dawn’s as she poked her tongue through Dawn’s lips. Dawn moaned into her mouth and Janice slid her tongue into Dawn’s welcoming mouth. Both girls moaned in pleasure and began grinding their wet groins together as they began making out in front of the other 5 nearly naked girls.

Kanako felt a warmth start to spread from between her legs as she watched and wondered what Dawn’s and Janice’s lips tasted like.


Across town in a dark ally Angel was still pinned to the wall as the beautiful teenage ninja fucked herself back onto his cock. They were both standing with Miko bent forward, her hands on her knees, thrusting her tight pussy back onto the vampire’s hard cock. Both of their bodies were covered in sweat with Angel naked from the waist down and Miko was completely nude with her firm breasts swinging below her with each thrust. Angel moaned in despair, unable to ignore the erotic sensations coursing through him as Miko fucked him against the dirty wall.

“Tell. .

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  . Tell me every. . . everything about the. . . the demons,” Miko panted. Her thighs were burning with the pressure of holding herself up while bent over but she refused to stop, partially because she nearly had the vampire broken completely and partially because his cock felt so good. Her juices seeped out from her and slid down the insides of her legs to puddle on the ground. “So good,” she thought. “A vampire shouldn’t feel this good. ”His thick cock stretched her tight pussy with every thrust and she had to resist the urge to reach between her legs and strum her aching clit. “Oh, why did he have to be evil?”

Angel grunted as he thrust his hips forward, burying his cock in the ninja’s tight, hot cunt. Lost in a haze of lust he gave no thought to answering Miko’s questions just as long as she eventually let cum.

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  “There are a lot. . . a lot of demons living in. . . in and around Sunnydale,” he groaned and gasped. Her tight pussy felt so good wrapped around his cock, if only he could get his hands free to stroke her hot body.

“W. . . why so many. . . many demons?” Miko asked as she unconsciously squeezed her dangling breasts.

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  Her nipples ached with need but she couldn’t give in. If she came before the vampire he’d come to his senses before she could get the information she needed from him.

“Hell. . . Hellmouth,” Angel gasped as he bucked foreword and back, trying to bury his dick deeper into the purple haired young girl. Her tight cunt gripped him like a vice and she would occasionally stop working herself against him long enough to use her lower muscles to ripple around the length of his cock. He peered down at her heart shaped ass as she threw herself against him. “There’s a. . . a Hellmouth buried under. . . underneath the town.

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  A portal. . . portal for evil. It. . . it draws demons to. . . to it. Please!I need you. Let me go, please. I need to touch. .

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  . touch you. ”

An image of the vampire gripping her hips and thrusting himself deep inside of her body flashed across Miko’s mind, causing her to shudder as she felt her orgasm approach. “Not quite. . . not quiet yet,” she gasped out as she pinched her hard nipples and cooed to herself. “Your friends. Tell me. . . tell me about your friends. ”

“Oh God,” Angel muttered as she watched the sweat roll down Miko’s back. “We fight. .

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  . we fight the demons,” he gasped.

Miko thrust herself back hard, burying Angel’s cock deep inside of her as she squeezed down on his shaft with her talented cunt. She stood up and pressed her back to his cool chest as he nuzzled and kissed across her neck and shoulders. She ran her hands up to her chest and cupped her firm tits. “Have to finish him quick,” she thought to herself. “Before I finish,”She began rolling her hips against her captives naked groin as she desperately tried to thrust himself against her. She peered seductively over her shoulder at his handsome face. “Why you?Why them?What makes you so special?You’ve supposedly have a soul, but what makes them demon hunters?”

Angel strained against the weapons holding him, desperate to feel Miko’s body in his hands. “The Hellmouth, it’s buried. . . buried beneath the school. ”

Miko began rolling her hips harder gripping Angel’s cock more firmly. “And?”

Angel panted and moaned, his arms shook and strained against the sais as he tried not to speak, “They’re.

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  . . they’re at the. . . at the school. ”

Miko began rocking herself harder against the vampire’s captive body. She could feel his thick cock throbbing inside of her and knew he was about to cum. “Who?Who’s at the school?”

