Buffy The Vampire Slayer vs. La Blue Girl Pt. 11


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, La Blue Girl or the characters from them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. La Blue Girl Pt. 11
By Muhabba

The sun shone through the dirty windows in the back of The Magic Box, illuminating the small, sweating group of monster fighters. Giles pulled his hard, aching cock out of Miko’s tightly clutching cunt and looked over at Xander who was still gleefully fucking her mouth as she rocked herself back and forth on her hands and knees. “Xander, I think now would be a good place to pause. ”

Xander kept a firm hold of Miko’s head as he thrust his cock between her pink lips, her tongue wiggling along the underneath of his shaft as his cock-head slipped down the top of her throat with every thrust.

Giles stood up and cleared his throat, “Ahem, Xander, please. ”

As his balls slapped wetly against Miko’s chin, Xander groaned in pleasure as the slim Asian girl continued bobbing her head back and forth as he fucked himself deep inside of her talented mouth.

Rolling his eyes in frustration, Giles looked around and saw a towel next to Miko on the floor.

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  He picked it up and threw it at Xander’s face, distracting the young, horny man. “Xander!” he barked trying to capture the high school boy’s attention.

Xander nearly fell back on his ass as the towel wrapped around his head. “Hey!What. . . ?” he grumbled as he fumbled around on the floor, his hard prick popping out of Miko’s eagerly sucking mouth. Pulling the towel off he looked around in confusion. “What gives?”

“The plan, Xander. Don’t forget the plan,” Giles chided the horny, young schoolboy.

Xander looked down at Miko as she wiped her saliva off of her chin before he looked back up at Giles. “Oh. Oh, yeah. Sorry. The plan.

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  I forgot,” he mumbled.

“I’ll take that as a complement,” Miko chirped as she sat up on her knees.

Across the storage room, Angel held Maria’s hot, wet groin to him as he tried to hold off the urge to cum. Her thick, pale ass was wrapped tightly around his cock as her pink pussy drooled and dripped on the floor. She was panting heavily, her large breasts heaving and covered with droplets of sweat as she fought to control her breathing. Her eyes were heavy lidded as they stared up at the vampire. “Are you ready, Angel?Are you prepared?You do have the most to lose after all,” she said plainly.

Angel took an unneeded breath to steady his resolve as he slowly pulled his prick out of the demon queens tightly clutching ass. “To save Buffy, I’m ready for anything,” he said with steely resolve as he slowly lowered Maria down to the ground.

Maria wiped the sweat from her brow as she leaned up on her elbows, her large breasts pulling slightly to the sides but still mostly defying gravity. “Then let us prepare,” she said.


Buffy watched as Faith rode some random demon as hard as the Dark Slayer could. The demon was grunting in pain every time Faith threw herself down on his lap, her juices spraying out with every thrust as the demon shoved weakly against her, desperate to push the dark haired girl off of him before she could break him in two. Looking around the dark cavern, Buffy found two unoccupied demons of her own and ran over to them, grabbing what passed as their wrists, and began positioning.

As Faith rode her demon like a broken pony she looked over at Buffy and glared at the blonde Slayer.

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  Buffy was riding one demon while blowing the other, holding the demon by his hips as she sucked eagerly at his cock and rocked her hips back and forth on the demon on it's back. She caught Buffy's eye and little Miss perfect winked at her as she pleasured the two demons and Faith growled from deep in her chest.

Licking and suckling on one demon cock as she rode another, Buffy watched as Faith dismounted her demon and then walked a few feet away. Faith grabbed a nearby demon by it's prick and dragged it back to the first demon who was trying to crawl away from the horny, angry Slayer. Faith grabbed the fleeing demon and then positioned both of them on either end of her as she got down on her hands and knees. She winked at Buffy as the demons entered her, one in her mouth and the other in her pussy, rocking her naked body between them as the filled her roughly again and again. Buffy huffed in anger around the cock in her mouth, refusing to be out done.

Grinning wickedly around the cock in her mouth, Faith watched as Buffy pulled herself away from the two demons fucking her tan body. She thought that she had won her little battle of wills but then saw Buffy grab a third demon and pull him over to her other two. Straddling the first demon, the blonde Slayer slowly took his cock into her wet cunt before bending over and presenting her tight ass to the third demon. The third demon slowly pushed his thick cock into Buffy's rear-end and Faith could hear her moaning in pleasure before the second demon filled her mouth with his dick. Then Buffy winked at her and Faith became pissed.

Buffy giggled to herself around her mouth full of demon dick as Faith threw off the demons fucking her. She watched as Faith looked around, her hands on her hips as she considered her options. Suddenly the dark haired Slayer snapped her fingers as a idea came to her and began grabbing a random demon near her.

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  Buffy's eyes went wide as she watched Faith position the demons and realized what she was doing. With a demon on his back, Faith squatted over him, slowly lowering her ass down until she enveloped his cock completely as another demon crawled between their legs and slid his prick deep into her cunt. The Dark Slayer turned her head to the side and swallowed another demon's cock as a fourth one straddled her chest and began fucking her large, pale tits.

Faith could see Buffy from around the demons fucking her but smiled in satisfaction, imagining the look on her face. There was no way Buffy was going to top her doing this.

Buffy threw off the demons and stood up, stomping her foot angrily with her arms crossed under her breasts as she watched Faith. She glared at the dark haired Slaying before spying something out of the corner of her eye and smiling wickedly to herself. Running off to her side she grabbed the demon she had seen and yanked it off to Faith's side to give her rival a good look at what she was about to do.

A high pitched squeal of pain drew Faith's attention and she saw Buffy pulling a tentacle demon over next to her. The demon was pretty much just a writhing pile of slimy tubular arms surrounding a mouth but at the end of every arm was a bulbous head pulsating and quivering in need. Buffy released the demon and then smirked at Faith, cocking her hips and then doing something Faith would never have expected. Buffy flipped her off.

"Top this," Buffy sneered before stepping into the writhing mass of horny demon tentacles. The arms quickly wrapped around her, spreading her arms and legs, wrapping themselves around her firm breasts and thighs, sliding across her hard, pink nipples and the insides of her thighs, thrusting themselves between her jiggling cleavage and taunt ass-cheeks, and teasing the entrances to her mouth, pussy, and ass.

Faith's entire body shuddered in pleasure as she watched Buffy's every tight, tiny little hole slowly filled with thick, throbbing, demon cock.

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  It was everything she had dreamed of. Buffy's body was lifted up into the air as her mouth, pussy, and ass was filled with slick, demon tentacles. The blonde Slayer swayed rhythmically as she was fucked slowly at first, her toned body moved and positioned in every direction as the demon's arms caressed and probed every inch of her tan skin. Without warning, Faith came, her pale body twitching as electric currents of lust coursed through her muscles, her juices gushing out of her pussy as the demons surrounding her continued fucking her.

