Buffy The Vampire Slayer vs. La Blue Girl Pt. 04


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, La Blue Girl or the characters from them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: Muliple Character Pairings, Tentacles, Noncon-Con, Teen, Incest, First, Futa

Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. La Blue Girl Pt. 04
By Muhabba

“No!Really, I can pay,” Buffy pleaded.

“Sorry, MissNo money, no ride,” the cabbie said as he grabbed the young girl’s arm and tried to pull her out of his back seat.

When the cabbie had pulled away from the curb Buffy had given him Giles’ address before she realized she had forgotten her things back in the bathroom of The Bronze. She tried to think about what she could do, surely Giles would covebreatheost but what if he wasn’t there. She meekly told the cabbie that she didn’t have any money but when they reached the apartment she could get the money. The cabbie had immediately pulled over and told her to get out. And when she pleaded with him he got out, opened her door and tried to yank her out.

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“Listen, kid,” the cabbie said, not understanding why he couldn’t pull the young girl out. She didn’t look that strong. “You have no idea how many times I’ve heard that. No money, no ride. Out”

The moment the cabbie’s hands had touched Buffy’s arm a flare of sudden lust had shot through her. Using her Slayer strength she pulled the cabbie down and held his head in place as she plunged her pink, wet tongue deep into his mouth. She used one arm to hold him as she reached down with her free hand to cup and massage his groin. She broke the kiss and shoved him back a couple of steps before yanking her shirt off, baring her young tits. “How ‘bout instead of a ride for money, I give you a ride instead of money?" she cooed.

The cabbie took a quick look around, expecting cops or cameras or something to leap out of the bushes, but when nobody jumped out yelling “Surprise” he looked back at the topless teenager. He licked his lips as the blonde beauty began hurriedly unfastening her pants. “The customer's always right,” he muttered as he hurriedly began undoing his jeans.

Buffy quickly pulled down her tight pants, only taking the time to free one of her toned legs with one hand as she reached up with the other and yanked down the cabbie’s jeans and underwear, freeing his hardening cock. She gripped the base of his prick and began jerking him off as she released his pants and began fondling his heavy balls. He became hard quickly and she gave a small peck to the tip of his dick, tasting his pre-cum before laying flat on her back on the seat and spreading her legs wide.

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The cabbie took a moment to burn the image into his brain: the beautiful young girl flat on her back, tan legs spread, pink pussy glistening, firm tits not even sagging as they rose and fell on her chest with each breath, and the look in her eyes as she stared hungerly at his cock. He lunged into the back of the cab, his head at her chest as he began sucking on her silky tits and hard, pink nipples.

Buffy cooed in lust as the cab driver began devouring her tits and causing her hard nipples to sizzle in desire. She reached between their writhing bodies and gripped his prick, his hips already pumping, and guided his hard cock to the entrance to her burning cunt. The instant his soft cock-head touched her aching hole he drove it straight into her tight, hot pussy. “Fuuuccck!” Buffy gasped as her small cunt was suddenly filled. “Yesss. . . ” she hissed as the horny cab driver began simply jack-hammering away inside of her. She gripped his forearms to brace herself and raised her hips up to meet his quick fire thrusts but it was pointless to try to match his rhythm, there wasn’t any. He simply pummeled away inside of her gripping, wet pussy and she was content to simply lie back and enjoy the ride, every inch of it.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. . .

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  ” Buffy chanted breathlessly, already feeling her orgasm beginning to rise. Her firm tits glistened with the cabbie’s saliva and her legs were spread almost painfully wide as he fucked her. She could feel her juices sliding out of her tight pussy and over her compact ass-cheeks as she laid almost passively on her back to get fucked, to cum. “Yes, fuck me, please. Fuck me and make me cum,” she whimpered into the cabbie’s ear. “I want you to fuck me and fill me up with your hot cum. ”

The young girl’s dirty talk was to much for the cabbie. He suddenly raised his head up, arched his back, shoved his cock as deep into the girl’s tight cunt as he could and came.

“God yes!” Buffy screamed in pleasure as she felt the cabbie shoot his load inside of her. Her own orgasm hit her like a freight train as her muscles froze and her hot pussy clamped down on the cabbies hard cock. She could feel his cum filling her up and she moaned in lust as she rubbed her sizzling clit up against his groin, hoping to draw out her their orgasm as she shuddered in pleasure.

The cabbie grunted in contentment as his cock softened and slid out of the teenage girl’s tight pussy. Every guy had seen pornos about sexy young girls using their bodies to pay for a pizza or a mechanic or a plumber or something, but he never thought it would happen to him. He crawled out from between the girl’s twitching legs and stood up, staring at her well fucked body. He tried to think of something clever to say, “Well, little MissI reckon that’ll get you a couple of miles down the way.

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As Buffy’s orgasm subsided, her mind began to clear. “Thanks,” she said, trying to keep the sarcasm out of her voice. It wasn’t the cabbie’s fault she felt so embarrassed, she had started it and she had to get to Giles’ apartment. She used her panties to clean up the sloppy mess of cum dripping out of her body and covering the back seat. She threw them on the ground outside the cab as the cabbie pulled up his pants and closed the door. The cabbie got behind the wheel and pulled away from the curb as she put on her pants and shirt. “Giles, please be able to fix this,” she mumbled under her breath.

After a few more miles the cabbie’s CB radio chirped on and he answered it. Buffy couldn’t understand what the person on the radio said but the cabbie answered, “Roger,” and hung up his mouth piece. As he started pulling over he looked over his shoulder at her and she knew what he was about to say.

“Sorry, Miss. I got a payin’ customer so this is as far as you go,” the cabbie said.

“I fucked you for a ride to my friends loft,” Buffy said angerly. “We’re barely half way there. ”

“Sorry, sweetie,” the cabbie said, feeling guilty.

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  “But a paying customer is a paying customer and it’s on the other side of town. ”

“You. . . You. . . ” Buffy stammered. “Fine!Whatever,” she said as she got out of the cab, slamming the door hard enough to leave a dent.

As the cab pulled away Buffy threw up her hands and yelled, “Argh!”She looked around and recognized the neighborhood, realizing there was no one she could call for a ride and no way to call. With no other options she began walking to Giles’ apartment.

Every footstep she took caused Buffy to get just a little bit hornier. She felt the way her tight pants stretched across her round ass and pulled snug against her warm groin. She felt the way her braless breasts jiggled beneath her top and her hard nipples rubbed against the material. Even now, less than 10 minutes after fucking the cabbie the young girl felt her lust rise higher and higher. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

  The horny teenage girl spotted some bushes nearby and decided to take a quick break to get some release just as a pair of headlights momentarily blinded her.

“Can I give you a lift, little lady?” a voice behind the lights asked.

