Calendar Girls - Miss February


Cadence lay perfectly still on the table. She had been there for nearly an hour and they were still only half through. She swore it did not take nearly as long to do the candy adhesion before the photo shoot but no one seemed to believe it. All she wanted to do was get out of there and get to the party. She had been chosen to be miss February, so they had went with a Valentine's Day candy idea. She laid on a cold hard wood floor that had been decorated with rose petals and a very large heart shaped box that lay on the floor next to her with candy sitting askew inside of it. Half of the pieces were laid out on her body as a trail. Her red thong panties had been carefully encrusted with a dozen of the larger conversation hearts and the pasties she wore were flesh toned with a chocolate covered cherry at the center of each. She looked good enough to eat. Finally, the girls had finished, which had left Cadence overjoyed. It wasn't the party she was looking forward to as much as it was the fact that she knew several of the guys from Delta Ki were going to be there.

Everyone who knew Cadence or even heard of her knew just what kind of girl she was. She always got the man she set her sights on, regardless of his relationship status. It never bothered her because she never bothered to keep any man around long enough for it to be considered a relationship. She, of course, had her phone's address book full of the numbers of her many booty calls, but they all knew that they were not her only one and that was just how she liked it.

When she strutted through the door to the banquet room, all eyes were immediately on her.

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   It was no surprise considering how little she was wearing. She immediately made her way over to the bar to grab a quick drink before she mingled and chose her victim for that night. It was then she noticed someone who seemed completely out of place. His name was David Wittier. He had wrangled an invite from Sadie after hooking her up with some absinthe. Most people outside of the Goths and emo kids did not seem to even acknowledge him. It wasn't that there was anything particularly peculiar about him. He was just rather quiet and looked a bit intimidating. He was rather tall, nicely built, though no one really ever seen much of his body. He had a silky black mane of hair that came down a little past his shoulders, and the most intense blue eyes Cadence had ever seen. What intrigued her most was the rumor she had heard about him and a certain body part. She simply had to know if it was true.

He was sitting alone at a corner table, sipping a drink and observing the debaucherous behavior that was going on around him with a slightly disinterested look on his face. She knew it would not be easy to entice him. Guys like him did not seem to fall for her charms so easily, since girls like her rarely showed a real interest in them.

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   So she ordered a drink and thought about just how to approach him. After watching him for several minutes, she decided to just walk over and take her chances. Cadence knew if he wasn't interested there were dozens of other guys there who would kill for the chance to take her home.

She noticed him watching her out of the corner of his eye as she approached. When she moved closer, stopping in front of him, she immediately noticed something odd. Unlike the rest of the guys there that night, who could not keep their eyes from roaming over her candy clad body, his gaze remained on her face and did not stray. There was something almost mesmerizing about the way he stared into her eyes as she spoke. She kept the conversation light and flirty, trying to see if he would show any interest at all.

“Why don't you just drop the act Cadence? I know what you want, so why don't we just walk out of here, get in my car and go somewhere private. ” He said firmly.

Her jaw dropped as she stared at him in disbelief. “Let me make a quick pit stop first. Then we can get out of here. ”
“Fine. I will get the car.

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   Do not keep me waiting too long or I may change my mind. ” He said, standing up and immediately heading for the door.

On her way to the bathroom, Cadence noticed Dacre had arrived and seemed to be looking for Sadie. When she opened the door, she saw Sadie and told her, watching her scamper quickly out of there in search of him. Before she stopped and looked in the mirror, trying to psyche herself up for what was to come. For the first time in a very long time she felt nervous about leaving with a guy. She met him out front by the valet station, just as the car was being pulled up. She seemed to cause quite a stir standing there in just the red thong and the well placed candies. She quickly got into the car, and they sped away.

“My place isn't too far from here. ” He said. “I assume you don't have a problem there. ”

“Not at all” she chuckled. “There is never any privacy at the sorority house. ”

She stared out the window at the passing scenery as he swiftly maneuvered through the city streets.

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   Cadence was quite surprised when he pulled onto a street full of large beautiful houses that looked like each belonged on the cover of a magazine. About half way down the street, he turned and pulled into the garage of a very impressive house.

“This is your place?” She asked, a bit stunned.

“It's my mother's. She got it in the divorce. She is hardly ever here. ” He shrugged. “She is off on a cruise out of the country with one of her boyfriends. ”

“I'm sorry. ” She replied.

“Don't be. I'm not. It is so much quieter with her gone. ” He said. “Come on.

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He showed her inside, leading her to the den. She had a seat on the large chocolate brown leather sofa, while he poured them both a drink. He handed her the glass and sat down at the opposite end of the sofa. She took a gulp of the amber liquid, a little unsure what to say next. She looked around the room at the many bookcases stuffed full of a variety of older leather bound books and some newer looking additions. He watched her, noticing she was quite off her usual game. He enjoyed seeing her like that. It was the one time she did not seem so full of herself. After a few moments, he sat his glass down and moved a little closer. He reached for the glass in her hands and placed it next to his.

