Buffy The Vampire Slayer vs. La Blue Girl Pt. 08


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, La Blue Girl or the characters from them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: Muliple Character Pairings, Tentacles, Noncon-Con, Teen, Incest, First, Futa

Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. La Blue Girl Pt. 08
By Muhabba

After her Algebra class, which she hadn’t done the homework for, Buffy ran up to Miko and Yaku. “Guys, have you heard from Kanako or Nin-nin yet today?” she asked.

“No,” Yaku said.

“Not yet,” Miko answered.

Buffy thought it over for a second. “I haven’t heard from Dawn yet either,” she said. “I’m gonna run to the restroom and call mom.

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“That’s a good idea,” Miko said, images of Nin-nin perving out and using his ninja skills to sneak into the Girls Lock Room running through her head.

Yaku grabbed Miko’s arm and tugged her down the hall. “We’ll see you in English class, don’t be late. ”

Buffy pulled out her cell phone and ran into the closest empty restroom she could find. The phone rang four times before her mother picked up. “Mom?Have you heard from Dawn yet today?” she asked worriedly.

“Oh Buffy!” her mother said sounding oddly excited. “I kept Dawn and her friend home with that funny little ninja. ”

“Oh thank goodness,” Buffy said with relief. “I was so worried. ”

Her mother groaned before answering. “That’s why I decided to keep the girls home today. You have enough to worry about will all the demons and alllll that sex. No need to add more to your load. ”

Buffy looked quizzically at her phone.

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  “Mom, are you o. k. ?You sound. . . ”“High,” she thought. “. . . strange. ”

“No, no. We’re fine, dear. Now make sure to drop by after school, sweetie,” Joyce said before hanging up the phone and standing up nude in front of her vanity table as she stared at her naked daughter tied to her bed. Dawn mewled pitifully at her with a gag in her mouth, struggling weakly against her bonds. “Good news, Dawnie, your sister will be home soon.

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  Aren’t you excited?”

Dawn stared lustfully at her mother with wide eyes as she thrust her hips up and mumbled around her mother’s stocking tied around her mouth.

Joyce laid down on top of her daughter, chest to chest with their breasts pressed against each others’ and their hard nipples scraping together as Dawn opened her legs for her. “Now I’ll untie the gag if you promise to stop screaming every time you cum. ”

Dawn quickly nodded her head enthusiastically as she tried to hump her pelvis up against her mother.

Joyce untied the stocking around her daughter’s head and Dawn immediately began panting and moaning as she tried to kiss her mother. “Now, now, Dawnie. Let’s set some rules. ”

“Fuck me, mommy,” Dawn pleaded. “Please fuck me. ”

“First things first, my little pumpkin belly,” Joyce said playfully before kissing Dawn deeply, running her tongue thoroughly through her daughter’s mouth. She broke the kiss and stared down at her daughter, pressing her groin to Dawn’s and letting the horny girl hump up against her. “Now Lord Cathix said we can’t touch your virginity, which is silly since I’m your mother and there’s nobody better than a girl’s mother to take her virginity, but he’s a male and when a male says ‘virginity’ he means your hymen. Well, there’s ways around that,” she finished before beginning to kiss her daughter again.

Joyce kissed Dawn long and deep, enjoying the taste of her before making her way down to her daughter’s neck, licking and nibbling the girl’s warm flesh and causing her to moan and squirm. She kissed down to the teen’s chest, kissing and sucking her silky tits and amazed at how firm they felt in her mouth as Dawn panted and her chest heaved.

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  She feasted on her daughter’s breasts, covering them with her lips and tongue, fingers and hands and causing her daughter to pant and groan in lust louder and louder.

“Oh mommy, oh mommy, oh mommy. . . ” Dawn chanted over and over again, her voice getting louder and louder as her mother molested her chest. “Oh God, mommy, yes,” she groaned as her mother kissed down her chest to her fluttering tummy, dipping her tongue into her belly button and causing her to squirm as she almost came.

“Oh I love your body, Dawnie,” Joyce panted as she tongued her daughter’s belly button. She slid her hands up and down her daughter’s bound body, cupping her tits, sliding her fingers up and down Dawn’s sides, over her arm pits, up her arms and then back down her writhing body. “I could spend all day fucking her,” she thought as she kissed her way farther down Dawn’s heated body to just above her vaginal cleft. “To bad we only have the afternoon. ”She brought her hand’s down her daughters sweating body, squeezing her amazing tits again before bringing them down to cup the teen’s tight little ass.

“Oh God yes, mommy!Oh God yes, mommy!Oh God yes, mommy. . . ” Dawn chanted as she struggled against her bonds and thrust her hips up, desperate to feel her mother’s tongue inside of her pussy.

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  “Please fuck me, mommy. Please fuck me,” she pleaded as her mother lifted her slender thighs over her shoulders.

Joyce began lovingly kissing around Dawn’s puffy pussy lips causing her daughter to begin to thrash around on the bed. She licked around Dawn’s labia, never making contact with the more sensitive flesh as she licked around every bit of skin between her daughter’s legs to just over her taint and just above her swollen clit. “God she tastes so good,” she thought as she quickly licked down the teen girl’s slit and caused her to nearly jump out of the bed if she hadn’t been tied down. “Such an enthusiastic little girl,” she said to herself as she nuzzled her daughter’s dripping wet cunt. “I can’t wait for Buffy to join us. ”

Extending her tongue as far as she could Joyce pushed the tip between Dawn’s plump labia, licking up and down and shuddering in pleasure at the taste of the girl’s juices. She circled her tongue around her daughter’s tight hole and slid it in as far as it could go as Dawn rolled and thrust her slender hips up and down as she tried to hump her face. She used two fingers to part the horny teenage girl’s dewy lips to giver her easier access as she began slowly thrusting her tongue in and out of Dawn’s pussy, tongue fucking her daughter. Dawn clamped her thighs around her face, muffling the sounds of her screaming in pleasure as she nuzzled her daughter’s clit with her nose. She licked around the pink insides of Dawn’s pussy before pushing her tongue back in and tonguing her faster, using two of the fingers from her other hand to catch her teen daughter’s clit between them before sliding them up and down on either side of the hard, little nub.

Dawn’s eyes shot wide open and her mouth gaped open as she came, her cum gushing from her cunt and filling her mother’s mouth. She couldn’t breath, all the noise she could make was a cute little squeak as her pelvis rose slowly off the bed and locked in the air, her mother’s hands holding her ass.

Joyce swallowed Dawn’s juices as fast as she could but the young girl quickly flooded her mouth, covering her chin in cum as it dripped down to soak into the comforter of the bed.

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  As Dawn slowly relaxed and came down from her orgasmic high she released her soft, twitching body back down onto the bed and sat up between her daughter’s spread, slender thighs. She bent over and wiped Dawn’s sweat matted hair from her angelic face before running her hands down the teens gleaming body and sitting up on her knees again. “Feeling good, baby?” she asked.