Angel’s body shook as he gritted his teeth. A moment ago he needed only to cum. To fill the ninja’s slim, sexy body with his thick cum. But suddenly the seed of a new need began to grow. “A. . .

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   Allies. Friends,” he said through gritted teeth.

Miko rocked her body harder, pulling her hips forward and then slamming back her pussy to envelope the vampire’s hard cock. “That’s not. . . that’s not it. Who. . . who else?” she gasped out as she felt her own orgasm start to rise and a shudder ran through her young body.

“I can’t. . . I can’t.

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  . . ” Angel pleaded. He needed to cum so badly. The need had grown inside of him worse than any blood lust. But the new need was growing into something stronger.

“Tell me,” Miko whispered as she stopped rocking against her vampire captive. She could feel his trapped body shaking and and knew he was about to cum and then tell her what ever she wanted to know.

“She. . . she. . . ” Angel shook harder and began to thrash as the new need slowly filled his body.


  “She. . . she goes. . . goes to the school. ”

Miko used her muscles to squeeze down on Angel’s pulsing cock. “Who?”

“Can’t. . . . won’t. . .

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  ” Angel gasped as the new need filled his body, overriding his simple need to cum. An image of Buffy exploded behind his eyes. Naked beneath him, riding above him, in front of him, naked, beautiful, their first and only night together. Suddenly his hips bucked forward, throwing the ninja to the ground as he came. “Slayer!”

Miko fell to the ground shuddering as her orgasm tore through her, her hot juices gushed from her hot cunt as she rolled onto her back and tried to prepare for the vampire’s attack. She felt his warm cum shower down on her naked body as she listened to him rip his jacket from her sais.

Angel quickly pulled his pants up as he watched Miko prepare for him to attack. He knew that he was to exhausted for a fight and couldn’t last in a match with the ninja. So as the young warrior covered her face to keep his cum from splashing into her eyes he quickly took off down the dark ally. “Gotta find a place to rest,” he thought. “And maybe get some water. ”

Miko leapt to her feet and looked around but it was already to late, the vampire was gone. As the moon beamed down on her nude, cum covered body she muttered to herself, “What’s a ‘Slayer’?”


In the men’s restroom of The Bronze Buffy hungerly sucked on one cock as she jacked off the other two. Dave, the Bartender, and Whoever-he-was had barely protested as she had yanked them all into the bathroom and pulled down their pants. The closest thing to a objection was when Dave had muttered, “Geez, you’re strong,” right before she had swallowed his prick.

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As the horny Vampire Slayer began sucking on Dave’s cock she wrapped her small hands around the other two and pulled them to either side of her head before starting to jack them off. As she bobbed her head back and forth on Dave’s purple head she lashed the underside with her wet tongue and counted to thirty in her head. When she reached twenty nine she swirled the tip with her tongue before releasing it from her mouth and switching to the bartender.

“Oh yeah,” the bartender moaned as the preppy blonde swallowed his cock. He’d been working at the Bronze for years and the only thing that made up for working for the self-centered, preppy teenagers was when he’d occasionally get to slide his dick into one of the self-centered, preppy teenagers. He gripped the hot blonde's head in his hands and began thrusting himself into her eager mouth, face-fucking the young beauty.

Buffy counted to twenty nine, swirled her wet tongue around the tip of the bartender’s cock and let it slide out of her mouth before switching to the cock of Whoever-he-was.

As the young girl licked and slurped his dick the stranger stood frozen. He was just the Road Manager of a small, indie rock band checking the stage out and signing papers for his band when he’d heard the strange moans coming from the girl’s loo. He’d told the kid to grab the bartender so they could check to see if something was wrong and by the time the kid had grabbed the man behind the bar and followed him it had become obvious what was going on in there. He’d been about to tell the other two that they should leave when the beautiful blonde girl had opened the door and yanked them all in and attacked their pants. “Damn, it’s good to be a good Samaritan,” he muttered as the highschool girl enthusiastically sucked his dick.

Buffy counted to twenty nine again before swirling her tongue around Whoever-he-was’s tip and letting the stranger’s dick drop out of her mouth. She peered up at Dave and smirked mischievously, “Still wanna go look for Cordelia?”