Buffy squinted and could see a older, bald man sticking his head out of her driver-side window. “A cock and a car,” she thought devilishly to herself as she once again lost her inhibitions. “Perfect. ”


Outside of the Sunnydale hospital a dark figure wearing a fedora and a overcoat ducked into a side alley. The dark figure took off his hat and jacket and pulled a neatly packed package from one of the overcoat’s many pockets. Unfolding the package revealed it to be a lab coat and he quickly put it on and straightened the collar and the rest of his clothes. He could feel a light fill his mind and suddenly a world of medical knowledge filled him. He was no longer a dark, shady figure who hung out in dark alleyways offering people what they wanted most in the world for a certain price, he was now a Doctor. The Doctor reached into one of the coat’s pockets and pulled out a blank ID badge and placed it on his lapel. The badge flashed momentarily in the dark and then showed his name and credentials on it.

The Doctor walked briskly out of the alley and into the dark, quiet hospital. He could guess where his patient was and by-passed the front desk and made his way up to the isolation wards. Approaching the Nurse’s Station he flashed his ID badge at the nurse, “Evenin’ luv.

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  Which room might I find Miss Cordelia Chase in?”

The nurse was startled for a moment since she hadn’t been expecting a doctor to make their rounds so late at night and because she didn’t recognize this one. “I’m. . . I’m sorry. You startled me, Doctor. . . ?”

“Rayne, luv. Doctor Ethan Rayne,” the warlock said as he showed the nurse his bespelled ID badge. The badge flashed momentarily as it showed the nurse whatever she would expect a visiting doctor to have. “I”m Miss Chase’s Primary Physician. ”

“Of course, Dr. Rayne. Let me get you her chart, she’s right down here,” the nurse said cheerfully.

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  She walked the doctor down to the patient’s room and handed him the medical chart, “If you’ll give me a moment, I’ll call someone to replace me at the Nurse’s Station. Due to the young girl’s. . . behavior, a female will have to be with you inside her room. ”

Ethan looked the nurse up and down. She was attractive enough; mid to late thirties, shapely legs, firm tits large enough for a handful, practical make-up and shoulder length blonde hair pulled back into a loose pony tail. “No need, no need,” he said as he smiled mischievously. “This’ll just take a moment and then we’ll have you back at your desk. ”

“Well, if you’re sure it won’t take long,” the nurse said as they entered the patient’s room.

As the door closed behind them Ethan held out his hand to the nurse, “I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name. ”

“Nurse Ellen Chapel,” the nurse said as she grasped the doctor’s hand. “Ouch!” she exclaimed as she gripped the doctor’s hand and then quickly pulled it back. A sudden wave of dizziness washed over her.

“Sorry, luv,” Ethan said as he removed a small ring from his finger.

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  “Must have been a loose fitting. No harm done,” he said as he sauntered over to his patient.

Nurse Ellen stood back in a daze as a wave of warmth seemed to flow over her.

Ethan stood over Cordelia’s prone, slumbering body. “Ah, my dear Miss Chase. Such a shame to have missed you that last Halloween,” he said as he lovingly brushed her hair from her peaceful face. “I’m sure I could have found you the perfect costume,” he chuckled to himself as he looked over at the now panting nurse. “I’m kind of proud of myself for that little spell. ”

“I don’t. . . don’t understand,” Ellen said as she slowly shuffled over to her patient’s hospital bed.

“Oh, it was such a complex little spell,” Ethan said as he took off his lab coat, immediately losing his medical knowledge. “I opened up a small costume shop and sold outfits to all the kids. Of course, after the spell kicked in everybody became whatever their costume was.

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  I had a few left over which I’ll be using myself. Good times, good times,” he said as he pulled down the flimsy blanket covering Cordelia.

Ellen looked at the naked teen and hungerly licked her lips. Suddenly her nurse’s scrubs felt 3 sizes to small as her eyes locked onto the young patient’s exposed cunt.

Ethan squeezed one of Cordelia’s large tits with one hand as he untucked his shirt with the other.

Cordelia’s eyes fluttered open as she felt fingers toying with her dark nipples. As her eyes slowly focused she saw a strange man standing beside her bed. “Fuck me. Please,” she pleaded.

“Of course, luv. Of course,” Ethan said as he undid his belt and began unfastening his pants and watched Cordelia lick her lips erotically.

“Why. . . why are you.


  . . you doing this?” Ellen asked as she grew hornier and hornier.

Ethan looked back at the nurse as he shoved his pants and underwear, exposing his simi-hard cock. “Just looking up a old friend, my dear. And meeting some new ones,” he said to Ellen as he looked back down at Cordelia. “Look, luv. You’ve got a visitor. ”

Cordelia looked down her naked body to see her nurse standing at the foot of her bed. “Oh, goody,” she said as she spread her long legs, exposing her wet cunt even more. “Fuck me. Please, please fuck me,” she panted as she rolled her hips up and down enticingly.

Ellen looked at the teen girl slowly humping the air and lost control. She was just so horny. She had never been this horny in her entire life.

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  She approached the foot of the bed, her eye’s locked on Cordelia’s glistening pussy. She practically ripped her scrubs off, leaving herself completely naked as she crawled up onto the foot of the small bed. There wasn’t enough room for her to lie down so she remained on her knees as she bent over her patient’s heated groin and left her white ass pointing high in the air.

Ethan watched as the nurse began servicing Cordelia and thought about taking her as well. “’Fraid not,” he thought. “Better hurry this along. ”He began fisting his cock as the older woman ate her young patients tasty cunt.

“Yesss. . . ” Cordelia hissed in pleasure as the nurse’s tongue began lapping at her needy cunt. “Fuckmefuckmefuckme. . . ” she panted as she began humping up against the nurse’s face.

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  She planted her feet on the mattress and raised her hips up to give the nurse easier access to her greedy pussy. She was quickly rewarded as the nurse gripped her firm ass-cheeks and buried her tongue deeper into her over heated body. “Yesss. . . ” she squealed in delight.

Ethan watched the nurse tongue-fuck the teenage girl for a few minutes as he jacked his cock. “Pity. Such a pity,” he mumbled to himself, wishing there was more time to enjoy a 3-way. “I’ll just have to make it up to myself later. ”

Ellen was amazed at how tight and firm Cordelia’s ass felt in her hands. She had no experience going down on another woman but she made up for it in pure enthusiasm. In no time she had her young patient squirming under her as she plunged her tongue as deeply as she could into the teenagers boiling cunt and wiggled it around feverishly, causing her patient to coo in pleasure. Suddenly there was a hand in front of her face and a bright flash of light.

As the nurse slumped unconscious to the floor Ethan wiped the magic powder from his hand as he walked back to the head of Cordelia’s bed.

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  He could hear the girl pleading with him as he began unfastening her leather restraints and the moment her wrists were free she leapt up off the bed, pinning him to the wall and thrusting her tongue into his mouth as she gripped his hard cock in her hand and began jerking him off.

“Fuck me,” Cordelia ordered as she broke the kiss and continued to jack-off the strange man.

Ethan raised his hands up slowly, giving both of Cordelia’s large tits a firm squeeze and tweaking her hard nipples to make her coo. His hands continued up to her shoulders and he began pushing the horny young girl to her knees. “How can you expect dessert if you don’t eat your meat?” he smirked.