“Y. . . yes, mom. . . mommy,” Dawn panted.

“Want me to let Nin-nin out from the bathroom so you can have some dick to suck?”

Dawn thought it over for a second. They had tied Nin-nin up and threw him into the bathroom to give her and her mother some alone time but she felt it only fair to give him some time with them also. Plus she had really enjoyed her mother teaching her how to give a blow-job. “Yes, mommy. ”


“I still don’t think we’re doing this right,” Xander said as he struggled against the rope binding him to the table.

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  “And where did you get rope anyway?Were you planning this, Will?”

“Shut up, Xander,” Willow said as she straddled his lap. She gripped the base of his cock and lowered herself down, her wet pussy enveloping his prick, stretching and filling her hot, little hole. “Oh yes,” she groaned in pleasure as she took his entire length inside of her horny body. With him sitting up tied to the table she braced her arms on his shoulders and began sliding up and down on his prick, her slick juices sliding down his shaft and covering his balls. She pushed her slender chest into his face and he instinctively latched onto one of her tits, sucking on the hard, pale nipple as she fucked herself on his dick.

Tied and forced as he was Xander felt completely helpless. He couldn’t raise his hips up to thrust himself into Willow’s body since he was forced on his ass on the cold floor and he couldn’t touch her with his hands tied as she fucked him whether he wanted to or not. Not that he didn’t, he totally did, but he just wished he could participate more. He sucked hard on her pink nipple, rubbing it with his tongue as he tried to free his hands and was fucked by his best friend.

“Ohhh, Xander,” Willow moaned in pleasure as she rode his dick. She hated to admit it, not really happy that they were dating, but Anya was a lucky girl to get to enjoy Xander’s cock whenever she wanted. It wasn’t that she was unhappy with Oz but Xander’s prick felt different somehow, also kinda taboo. She rolled her hips as she rode him, rubbing her sizzling clit against his groin as her body began pistoning up and down harder and faster. “Yes, yes, yes. .

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  . ” she chanted as she bounced up and down, her red hair swaying back and forth and her small tits jiggling with each thrust. “Oh, Xander, oh, Xander, oh, Xander. . . ” she groaned as she thrust herself down harder and more firmly with each bounce of her teenage body.

“Oh, Will, oh, Will, oh, Will. . . ” Xander groaned as his childhood friend rode his cock. It was so frustrating to have a beautiful, naked girl right in front of him and not do anything other than sit there because his hands were tied. Even if she was fucking him he’d at least like to participate more. Plus he thought she had tied his hands to tight since his fingers felt like they were going numb.

Willow thrust her tits into Xander’s face, practically forcing him to suck on them or suffocate as she ground her pelvis against his. “Oh God, Xander, I’m going to cum!” she shouted as she slammed her hips down, trapping his cock inside of her as her orgasm coursed through her, her pussy rippling along the length of his shaft, triggering his orgasm as well.

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  She heard him grunt and felt his cum filling her and setting her off on another orgasm and sent her legs into spasms, knocking her off of his lap, freeing his cock to shoot the rest of his load into the air and splashing down on the library floor.

From her spot on the floor Willow looked up as Xander fought to catch his breath. “Xander, as far as I’m concerned we did it right. ”

“Then why do I keep losing?” Xander wondered as he watched his naked friend twitching on the floor.

From her spot behind one of the book shelves Yaku pulled her fingers out of her juicy pussy as she watched Willow and Xander recovering from their orgasms. From talking to Willow she knew about the redhead’s childhood crush on her friend and was happy, and horny, that her new friend finally got to live out her fantasy. But her heart went out to Xander and the sad, puppy dog look on his face. First his girlfriend was taken and then he kept losing his training matches and now this. As the couple straightened up and put their robes on she decided that she was going to do something to help the American boy, plus she was hot as hell from watching him perform.

As Willow left, Yaku threw on her robe and approached Xander. “Xander, can I talk to you a sec?” she asked coyly.

“Sure, what’s up?” Xander said, momentarily distracted from his poor performance with Willow by Yaku’s jiggling cleavage.

“Well,” Yaku began sheepishly, embarrassed to bring up Xander’s poor sexual performance. It wasn’t that he was bad at sex, all the girls seemed to enjoy it fully, it was just that he didn’t seem to be the dominate person. “I was wondering if it’d be o.

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  k. to give you some pointers?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Xander said, his eyes falling from the Asian girl’s ample chest to the floor.

Yaku smirked slightly at Xander's pitiful expression before letting her robe fall to the floor and leaving her completely naked.

Xander's eyes traveled up from the floor to Yaku’s legs and the green pubic hair at the juncture of her thick thighs. His eyes crawled over her flat torso to her giant, firm tits and stayed there, amazed that tits that large could stand so firm.

Yaku stood silently in front of Xander, their bodies almost touching as she pulled his robe off of his shoulders and let it slide down to the floor. She stepped up even closer, her hard nipples lightly caressing his chest. "Do you want to kiss me first?" she asked breathlessly as she began to nuzzle his neck.

"Y. . . yes," Xander said nervously as his cock started to harden.

"No, you want to fuck me," Yaku said as she nuzzled the other side of his neck and rubbed her breasts across his chest, barely making contact with him. "Do you want to touch me?"

"Yes," Xander panted, his cock fully erect and the tip occasionally brushing across the sex-ninja's thighs.

"No, you want to fuck me," Yaku moaned as she kissed down Xander's neck to his shoulder, making sure to now press her body firmly against the teen boy.


  "Would you like to lay me down, crawl over me and make sweet, tender love to me until the sun comes up?"

"Oh God yes," Xander groaned as his cock throbbed painfully.

"No, you want to fuck me," Yaku said defiantly as she kissed down his chest and got on her knees in front of him. "Do you want me to take your penis into my mouth so I can suck you until you cum and then I can swallow every drop?"

"Ohhh yes please," Xander said desperately as he stared down at Yaku from around his prick, his chest heaving and his blood rushing in his ears.

"No, you want to fuck me," Yaku said, staring up at Xander's trembling body, his hands balled into fists as he struggled to keep control of himself. "Xander?" she whispered as she let her eyes fill with lust.

"Y. . . yeah?" Xander choked out.

"Fuck me," Yaku whisper an instant before the horny American boy thrust his cock into her mouth. She choked and gagged around his prick as it slid in and out of her throat and his balls slapped against her chin. She could taste Willow's cum on him as his shaft slid over her tongue, his girth stretching her pink lips. He held himself against her face, his pubic hairs tickling her nose for a moment before he pulled his dick out of her mouth. He grunted as he yanked her to her feet and bent her over the table, pushing himself into her wet pussy and causing her to scream out in pleasure as she came. He held himself balls deep inside of her for a moment as her orgasm rolled through her before he began pummeling himself inside of her body.