Buffy nearly forgot all about Faith as she was fucked high in the air. From that far up she could see the entire cavern and her body throbbed in need as slowly every eye turned towards her. Her hands reached out and grabbed two more tentacles, using them for balance as she also began jerking them off. The demons and humans on the ground began turning and twisting themselves around, all trying to watch her as they fucked. A quick orgasm tore through her, her juices splattering on the ground, as she realized she was now the complete inspiration for every hard cock and wet pussy in the cavern. She was responsible for every moan of lust all around her. As far as every man, woman, boy, girl, and demon was concerned right now, she was a sex god.

Fighting off the demons who were trying to keep fucking her as they watched Buffy, Faith finally freed herself and walked over to the demon fucking Buffy. There was no way she was letting Buffy be the sole star of this show. Nudging a tentacle with her foot, the demons arms wrapped around her, lifting her pale body up and spreading her wide open. She was slowly filled with thick, demon cock as she rose up to meet Buffy, her every hole filled tight.

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  The demon began fucking her that same way it was fucking Buffy, both of their voices echoing through the cavern as the slick tentacles slid in and out of their mouths, cunts, and toned rear-ends as they gripped and squeezed their breasts and fucked their tits.

Buffy and Faith slowly reached for each other as they were rocked back and forth in their air, their young bodies used over and over again by the demon below them. Their slick, warm juices rained down from above, sprinkling the people and things below them as they wrapped their arms together and pressed themselves chest to chest. They held themselves together tightly, their legs winding around one another as their bodies twitched together. The pants, groans, and moans echoed through the cavern loud enough for everybody to hear as they were rocked back and froth by the demon tentacles fucking them. Their moans, slightly muffled by the thick arms thrusting in and out of their mouths, grew louder until their orgasms peaked and their tight, toned bodies seized in pleasure. They screamed around the tentacles in their mouths as the thick, demon arms shuddered, erupting inside of their over-heated bodies.

As their cum gushed out of their clutching cunts, Buffy and Faith screamed in pleasure as their orgasms roared threw them. The demon holding them up slowly started to become limp, lowering them slowly to the ground as the cavern erupted into cheers and grunts as orgasm after orgasm rolled across the darkness. As the two Slayers lay twitching on the ground they slowly opened their eyes, glaring at each other.


Maria adjusted her gown to make sure that it covered her large, pendulous breasts as she stood before the small group of warriors. “What we are about to do is most dangerous indeed,” she said as she looked around the room, “It is completely possible that not all of us will return from our mission but our individual lives are not important. What is important is that we, as a group, succeed. For if we fall so falls the world. ”

Miko held her face in her palm.

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  “Heck of a speech, mom,” she mumbled.


Tara and Joyce moaned in pleasure as their tongues darted in and out of their dripping pussies. On her back, Joyce kept a tight hold of Tara’s pale thighs, holding her to her mouth as the older woman’s tongue slid in and out of the young witch’s tasty twat causing Tara to groan in lust. The vibrations of Tara’s groans stimulated Joyce’s over-heated pussy causing the single mother to pant in lust and redouble her efforts to drink down the schoolgirl’s tart juices. She tried every trick she had ever used or had done to her to get Tara to cum for her as the blonde witch used her talented tongue on her in return.


“Well, if you think you can do better. . . ” Maria said and presented the area beside her to her daughter.

Miko blushed in embarrassment before slowly slinking to her mother’s side and facing the group. She had no idea what to say. “Well, guys, this is it,” she mumbled.

“Louder. You’re mumbling,” Maria whispered to her daughter, “And don’t slouch. ”

Miko took a deep breath and stood up straighter before facing the small group again.

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  With nothing really to say she suddenly yelled out, “Let’s go get ‘em, team!”

Maria held her face in her palm in embarrassment for her daughter.


“Is it me or does this seem to happen to us too much?” Yaku asked before kissing Fubuki deeply. Both girls were on their hands and knees facing each other with a demon fucking them both from behind. Yaku’s large breasts dangled freely below her, wobbling back and forth with each thrust of the demon’s cock.

Fubuki broke the kiss and looked behind her at the demon fucking her before looking back at Yaku. “Dangers of the job I guess,” she said with a shrug of her shoulders.

Yaku giggled to herself before raising a hand up and cupping one of Fubuki’s small tits. “Can you imagine this happening if we were accountants?”

Fubuki threw her pert ass back at the demon behind her, trying to spur it on to fuck her harder. “Nah. I suck at math. ”


Angel tried not to smile at Miko’s enthusiasm. “I think what Miko is trying to say is that as a team she has no doubt that we’ll succeed. ”

“Uh, yeah. Exactly,” Miko agreed.

“But Maria is correct,” Angel continued, “What’s important is that the team win.

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  As individuals we each have our own talents and, I hope not, but if one of us should fall we have to keep the plan in mind. That’s what is important. ”

“Couldn’t have said it better myself,” Miko said with a nod of her head.


Cathix stood tall in the cavern holding Willow off the ground effortlessly as the fucked her tight, red-haired pussy. Her warm juices dripped down off the curve of her pert ass and splashed onto the dirty ground as he slid her back and forth on his cock. Her slender legs were spread out wide around his hips, flaying wildly, her small tits jiggling on her chest, her arms spread out, and her eyes rolled back up in her head as she was fucked deeper than she had ever thought was possible. There wasn’t a single coherent thought in her head, all she could do was enjoy the feel of the demon lord stretching her to the point of snapping as he grunted out in pleasure.


“I'm afraid that Angel is quite correct,” Giles said as he finished getting dressed, “And you have no idea how much it pains me to say that. No matter what happens to us, we must free both the Slayers and Dawn or all hope is lost. ”He began cleaning his glasses again before realizing what he was doing and then putting them on before continuing. “Those three are all that matter. They must be freed and told of their parts, after that, we are each on our own. Our lives and the lives of our friends, this town, and indeed, the world, all hang in the balance. ”


“That’s a good dollie,” Dru cooed as she patted Kanako on the head, “Now make mommy happy. ”

Kanako got down on her knobby knees between Dru’s pale, slender thighs as the vampire reclined on the large stone.

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  The pink-haired ninja leaned forward and lightly licked up the dark-haired woman’s wet slit causing her to shiver in pleasure. She slid her tongue between Dru’s pussy lips, parting them slightly and causing her cool juices to escape and dribble down to her compacted ass-cheeks. Rolling her tongue up, Kanako slid it into the vampire’s pussy, slowly tongue fucking her as Dru gripped her by her hair.