Cordelia never released her hold on the stranger’s cock and the instant her knees touched the cold hospital’s tiled floor she plunged the hard cock into her eager mouth. She moaned in pleasure as the warm meat touched her tongue and began bobbing her head back and forth. Even though it was bigger than Nin-nin’s small dick it was still not the biggest she’d ever had and it left her plenty of room to wiggle along the large vein underneath it and swirl around the sensitive tip.

“Oh, God,” Ethan moaned as the young girl worked his dick better than any whore he’d ever had. He gripped Cordelia’s long hair in his fists and began fucking her talented mouth, burying his prick down her throat with his balls slapping against her chin. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he chanted, amazed at the sexy teenager’s talent. “Over. . . over the bed,” he grunted, amazed that the young girl had brought him to the brink of orgasm already.

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“Yes, sir,” Cordelia giggled as he released her hold on the strange prick and stood up. Bending at the waist she looked over her shoulder as the man stepped-up closer behind her.

Ethan placed one hand on Cordelia’s lower back and used his other hand to line his cock up to the wet opening to her pussy. “Fuckfuckfuck. . . ” he chanted as he slid the tip of his prick into her tight hole. “Fuuuuccck!” he bellowed with a quick thrust and buried himself balls deep into her burning cunt as he gripped her hips and then began feverishly humping the high school beauty queen. “Fuck!” he shouted as his cock pulsed and he lost control, cumming deep inside of her. He thrust himself as deep inside the teen girl as he could as he filled her writhing body with his thick cum.

“Yeeesss!” Cordelia squealed in glee as she felt the first splash of the stranger’s cum erupt against her wet walls, triggering her own orgasm. Her cunt clamped down on the man’s shaft and rippled around it, milking the cock dry.

Ethan couldn't remember the last time he had felt a pussy this tight, probably not since high school himself. As he felt the last drop of his cum fill the girl he released her hips and allowed her to fall forward onto the bed while he leaned against the was to catch his breath. He took a moment to burn the sight of the Cordelia’s upturned ass onto his mind before beginning to pull up his pants.

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Cordelia turned around and sat on the bed as she saw the strange man put his pants on. “Oh, Daddy,” she grinned. “I hope you’re not done yet. ”

“’Fraid so for now, luv,” Ethan said as he tucked his shirt into his pants. “Places to go and so on,” he smirked as the young, naked teenager pouted at him. “Not to worry, pet. I just need to stock up on some supplies to replace the ones I gave to a friend of mine and then we’ll both be leaving. I believe you met my friend already. Small fellow, purple?”

Cordelia purred as she remembered the demon’s impossibly long cock.

“Heh,” Ethan chuckled. “Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing him soon enough. You’ll be seeing him, a few fellows our little friend brought with him, some more of their friends and then some people I believe you already know. ”

Cordelia was moaning as she played with her large tits while listening to the older man. “And who are they?”

“I believe you’ve met a fellow named Spike?” Ethan said with a malicious grin as he put back on his enchanted lab coat.


“I just think you should learn to share,” Yaku whispered to Fubuki. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 


“Will you be quiet!” Fubuki whispered back harshly to her friend. “It was a heat of the moment kind of thing. ”She moved slightly to get a better view around the garbage dumpster they were currently crouched behind. Her eyes locked on a bleach blonde man with a ankle length trench coat on as he strolled down the alley heading away from them.

“I’m just saying,” Yaku responded as she leaned over her friend, her large breasts resting on top of Fubuki’s head.

Fubuki tried to shove Yaku’s giant tits of of her head and tried to keep her voice low as she whispered, “Get those off of me and be quiet. He’ll hear us. ”

“Actually he already heard you,” the man said as he turned around. “Vampires are notorious for the hearing, y’know. ”He added with a whisper, “Among other things. ”Speaking loud enough for the two sexy girls to hear he went on, “You two have been bitchin’ with each other for two blocks. ”

The two girls looked at each other for a moment before shrugging the shoulders and stepping out from behind the dumpster.

“Stop right there, fiend,” Yaku ordered, not noticing Fubuki rolling her eyes behind her.

“Name’s Spike, luv,” Spike said smirking. “Not ‘fiend’.

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  And trust me, the view's to good too miss for me to keep moving. ”

“We’ve got some questions for you, vampire,” Fubuki said as she moved up beside Yaku.

“’Fraid I’m not good at tests,” Spike grinned. “And besides, mother always told me never to talk to strangers. ”

Yaku stepped in front of Fubuki, who rolled her eyes at her again, and spread her legs a bit as she placed her fists on her hips in a classic superhero pose. “We are Yaku and Fubuki of the Miroku Clan!And you will answer our questions, vampire!”

Spike laughed out, “Hahaha. . . Miroku Clan?The Japanese Sex-Craft Ninjas?I thought you’d all been killed off. Hahaha. . . ”While pretending to laugh his eyes scanned over the alley and the young ninjas. He had spent some time in Japan before heading over to China to hunt a Slayer during the Boxer Rebellion. He’d heard rumors of the Miroku’s deadly skills so he knew that he’d never be able to fight the two Sex-Craft Ninjas.

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Fubuki stepped in front of Yaku again, trying not to let her embarrassment show. “Obviously you heard wrong. And you will answer our questions one way or the other. ”

“Hmmm. . . ” Spike said as he pretended to think and scratch his jaw. “Don’t suppose this has anything to do with a demon name’a Cathix, does it?” he said as he grinned mischievously.

Yaku tried to step in front of Fubuki but Fubuki stopped her from trying to do her “Bad Cop” routine again. “Tell us everything you know and maybe we’ll let you live, vampire. ”

Spike rubbed his jaw as he pretended to think, “Hmmm. . . Suppose that wasn’t quite good enough. ‘Maybe we’ll let you live,’ ain’t much for a bloke ta go on.

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“What do you want, fiend?” Yaku demanded as she tried to push past her friend.

Spike chuckled, “Heh. The Miroku Clan is known for it’s ‘special’ skills, skills that make a bloke curious. And I’ve heard the two of you arguing for the last 10 minutes about a lack of. . . satisfaction. How ‘bout the three of us help each other out. And afterwards, if everything I’ve heard of the Miroku Clan is true, I’ll tell you everything I know. ”

“I’m not sure about this,” Yaku whispered to her friend.

“What? Fubuki whispered back. “It’s the same as our usual interrogation techniques, except now we can concentrate on more. . . important things.

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  Besides, you said that the Watcher left you less than completely satisfied. ”

“You said it too,” Yaku said defensively.

“I promise I’ll be a good girl and share,” Fubuki said with a sly grin.

“Fine,” Yaku said to Fubuki before looking over to talk with Spike. “But we’re not doing it in some dirty alley. ”

“There’s a warehouse right over there,” Spike said pointing his thumb behind him. “It’ll be empty this time a’night. ”

The two sexy ninjas let the vampire lead they way and just as he said they arrived at the warehouse. Spike forced the door open and Fubuki and Yaku followed him inside.