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Xander threw his head back as he felt Yaku's pussy clamped down on his cock as she came. He barely heard her scream in pleasure as she orgasmed and he began fucking her as hard and deep as he could, his hips slapping wetly against her jiggling ass-cheeks. He reached underneath her and gripped her voluminous tits, using them as fleshy hand holds to thrust himself inside of her even harder.

Yaku threw her own head back in pleasure as another orgasm began to tear through her. "Oh, Xander!I'm cumming," she shouted out as she came, her tight pussy clamping down on Xander's cock again, trapping him inside of her as he came too, his prick throbbing as he filled her with his thick seed. "Oh yesss. . . " she groaned as she used her vaginal muscles to keep the American boy's spasming cock inside of her as she stood up straighter, Xander never releasing her breasts. She looked over her shoulder at the panting boy and smiled sweetly at him. "And that's the difference between sex and fucking. Got it?You did a good job with the vampire but you have to keep practicing with your friends because I don't know of any vampires who'd let you practice on them. Understand?"

A quick image of him having to practice with Angel fluttered through Xander's head before he quickly shook it out. "Starting to," he groaned as he smiled back at Yaku. "Might need to practice more 'tho.

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"Oh God, oh God, oh God. . . " Miko chanted as she felt her orgasm beginning to rise. Through a complex maneuver of acrobatics and martial arts moves Buffy had somehow flipped her up and over bringing her down on the library floor on her side, twisting her hips with her legs spread wide while the Slayer stood between her legs scissoring her to the verge of cumming. Every time she tried to regain her feet Buffy would flip her onto her other side, never losing her pace as the blonde girl humped their heated pussies together.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God. . . " Buffy chanted as she fought to keep her orgasm at bay. The feel of her wet, slick pussy sliding over Miko's cunt was nearly to much for her and the sight of Maria across the room only made it worse. Everywhere she tried to look her eyes were drawn back to the Demon Queen's naked body with her long legs, round ass and mountainous breasts. She felt her body shudder and closed her eyes to concentrate on fighting the need to cum. "I guess. .

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  . guess this is. . . is what they call a. . . a Girl Crush," she thought as Miko began to struggle again so she flipped the Asian girl onto her other side and redoubled her efforts at domming the purple haired ninja. "I'm trying to distract myself from wanting to fuck one girl by fucking another girl. This must be what being a guy feels like," she thought as she fucked the teenage sex-ninja. "And since when do I say 'fucking'?"

"I'm cuuummming!" Miko gasped out as her toes curled and her muscles tightened as her orgasm washed over her. Her legs wrapped around Buffy's waist as she ground her spasming pussy against the American girl's and her juices flowed out of her. She rode out her orgasm, her body writhing, and was thankful that the blonde Slayer was strong enough to hold her up as her muscles unwound and relaxed as she panted on the floor.

"So that's it?" Buffy asked. "I won?"She lowered Miko's legs to the ground and used the opportunity to steal another glance at Maria, licking her lips at the sight of Miko's mother's swaying breasts.

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"You really did," Miko said as she regained her breath. "Congratulations. "

Buffy blushed, oddly pleased with herself at successfully having sex with a girl. "So if this was a fight, I won and I could do a spell or whatever?"

"That is true," Miko said as she slowly stood up.

Buffy chewed her lip as she watched Miko's body and then once again glanced over at Maria. "So, ah. . . so now what?" she asked, returning her attention back to Miko.

"What do you mean?" Miko asked as she dusted off her naked body, not noticing Buffy leering at her and her mother.

"Well, it's just. . . " Buffy began sheepishly. "It's just that now.

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  . . well, you're dominated, or whatever, but I'm still, ah. . . y'know, I'm still all worked up. "

"Oh yeah. I get it," Miko said. "It's never as satisfying winning as it is losing. It's just the price for having to concentrate more. When you're taken you're inhibitions are destroyed so you're no longer fighting back, you're just lost to the sensations. "

"Well that hardly seems fair," Buffy thought, her face downcast to try and hide her leering eyes darting between Miko and Maria's naked bodies. "So, domming. Anything else?"

Miko looked over Buffy, noticing the hint of lust in her voice. The Slayer was breathing hard, her breaths pushing her chest out, her tan tits rising and falling enticingly, her pink nipples hard as little stones.

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  Her eyes darted to Buffy's pussy, glistening with desire. "Well, there is another thing," she said with a hint of mischief. She quickly pressed her body to the American girl's, their firm tits pressed together as she kissed the blonde girl and felt her quickly respond, not out of the need to train but out of simple desire. She lowered Buffy to the floor and the Slayer spread her tone legs wide to allow her to lay on top of her, their lips and tongues never breaking contact. She kissed down the blonde girl's chest, licking at her golden tits and sucking on her erect nipples, causing the Slayer to moan in lust.

Breaking away from Buffy's tits Miko sat up on her knees and began fingering her own pussy. "Watch this," she said as she spread her fingers apart, rubbing up and down on either side of her erect clit. "Mmm. . . " she moaned in pleasure as she concentrated and released a bit of her magical will.

"Holy cow!" Buffy gasped out in wide-eyed shock as Miko's clit grew and expanded until it looked like a long, smooth cock jutting out from between her legs. "Wow!"

Miko giggled. "Really?It doesn't freak you out?" she asked a little worriedly, slightly afraid of her friend's reaction.

"You're gonna show me how to do that, right?" Buffy asked, thrilled at the idea of having her very own penis for some reason she couldn't explain, just turned on by the idea of a woman with a penis that wasn't really a penis.

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Miko smiled in relief that her friend hadn't freaked out. "As soon as we're finished," she said as she laid down on top of Buffy, the American girl wrapping her arms and legs around her as they began kissing again. With a practiced ease she moved her hips until the tip of her enlarged clit was at the entrance to the blonde girl's wet, waiting pussy, teasing her friend and causing the Slayer to begin mewling in desire and raising her hips up and down, trying to get the clit inside of her cunt. She smiled at Buffy's frustrated grunts and moans for a moment before slowly lowering her hips.

"Oh, oh, oh. . . " Buffy chanted as her friend's magical clit slid easily inside of her. She didn't have much experience except for Angel. . . and the guys at the Bronze. . . and the cabbie.

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  . . and the old guy. . . and the cop. . . and Wes, but the point was that Miko's enchanted clitoris felt different from anything else she'd had before. The strange, smooth shaft slid easily inside of her, nearly friction-less without the bumps and ridges of a normal dick, filling and stretching her nearly effortlessly and causing her to moan and writhe in pleasure beneath her Asian friend. "Oh, oh, oh. . . wow!" she gasped as her friend started fucking her slow and deep.

Miko controlled her long, slow, deep thrusts into Buffy's tight cunt, her friend's wet vaginal walls squeezing down on her shaft.