“Such a good, good dolly,” Dru moaned as she rolled her slender hips slowly, grinding herself against the young girl’s mouth. “Maybe after the apocalypse I’ll keep you as a pet. ”


“Well, since everybody’s sharing, I guess I will too,” Xander said as he moved up and stood beside Giles. “I love the plan. It’s a great plan, don’t get me wrong but I’m going in there to get my friends back. Sure, all the demon sex is kinda on the yucky side, not the mention the possibly dying part, but nothing is going to stop me from getting our friends back and getting every one of us out of that hell hole. And then killing all the demons that have done this to us. ”


When Dawn had grabbed his arm and asked him sweetly if he wanted to have sex, Jonathan had thought that he would have had a easier time with the youngest Summers woman than he had with Cordelia and Anya. He had been wrong.

“Who’s your daddy!Who’s your daddy!” Dawn shouted in glee as she roughly rode the older boy’s prick, her tiny tits jiggling wildly as she pistoned up and down on his stiff cock. The world may have been ending but right now Dawn Summers didn’t care. All she cared about right now was that sex was Awesome!She had no idea why her mom and Buffy was always trying to warn her away from it by telling her that she wasn’t old enough cuz as far as she could tell everybody wanted to fuck a teenage girl.


  Demon sex-spell or not she had her pick of partners in the cavern, boy or girl, and she had enjoyed fucking them all. Fucking. From now on that was her new favorite word.


Miko looked over at Xander as he finished his speech. “And killing them all is my job. ”


“Ahhh!” Xander cried out as he jerked the steering wheel and straightening out Oz’s van. Miko’s head hit the steering wheel and she looked up from his lap.

“Careful,” she glared up at him, “I nearly bit my tongue!”

“It’s not your tongue I’m worried about you biting,” Xander said as he struggled to keep his eyes on the road as Miko bent her head back down and slid his cock back into her mouth.

In the back on the van, Maria used her grips on Giles and Angel’s pricks to keep herself steady.

“Xander, keep your bloody eyes on the road,” Giles growled as Maria tugged on his cock to keep herself from falling over.

“If you think it’s so easy, you try it!” Xander shouted back as Miko’s head bobbed slowly up and down in his lap as she sucked expertly on his cock.

“You’re doing great,” Angel said to Xander. Confidence building speeches were more Giles’ speed than his but with the librarian's Western embarrassment towards sex he was a little preoccupied to be more uplifting to the high school boy. “Just concentrate on Miko building up power through her. .

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  . technique, rather than what she’s doing to build the power. ”

“That makes, like, zero sense,” Xander muttered under her breath.

While Xander tried to concentrate on his driving, Maria pulled Angel’s cock into her mouth, sucking on it fiercely as she slid her hand down her body, underneath her wrap, and between her legs. The simple matter was that they were fighting a war based on sexual power and best way to gain power was through sexual contact and now that they were preparing for the last battle, they needed all the help they could get. While Xander was driving the van, Miko was using her oral techniques to stimulate him while she used her hand to stimulate herself through masturbation. And while that was going on, Maria, he, and Giles were all on their knees in the back with Maria between them. The demon Queen was jerking Giles off with one hand while she sucked on him and played with herself with her free hand until trading off while he and Giles struggled not to make eye-contact. All while being driven to what would more than likely be their certain doom.

Suddenly Angel made eye-contact with Giles. “We need to find better jobs,” he muttered.

“Bloody well right,” Giles agreed before breaking eye-contact with Angel.


“God bloody help me,” Ethan muttered between the vampire’s thighs.

“I think it’s a bit late for that,” Dru said as she reclined against the stone wall and held the old warlock’s head between her pale thighs. The cold ground and bits of rock bit into her taunt ass while she squirmed around and got comfortable, the stone biting into her back and buttocks, bits of pain seasoning the pleasure she was forcing from the human.

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Ethan managed a quick gasp of breath before Drucilla strengthened her grip on his hair, forcing his mouth back against her wet, cool cunt. She had grabbed him after finishing with the Asian girl and had throw him to the ground, straddling his face and riding him until he was turning purple from lack of breath. She had finished with him after a few, long, drawn out minutes and then simply walked away. He had been relieved and then grew fearful when she had stopped, turned around and strutted back towards him. She looked down at him, her face turning into it’s vampiric form and grinned down at him and said, “On second thought, Mommy’s not finished. ”

Dru licked her pointed fangs as she rolled her hips up to to grind against the older man’s tongue and mouth, growling deep in her chest as she palmed one of her small breasts. She pinched her hard nipple, cooing in pleasure as she thrust herself forward, her pussy dribbling into the dirty ground.

Laying down in the middle of the orgy, Ethan muttered pathetically, “I just wanna go home. ”


Xander jerked the wheel to the side again to keep from driving up on the sidewalk.

“Will you stop that!” Miko glared up at him from his lap.

“I’m sorry,” Xander replied, “But you’re kinda distracting down there. ”

Miko fisted the base of his ridged prick, never missing a stroke with her hand no matter how erratically the American boy drove. “We need to build our power before confronting the demons and it would be nice if you didn’t kill us all before we get there,” she said with a stern voice before once again sliding his hard prick back into her mouth. She ran her free hand between her thighs, masturbating while blowing Xander, needing to build up enough sexual energy for both of them before their final battle.

And while Xander struggled to keep Oz’s van on the road, Giles and Angel struggled to keep their pace as they fucked Maria.

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  Giles slid his prick in and out of her talented mouth while Angel fucked her from behind with her on her hands and knees, her large tits dangling beneath her, swaying from side to side as the van rocked back and forth.

As the van swayed down the street, amazingly not drawing the attention of any police, all five occupants struggled between having sex and not cumming. Xander rolled his eyes as he thought over the bizarreness of his situation compared to the usual bizarreness of his life and tried not to stare into the rear-view mirror at the demon queen on all fours in the back of the van. “Why is it I’m the only one who knows how to drive Oz’s band-mobile?” he muttered to himself.


“You should be nicer to Xander,” Buffy growled as she thrust her fingers as deep into Anya’s ass as she could. She held the ex-demon’s head down by pressing firmly against her shoulders leaving her ass stuck high in the air. She knelt beside Anya, thrusting her fingers in and out of Xander’s girlfriend’s tightly clutching rear-end as her captive struggled against her. “And have more respect for Willow and his relationship,” she continued.

Buffy had seen Anya strolling around giving orders to various groups of people and things and it had reminded her of all the times the ex-vengeance demon had ordered Xander around like a puppy. And if there was something Buffy wouldn’t stand for it was someone mistreating her friends. She had grabbed Anya and threw her to the floor on her hands and knees and then immediately thrust her fingers into the ex-demon’s wet pussy, lubing her digits. When Anya had screamed and began yelling at her, Buffy had decided to take it a step farther and slipped her fingers into her ass. She was going to teach the bitchy faux teen a lesson on the way to treat her best friend.