“Grab those blankets,” Fubuki ordered pointing to a large pile off in the corner.

“Yes, mum,” Spike smirked with a fake salute. He grabbed the blankets and turned around to stop and stare. Yaku had opened her top part way to reveal a great deal of smooth cleavage and began walking towards him. He licked his lips as he looked behind her and saw Fubuki was already completely naked. “Bloody hell,” he muttered.



Yaku’s large tits swayed back and forth with each step, giving quick glimpses of her already hard nipples as she approached Spike. She pressed her large tits against the length of his arm as she reached behind his head to angle it down to her face and plunged her tongue into his gaping mouth.

As Spike let the busty ninja attack the inside of his mouth he looked over at Fubuki as she slowly approached him. She raised her hands to cup her small tits and pinched her hard nipples as she cooed at him. She slid her hands down her lith body, over her flat stomach and then slid one hand between her long legs and moaned. She looked deep into his eyes as she stood in front of him a moment and licked her lips before suddenly falling to her knees.

With practiced ease Fubuki quickly pulled the vampire’s black jeans down to his ankles, his simi-erect cock barely an inch from her face. She stared up at Spike and cocked her eyebrow provocatively at him.

Spike broke his kiss with Yaku as he peered defiantly at Fubuki, daring her to impress him.

Fubuki glared back at the vampire and then slowly grinned up at him. She reached up and gripped Yaku’s Gi and began using her hands to crawl slowly up her voluptuous friend. When she was standing behind Yaku she wrapped her arms around the girl’s large chest to grip her lapels and then with a sudden yank she pulled open the green haired girl’s top, releasing her large tits. She squeezed one firm tit in one of her small hands and used her other hand to grip Yaku’s hair and turned her head to her. She thrust her tongue into Yaku’s mouth as she massaged the meaty breast and began rubbing her hot cunt against Yaku’s thigh. When Yaku began moaning Fubuki looked over at Spike as he smirked at them and then down at his now erect cock.

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  She smiled at her little victory, getting the vampire hard without even touching him and dropped to her knees again.

Yaku gripped Spike’s head and pulled him to her chest and moaned in pleasure as he began feasting on her tits. His tongue danced across the wide expanse of her sensitive flesh and she cooed as he sucked hard on her nipples and she began humping her wet cunt against his muscular thigh.

As Spike nursed at Yaku’s huge tits Fubuki concentrated on his hard prick. She closed her eyes a moment and prepared her mouth and throat. She opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue and then as fast as a snake striking she thrust her face forward, burying her nose in his pubic hair as his thick shaft buried itself in her mouth and throat. She heard him gasp in surprise as his lips snapped shut around his girth and she began trying to swallow around him as he moaned, sending vibrations across his sensitive skin as she lashed the underside of his cock with her warm, wet tongue.

Spike’s knees buckled as he suddenly came and he would have fallen if it wasn’t for Yaku holding him to her chest. Rope after thick, creamy rope of cum shot out of his prick, filling Fubuki’s mouth as she worked to swallow every drop. “Fuuuccck,” he muttered in disbelief at her cock-sucking skill. Absolutely no one had ever made him cum that hard or that quickly before.

Fubuki let Spike’s softening cock slip from her lips and opened her mouth wide, letting the vampire see his sticky cum filling her mouth. She closed her mouth and swallowed his load with a exaggerated motion from her neck before opening her mouth again to prove she had swallowed it all.

Spike tried to get his wits about him but it was difficult with Yaku rubbing her tits across his shirt while nibbling his ear. “Not.

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  . . not bad, l. . . luv,” he muttered. “But. . . but not worth the reputation. ”

Yaku stepped in front of Spike and began sliding his coat off of his shoulders. “We’re not done yet,” she whispered seductively as she threw the jacket to Fubuki and then joined her friend on her knees. She stared up at the villainous fiend and winked mischievously an instant before wrapping her pillowy breasts around his soft cock. She began rolling her tits up and down his prick, undulating the flesh like she was trying to milk his dick with her breasts. She heard him groan in the back of his throat and felt his dick start to harden.

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As a vampire Spike had amazing recuperative powers but even with those he was amazed that the girl could get him hard again this quickly. The feel of the Sex-Ninja’s tits rubbing across his shaft was amazing and as the tip of his cock popped out of the top of Yaku’s amazing cleavage she swirled her wet tongue around it before burying it between her large tits. As the erotic sensations coursed through him the threw his head back in pleasure and muttered, “Fuck me. ”

Yaku released her large tits and smiled up at the vampire. “Well, if your ready. ”She swept Spike’s legs out from underneath him and caused him to fall flat on his pale ass. Fubuki crawled over to them and gripped his shaft at the base, tugging on it as Yaku straddled his thighs. “Tut, tut. That’s mine,” she said lustfully.

Fubuki grinned at her friend as she released Spike’s prick so that Yaku could take a hold of it. “Just keeping it ready for you. ”

Grinning back Yaku steadied Spike’s dick and slowly started lowering herself down on to it. As his cock-head slowly entered her wet pussy she released her hold and braced her hands against the wall behind him. “Mmmm. .

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  . yeah,” she whispered as his cock slowly filled her and stretched the sensitive wall of her hot cunt.

“Oh Bloody ‘ell,” Spike whispered as the Sex-Ninja took all of his cock deep into her hot hole. He gripped her hips as she rested on him and tried to keep himself from coming to soon again.

Yaku slowly began rolling her hips and working the muscles in her vagina, gripping the vampire’s hard cock and rippling up and down the length of his shaft. She leaned forward, letting her large tits dangle in front of his face and cooed as he latched onto one of her hard nipples with his lips. As Spike began sucking and lashing the sensitive nub with his tongue she began rocking up and down and rolling her hips back and forth harder, making sure to rub the vampire’s shaft against her G-spot and his groin against her sizzling clit.

Fubuki reclined against a stack of boxes, her long legs spread wide and one hand working at her wet pussy while her other hand palmed her small, firm tits. She licked her lips hungerly as she watched Yaku take every inch of the vampire’s hard cock. “This is what I get for being a hog earlier,” she thought, even more disappointed at the performance of the young Watcher from earlier. She moaned quietly as she slid two fingers into her hot cunt to rub against her G-spot as she continued watching her friend jealously.

Spike felt himself about to cum already. The large tittied Sex-Ninja’s talented cunt was to much for him. It felt like a hundred tongues were lapping at his cock, a hundred fists pumping his shaft, it was nearly perfect. He gripped both of the ninja’s large tits, the soft flesh squishing out from between his fingers, and then released one, sucking on it as hard as he could and trailing his now free hand down her plump body to her groin and the tiny, little nub of her clit.