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  "Oh wow," she moaned, amazed at the feel of the American's pussy wrapped around her. "Oh wow, you feel good. "

"Really?" Buffy asked in a strange mix of embarrassment and pride. She had never thought of another girl saying something like that to her before. "Thanks," she said as she rolled her hips up to envelop more of Miko's clit and used her vaginal muscles to squeeze along her shaft.

Miko's eyes fluttered in pleasure at the things Buffy's pussy was doing to her clit. "Must. . . must be a Slayer muscle control thing," she thought as she moved herself in and out of her friend's spectacular pussy. She began panting and moaning, the blonde girl's voice joining her's as she moved her hips faster and harder, their firm tits jiggling in unison as their hips met and slapped together. Their hands flowed over their sweat slick bodies, caressing, grasping, and squeezing their warm, glistening flesh. Their feverish lips met again, their tongues sliding against each others' and then wrestling in their mouths as their hips rose and fell against each others' faster and faster as they moaned in pleasure.

"Oh God," Buffy suddenly gasped out.

"I'm gonna.

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  . . " Miko moaned.

"Cuuummm!" Both girl yelled out as their orgasms crashed through them at the same time, their young pussies spasming and their juices spilling out onto the floor.

"Oh. . . " Buffy began with a dopy smile on her face.

". . . wow," Miko finished with the same smile on her face.


After lazily disentangling herself from Buffy's sexy body, and with several small, playful kisses, Miko went over the trick with her clit with her before making her way across the library completely naked. "Mr. Giles, are you ready?"

"I suppose so," Giles answered as he took off his glasses and put them in his robe pocket.


  "How shall we begin?"

Miko smirked. "Perhaps if we started with you not acting so disinterested," she said, pushing out her chest and slightly cocking her hips. "Don't you find me attractive?"

Giles tried not to avert his eyes from the teenage girl's naked body as he answered. "I don't really think that's the point. "

"No, you're right," Miko said as she sauntered up closed to Giles. She raised her arms up and slid his robe off of his shoulders leaving him naked in front of her. "The point is you must learn to use this," she began as she softly wrapped her hand around his soft shaft and slowly started tugging on it, ". . . as a weapon instead of just as a tool of pleasure. "His dick slowly started to harden in her soft hand. "I saw you use it against Faith. "

"That wasn't. . .

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   it was. . . " Giles began defensively.

"It was you making a point," Miko interrupted, never stopping her hands movements as she reached underneath him with her other hand and cupped his balls. "And that's the point. It wasn't sex and neither is this," she said, giving him a squeeze for emphasis. "Just like your stakes and swords and your crossbows this is a weapon against the demons," she continued as she gave him another squeeze, ". . . and you need to get used to using it. "

Giles nodded his head in agreement, and slightly in defeat, knowing that the girl had a point as he throbbed in her hands. "You are of course correct but I fail to see what that has to do with what we are doing right now. "

Miko gave Giles' prick another gentle squeeze as she looked around the large room. "I just wanted you to know I understood how you feel," she said helpfully.

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  "I feel the same way most of the time. But look around. "Even though the older man was a foot taller than her she slid around behind him, never releasing her hold or her rhythm on his dick, to give him a unobstructed look at everything. "Is it really so embarrassing to be doing something you feel embarrassed about when everybody is doing the same embarrassing thing you are?"

Giles looked around the room as Miko went back to fondling his balls as she continued to jack him off. In one area Buffy was now domming Wesley, in another Yaku and Xander were practicing, and in another Maria was sharing magical spells with Jenny, their breasts pressed together as Jenny wrapped her legs around Maria's hips and they humped their groins together. Buffy was riding Wesley's cock with a bored look on her face while his arms flailed about, Xander was working himself deep into Yaku's pussy from behind while Willow was spying and masturbating from behind one of the bookshelves. His attention was drawn back to Jenny and Maria as they moaned in pleasure while cumming together. Suddenly his hips jerked and he grunted as he came, his sperm shooting out onto the floor. As his cock softened in Miko's talented hands he looked at the teenage girl from over his shoulder. "Ahem, yes, I see what you mean," he said, answering her question.

"The heroes have returned!" Faith announced as she entered the library and found herself a little distracted by all the naked flesh. "Guess we're gettin' used to that whole 'Casual Nudity' thing, huh?" she smirked.

Giles fought the urge to cover himself up before approaching Faith and Angel, his dick swaying back and forth between his legs as he put his glasses back on. "Good news I take it?"

Faith stood in the middle of the room trying to ignore the more confident aura Giles was projecting while naked. "We didn't find the kidnap victims yet but Angel had a wicked good idea," she said, trying not to show how nervous the naked Giles was making her.

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  "He probably cheated during our fight," she thought defensively, "Yeah, that's it. He had to have cheated. "

Giles tried not to smirk at how anxious he was making Faith but with his growing confidence at being nude in public he cocked his hips slightly to swing his dick in her direction. It seemed petty and childish but he considered it a harmless guilty pleasure. "Angel, what was your idea?" he asked trying not to sound to pleased with himself as Faith stole quick glances at his prick.

"Holy shit who is that?" Faith blurted out as her eyes slid from Giles' hypnotically swinging dick to the absolute vision of a naked woman the was walking towards them. She licked her lips hungrily as she stared at the naked woman's sweat sprinkled and glistening body as her huge, unbelievably firm breasts swayed and her hips rocked back and forth with each step. As the dark Slayer stared unabashedly at the new woman she didn't notice Buffy's jealous stare.

"Obvious much?" Buffy thought as she glared at Faith staring lustfully at Maria, feeling oddly possessive. "Stop it," she chided herself. "She's not mine, it's just a crush. "

"I am Maria, Demon Queen of the Shikima Realm," Maria said regally despite of, or because of, her nudity. "I was not aware that there could be more than a single Slayer per generation. "

Faith puffed her chest out in pride, thrusting out her tits. "I'm just a special case.

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Buffy huffed at Faith as she murmured jealously under her breath, "Course it's only cuz I died, came back from the dead and still killed the bad guy. "

Maria's eyes crawled over Angel. "Nor was I aware a vampire would ally themselves with a Slayer," she said with a hint of steel in her voice.

"I guess I'm a special case too," Angel said flatly.

Jenny wrapped her arms around Giles, unknowingly rubbing her breasts against him. "That's, uh. . . he's, uh. . . there's this curse. . . " she stammered, unsure how to say that her ancestors had cursed the monstrous Angelus into becoming the repentant Angel.

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"Oh!Angel has a soul," Willow said helpfully, tearing her eyes away from Buffy's naked body and the trail of Wes's cum dribbling down the back of her golden thigh.

Maria cocked an eyebrow at Angel. "Angel?The Latin of which is 'Angelus', is it not?" she asked.

"Yes," Angel responded without a hint of emotion.

"The Boxer Rebellion," Maria said without a question.

"Yes," Angel responded.

Maria crossed her arms across her chest, the movement pressing her giant breasts together and lifting them up, causing Buffy and Faith to moan. "And now?"