Once again dawn broke over the horizon of Sunnydale California, shining down on the small band of warriors standing outside of town. The black van made small clicking sounds as the engine cooled and the group turned their eyes towards the tall, beautiful demon queen.

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  The breaking morning sun turned her gauzy dress even more transparent, her pink nipples clearly visible as well as the juncture of her long legs.

“We all know why we are here,” Maria said with authority, “And we know what will happen if we fail. ”She scanned the small crowd momentarily before turning back into the open side of the van, her round ass out-thrust for a brief time before she turned back around. “Miko, take these please,” she said as she held her hands out to her daughter, a small ball of energy glowing in each of her palms. “I would prefer you to have enough for everybody but I must save my strength for what is to come,” she finished as Miko took the glowing spheres and hid them behind her back.

“We all know what we have to do,” Giles added, trying to pretend that the idea of what the two radiant balls would do.

Xander held up his hand to ask a question. “Can I re-state how much I don’t like the plan?” he asked.

Everybody groaned in frustration. “No,” they said in unison and ignored his blush.

“Any other questions?” Giles asked as he glared at Xander.

When nobody else spoke up, Miko took a step forward. “Let’s get started then,” she chirped.

“Yeah, we need to get going before the sun comes all the way up,” Angel said as he squinted at the far off sunrise.


Faith glared at Buffy from around some kid’s hip as his cock slid past her lips and she sucked him as hard as she could.

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  She had a grip on a small, purple demon with a impossibly long cock, using his entire body as a dildo. The demon squeaked in pain in her grip as she slid his cock as deep inside of her as she could, his cock-head hitting her cervix as she thrust him in and out of her drooling cunt.

“Ow, ow, ow. . . ” Johnathon grunted as his cock slid in and out of the dark-haired girl’s mouth. Her mouth was sucking on him so hard he thought his penis was going to pop off and she’d swallow it whole without even noticing. He tried to pull out as a means of survival but he was trapped by the vacuum of her mouth and not to mention her teeth. When the girl had first grabbed him and dragged him off she had snatched some random flying demon from the air and brought them over to a small alcove to use them. She had used his erection to drag him down to his knees as she laid down and pulled his cock into her mouth. She sucked on him a bit before flashing her teeth at him, giving him a non-verbal threat before swallowing him back down. He was shivering in the cavern, whether in fear or pleasure he didn’t know.

“Let. . .

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   Modup. . . Go!” the small demon gasped. No matter how much he struggled or tried to fly off, the Dark Slayer’s grip on him was like steel and he was trapped, trapped between the Slayer’s pale thighs. He was slightly confused as to what to do, as a demon serving Cathix it was his duty to make the human female cum but it was humiliating to be used like this no matter how good it felt between her legs.

There was practically a line waiting to get a shot at Buffy and it was pissing Faith off. What made Buffy so special?There wasn’t anything the goody-two shoes Slayer could do that she couldn’t, and she had no doubts that she was a better lay. So why was she settling for this kid and this pathetic demon when it looked like Buffy had her pick of fuck-buddies. She continued glaring at Buffy while the dark haired kid cried out in pain as she accidentally began grinding her teeth in anger around his cock.


“Can you see her yet?” Giles whispered from behind the stone archway.

“I can’t see her yet,” Xander replied.

“I know where she is,” Angel whispered back.

“You can see her?” Miko asked.

“I can, ah.

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  . . I can smell her,” Angel said.

“Oh. Ewww,” Miko said back.

“Oh, yes. Indeed,” Giles responded with a blush.

“We should prepare ourselves,” Maria said as she shrugged her shoulders, her gauzy slip falling from her arms to reveal her naked body. She sat down on the cold, dirty ground and spread her legs wide, bringing her hands between her pale thighs. She immediately slid two of her fingers into her pussy with one hand and began strumming her clit with the other.

Xander stared at the beautiful Demon Queen as she masturbated, his pants tenting as he grew hard, his eyes locked between her legs. “Ow,” he gasped as Miko slugged him in his shoulder.

“Stop staring at my mom and get your clothes off,” Miko ordered as she gave the American boy a quick shove.

“Right, right,” Xander said as he began taking his clothes off, having to struggle a bit to get his pants over his erection. He turned around and saw that Angel was already naked and blushed fiercely at the vampire’s more impressive body, turning his head away quickly.

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  His eyes were immediately to Miko, already naked and waiting for him impatiently with her arms crossed under her breasts.

Miko cocked an eyebrow at Xander. “Are you ready yet?” she asked as she tapped her foot waiting. When Xander nodded his head at her she looked around at the group. “Everybody know their targets?” she asked and everybody nodded at her. “Then let’s go. ”

Angel and Xander were the first to enter the orgy, Xander following the vampire but not to closely. “So, I guess we’re just following your nose?” he asked awkwardly.

“Um, yeah,” Angel said as his senses zeroed in on the love of his life, Buffy. His eyes began to fill with tears at the sight of her, on her knees, some strange demon’s cock pulsing in and out of her pussy, some strange human’s dick thrusting in and out of her mouth. Despite the sight of her rocking herself back and forth between them, her breasts dangling beneath her, was the sounds of her enjoyment, actually enjoying what was being done to her, taken by two strangers and fucked to orgasm. “Be right back,” he said sternly.

Angel walked over to the happily fucking people, grabbed the human by the neck and thrust his head against the stone wall, knocking him unconscious. He grabbed the demon under it’s neck and twisted in violently, killing the demon instantly. He turned back to Xander and said, “Grab Dawn, I’ll take Buffy back.

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Xander only had to look around for a few moments before he heard Dawn. The small, teenage girl was riding one of the largest demons he had ever seen, her slender thighs spread wide around it’s hips, her hands on it's chest as she rode him like a bronco. Her small tits wiggled around wildly on her chest as she pistoned up and down, her ass clenched tight as she somehow managed to fit it’s massive prick inside of her tightly stretched pussy. “How the hell is she doing that?” Xander whispered to himself in amazement at Dawn’s sexual ability. He didn’t really know what to think of Dawn right now considering the next part of the plan.

With Angel and Xander currently carrying out their parts of the plan, Miko crept around the cavern carrying out hers: the identification and elimination of the more powerful demons helping Cathix. And after only a few minutes she spotted her first target, Spike.

“I’ve about bloody had it with the bloody Summers women,” Spike thought as he paced around the cavern. He was going to get each Summers woman and fuck them blind one at a time. He was the Big Bad here and he was not going to let a bunch of blonde haired sexual dynamos pull one over on him. He was going to find out why any man that happens to slip between their thighs came over all love-mad and ga-ga over them. There was not going to be any stopping him now.