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“Eeeck!” Yaku gasped as Spike sucked hard on her nipples and began stimulating her clit. “Yesyesyes. . . ” she began chanting as the vampire’s hand began stroking her groin and she began rolling her hips back and forth harder and faster. Suddenly his fingers found her magic spot and flicked against quickly, causing her to cum. “Yeeesss. . . !” she screamed out as moulten pleasure spilled through her voluptuous body.

“Hell!” Spike gasped, unable to hold back any longer. The sexy ninja’s talented pussy gripped and rippled across his shaft as he came, shooting what felt like the largest load of his undead life deep into the horny, young girl.

“Oh, yeah,” Fubuki moaned as she came as well. She quickly pulled her long fingers out of her pussy and began rubbing her clit as she sprayed cum out onto the cold floor.

Yaku fell forward, her giant tits smashed against Spike’s face. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

  She giggled a little before rolling off of his body and basked in the afterglow.

Fubuki was the first one to her feet. “Well, Spike. You finally believe our reputation now?”

“I’ll be buggered if the stories aren’t true,” Spike said, shuffling to his feet.

“You going to answer our questions now?” Yaku asked as she stared up at the vampire.

“Sure thing, luv. You two earned it,” Spike answered as he began to slowly help Yaku to her feet.

“Tell us what you know about a new demon in town,” Fubuki ordered.

Spike continued helping Yaku to stand while he answered. “Earlier tonight I met a bloke I never met before. He asked me if I wanted to partner up with a new demon named Cathix. I said no. ”

“And?” Fubuki asked.

“’And,’ nothing,” Spike said with a grin.

“So you don’t know anything,” Fubuki said as her hands folded into fists.

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“Nope,” Spike said joyfully. “But thanks for the ride,” and threw Yaku into Fubuki.

Yaku and Fubuki struggled to untangle themselves but by the time they regained their feet Spike and his clothes were gone.

“Dammit!” Fubuki shouted, stomping her feet and causing her small tits to jiggle.


“Wow, this is just a roomie car, huh?’ Buffy said.

“Yep. These town cars are built to have a lotta space,” the old man said to the young girl.

Buffy was on the passenger side seat as she stared hungerly at the older man. He had said that he was headed home after a poker game at a friend’s house; he was a widower with 2 kids, one living in L. A. and one in Utah. He’d seen Buffy on the sidewalk and had offered her a ride because, “It’s just too late at night for such a young girl to be walkin’,” he had said. He was a much, much older man, even older than Giles and he looked almost exactly like a bald Santa Clause. “So this isn’t to far out of your way, mister?” she asked as she stared at the man with puppy dog eyes.

The man patted Buffy’s knee.

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  “Not at all, darlin’. Not at all. And the name’s Nick. ”

“Of course it is,” Buffy thought.

“And as a matter of fact, here we are,” Nick said as he pulled his care over. “Here ya go. ”

Buffy leaned over closer to Nick. “What can I do to thank you, Nick?” she asked innocently.

“No thanks needed,” Nick responded. “Ain’t but 5 minutes outta my way. You just be safe. ”

Buffy slid closer and bit her lip, pretending to think. “Nope, nope. I have to thank you some way. ”

Nick patted the girl’s knee again.

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  “No, no. No need. You just get on home. ”He’d thought the girl had been drinkin’ and judgin’ by the way she was acting he figured he was right.

“Oh, wait!I got it!” Buffy exclaimed as she pulled her shirt off in a flash. She gripped Nick’s hands and used her Slayer strength to keep him from stopping her as she quickly straddled his lap.

Nick was stunned as the youngest, firmest pair of tits he’d seen in close to 50 years jiggled less than 6 inches from his face. He muttered, “I don’t. . . I don’t. . . ” as the tits stopped jiggling and just sort of swayed in front of him. Each tit looked to be a perfect handful, tanned a golden brown and capped with hard, pink nipples.

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  He unconsciously licked his lips.

“Thank you, Nick,” Buffy cooed as she leaned forward, rubbing her firm tits slowly across and around and up and down the man’s face. She released her grip on Nick’s wrists and braced herself on the back of his seat as she slowly began to roll her slim hips around his lap. She could feel his meaty prick beneath his slacks slowly harden but knew that because of his age she’d have to work harder to get him completely hard.

And now the young girl was humpin’ him like a puppy. Nick’s hands slowly raised to the girl’s silky, warm shoulders and then he slowly slid them down her luminous skin. “Oh gawd,” he groaned as a plump little pink nipple slid across his lip.

Buffy giggled as Nick’s scratchy beard scrapped across her sensitive breasts and she toyed with him a little, letting her nipples slide across his mouth but not close enough for him to latch on to. She could feel his rough fingers slowly trail down her body and shivered in pleasure at his touch.

It had literally been decades since Nick had been with a girl this young, this fresh, with a firm body and ripe tits. He felt the first throb of pleasure in his cock that he hadn’t felt in years and an ember of lust began to flare up in his chest. He began rubbing his face in the young girl’s cleavage and began licking and kissing at her warm skin. He felt the teenage beauty’s pulse beating in her chest and firmly gripped her hips and raised is hips up to meet hers as he felt his cock begin to stir.

“Oh yes,” Buffy groaned as she felt Nick finally begin to respond to her. She could feel his dick slowly harden beneath her as she slid one of her firm tits in front of his mouth and groaned in pleasure as he latched on and began to suck.



Nick sucked in the plump nipple between his lips and slowly worked it with his tongue before lovingly switching to the other tit. He held the girl’s hips still as he thrust his own hips up, dry humping the topless teen. He slowly became more forceful as his cock finally fully hardened and throbbed to life for the first time in years.

Buffy groaned in pleasure as Nick nursed at her tits and roughly humped up against her. “Oh yes,” she panted as his hands slid down and over her tight ass and forced himself up against her harder. “Yesss. . . ” she hissed in pleasure as he began to kneaded her ass more forcefully.

Nick released his hold on the young girl’s chest and barked, “Bend over!”He threw the girl off his lap onto the front seat and began to hurriedly unfasten his jeans.

“Oh, grandpa,” Buffy cooed as she knelt down in the front seat, her face pressed against the glass of the passenger side door as she began unfastening her tight slacks.

Nick pushed his jeans down to his thighs and leaned over towards the girl as he watched her try to shimmy her pants down her round ass but he couldn't wait any longer. He gripped the top of her pants and pulled hard, ripping the thin material and baring her lush ass. He burned the sight of her ass into his brain, knowing that he had never seen a ass that looked this good and he’d probably never see a ass like it again as he licked his lips in hunger. He gripped her hips and pushed her roughly forward, the side of her face pressed against the glass of the door and bent towards her round behind.

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  He kissed each golden cheek, causing the girl to moan in excitement, before plunging his tongue between her cheeks and into her tight asshole.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Buffy gasped out as Nick’s tongue burrowed between her ass-cheeks. His tongue became as forceful as he had become and licked roughly against her sensitive skin, going quick and hard between her puckered asshole and wet pussy. “Fuckmefuckmefuckme. . . ” she pleaded.