“Fuck no,” Dave muttered as Buffy began nuzzling the base of his prick with her cute nose.

“Didn’t think so,” Buffy smirked and began lapping at Dave’s balls.

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  She counted to ten before sucking on of the cum filled balls into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue for ten more seconds before she switched to the other ball. She released the heavy ball from her mouth and chirped, “Thirty second rule,” before switching to the bartender’s ball sack.

The bartender fisted his cock as the hot, horny girl tongued his balls. “Fuck yeah,” he moaned as the slender girl switched from one ball to the other.

Buffy repeated her thirty second rule by letting the bartender’s heavy balls out of her mouth and switching to Whoever-he-was’s balls. “Thirty second rule,” she giggled.

The Road Manager held his cock up and dropped his testicles into the young girl’s warm mouth. He grabbed some of her golden hair and wrapped it around his prick, using her silky strands to jack his prick. He was amazed at the young girl’s enthusiasm as she attacked his balls with her wet tongue.

“Thirty second rule,” Buffy happily said as she released the stranger’s balls. She could swear she could feel the man’s testicles churning in her mouth. Her body was on fire, her nipples ached and her pussy throbbed with need. She needed to fuck, her body felt like it was made to fuck, she needed it, ached for it, throbbed in need. The three men began rubbing their hard dicks across her upturned face, in her hair, down her neck and she purred as she nuzzled against their warm meat. They kept trying to plunge into her mouth and she giggled at them, turning it into a game.

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“Fuck, Buffy,” Dave gasped out in need. “Suck it. Suck my cock. Please. ”

“Buffy?” the bartender said as he managed to rub his prick across the girl’s moist lips. “What kind of name is that?”

“My name, silly,” Buffy giggled as she began licking randomly at the cocks rubbing wildly against her face. She released the cocks in her hands and quickly pulled her shirt off to bare her firm tits and her hard, pink nipples.

All three men began fisting their cocks as they bent down and began groping Buffy’s young breasts, pinching her ripe nipples and continuing to rub their pricks against her face, neck and now exposed chest.

“Cum on them, boys,” Buffy said joyfully, happy to finally get the dick she craved. “Cum on my tits. Cum on my face. Cum all over me. ”

Dave was the first to release, covering Buffy’s smiling face in his thick, white cum. “Oh, God,” he muttered as he forgot all about Cordelia.

The bartender pushed Dave to the side after he’d finished and stepped in front of Buffy.

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  He wrapped her silky smooth breasts around the sides of his cock and began thrusting in-between them, tit fucking the teenage girl. “Fuck yeah, baby,” he grunted as he released his load all over her slender neck and shoulders. He playfully pinched her hard nipples, causing the young girl to coo in pleasure before he stepping away.

The Road Manager kept Buffy’s hair wrapped around his cock as the hot girl lifted her firm tits up to him, offering them for him to cum on. After only a few strokes he erupted, his hot load showering down on her young breasts. He released his hold on the girl’s hair and stepped back. “Oh Buffy,” he grunted in his British accent.

The sound of Who-ever-he-was’s voice brought Buffy back to her senses. “Giles?” she gasped out. He obviously wasn’t but the sound of his voice was a beacon of rational thought in her lust addled mind. She stood up slowly and peered across the bathroom at her reflection. Her face, neck and tits were dripping with thick cum, the white strands of semen sitting starkly against her tan skin. “Well, crap,” she muttered.

Buffy peered at the three men surrounding her, the sight of their naked cocks sent a echo of lust through her. “Um, well.

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  . . thanks?” she said to the small group, unsure of the right things to say.

The bartender chuckled, “Thank you, Miss. Free drinks next time you’re here. You and your friends. ”He tucked his spent cock back into his pants as he left.

Dave stared at Buffy in astonishment as he readjusted his pants. He dumbly tried to talk before giving up and simply closing his mouth and shuffling away.

“Bloody well love America,” the Road Manager said as he exited the bathroom last.