“Oh Giles, I’ve missed you,” Buffy chirped with glee as she pressed her naked body against her Watcher’s equally naked body. She rubbed her teenage body up and down him as she wrapped a arm around his neck, pulling him close and kissing him deeply.

Giles fought awkwardly between trying to kiss Buffy and pushing her away.

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  His brain was telling him that he needed to become. . . intimate, with her in order to save the world, but his heart was telling him that there was no way he could possible have sex with Buffy. The deciding vote was cast by the demon sex-spell filling the air of the cavern. With a monumental effort of will he wrapped an arm around her slender waist, holding her close and sliding his tongue into her mouth.

Angel gave Giles a moment to get used to being close to Buffy in this manner, but only a moment. If Giles took to much time he was sure to talk himself out of it and unfortunately the fate of the world hung on what would happen in the next few minutes. He walked up behind Buffy and placed his hands on her slender shoulders, nudging her down encouraging her to continue the kiss except lower.

Buffy kissed down Giles’ chest, amazed by how well put together for his age. She got down on her knees in front of his now throbbing erection and wrapped one delicate hand around the base as she looked up at him. “I’ve wanted this for so long,” she said sweetly as she tugged on his cock before licking the tip of him and drawing him into her warm, moist mouth. Never breaking eye contact she began sucking him into her, bobbing her head back and forth as she massaged his shaft with her pink tongue.

“No, no!I wasn’t done yet,” Dawn squealed as she fought against Xander. Her small, wet cunt made a lewd slurping sound as he pulled her off the giant prick she had been riding.


  The demon actually looked thankful and helped push the teen girl off of him as Xander tried to lift her away.

“Dawn, it's me. It’s Xander,” he pleaded quietly into her ear and quickly got her attention.

Dawn looked over her shoulder at Xander and then quickly shot to her feet. “Oh my God, Xander!” she chirped as she clapped her hands, “I’ve wanted this for so long!”In a blur the horny teenage girl threw herself at her childhood crush, wrapping her arms around his neck and tackling him to the ground.

As Spike stalked around the cavern he felt a small tap on his shoulder. He turned around and met a small fist with his jaw. A small foot met his stomach, doubling him over as another fist came up to met his jaw, knocking him back onto his ass on the dirty ground. “What the bloody ‘ell!” he cried up as his vision cleared and he saw a small Asian girl with purple hair glaring down at him.

“Your trail of pain stops here, vampire!” Miko said with her fists on her hips. In a flash she threw herself on top of Spike, headbutting him before straddling the vampire, gripping him at the base and aiming him up at the juncture of her thighs. Her warm, tight pussy enveloped him and she squeezed him like a fist drawing a grunt of pain from him as he began trying to fight her off. “You and me are gonna have ourselves a talk,” she growled as she started rolling her hips, fucking Spike relentlessly.

“Oh, Buffy, yes,” Giles panted out as he held the sides of her head, holding her still as he fucked her talented mouth. On his knees in front of her, he felt like he was having an out of body experience, yelling at himself for enjoying the feel of Buffy’s mouth wrapped around his prick as another voice goaded him on into enjoying the feel of her talented, teenage mouth.

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Angel knelt behind Buffy, his hands on her hips as he pushed himself in and out of her teenage pussy. Her tight cunt gripped his cock like a velvet vice, her juices sliding down the insides of her thighs and covering his dangling balls. He kept his thoughts on the feel of him plunging in and out of her, the heat coming off of her body, the wet sounds her pussy was making filling his ears, his eyes locked onto the ripples her ass made as his hips slapped against her. He kept his thoughts firmly on what was happening right now, not on what could happen at the end.

Buffy couldn’t be happier than she was right now. With Giles’ cock plumping the insides of her mouth and Angel’s cock filling her pussy she was fucking the two men she loved most in the world. The only thing that could make her happier was if Xander was here right now.

“I’m trying, Dawn. Give me a second,” Xander pleaded as he tried to aim his cock at the entrance to Dawn’s tight pussy. The small girl was writhing around beneath him on the floor, her slender legs wrapped around his waist, humping up against him, desperate to get him inside her, begging him to fuck her. “Stop moving around so much,” he complained as he held himself up above her. Finally he pinned her down with one arm to hold her still as he grabbed his mostly hard prick with his other. Finally he managed to get his cock inside of the horny teen girl, her teenage cunt both soft and tight at the same time, hot and juicy like fruit. She arched her back, her small tits pushed out, her nipples hard and pointing straight up at him as he slowly bottomed out inside of the small, young girl who he used to baby-sit.

“You’re gonna do what I say, right?” Miko panted as she pistoned up and down on Spike’s prick.

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“F. . . Fu. . . Fuck you, bi. . . bitch. . . ” Spike panted as his hands unconsciously wandered over the Asian girl’s slight chest.

“You’re gonna obey all my commands, right?” Miko said as she rolled her hips back and forth, grinding her clit against the vampire’s groin.


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  . . Go to. . . to hell. . . bitch,” Spike hissed through clenched teeth as he bucked his hips up, trying to get as much of his prick as he could into the slender girl’s amazing pussy.

Pinning herself down over Spike’s cock, Miko used her lower muscles to squeeze down on his shaft as she rolled her hips up, bringing the vampire to a shuddering climax. “Who’s your queen now, vampire,” she asked with a wicked, knowing gleam in her eye.

Spike stuttered in pleasure as his cock erupted inside of the teenage ninja’s tight, clutching cunt. “Y-y-y-youuu,” he gasped out.

Giles’ eyes rolled back into his head as he groaned in pleasure. He had lost all trepidation at fucking Buffy’s talented mouth, her tongue rolling and rubbing his shaft as she sucked him into her throat.

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  At first he had been ashamed at enjoying Buffy’s mouth and then even more ashamed at technically cheating on Jenny with Buffy but now he hoped that he could get Buffy to teach Jenny a thing or two. The teenage girl sucking his cock’s oral technique was amazing, better than anything he had felt before despite his years of experience. There was just something about Buffy Summers that had him panting in lust, eager to fill her mouth with the cum she obviously wanted.

Angel tried not to think about anything. Not the way Buffy felt in front of him, not the way he felt inside of her, not the way her golden, glistening body felt wrapped around him, and not the situation he found himself in. And especially not what the plan needed from him to succeed.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” Xander gasped out as he slid slowly in and out of Dawn’s tight, wet, teenage pussy. His part of the plan was for him to quickly dom Dawn and take her back to the group but there was nothing he could do now because the moment he had slid his cock into his best friend’s sister’s teenage twat, all he cared about was fucking her. Her tight body synced itself to him perfectly, moving with and against him in perfect unison. Her moans and groans of pleasure filled his ears, blocking the sound of the demon orgy all around him. Fucking Dawn was more important to him than the downfall of the rest of the world. As far as he was concerned, heaven was between Dawn Summers’ slender thighs.