Nick’s tongue couldn’t move fast enough, it wanted the girl whole, her tits, her ass, her cunt, all at the same time. He licked and nibbled at her lust swollen labia and the switched back to her asshole and across her cheeks before starting all over again. The tip of his hard cock rubbed against the leather seat and he shuddered as he almost came.

“I’m gonna fuck that sweet, little ass, darlin’,” Nick said as he raised up behind the girl. "I’m gonna fuck it good. ”

“Fuck it, Grandpa,” Buffy moaned. “Fuck it good. ”

“Gonna fuck it like it ain’t never been fucked before, you little slut,” Nick growled.

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  A small voice in the back of his head registered that he hadn’t uttered a curse word since he had gotten married, his wife hadn’t approved, but fuck it. When was the next time he’d get the chance to fuck a girl this young and ripe again.

Nick lined his throbbing prick up to the entrance to the girl’s wet, willing cunt and then gripped her slender hips. “Here it comes you young, little whore,” he panted and then thrust his cock balls deep into the girl’s tight, wet pussy. He heard the young girl scream but he didn’t care, he hadn’t felt a cunt this tight in decades. He released his hold on her hips and reached underneath her to grip her firm, jiggling tits as he thrust himself in and out of her tight body.

Buffy continued screaming in boiling pleasure. The instant Nick had shoved his meaty dick into her she had cum and she continued to come with each thrust, as far as she was concerned his cock was magic. He did something with his hips on each thrust that made it feel like his cock-head was rubbing behind her clit and hit her G-spot with every stroke. She finally stopped screaming and just began moaning in bliss, not realizing she was drooling onto the seat.

“Take it you tiny slut,” Nick panted into the girl’s ear. “Take my cock up your tight cunt. ”He licked and nibbled on her ear lobe as he squeezed her soft tits and pinched and rolled her nipples between his finger tips. “Gonna cum for me, ya slut?You gonna cum all over my dick?”

“Fuck yes!” Buffy screamed as her endless stream of orgasm’s crested, washing over her, through her, igniting her nerves in burning pleasure. Her tight cunt gripped down on Nick’s cock as her juices gushed around it, ruining the leather seat.

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“Shiiit!” Nick bellowed as he pulled his spasming cock out of the orgasming teen girl and showered her golden ass with his thick, hot cum. Decades worth of pent up semen pumped out of his cock as he began fisting his prick, covering the girl’s tight, round ass. As his orgasm subsided he looked down at his cum decorating the teen girl’s ass and smiled in pride. “Don’t think I’ve cum like that since I was a boy,” he thought as he sat down to catch his breath.

“Oooh, wow,” Buffy grinned as she collapsed into the seat. She had never cum like that before, not with Angel and not by herself, it was more intense than anything she had ever even heard of before. She giggled dumbly as she started to sit up, “Just. . . just. . . wow, Nick. That was. .

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  . wow. ”

Nick chuckled, “I”m glad you enjoyed it. Sorry if I was a bit rough, it’s been awhile. ”

“No, no. It was. . . It was great,” Buffy stammered. Her mind had cleared after her orgasm subsided but unlike the other times she didn’t feel embarrassed. She was actually glad to have fucked the old man. “I wish I could stay. . . ” she let her voice trail off.

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“Don’t think nothing of it, little lady,” Nick said, patting the girl’s firm, naked thigh. “You just get on home and. . . well. . . thanks. It’s been awhile since. . . ” his voice trialed off.

Buffy pulled her pants up over her sticky ass and thighs before leaning over to Nick. “Nick, you were wonderful. Thank you,” she said before kissing the older man deeply. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 


Nick returned the kiss and squeezed one of the girl’s ripe tits before breaking the kiss. “You make a old man feel young. ”

“And you make a young lady feel. . . wow,” Buffy stammered as she got out of the car topless. “I’ve got no words. Thank you, Nick,” she said as she closed the door and waved at the old man through his window.

Nick waved back as he pulled up his pants before driving off into the night. He was two blocks away before he realized he had never gotten the girl’s name.

Buffy still had a goofy grin on her face as she quickly pulled her shirt on and turned around, ready to walk to Giles’ loft. If only a cop wasn’t standing between her and the apartment complex.


Willow hissed into Tara’s mouth as the blonde girl slid a second finger into her wet pussy. The two fingers quickly found her G-spot and she shuddered in pleasure as they rubbed the small patch of nerves up and down. She felt her orgasm building and slid her hands under Tara’s shoulders and pushed her up a little bit.

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  “Hold. . . hold on a second,” she panted.

Tara looked into Willow’s eyes, afraid that she had done something wrong. “D. . . did I do. . . do something?Is. . . is some.

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  . . something wrong?”

Willow smiled. “Yes. You’re still wearing your clothes. ”

A look of relief washed over Tara’s face as she smiled and sat up. She began unbuttoning her shirt and the naked Willow held her hands up to stop her.

“You undressed me and I think it’s only fair that I undress you,” Willow said. Tara nodded her head and rolled off of Willow and laid down on the bed. Willow leaned to kiss Tara as she began unbuttoning the blonde girl’s shirt. With the last button undone she opened the blouse completely to bare Tara’s bra encased breasts. Tara wore a plain white bra to hold her firm C-cup mounds and Willow bent down and began kissing the pale cleavage. She moved her arms underneath Tara and unhooked her bra and then she stripped her of both bra and shirt.

Willow took a moment to just stare at Tara’s large breasts. They wobbled like Jello with each movement she made and she smiled as she licked her lips.

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  She bent down and began repeating to Tara’s breasts everything that Tara had done to her. In no time she had the more voluptuous witch panting and moaning, causing her pale orbs to wobble more and her darker nipples to harden. When Tara’s tits gleamed with saliva Willow began kissing and nibbling her way down her chest and then to her stomach and then to the waistband of her skirt. She slowly pulled down Tara’s skirt and panties as Tara lifted her hips to help.

“You don’t. . . don’t have to do any. . . anything you don’t want to,” Tara panted.

Willow looked down at the naked girl with her large breasts, plump tummy, wide hips and wet pussy as she licked her lips. “I want to do everything,” she whispered breathlessly. She laid down on top of Tara, chest to chest, hip to hip, groin to groin and began kissing her again. Tara kissed back passionately and they began rolling around slowly on the bed, their hands and tongues exploring each others’ bodies.

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Tara found herself on top of Willow and could feel the redhead’s hard nipples pressed into her tits. She slid her arm between their bodies and rested her fingers at the entrance to Willow’s wet entrance. She kissed Willow again before asking, “Are you ready?”

“Hold on a second,” Willow said as she move her arm between their bodies as well and rested her fingers at the entrance to Tara’s wet pussy. “Together, o. k. ?” she asked.

Tara smiled and Willow smiled back at her as she slowly penetrated the beautiful redhead and was penetrated in return.