She looked a little startled by the sudden action. He gently placed his palm against her jaw, his thumb stroking her cheek as he stared silently into her eyes. She stared back, thrown by gentleness of his touch. He could feel the tension that gripped her. His hand slid back along her neck, his fingers landing on the back of it, his thumb right in front of her earlobe.

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   David pulled her into a gentle yet passionate kiss, unlike any she had experienced before. Soon, the tension melted away as he laid her back against the sofa.

Cadence had never been a foreplay kind of girl. She always wanted to get right down to business, usually taking control of how fast things progressed. He was stripping her of the ability, which only left her a bit confused. His lips left her lips and trailed across her cheek to the curve of her neck. He kissed her soft pale skin gently, occasionally letting his teeth scrape lightly over the flesh. Shivers ran through her each time he did it. She had never felt anything like it before. Inside her mind, she struggled with the intense pleasure and the desire to take control, just to have that comfort zone she was so very used to. It was leaving her torn.

It was as if David could read her mind. His lips glided along her softly scented skin as he made his way to her earlobe. He nibbled it, causing her to gasp loudly. She raked her nails down his back, whimpering and moaning as he continued to drive her wild with the slightest touch.

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   He loved the feel of her body squirming slightly beneath him. He could tell how aroused she was getting by how much harder she had began to press her nails into his flesh. Finally, he pulled back for a moment, staring into her eyes without saying a word. Her hands moved to the buttons down the front of his burgundy shirt and began to unbutton each one of them. He let her finish before he got up. Just as she started to get up, he scooped her up in his arms and carried her out of the den. Her arms slid around his neck as she held on.

He nudged open his bedroom door, kicking it gently shut before carrying her over to his bed and laying her down softly on it. He slipped his shirt and shoes off before moving onto the bed, continuing to kiss her nearly naked body. She wanted so badly to push him off her and take control but her body refused to move. The delicate kisses had her at his mercy, and he knew it. His hand moved to her breast, gently peeling off the pasties first, and then slowly removing the rest of the fake candy that was placed upon her skin. Once he had finished his palm glided over her flawless flesh. Cadence lips parted to speak, but she managed only to draw in a shallow gasp of air instead. His lips moved down over her collar bone, leave a trail of delicate kisses as he moved toward her breasts.

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She wanted so badly to stop him, to take control of the situation like she normally did. It was then his lips caught her pinkish brown nipple. Her back arched slightly as he tenderly kissed and sucked her right nipple before kissing across and doing the same to the left. Each kiss, each nibble, each caress fueled the struggle that waged in her brain.

She had never surrendered this much control over to any lover, then again David was unlike any lover she had known. He had no interest in rushing things along, nor was he preoccupied with his own selfish need for gratification like most of the guys she knew were. He seemed most intent on seducing every inch of her before moving on.

He continued to watch her body betray her. He looked up at her as his journey led him further down her body, pausing near her belly button. He ringed the cute little pucker with kisses. David smiled a dark, devilish smile as he watched her breasts quiver with each eager breath. He kissed lower, his fingers brushing along the edge of her panties before slipping under them. He very slowly peeled the stark red fabric down. His lips traveled over each inch of newly revealed flesh. Each kiss guiding him down her smoothly waxed mound.

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Once the panties were completely off, he pushed her legs further apart, as he lowered his head. His hot breath tickled her as it swept over her inner thigh. His lips quickly followed, moving in random patterns over them. The tip of his tongue barely grazed her clitoral hood, as she leaned up on her elbows.

“David, let me” Her words abruptly ended as his tongue fluttered over her clit.

She inhaled sharply, collapsing against the bed. The gentle, rapid flickering of his tongue against that precise spot had not only coaxed the hidden pink pearl from the hood, it also managed to put an end to her protests and pleading. Even if it was just for a moment. It had been so long since she had allowed anyone to do anything so intimate to her. While sex was her weapon of choice, this was reserved for the rare special occasion with a man who had proved worthy of the honor.

It was easy to see that she was not used to dealing with such direct stimulation. Small tremors rippled through her body as he placed his lips around the tiny epicenter and gently sucked, his tongue continuing to move over his prize. Her breath became an increasingly staggered panting as his mouth manipulated the diminutive bundle of pleasure sensors. He could not help but be pleased by the repeated soft moans and murmuring that escaped her lips between short breaths. Her body started to stiffen as he began to suck a little harder, her moans turning more guttural.

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He carefully released her clit from his hungry mouth and using just the tip of his tongue, slightly parted her pussy lips. She squirmed as he traced up and down them, silently praying that he would stop teasing and allow her the release she craved so desperately. It seemed like an eternity before he pressed his tongue into her already wet pussy. He loved the sweet taste of her as his tongue became rigid inside her and began to probe as deeply as it could. She squeaked and whined as his tongue began to piston in and out of her, his nose gently nudging her exposed clit. He occasionally paused, swirling his tongue inside her to throw her off the rhythm.