Angel took a moment to consider his response. "I fight. "

After a few moments Maria curtly nodded. "A good answer. Had it been anything else your fight would have ended here. "

If Angel breathed he would have sighed in relief, instead he bowed deeply and spoke in Japanese, "Your Majesty, I am humble and unworthy of your mercy. "

Maria bowed slightly back at Angel, her up-thrust ass drawing Buffy's eyes and her dangling tits drawing Faith's.

Giles noticed Buffy and Faith's eyes crawling over Maria's body and a small tinge of lust shot through his dick.

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  "Yes, well, Angel, what was this idea you had?"

"We're spinning our wheels looking for the Hentai demons," Angel said to the room. "We should be looking for the kidnapped humans. Or more specifically somewhere large enough to hold them. "

Giles began disentangling himself from Jenny. "Hmmm, a good idea at a new approach," he said as he began making his way to his office. "I believe I have some charts and city maps in my office. Willow?" he said to the young girl not noticing her eyes following his ass as she followed him into his office.

Maria nodded towards Angel. "I suppose that leaves just us. "It wasn't a question.

"I suppose so," Angel said an instant before his face shifted into a vampire's snarl and he flung himself at Maria. She easily side stepped him and he landed several feet behind her, just as he had expected. He knew his chances at winning a battle with the Demon Queen were pretty slim but this was only a sparing match so that she could gauge him as a ally and he intended to show her the best he was capable of. She levitated towards him just out of reach of his arms but just within reach of one of her long legs and her foot connected with the side of his head in a flash.

Angel took the kick and fell to the floor, rolling underneath Maria before the foot she had lashed out with could touch the floor.

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  He swept her other leg out from under her causing her to fall on top of him in a 69 position. He wrapped his arms around her waist, using his superior vampiric strength to hold her to him as he delved between her thighs and attacked her cunt with his tongue, plunging it into her like a small, wet cock. Demon Queen or not she was only human and he planned on using that against her to limit her ability to fight or use her full abilities at Sexcraft.

Maria purred in pleasure as the vampire's talented tongue worked in and out of her excited pussy. She took a few moments to simply enjoy his attentions, rolling her hips and humping his face before languidly undoing his pants and pulling out his quickly hardening prick. She licked around the sensitive tip causing him to shudder before licking lightly up and down his length, barely making contact with his cool skin. She softly fondled his cum filled balls causing him to shudder again before holding his shaft to the side and kissing the firm orbs.

Buffy moaned in lust as she watched Maria lightly kiss around Angel's throbbing groin. "She's not even in a hurry," she thought as she began panting and her pussy began to ache with need. "She's just so self-assured, like, she owns his penis or something. "Unabashedly she cupped one of her firm tits, pinching the hard nipple as her other hand found it's way between her legs. Her eyes wandered from Angel's hard cock to Maria's naked body, her large tits smashed against Angel's abdomen and her ass high in the air. Buffy licked her lips imagining all the ways she could join in, wanting to be involved some way, any way, with her boyfriend and the demon queen. She moaned again as her fingers slid in and out of her wet cunt, sliding her other hand down from her chest, over her flat stomach and then joining her other hand at the juncture of her golden thighs. Groaning in desire and need she slid the fingers of one hand over her G-spot as the fingers of her other hand flew over her clit.

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  "Oh God," she panted as she stood unabashedly in the middle of the library surrounded by her friends and finger fucked herself.

"Oh wow," Faith thought to herself while she admired Maria's technique. "She's one confident cock sucker. "Her hands slid up and down her heated body, tugging her shirt up and baring her pale, taunt stomach as a small moan escaped past her scarlet lips. Her nipples were as hard as pebbles and her pussy grew moist as she watched Maria lightly lick up the side of Angel's ridged prick. "She could have gotten him naked 'tho," she thought as one of her hands slipped under her top and squeezed one of her large, bra encased tits.

Xander fisted his cock as he watched Buffy's tan ass clenched and relax while she finger-banged herself before switching over to watch Faith as she began to paw at her tight clothes. His eyes danced back and forth between Buffy and Faith as every lesbian porn scene he had ever watched flew through his brain, all starring the sexy Slayers.

Miko held her face in one of her palms and groaned in embarrassment. It was one thing to be a Sexcraft Ninja, to have sex in front of or with a group of strangers or friends, it was another to watch your mother swallow a dick. A tugging on her wrist made her look over at Yaku. "What?" she whispered to her friend.

"We need to help him out," Yaku whispered back as she wrapped Miko's hand around Wesley's hard prick. With Miko's hand at the base of the young Watcher's dick it let her grip towards the tip and begin working her fist up and down.

"Oh geez," Miko groaned when she noticed the look of sexual desperation on Wesley's face and a wave of pity washed over her.

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  She rolled her eyes in frustration and joined in on tugging the young Englishman's prick, jacking him off with her friend since he was apparently to embarrassed to do it himself.

With Miko helping out it freed Yaku to start taking care of her own needs. While one hand jacked Wesley's cock her other hand delved between her legs, two fingers plunging into her slippery hole and quickly found her G-spot. As her fingers sawed in and out of her pussy her thumb strummed her clit as she fisted the young Watcher's prick.

Wesley's eyes darted around the room sliding over Ms. Calender's naked body as she tried to appear nonchalant about Angel and Maria's sex show, Maria taking Angel's erect dick between her lips, Buffy's naked and flushed body, Faith panting in lust and tugging at her clothes, and the naked Asian girls jacking him off. As his wide eyes tried to take in the whole room at once he slowly began rocking his hips back and forth, fucking the two girls' hands as he thought, "When did my life become so surreal?"

Angel used every technique that he had learned in all of his years of life to attack Maria’s cunt. Her juices flowed freely out of her wet pussy and coated his mouth and chin as he held her to him. He slid his hands up to cup her round, pale ass, parting her thick cheeks and sliding his fingertips over her puckered asshole and caused her to shiver in pleasure.

Maria felt Angel intensify his attack on her body and smirked. She thought about drawing the fight out longer simply to enjoy the vampire’s attention but she had learned everything about him that she needed to know. He hadn’t tried to straight out rape her, rather he had attacked her physically and tried to force her to orgasm, the Angelus that she had heard about would have simply tried to rape her and be done. In one swift move she swallowed his prick completely and hummed around his length, modulating her voice and sending vibrations coursing over his sensitive flesh.

“Oh, oh, oh. .

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  . ” Buffy panted as her fingers continued to attack her needy cunt. Her juices slid down the insides of her spread thighs as her eyes crawled over Maria’s naked body and Angel’s throbbing cock. The fingers of one of her hands flew over her clit while the fingers of her other hand pumped in and out of her drooling pussy as she moaned while her orgasm rose inside of her naked body. She gave no thought to decency or the fact she was finger fucking herself in a room filled with her friends, all she cared about was the sight of the Demon Queen swallowing her boyfriend’s prick.