Willow cooed as Tara’s talented fingers slowly slid deep inside of her. She had never been with a girl before and seldom masturbated but to make-up for her lack of experience she simply mirrored everything Tara was doing to her. Every time Tara’s fingers slid pleasurably in and out of her she slid her fingers in and out of Tara. Every time Tara’s thumb slid over her sizzling clit she slid her thumb across Tara’s little clit. Every time that Tara thrust her hips forward to rub against her arm she thrust her hips up to meet Tara’s arm. It was perfect synchronicity and as the new, erotic stimulations bubbled through her body and she soon felt her orgasm rising.

“Tara, I’m going. .


  . going to. . . ” Willow panted.

“Me too, Willow. Me too,” Tara panted back.

Both girls’ fingers went faster and faster, to excited to drag out the moment of pleasure any longer. Their wet groins twitched and their bodies shuddered as they both came at the same time, screaming out in pleasure. They ground their bodies together as they continued laying chest to chest, Tara’s larger and softer tits enveloping Willow’s smaller ones as they began kissing deep. Their tongues and moans explored each others’ mouths as explosions of bliss cascaded behind their eyes.

As their orgasms began to subside and they relaxed Tara rolled off of Willow and Willow nuzzled up next to her, the redhead’s head laying of Tara’s plump chest. Tara stroked Willow’s hair as Willow stroked Tara’s stomach.

“That was. .

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  . I mean. . . That was. . . Great!” Willow stammered. “Was it good for. . . I mean, did I. . . ”

“You were wonderful, Willow,” Tara said before kissing the top of Willow’s head.

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Willow nuzzled into Tara’s soft breast. “I mean. . . I. . . I’ve never felt. . . I mean, so quickly. . . ” Willow stammered.

“I know what you mean,” Tara said.

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  “I’ve never felt so sure about anything before. But you. . . ”

“Yeah,” Willow said. “Not even me and Oz. . . Oh no,” she said as she suddenly sat up, her small breasts jiggling slightly. “Oz!”

“Who’s Oz?” Tara asked, sitting up slowly and and causing her larger breasts to wobble slightly before being pulled slightly by gravity to her sides.

“My boyfriend,” Willow whispered.

“You. . . you have a.

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  . . a boy. . . boyfriend?” Tara stammered.

“Yes,” Willow answered in a neutral tone. “And I’d never betray him like this. I mean, I’d never. . . ”She turned around and stared deep into Tara’s eyes. “I love him. But, I love you, too. ”

“You really love me?” Tara asked hopefully.

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Willow bent down and kissed the blonde witch, cradling one of her large breasts in her hand. Willow broke the kiss and sat up straighter, trying to think. “We shouldn’t. . . Not this quickly. Not even me and Oz were this quick. Or me and Xander. ”

“Who’s Xander?” Tara asked as fear of what was, and what had, happened to her and Willow crept up her spine.

“A friend but that’s not the point,” Willow said, reaching for her phone. “Have you ever felt like this so quickly with anyone?Ever?”

“N. . . no,” Tara answered.

“I really do love you,” Willow said as she flipped open her phone and began dialing. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 


“Me too,” Tara said quietly. “It feels like a fairy tale. ”

“Or a spell book,” Willow replied as she listened to the phone at the other end of the line begin to ring. With a click a voice sounded on the other end of the phone. “Oz?” she blurted out.

“Nah, this is Lee,” the voice said. “Oz is on stage. Can I take a message?”

“Just. . . just tell him that this is Willow,” she said worriedly. “Tell him to call me when he gets a chance. ”

“Willow?” the voice asked. “Oh yeah, the girlfriend. Not a problem.

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“Thanks,” Willow said before the hung up the phone and started dialing again. “Come on, Giles. Answer,” she whispered. After 10 rings she hung up the phone and sat silently on the bed.

“There. . . there’s something wrong with us, isn’t there?” Tara asked as she traced the curve of Willow’s back with her fingertips.

Willow slowly nodded her head. “I think so,” she muttered off-handedly. She suddenly got up off the bed and started gathering both her’s and Tara’s clothes. “Come on, Oz left me his van. I have a friend who might be able to help us figure this out. ”

“Is. .

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  . is that who. . . Who you tried calling after O. . . Oz?” Tara asked as she started getting dressed.

“Giles, yeah. He didn’t answer but we’ll swing by his place just to be sure,” Willow explained as she looked for her bra. “If he’s not there we’ll swing by the school. ”

Tara found Willow’s bra and began helping her get dressed. She was so scared and confused, confused about her feelings towards Willow feeling so right and scared because it also felt like Willow was right. She knew deep inside her soul that if she lost Willow it would break her heart and she’d never be able to put the pieces back together again.


The instant Joyce walked through the front door of her house she locked the it and collapsed on the couch.

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  “What is wrong with me?” she thought as she fought to keep from crying. “How could I fuck that. . . that little. . . Troll!” she yelled out. She took a deep breath to steady her nerves and got up and walked into the kitchen. “Buffy should be home soon to eat before her patrol,” she thought. “She’ll be hungry so what should I make her?"She reached for a pot hanging above the stove but her hands were shaking to much and she nearly pulled down the rack of hanging pots and pans. “Dammit, dammit, dammit,” she muttered as she clenched her fists and tried to control her trembling. “O. k. , pizza it is,” she said to herself and walked to the phone.

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With her hands still shaking it took Joyce 2 attempts to dial the right number. She ordered Buffy’s favorites, not having to worry about Dawn tonight, and then she sat back down on the couch. She wasn’t a big fan of pizza and even though she was practically starving she didn’t trust her hands to even make herself a sandwich without injury. So with no better ideas she just had to sit on the couch and wait, alone with her thoughts.

Every minute, every second Joyce waited she got hungrier and hungrier. She thought about turning on the radio or the television but she just couldn’t muster the will, all she could do was sit and think about fucking Snyder to save Buffy. The more she thought about the sniveling little man the more disgusted with herself she got and the longer she thought about how disgusted with herself she got, strangely the hungrier she got.

Finally feeling steady enough to handle a knife Joyce got up and started to walk to the kitchen when the doorbell ran, startling her and causing her to jump and sending her breasts to jiggle slightly. “Finally,” she thought. “I was starting to get desperate. ”She opened the door and was relieved to see the pizza deliverly boy. He couldn’t have been much older than Buffy, maybe a grade higher, he had a few pimples on his face and his name tag read Hank.

“Delivery for Summers,” Hank said holding out the steaming cardboard boxes.

“Oh thank goodness,” Joyce said as she grabbed the boxes and set them down on a small table next to the door. “You don’t know what this means to me.



“That’ll be $22. 64,” Hand said cheerfully.

Joyce held the door open for Hank as she stared hungerly at the front of his pants. “Come in and I’ll get my wallet,” she said as her pussy throbbed to life and a wet heat slid through her body. She closed the door behind the boy and grabbed her purse, pretending to look inside. “Oh, poo,” she said as she overly-dramatically sighed.

“Ma’am?” Hank asked, afraid that the attractive older woman didn’t have the money to pay.

“I’m afraid I’ve forgotten all my money at work,” Joyce said in mock worry. “How ever will I pay for my pizza,” she asked with a mischievous smile.