Miko pulled herself off of Spike’s cock, standing defiantly above him. “Stand up,” she ordered as she began straightening her clothes.

“Please, just a bit more,” Spike pleaded, his pale cock throbbing in desire.

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“Mmm. . . ” Miko stared, pretending to think it over, “Maybe later. Come on. Up and attem. ”

“I’ll do anything,” Spike practically whined as he slowly got to his feet, “Just a bit more. ”

Miko didn’t know how much longer she could keep a hold over Spike so she grabbed him by the wrist with one hand and his cock with the other. She began lightly jerking him off and tugged him over to the entrance to the cavern where her mother and the rest were. “Just follow me and you’ll get all the attention you deserve,” she said.

“Yes, ma’am,” Spike said obediently.

Giles thrust himself fast and deep into Buffy’s talented mouth, holding the sides of her head firmly as he fucked her face. The young Slayer rocked her body back and forth, moaning abound her mentor’s cock as she opened her throat up, letting him slide a deep as he could into her. Angel kept a firm hold of his girlfriend’s slender thighs, letting her push herself back on his cock trying not to gasp out in the pleasure of her body, trying not to cum but it was useless.

Giles, Buffy, and Angel’s moans and groans of pleasure became louder as their pleasure built and their orgasms began to crest.

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  Buffy was the first to cum, her tan teenage body stiffening up and her muscles seizing while her mouth sucked Giles into her throat as much as she could and her gushing pussy clamped down on Angel’s hard shaft. Angel was the next to cum, slamming his cock as deep into Buffy’s tender pussy as deeply as his could, feeling himself filling her tight pussy with his cool seed. Giles was the last to join, his prick spasming as he unleashed his cum into her clutching throat, feeling her swallow his every drop.

As Angel’s cock began to soften inside of Buffy’s writhing body he slid out of her and fell back on his naked ass. His eyes flashed with light momentarily as he gasped Buffy’s name, fear filling his body to replace the soul he was losing.

Across from Giles, Buffy, and Angel, Maria shoved two of her fingers as deep into her pussy as she could with one hand while palming and squeezing one of her large tits with the other. She never took her eyes off of the vampire as her pussy gushed her warm, slick juices.

“Yes, Xander, yes,” Dawn gasped in pleasure as she wrapped her arms around his neck and rolled her hips up in time with his thrusts. She arched her back as she rode him from below, her coltish legs wrapped around him, her pink lips moist as she panted with lust. “Make me cum. Please make me cum,” she groaned out as her orgasm began to rise in her ripe, young body. She tightened her arms and legs around him, holding his body to her’s as she started to cum, her teenage pussy clenching down on his cock, rippling around him as she came.

“Oh geez, oh geez, oh geez,” Xander began muttering as Dawn came wrapped around his cock. His balls were boiling with the need to cum, aching and pulling up tight while resting against the young girl’s compacted ass-cheeks. He pulled himself out of her embrace, sliding his prick out of her warm, slick hole, and straightened his back, sitting up on his knees.

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  He shuffled forward, straddling the young girl’s sweat slick body, aiming his cock down at her. He fisted his prick, cumming after only a few strokes, erupting all over her angelic face. His white, thick load rained down on her, covering her panting face, matting her hair and spilling into her gasping mouth. Her eyes became clearer as he looked down at her and she looked up at him.

“Xander, what’s going on?” Dawn asked as her mind began to clear.

A golden light surrounded Maria’s wet, needy pussy as Angel lost his soul and the evil Angelus shot to his feet.

“It’s good to be back,” Angelus said as his face changed, his eyes turning yellow as his fangs grew in his mouth, easily visible though his wide, evil smile. He looked down at the two humans below him, the one called Giles and the Slayer jokingly named Buffy. “And look who’s here to welcome me back,” he chuckled.

As the last of his cum dripped out of his cock it took the last of his lust with it allowing Giles to realize just how much danger he and Buffy were in. He quickly grabbed the naked, panting, teenage girl, yanking her to the side and shielding her with his body as Angelus sneered down at him. “Maria, now would be good!” he shouted.

Spike led Miko across the cavern until they found who she was looking for. “Get them off to the side, away from the rest,” she whispered into his ear and he nodded slowly. She kept him is her sight as he walked away through the orgy and hoped nobody would notice that she was the only person not having sex despite being naked.

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  She had spent so much time without her clothes since coming to America that even though she only had her hair tie in it felt like she was fully clothed. As Spike spoke to her next two targets she followed along behind them until they were in an out of the way alcove.

“Spike, dear, what seems to be the problem?” Darla asked as she noticed her offspring’s flaccid penis.

Dru cocked an eyebrow at her lover, looking intently in his eyes. “Mummy, I don’t think dear William is there,” she said in her usual sing-song voice.

“Oh he’s in there alright,” Miko said as she snuck up behind the three vampires, “He’s just not listening to you. ”

The two naked female vampires quickly turned around, their vampiric faces snarling at the slim Asian girl.

Miko effortlessly spun around the two vampires, pulling a stake from somewhere out of her uniform and placing the tip directly over Spike’s heart. “Ah, ah, ah,” she said with a grin.

“Oh, mummy, no!” Dru gasped, her face turning to human and filled with worry while Darla just glared angrily at the human.

“You’ve dominated him,” Darla growled, “Let him go!”

“Oh, I’ll let him go alright,” Miko sneered, “After you two leave. Quickly and quietly. ”

Darla growled before relaxing, her face turning back to normal. “Your word, human,” she hissed in anger.

“Leave and nothing will happen to him,” Miko assured them.

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“Mummy, please,” Dru pleaded.

Darla thought over her options for a brief, dramatic moment. “Fine,” she agreed.

Miko smiled in triumph.

Angelus sneered in excitement at he watched the humans cowering below him. “Finally,” he growled. He bent down to grab Giles’ and Buffy’s hair just as a slender, pale arm wrapped around his throat and yanked him backwards. He landed on his pale, muscular ass just as a smooth thigh straddled his waist and a fist smashed into his vampiric face. The Demon Queen braced her arms on his chest, pushing him down as her tight, warm, wet pussy quickly enveloped his rigid cock. He grunted slightly, his hips bucking up involuntarily as his hands went to her shoulders to try and push her off of him.

Maria struggled against the much stronger vampire. Her sexual skills easily exceeded his but he was by far stronger than she. She used her lower muscles to squeeze down on his prick as she rolled her hips against him forcing him to gasp out in unwanted pleasure. She tried to bend down, to smother him with her voluminous breasts but he easily held her back as she forced herself against him.