Buffy quickly cleaned the cum off of her toned body before sliding her shirt back on and running out of the bathroom. She slid her phone out of her pocket and was so intent on punching the right number that she didn’t even notice her backpack tossed carelessly in the corner. “Come on, Oz. Pick up,” she muttered as she stepped out of the club and onto the dark sidewalk. After the third ring she hit the “End” button.

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  “Crap. Gig. L. A. ” she muttered before quickly calling for a cab. “Need to get to Giles,” she thought as she gave the cab company her location. She only had to wait for 5 minutes for the cab to show up but it felt like hours as she felt the lust start to build between her legs and creep into her mind.

“Where to, missy?” the cab driver asked as Buffy crawled into the backseat of the dingy cab. She gave the driver Giles’ address and relaxed into the seat. As she sighed in relaxation, her firm tits pressed against the material of her shirt, she went to put her cell phone into her purse and realized she had forgotten it back at The Bronze. “Oh my God. How am I going to pay the cabbie?” she asked herself.


At the “Leather and Chrome” bar Faith was laying on top of one of the pool tables, completely naked except for her boots, as one of the beefy bikers plowed his thick dick deep inside of her pussy and another biker plumbed the depths of her mouth and throat. The biker between her spread legs didn't give a thought to her pleasure but it didn’t matter, if her husky voice hadn’t been plugged by the cock in her mouth she would be screaming in pleasure. She loved how he was just jack-hammering his hard meat deep inside of her, using her sexy body and making her cum again and again.

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  She had lost count of the number of men she’d fucked and sucked and that had taken her over and over again and again after the group of men had stripped her of the tattered remains of her clothes and dumped her on the pool table. Now all she cared about was that she’d was so into getting fucked by the large crowd of horny men that she had lost track of the number of orgasms that she had so far. When the group had thrown her onto the table she laughed sexily as she spread her legs wide and started working her fingers around her sizzling clit as she watched the group of men unbutton her pants and pull out their throbbing cocks. She licked her lips hungerly as they shuffled up to her sexy, willing body.

With a deep grunt the biker between Faith’s spread legs buried himself to the hilt inside of her tight, hot cunt and came, filling her needy pussy with his thick cum. The horny Vampire Slayer cooed around the cock in her throat as she felt the other biker’s seed splash inside of her her sweat slick body. She wrapped her toned legs around the biker’s clenched ass to keep him in place as she used her hands to massage the balls and shaft of the biker’s cock buried in her face. She used her warm tongue to swipe against the big vein underneath his shaft and felt his hips buck as the biker unleashed his load down her throat. She swallowed quickly, loving the warm feeling his thick load gave her as it filled her belly and felt her own orgasm crash through her. Her hot pussy clamped down as her juices splashed against the bikers hips and her body shook and thrashed. Both of the bikers began pawing at her body, squeezing her firm tits and round ass, over her chest and legs.

Faith released the two bikers and they slid wetly out of her gleaming body. She waved away the others as they approached her as she sat up on the edge of the pool table, thick cum dribbling out of her hot pussy and onto the floor. As she started to come down from her orgasmic high she got the vague feeling that something wasn’t right. She looked around her at the large group of men.

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  In the back of her mind she was sure something wasn’t right but she’d be damned if she could figure out what.

“Girl’s thirsty,” one of the men shouted out. “Getter another beer!” he ordered, fearing the hot brunette was sobering up.

“Got to be somewhere,” Faith thought blearily, trying to drag her thoughts up from her sea of alcohol and drugs. “Need to be. . . not here,” she mumbled as she rubbed her head.

“Needin'’ ta be somewhere, little lady?” one of the bikers asked as he handed the naked, confused girl a shot of whiskey and a beer.

Faith downed her drinks and nodded her head dumbly at the man’s question, barely hearing what he said.

“I reckon I got a real good idea on how we can speed things up,” the biker said as he helped the horny, drunken girl slide off of the pool table.

In next to no time Faith the Vampire Slayer found herself fucking 6 men at the same time. One of the men laid down on his back on the pool table with his legs hanging off the edge and pointing his hard cock straight up. On either side of his head were two others and a third off to the side. Between his legs stood a fifth man helping the girl to climb back onto the table.

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  She squatted down over.