Faith’s hands continued wandering over her lust filled body and for the first time she cursed herself for always wearing such tight clothes. Her chest heaved as she palmed her large tits over her shirt, growling in frustration. She chewed her bottom lips as she tried to pinch her nipples through her top and bra, her eyes locked on Maria and Angel tangled in a 69 and continued to admire the Shikima Queen’s dick sucking abilities and debated on whether she could join them on the floor.

“Is he done yet?” Miko wondered, taking a quick glance down at Wesley’s hard penis. “Since when did he have this much stamina?”

Yaku licked her lips and moaned, never tearing her eyes away from Maria sucking the vampire’s cock. She continued masturbating the stunned Watcher along with Miko, their hands bumping together along his shaft as they fisted his prick while her other hand continued working between her legs, her warm juices dripping onto the floor as she groaned in pleasure.

“I have no idea what is going on,” Wesley muttered weakly as he continued to fuck the two Asian girls’ hands.

Xander continued fisting his cock as he watched Buffy frig herself and as he also tried to wish Faith’s clothes away. His eyes were locked on the horny Slayers, completely unconcerned with the sex show on the floor.

Angel fought the urge to cum as he tongue fucked Maria’s cunt and probed her tiny asshole with his pinky.


  His dick ached with the need to cum and his concentration was slipping as she did things to his shaft with her lips and tongue that he’d never felt before.

Maria continued humming around Angel’s prick as she wrapped one hand around the base of his shaft and used the other to cup and fondle his balls. She changed the frequency and modulation of her humming, magically super charging the pleasure she was giving the vampire and triggering his orgasm, his sticky cum filling her mouth as he cried out in pleasure beneath her.

As Angel’s cum escaped from the corner of Maria’s mouth and slid down his shaft onto the Queen’s hand Buffy plunged her fingers as deep into her cunt as she could and came. Her warm juices coated her hand as she slid down the insides of her thighs and dripped onto the floor.

Faith groaned in lust as she watched Maria swallow Angel’s load and felt doubly jealous. jealous that it was Maria with Angel’s cock in her mouth and jealous of Angel for getting to feel Maria’s lips on him. “I’ve got to do something to relieve some pressure,” she thought as she frantically looked around the room.

Xander was on the verge of cumming just as Faith locked eyes on him. Her eyes darted down to his prick and he felt a flush of embarrassment at having been caught masturbating. “Hey Xander, ready for round two?” she asked him before starting to take her top off.

“I’ll be right back,” Yaku said before releasing Wesley’s prick and scurrying up behind Xander.

Miko stared at her friend’s naked backside a she hurried away. “What?What am I supposed to do with this?” she asked, pointing at Wesley’s cock with one hand and continuing to jack him off with the other as he smiled sheepishly at her.

Yaku walked up behind Xander, her large tits pressing into his back as she leaned in to whisper into his ear.

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  “Here’s your chance,” she said softly with a quick lick of his ear lobe. “Show her why your girlfriend thinks you’re a Viking in your bed. ”She felt him stiffen at her words as a deep blush rose in his cheek. “Yep, your friends told me about that,” she giggled as Faith threw her top off.

Faith smirked at Xander as he stared at her with Yaku and blushed, thinking it was because of her. She shrugged her shoulders and said, “Well, we gonna do this?”

Xander stared at Faith for a moment and then made a decision as she began unfastening her tight pants. “Yeah, let’s do this,” he said with more confidence than he felt as he strode over to the dark Slayer as she continued to smirk at him. She had her pants halfway down her pale thighs so he suddenly flung himself at her, tackling her to the ground. Landing on top of her and stunning her he rolled her onto her stomach and ripped her black thong off, exposing her jiggling ass to him as he quickly climbed on top of her. With a quick lunge he buried his cock in her wet cunt, groaning in pleasure at the feel of her tight pussy parting around his length. He held her shoulders down as he roughly fucked himself in and out of her, causing her to groan out with him.

“What the fuck?” Faith groaned as Xander fucked himself deep inside of her. “Looks like Xander Harris grew a pair,” she thought as she struggled to spread her legs but with her pants still wrapped around her thighs she couldn’t open her legs against the tight material binding them. As much as she was enjoying the teen boy’s cock stretching her pussy she knew that this was a fight for dominance and she refused to lose. Using her Slayer strength she quickly pushed up from the ground and bucked the boy off of her, her needy cunt suddenly feeling empty.

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  She rolled over and quickly pulled her pants off and got on her knees eyeing Xander as he struggled to regain his footing. Now wearing only her boots and black bra she skittered across the floor and straddled Xander’s hips, gripping his cock in her small hand and impaling herself on the thick tool.

“Umph,” Xander grunted as Faith thrust herself down with what felt like enough force to break his pelvis. His hands instinctively crawled over her thighs and around to cup her firm ass as his eyes locked on her jiggling tits barely contained in her bra. “Concentrate,” he told himself as he closed his eyes and mustered his will. He opened his eyes again, almost becoming entranced by her wobbling breasts again before raising his upper body up and planting his face in her silky cleavage. His mouth quickly sought out one of her hard nipples and sucked it through her bra, rubbing it forcefully with his tongue and causing her to moan out in pleasure. As she moaned out he bit down on the hard nub and caused her to shriek, losing the rhythm of her hips.

Faith’s cry of pain was cut off as Xander released her tit and shoved her to the side, never letting his cock out of her. He rolled her onto her back with him on top and began pile-driving into with enough force she was sure he’d leave bruises on the insides of her thighs. She grunted with each thrust, her orgasm quickly rising as she braced herself with his forearms. She chewed on her bottom lip and mewled in desire as she rolled her hips up unconsciously to give Xander easier access to her needy cunt. “Not. . .

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   gonna. . . lose. . . ” she panted as she raised one of her legs up and rolled to her side using her vaginal muscles to keep the teenage boy’s prick trapped inside of her pussy. She pushed and rolled to her other side, pushing Xander back onto his ass while she ended up in his lap facing away from him in a reverse cowgirl.

Xander gasped out in surprise at Faith’s maneuver and in pleasure as she flexed her lower muscles around his prick, urging him to cum. “No, no, no. . . ” he chanted as his orgasm began to crest. “I’m a Viking!” he shouted out as he gripped one of her firm tits flopping around outside of her bra with one hand and shoved his other hand between her legs and strummed her clit causing her to cum just as his own orgasm erupted. His hot cum filled her cunt as her juices flowed out of her, covering his quickly deflating balls and puddling on the floor.

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“Oh geez,” Xander muttered as he collapsed back on the floor. He may not have exactly won but he was happy that he hadn’t lost either.

Faith bent forward, her hands on her knees with Xander' soft cock still inside her as she panted, recovering from her orgasm. “He's definitely grown a new pair,” she smirk to herself as her thighs and stomach muscles twitched and she came down from her sexual high.