“Ummmm, ma’am?” Hank asked as he started to get nervous. The older woman sauntered over to him and traced her finger tips across her chest.

Joyce leaned in close to Hank, pushing her tits against his chest as she whispered into his ear, “I’ve got a idea on how to pay. ”Suddenly she dropped to her knees and quickly unfastened the boy’s pants, tugging down his underwear, freeing his young cock. The Delivery Boy’s cock was soft with his nervousness but she knew she could fix that as she smacked her lips.

Gripping Hank’s ball sack with one skilled hand Joyce gripped the base of his prick with the other and began jacking it firmly.

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  She bent forward and plopped his purple cock head into her warm mouth and began swirling her wet tongue around it. She sucked hard and began bobbing her head back and forth, easily taking his short length all the way in. She pressed her face against his groin and began making swallowing motions with her throat as she lashed the underside of his cock with her tongue. The boy’s delicious dick soon became hard in her throat, lengthening and thickening as she suppressed her gag reflex.

When Joyce began having trouble breathing as the hard prick blocked off her air she released Hank’s dick from her mouth and returned to bobbing her head back and forth as she jerked the shaft and played with his cum-filled balls.

Hank couldn’t believe what was happening to him. He’d seen porno movies where something like this had happened but he couldn’t believe that it was actually happening to him. In real life!Her mouth was so warm and wet, and whenever she sucked him in if felt like pure heaven, not to mention what she was doing with her hands. He looked down at the beautiful older woman’s face as she sucked him, enjoying the sight of his prick disappearing into her mouth when she suddenly looked up at him and winked. It was the last straw for him as she smiled around his cock and he came, pushing is hips forward, burying his cock into her throat with his balls on her chin and filling her sucking mouth with his thick load.

What felt like a gallon of adolescent cum filled Joyce’s mouth and throat and she swallowed every delicious bit. She worked his balls with her hand, squeezing the cum out of him and then his shaft, moving the sperm out and into her mouth as she gulped down everything. When the boy was soft she pulled his spent prick out and licked it clean before releasing it and pulling his pants back up. She stood up and ruffled his hair affectionately and then went back to her purse, pretending to look inside. “Oh silly me.

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  There’s my money clip. ”

Joyce turned around and bent at the waist, shoving her shapely ass into the Hank’s groin before grabbing her money clip out of her purse and standing back up. She plucked out a 20 and 10 dollar bill and slowly slipped it into the front of the delivery boy’s pants. “Here you go, honey,” she said breathlessly. “Keep the change. ”She opened the door and let the kid stumble outside just as her wits returned to her. Her jaw fell open in shock. “What did I just do?” muttered, “What’s happening to me?”


Two blocks from the Leather & Chrome Bar, Doctor Ethan Rayne pulled over his crappy hatchback underneath a broken streetlight. Taking a quick peek around to make sure he was alone he stripped off his name tag and lab coat and threw them into his messy back seat, the moment the jacket was off his medical knowledge slid from his mind. He pulled a package from underneath his seat and opened it up to reveal a set of worn, leather clothes. He put on a leather do-rag and a leather vest followed by motorcycle boots, leather chaps and fingerless gloves. With a flash of light through his brain he became “The Brit,” Hell’s Angel. He smirked at the “Hell’s Angel” irony before starting his car and driving to the back of the bar.

Ethan spotted what he was looking for and turned off his engine. The bar had closed an hour ago and by now all the staff should have cleaned up, locked up and left for the night.

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  He got out of his car and sauntered up to what looked like a pile of rags laying on the ground. Using his steel toed boot he poked at the rags to reveal the slumbering face of Faith the Vampire Slayer. He chuckled to himself as he walked back to his car and then returned with some supples and a bucket.

Getting on his knees next to the sexy, unconscious Slayer Ethan could tell that the rags were actually the tattered remains of Faith’s clothes. Apparently when the group of men were done with her they’ed half-assed dressed their fuck toy and thrown her out the back. Filling the bucket with soap and water from a near-by tap he stripped the Slayer naked in the moon light.

There was no way he was going to touch Faith with her covered in cum so first Ethan removed her clothes and rinsed out her long, dark hair followed by rinsing off her face, removing the sticky strands of dried cum as well as her makeup. He lightly ran his thumb across her pink lips and she automatically licked the tip, causing his cock to lurch. Next he wiped down her shoulders and arms, down to her hands before starting at her chest. He was amazed at how firm her tits were and noticed they seemed a little red from having been mauled and fucked repeatedly. He washed around the tender flesh of her tits and she shuddered as the wash cloth caressed her now hard nipples. He couldn’t resist any longer and bent down to give each of the ripe nubs a little suck before continuing his cleaning. He washed her feet and made his way up her toned legs to the now warm, wet juncture of her slightly parted thighs.

Ethan couldn’t wait anymore and suddenly tugged his pants down, unleashing his throbbing cock as he fingered Faith’s tight little cunt. “Thank God for a Slayer’s recuperative powers,” he muttered as her pussy squeezed down on his finger and the slumbering Slayer moaned in unconscious desire.

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  He slowly pulled his finger out of the prone girl’s tight cunt, enjoying the heat from her body as he worked his finger free. He licked her warm, tart juices from his finger before returning his finger and placing the tip of his prick on top of the unconscious girl’s pursed lips where she immediately started to lightly suck on his cock-head while slightly rubbing it with her tongue. “Fuck yes,” he muttered as he finger-fucked her harder and she started to unconsciously raise her hips up to meet his finger’s thrusts.

Unconcerned with Faith’s pleasure Ethan pulled his finger out of her now drooling cunt, licking her juices from his fingers again and began playing with her tits, pinching and rolling her hard nipples with his thick fingers. As the girl groaned he crawled on top of her pale body and used his hips to part her thighs. He gripped the base of his throbbing prick and placed the spongy tip at the vulnerable entrance to her tight cunt.

Slowly, inch after inch, Ethan slid his cock into the hot cunt of Faith the Vampire Slayer. The unconscious Slayer groaned as he slowly filled her and she unknowingly lifted her hips up to better meet his cock. As the Slayer cooed in pleasure he hungerly licked the side of her face and grinned menacingly as her cunt slowly parted around his shaft and he finally bottomed out inside of her. He shifted his cock around inside of her burning snatch and his balls rested on her muscular ass-cheeks. He began to slowly pull his hard shaft out and back, causing the Vampire Slayer to groan in pleasure as he slowly began fucking deep into her prone body. He bent down further and began licking at her firm tits, nursing at her hard nipples, lashing the hard nubs with his tongue.

Slowly, in and out, Ethan fucked the vulnerable Vampire Slayer as he licked and sucked the nipples of her large, swaying tits. Her wet cunt was easily the tightest pussy he had ever had and he felt like he could feel every bump and ridge inside of her as he worked himself in and out. Her vaginal muscles squeezed and gripped his cock and he was sure if he hadn’t had cum already with the Prom Queen he’d have already.

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