Buffy struggled against Giles as her vision and head began to clear.

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  From through her Watcher’s arms she could see Maria struggling to fuck Angel, or rather Angelus, and began sliding out from Giles’ protective arms. She quickly crawled between Angelus’ legs to Maria’s bouncing ass, her pale flesh rippling with each downward thrust. It was true that she had only learned about Sex-Craft a few days ago but it didn’t take a expert to realize that Maria would need help to dominate Angelus and that Angelus needed to orgasm in order for Maria to complete whatever spell she was trying to work on him. Not thinking of herself or the usually embarrassing act she was about to perform, Buffy bent down below the Demon Queen’s thrusting ass, sliding her tongue between her thick cheeks as she started massaging Angelus’ bloated balls.

“No!” Angelus gasped as Buffy began toying with his balls. He could recognize her touch anywhere due to his other self’s love for her and while it was true he despised love he had to admit that for such a young girl that the Slayer had and expert touch. His arms quivered for a moment at the distraction allowing Maria to shake herself out of his hands and cover his face with her mountainous breasts. Despite himself he began licking and sucking hungrily at her smooth, warm, milk white flesh, his hands creeping to her sides to squeeze and knead her silky tits.

With the Slayers tongue wiggling in and out of her ass between licks of the vampire's testicals, Maria could feel her orgasm about to crest already. She had kept herself on the verge of orgasm all the while that Angel and Giles had fucked Buffy to freedom, releasing the bound Slayer but also releasing the most repugnant vampire of all time. A calculated risk but a necessary one. And with the Slayer’s talented tongue and fingers a risk that was far more acceptable.

Buffy pulled her tongue out of Maria’s tightly clutching ass before sliding her fingers deep inside, fucking the queen’s ass as she began licking Angelus’ balls again. She swirled her tongue around the sensitive sack, covering it in her warm saliva before switching with her fingers again trying to keep Maria stimulated without cumming while trying to drive the vampire to orgasm faster. She could hear both of them grunting in a mix of pleasure and exertion, fucking and fighting, each one trying to be the dominate victor but she knew from experience how strong Angelus was while for all her power Maria was still on human strong.


  There had to be more she could do.

Angelus groaned in disappointment as he felt Buffy’s tongue and fingers leave his balls and heard Maria do the same. He wondered for a moment what the Slayer was doing as he began pushing Maria’s chest off of his face and then his eyes went wide as a tan thigh blocked his vision. He started to shout out but his mouth was quickly covered by Buffy’s wet, pink pussy. His arms were pinned to the ground by her legs as the Slayer began riding his face, his tongue sliding into her gushing pussy on it’s own as he began struggling fitfully below the two women.

As she rode Angelus’ cock, Maria leaned forward, her larger breasts enveloping the teen girl’s smaller, firmer ones. She braced one hand against the evil vampire’s chest as she wrapped her arm around the young American girl’s neck, drawing her forward and kissing her. She slipped her tongue into Buffy’s mouth, both of them groaning in desire as their wet tongues wrestled against the other, their chests rubbing together.

Buffy’s slender hips moved on their own allowing her to wrap both of her arms around Maria, holding her to her as they kissed. She began licking down the Demon Queen’s graceful neck to her chest, quickly latching onto one large, quivering tits and lashing the hard nipple with her tongue as she sucked deeply on Maria’s silky flesh. The queen of the Shikima groaned out in lust and pleasure as she accepted Buffy’s offering of sexual power and rode Angelus to domination.

Giles normally would have simply waited for the spell that Maria was conjuring to come to pass but the sexual energy was to much for him to ignore, his cock aching in need. He scooted behind the beautiful queen and placed the tip of his throbbing cock at the entrance to her puckered ass, pushing forward using her own juices and Buffy’s saliva to slide in. He timed himself with her downward thrusts, letting her rear-end swallow him, shoving himself into her ass as she slid up Angelus cock and then sliding out as the vampire’s prick filled her again. He looked over Maria’s shoulder to watch Buffy sucking hungrily at her impressive chest as they all fucked the evil Angelus into submission and for a moment he felt closer to Buffy than he ever had before.

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As they stood in the middle of the demon orgy, Dawn gingerly played with Xander’s still hard cock, not out of lust or desire but oddly enough out of a sense of security. “What do we do now?” she asked as she twisted her wrist at the base of his cock before sliding up to his tip and back again.

“Oh, ah. . . ” Xander blurted out realizing that he had become distracted by the feel of Dawn’s soft, teenage hand jerking him off, “Well, first we wait for the signal that Giles and Angel have freed Buffy. ”Absentmindedly his hand slid down her graceful back to cup one of her cute, little, plump ass-cheeks.

“And until then?” Dawn asked as she slid her thumb over Xander’s soft cock-head.

“Try to fit in?” Xander said, his head turning slowly towards Dawn as she slowly turned her face to him. He bent down and kissed her softly, their tongues caressing each other as they turned their bodies to each other, Dawn’s hand working his shaft between them as his other hand slid down her back to cup her other soft ass-cheek, massaging her lightly.

Suddenly a bright flash of light flicked off toward the entrance to the cavern.

Angelus grunted into Buffy’s gooey cunt as he came inside of Maria. He could feel her shudder in orgasm above him as Buffy did the same, flooding his mouth with her warm juices. And behind Maria he could hear Giles grunt in release as he no doubt filled the Demon Queen’s thick ass with is seed. From below Buffy’s gushing cunt he saw a flash of light come from where his and Maria’s groins were meshed, her wet pussy seeming to pull him in even deeper inside of her.

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Buffy slid bonelessly to her side as her body relaxed from her orgasm. From the corner of her eye she could see Giles do the same behind Maria as light seemed to spill forth from Maria’s pussy. Suddenly the Slayer could feel her hair started to flare out as if caught in a wind but instead of a breeze coming from behind her it felt like the area where Maria and Angelus’ groins met was sucking in all the air around her. She looked around in confusion as the queen’s hair also began responded to the strange draw of her pussy, air and light seeming to be flowing into her, the light glowing brighter.

Maria’s back arched dramatically as she came, her large breasts swaying on her chest out-thrust and seeming to defy gravity. The energy released by their 4-way orgasm suddenly reversed itself, flowing back into her through her vagina, air, light, and more importantly, energy gathering between her legs until it was released in an short explosion of light. As her orgasm subsided she looked down at her vampire captive, his eyes flashing orange.

“Buffy!” Angel gasped as his soul filled his lifeless body. He looked around him frantically until he saw the naked teen laying on the ground next to him, staring at him skeptically.