“Oh fuck,” Buffy groaned as she plunged her fingers in and out of her aching cunt, as unconcerned with her language as she was with the fact that she was still masturbating in the middle of a room filled with her friends. Her eyes went from Xander and Faith recovering from their orgasms to Miko trying to look nonchalant as she continued jacking Wesley off and stared lustfully at the junior Watcher’s hard prick. “No. I’m not that horny,” she decided and looked over at Angel and Maria who both now appeared to be talking about strategy, her eyes crawling over Maria’s nude form and Angel’s soft prick. “Can’t risk that,” she thought before her eyes fell on the naked Ms. Calender.

Buffy walked over to Ms. Calender, completely unconcerned with her own nudity or her slick juices dripping onto the floor with each step. "I guess that leaves just us," she said innocently as she shrugged her shoulders, unknowingly causing her tits to jiggle as she tried not to look as horny as she felt and failing completely.

"Well yes, I suppose so," Jenny said, looking around nervously and trying to to stare lustfully at her teenage student's flushed body. "How do you want.

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  . . How should we. . . " she stammered nervously.

Buffy licked her lips in a mix of desire and embarrassment. Necessary or not for training it still felt strange to just simply ask somebody for sex so frankly. "Actually Miko showed me something so just sit up on the table and spread. . . ah, just spread your legs. "She waited for her teacher to get comfortable and then moved in between her legs. She pressed herself against the older woman, their breasts pressed together as they began to kiss and Ms. Calender ran her hands slowly up and down Buffy's back.

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  She moaned into her teacher's mouth as they softly rubbed their chests together before she began kissing down the gypsy's graceful neck. She kissed, licked and nibbled down to her teacher's chest, licking around one bronze tit and then taking the hard, dark nipple into her mouth. She released the rubbery nub and then licked over to the other tit, covering it with her warm tongue before making her way down Ms. Calender's flat stomach.

As Ms. Calender panted and moaned in pleasure Buffy kissed her way down between her teacher's legs to just above her glistening slit. She slid her hands between her own legs and began manipulating her clit as she kissed around the older woman's wet pussy. The computer teacher leaned back on her elbows as Buffy began licking at her pussy and tasting the Gypsy's tart juices as they began flowing. "C'mon, work," Buffy muttered into her teacher's pussy as she continued working at her clit as she tongued Ms. Calender's hot hole. "Work you stupid thing," she thought as she tried to remember everything Miko had showed her. "Maybe if I start to use it like a penis it'll start to act like a penis," she decided as she gave Ms. Calender's surprisingly tasty pussy a final lick and then began kissing her way back up her panting body.

Jenny rolled her eyes in pleasure as Buffy kissed back up her chest and began suckling at her tits again. "Suuuch a talented girl," she thought as she moaned and pushed her chest out trying to push more of her sensitive tit into the schoolgirl's sucking mouth.

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  She suddenly jerked as the Slayer pushed her pussy against her's and rolled her hips up to meet her student's slow, incessant thrusts.

As Buffy began rocking her heated pussy against Ms. Calender's she completely forgot that she was supposed to be practicing the clit trick that Miko had taught her. All that mattered to her now was sex, the need to cum and the need to make her teacher cum with her. She rocked her hips back and forth, her tan ass clenching and releasing as she humped the older woman panting underneath her. She kissed up from Ms. Calender's chest until their mouths met and they kissed deeply, moaning lustfully. Their firm tits rubbed against each other as they humped on the library table, their movements becoming faster and more forceful and causing the table to begin to squeak. They began panting and moaning in unison, their bodies writhing together as Buffy ground and humped against her teacher's.

Jenny wrapped her legs around Buffy's slender waist, humping hard against her student's thrusts. She held herself up with one arm and wrapped the other around her student's neck, holding the teen girl still as the kissed. She felt her orgasm begin to rise and just happened to look off to her side and saw Rupert naked in the office and wished he could join them, thrusting into Buffy from behind as Buffy thrust against her. She stammered into Buffy's mouth as she squeezed the girl between her thighs and came, holding the teen girl still as her juices gushed out and covered the Slayer's groin.

Buffy felt her teacher shudder as she came and her cum cover her triggering her own orgasm, her own juices joining the older woman's, covering their groins and dripping down and puddling on the table. She held herself up as Ms.

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   Calender slowly reclined on the table, both of them gasping as they tried to catch their breath.

Jenny stared up at Buffy with a heavy lidded look. "So is that, (pant) is that what Miko, (pant) showed you?" she asked.

Buffy stared down at Ms. Calender in confusion for a moment before she remembered what had started their encounter. "Um, sure?"

Across the library Wesley was backing up slowly and frantically looking around for help as he held his hands up defensively. "I. . . I really don't this is completely necessary," he pleaded. "I have the basics down. "

"I have never had to work this hard to have sex with a guy," Yaku thought as she rolled her eyes in frustration. "Mr. Pryce, it's just sex," she said as she approached the nervous Watcher, her large breasts swaying with each step. "And furthermore, practice is necessary.

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  "She reached out and gripped his wrists and brought his hands up to her jiggling tits. "Now take me," she said as wantonly as she could. She closed her eyes and leaned forward as she puckered her lips and waited for him to kiss her.

“I, uh. . . I, uh. . . I, uh. . . ” Wesley stammered, never halting from walking backwards.

Yaku opened one eye as she continued waiting for Wesley to kiss her. She tried to step closer to him but he kept moving back and was now using his grip on her breasts to hold her back.

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  “Maybe it’s a Englishman thing?” she wondered as she continued trying to get the young Watcher to take her. She sighed in frustration as she continued following him around the library but he kept backing up and trying to push her away using her breasts creating a weird pulsing motion in her abundant flesh. They had already walked the length of the library and were now working their way back to where they had started when she had first decided to let Wesley dom her. From the corner of her eye she could see Miko staring at her and Wesley in amused fascination. It was obvious that Wesley was going to need a ego boost to help him perform sexually and she decided to let him think that he was successfully domming her as a way to build his confidence. In truth she could probably take him from across a busy room with some casual eye contact but he needed to learn.

“I, uh. . . I, uh. . . I, uh. . .


  ” Wesley continued to stammer as he also continued to back away from the sexy, naked, teenage girl. “Eep!” he chirped as she reached out and stroked his hard cock. He stumbled at the contact and his feet flew out from under him as she screamed out in surprise. Yaku tried to catch him but the Asian girl missed and caused him to roll in mid-air as he fell to the floor and landed on his erection. His eyes went wide with pain and his face paled as all the air left his body.

“Ohhh. . . Ouch,” Yaku whispered in horror under her breath.


Spike plunged his cock in and out of the blonde girl’s sucking mouth, her tongue rubbing along the underside of his shaft. “So, how ‘bout this whole demon up-rising, mate?”