“Angel?” Buffy asked warily. She began moving slowly towards him on her hands and knees, her firm, golden tits swaying below her chest, her heart shaped ass high in the air. As emotion filled Angel’s handsome face she became convinced she was right, her lover had returned to her. She scurried over quickly, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him deeply, barely noticing the taste of her cum on his lips and tongue.

“You plan had more than a few risks,” Giles huffed as he crawled next to the panting Maria.

Maria looked over at the Slayer’s mentor.

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  “As if yours doesn’t,” she said plainly.

“Indeed, indeed,” Giles agreed, giving the loving couple a few, precious moments together before the end.

From around the entrance to the cavern, a naked Dawn poked her head around the stone. “Xander said something about a signal,” she said noticing all the naked, sweating flesh and wishing Xander was with her.

In the cavern, Xander was on his back, grunting in discomfort while Fubuki rode him hard enough to bruise his pelvis. He had known that there was no way he could have taken her in a fight so instead of trying to dom her with a frontal attack he had decided to let her do all the work for him. He had snuck up on the naked Sex-Ninja and then tapped her on the shoulder. She had reacted immediately, one of her slender legs flashing out and sweeping his feet out from under him and knocking him to the ground. She had practically tackled him next, pinning him down and straddling his hips. She then gripped his dick possessively, thrusting herself down and began riding him roughly. Now he just had to make sure the slender, violent ninja came before he did.

"Willow, please stop struggling," Giles gasped as he struggled to hold the enthusiastic red haired girl down.

"But isn't it more fun when I put up a fight?" Willow asked with a couple grin as she writhed around beneath the librarian.

Giles shook his head when he realized that he was actually thinking over her question. "Be that as it may, stop struggling," he ordered as he finally managed to place the tip of his prick at the entrance to the highschool girl's tight, wet cunt.

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"Oh daddy, give it to me," Willow cooed as she rocked her hips up, her talented pussy taking in the first few inches of Giles thick, hard prick.

"And stop saying things like that," Gikes urged as he held himself still. Even finally admitting to himself that he, like most older men, had a secret teenage girl fantasy it was one thing to have but another to get to live it out. He throbbed inside of Willow's tight, rippling pussy and fought the urge to simply fuck the girl and cum, holding himself still rather than using the girl's young body for his own needs. As the need to cum subsided he peered down at the panting, energetic girl. "Now this is for your own good," he said as detached as possible while sinking his rigid cock into the girl's warm, soft body.

"Oh daddy, help me with every inch!" Willow giggled as she wrapped her legs around Girls' hips and began fucking him back.

Angel was paying to much attention at Buffy across the cavern to notice what the young, busty Yaku was doing. Suddenlylarge, firm breasts appeared before his eyes, smashing against his head an knocking him back against one of the cavern's walls. Yaku fell to her knees before him, wrapping her warm, soft tits around his prick and using them to jack him off. He groaned in pleasure before regaining his senses and realizing that he had just allowed himself to lose control of what he was supposed to do. They had plenty of fighters on his side, plenty of expirenced Sex-Ninjas more than capable of using their powers against their enemies once they were freed. What they needed was a monster.

Reaching down, Angel gripped Yaku's full, firm tits and squeezed them lovingly causing the young girl to groan in pleasure as she continued massaging his prick. Then suddenly he squeezed her hard nipples painfully, causing to her squeak out in surprise and pain.

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  He pushed her back and spun her around facing away from him before getting to his knees behind her. Pushing Yaku forward onto her hands and knees, Angel began fucking the werewolf girl doggy style.

Buffy made the same mistake that she always did with Faith, the dark haired Slayer was sneakier. She had found Faith riding a demon into the ground and waited for her to finish despite the fact that two demons came up beside her to watch the Dark Slayer finish. Buffy had no choice but to haphazardly jack the two demons off while they played with her tan tits as Faith fucked the demon senseless. When the second Slayer had finished, Buffy dropped the demonic cocks in her hand and made her way over to the gasping Faith.

Starting before any more demons could start, Buffy had wrapped her arms around Faith's body, holding her chest to chest, hip to hip, and kissed her deeply. She had wanted to just fuck and free the dark haired girl as quickly and as emotionally detached as possible but Faith's oral technique soon had both girls moaning in pleasure.

Faith held Buffy's body tightly against her, rubbing herself against the blonde girl's tan flesh, he larger tits envelopimg Buffy's smaller breasts. She slide one hand up and down the blonde's graceful back while sliding the other hand down to cup her heart shaped ass. She slipped one of her legs between Buffy's slender thighs, rubbing up against the other Slayer's drooling pussy and causing her to gasp in pleasure.

Realizing that Faith had easily become the more dominant one, Buffy quickly tried to turn it around. She pressed herself forward trying to move Faith down to the ground. As they reached their knees the dark haired girl once again flipped them around laying Buffy down on her back as she got between the other Slayer's spread thighs. Buffy found herself groaning in pleasure as Faith ground her pussy against her own, their hard clits sizzling against one another.

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  Trying to movie the dark haired Slayer around she found herself trapped under Faith's body as her orgasm began to rise.

Smiling wickedly, Faith kissed Buffy deeply as she continued humping between the blonde Slayer's spread thighs. She could feel the blonde girl struggling beneath her and it just turned he on all the more. Her tight ass clenched and released as she continued grinding herself against Buffy, planning to fucking her to orgasm in front of the entire cavern.

Bracing her feet on the ground, Buffy bucked up, lifting Faith completely off of the ground. She quickly rolled over, pinning the Dark Slayer below her as she moved their legs around until they were scissoring one another with Buffy on top. Wrapping one of Faith's legs around her hips and the other up over her shoulder she began grinding herself down between the dark haired girl's thighs, causing Faith to groan out in pleasure.

As Faith groaned in pleasure she smiled wickedly at Buffy. Squeezing her thighs together she trapped the blonde Slayer between her legs as she flipped over. Buffy grunted in pain from her place on the groung, flat on her stomach as Faith kicked up to her feet. She dodged the blonde girl's attempt at a kick as Buffy scissor kicked her way to a defensive stance low to the ground, her pale ass thrust out high in the air.

"Faith, you've gotta listen to me," Buffy said as she slowly started to relax her fighting stance to try and not appear threatening.

"The only thing I gotta listen to, B, is you screamin' my name," Faith quipped before launching herself forward. She prepared for Buffy's counter, rolling her body sideways as the blonde girl gripped her arm to flip he over herself. Instead, Faith beat her to the flip and spun around the blonde Slayer's back, trapping her arm between them, her breasts smashed against Buffy's back.

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  "Say my name, B," Faith smirked before licking the side of Buffy's face and sliding two fingers from her free hand into the blonde schoolgirl's wet pussy.

As Buffy struggled agaimst Faith's grip she couldn't stop her hips from rocking forward, humping her pussy against the dark h.