Ethan kept his eyes locked firmly on the voluptuous blonde’s rippling ass as he thrust in and out of her tight pussy. “Oh yes. May our Lord Cathix reign supreme,” he said with absolutely no convection.

“Heh,” Spike chuckled as he ran his cock along the inside of the schoolgirl’s mouth. With her on all fours he reached under her and fondled her large, swaying tits.

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  “Yeah. Imagine all the power we’ll have then,” he said, smirking across the horny girl at the human plowing into her from behind.

Licking his thumb and then running it along the girl’s puckered asshole Ethan closed his eyes so he wouldn’t get embarrassed at the vampire’s more impressive physic before turning his head up and making sure not to make too much eye contact. “Yes. Lord Cathix strikes me as the benevolent type of demon lord that loves to share their power. ”He had taken the horny girl currently writhing in front of him away from the orgy, wanting to enjoy her alone but it had only been a few pleasurable minutes before Spike had shown up and plugged her moaning mouth with his prick.

The human, Ethan, was the one wild card Spike hadn’t pinned down yet and he hated wild cards. Well, wild cards that weren’t him. He pulled his cock out of the girl’s mouth and ran the sensitive tip around her face before sliding it back in until his balls were slapping wetly against her chin. He rolled her hard nipples between his fingertips causing her to moan, the vibrations dancing across his shaft as he fucked her mouth. “I guess it was just lucky that our plans were the same as the Hentai Demons’ then. ”

Ethan kept his thumb deep inside the girl’s ass, never losing pace as he fucked her and tried to ignore the well built vampire across from him and snaked his other hand underneath of her and between her legs to strum her erect clit and caused her to moan lustfully. “Quite lucky, quite lucky indeed,” Ethan said, sure that he and Spike were talking in sub-text, neither one willing to trust the other one enough to speak truthfully. “And I’m sure that the Slayer and her friends won’t be able to stop him on their own. ”

“So he’s just after the Slayer and her friends too,” Spike thought as he made sure not to lose his pace in the girl’s warm, wet mouth.

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  “Oh sure, the Slayer. I’m sure we can take care of her, no problem. ”It seemed to Spike that he and the human had reached an agreement, neither one of them really supported Cathix and were just using the Demon Lord for their own ends. And it seemed that neither of them supported the Hentai Demons taking over the world, they were both just after Buffy and her friends. “Now how can I use the human to get me closer to Buffy,” he wondered as he continued fucking the teen girl’s face.

Beneath the two men fucking her Tara thrust herself back and forth between them, filling her mouth with hard cock in one thrust and then her wet pussy with the next thrust. She rubbed her tongue along the big vein running beneath the shaft in her mouth, circling it around the head whenever the prick was pulling out and moaning deep in her impressive chest when it slid down her throat. As the dick in her pussy began filling her she rolled her hips up to give the hard tool deeper access into her before rolling her hips down, making sure it rubbed along her G-spot with every thrust. Since coming to the cavern she’d lost track of the number of orgasms she’d enjoyed and no longer care. All the young lesbian cared about now was cumming over and over again, one long orgasm that would last for the rest of her life.


“I’ll meet you all at the Magic Box,” Buffy said as she slung her backpack over her shoulder. “I’m gonna run by the house and check on everybody. ”

Giles nodded in acknowledgment as Buffy left through the library doors. “Excellent idea, we’ll see you soon. ”

Buffy nearly bolted out of the school, wanting to get home as soon as possible and since her mother still wouldn’t let her drive yet that meant she had to walk.

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  She walked as fast as she dared without drawing attention to herself until she was away from the school and then broke out into a quick jog the rest of her way home. She looked around the outside of house and when she didn’t see anything suspicious she slipped in through the back door. She couldn’t quite place her finger on why she was so nervous but every since her phone call with her mother it felt like her heart was filling with ice water.

“Mom?Dawn?I’m home,” Buffy announced as she threw her backpack in the corner of the kitchen and made her way into the dining room. And then suddenly her view was blocked by a large gray demon.

“They are indisposed, Slayer. You are alone,” Cathix said, his arms crossed across his chest and his erect cock pointing at the small, blonde American girl.

Buffy quickly assumed her fighting stance, giving no thought to the Sexcraft she had been learning. “Where are they?” she demanded.

Cathix grinned lazily. “Up stairs, enjoying the pleasures of their bodies. Well, your sister’s pleasures are slightly muted as she waits for me to take her virginity. ”

Buffy shuddered at the idea of what that meant for Dawn as her eyes darted across the demon’s immense prick and then around the room looking for a weapon since the monster was standing between her and her weapons chest. “And who are you supposed to be?” she asked as she ran battle plans through her mind.

“I am your Demon Lord Cathix,” the Hentai Demon bellowed, “and your body is mine!”He rushed forward, the blonde Slayer ducking beneath him and rolling around him.

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Buffy sprang up behind Cathix and rushed for her weapons chest just as one of the dining room chairs exploded against her back and threw her forwards. Dazed she rolled defensively away for the demon but quicker than she could see he grabbed her around her neck and effortlessly lifted her off of the floor, her feet dangling helplessly. She gripped his wrists to keep the pressure off of her neck as she moaned pitifully in pain, she hadn’t expected him to be so fast, she didn’t even have time for a sarcastic comment before the fight had started.

Suddenly Cathix’s other hand flashed in front of Buffy’s gasping face, ripping down her top, shredding it and leaving her topless except for her bra. The demon lord leaned towards her, grinning evilly before licking up the side of her face, the tip of his massive cock sliding wetly over her flat stomach. She head-butted the demon causing him to bite his tongue, releasing her from his strangling grip on her throat. As she landed she lashed out with one leg, trying to kick him in a weak spot, her breasts sliding around on her golden chest as she made contact but would have had more of a impact kicking a brick wall. She flipped back away from him, her tits nearly falling out of the cups of her bra, and landed on her feet. She made another lunge for her weapons chest but the demon slung his hips to the side, swinging his giant cock out and smacking her in her side and knocking her back. She rolled out of the fall and as she came up on her feet the demon swung out with his arm and punched her in her stomach, knocking the wind out of her.

Grunting with pain Buffy leaned weakly against the wall as she struggled to breath and regain her senses. Cathix chuckled as he claws flashed out, tearing the Slayer’s tight pants from her body and leaving her in only her bra, panties and shoes. Finally managing to take a breath she kicked out at his head, giving him a nearly obstructed view between her golden legs, and caused him to duck to one side while she dove to the other. Her panties worked themselves between her tight ass-cheeks, exposing the bottom half of her taunt ass as she rolled to her feet. Suddenly her back went numb as the demon slapped her between her shoulder blades, once again knocking the breath from her body as she stumbled forward.

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Buffy grunted as Cathix pressed her head to the wall, holding her still as she heard the swipe of his claws and felt her bra loosen. Her eyes went wide with shock as she realized that the hung demon ha.