Cadence squeezed her eyes shut tight as she tried so hard to fight it. She was not ready yet to give over that last minute speck of control she had over the situation. She knew he was trying to push her past the point of no return at his pace, but she was still determined to get there only on her own. His attention again moved to her clit for a few willpower exhausting moments before his tongue slithered back inside her. Her hands balled into fists, clenching large handfuls of the bedding in them. There was just a single cry of ecstasy as his tongue won him the battle of wills. Cadence was reduced to a quivering mass on the bed as her body shuddered and jerked. His hands moved to her hips, holding on tightly as he kept his tongue buried inside her. He could feel the muscles flexing around it just seconds before an overflow of her juices.


   He lapped them all up, not letting a single drop escape his hungry mouth.

She rode out the waves of pleasure, crumpling against the mattress as she tried to catch her breath and regain her composure. He simply smiled as he watched her. She stared up at him with a confused but oh so very satisfied look on her face. She was simply shocked by the skillful display. Finally, she could speak again, but uttered only a few words.

“Now,” She purred. “It's my turn. ”

He nodded slightly, moving off the bed and back to his feet. She showed no signs of hesitation as she slid off the bed and onto her knees. She knew to stand would be foolhardy. Her legs were still weak and trembling from the aftershocks of the orgasm. Her long slender fingers reached for the closure on his pants, opening it before gingerly unzipping them. Then, she slowly finished undressing him, exposing his enormous cock. She stared in awe at it.

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   His swollen shaft was at least 7 inches around and close to 10 in length. In that moment, she knew that the rumor was a gross understatement.

She wrapped her fingers around its base. The tips barely met. She stared up at David as she leaned in. Her tongue gently brushed against his cock as she began to orally worship it. She kissed and licked his turgid shaft, concentrating mostly on the smooth head. Never before had she attempted to tame something so large. She opened her mouth wide and took just the head in. She could barely get her lips completely around him as she began to feed the length of him in. With only an inch or so of his cock still exposed, she found herself unable to take any more in. The length was not the problem. It was the girth. She tried to relax her mouth muscles as she started to bob her head at a slow but steady pace, maintaining eye contact with him the entire time.
He showed little signs of emotion as she did her best to work more into the confines of her hot, hungry mouth.

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   His hand landed gently on the top of her head as he stroked her raven hair. Cadence wasn't sure if it was out of pity for the miserable job she was doing pleasing him, or if it was to encourage her to keep going. Determined to get a reaction, she tried harder, picking up the pace and sucking a bit harder.

All of the normal overconfidence was now gone. She felt like that insecure girl that was giving her first real blow job. She wanted so badly to impress him, to entice him as he had her. What she had not counted on was the way it was astonishingly easy for him to keep up the emotionless facade, even with her mouth tightly clamped around his cock. He could see how discouraged she was beginning to get as he showed no signs of enjoyment. He let the facade slip slightly, moaning softly for her. She worked her lips up and down his shaft faster. It was clear that her only focus now was to please him, not to show off her skill.

In that moment he saw a glimpse of vulnerability reflected in her eyes. He relished that moment, knowing very few people, if any, had seen her in such a state. His fingers intertwined with her hair as he gripped a handful of it. He allowed several low grunts to slip as he began to trust slowly into her eager mouth.

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   He only allowed her a few brief moments more to satisfy her oral fixations before he slowly pulled out of her mouth. David traced over her lips with the tip of his cock, staring down into her eyes.

“On the bed Cadence. ” He said, releasing his grip on her hair.

She started to get on her hands and knees but she quickly changed her mind when he cleared his throat. She lay on her back, staring up at him as he climbed on the bed, kneeling between her parted legs. He wrapped his fingers around his shaft as he guided it toward her glistening pink pussy. The tip of his cock carefully parted her puffy lips. He eased in very slowly, letting her adjust as her tight muscles stretched to accommodate him. Her eyes widened as she felt him filling her so completely. Inch by inch, he pushed in, forcing completely into her. He kept his pace very slow as he started to work his cock in and out of her.

Cadence moaned and gasped, lifting her hips to meet each of his thrusts. He watched her as she tried to keep his exact pace. He began to thrust harder, but still with slow strokes.

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   It did not take long for her to start bucking wildly. Each time she tried to take control of the pace, he would hilt himself inside her, holding still until she relinquished control once again. He could see the frustration building as the need grew inside her. She wanted so badly to cum, but he knew denying it would make it even more intense. He reached down, gripping her hips as he pulled her into him. He loved teasing her, picking up his pace, and then slowing it down once again. Finally, he gave in, letting go of his grip, leaning down as he began to kiss her neck once again. His hips slammed into her hard and fast as he nipped and kissed her neck, sucking her earlobe.

Her body stiffened as she wrapped her arms around him, leaving long thin red streaks down his back as she clawed. Her voice lilted as he pushed her past the threshold. Her juices spilled from her, coating his cock as it sawed in and out at an animalistic pace. The sweet, warm liquid helped to lubricate him, making him slip in and out with much more ease. Much to her amazement, he did not slow down in the least. The slight friction worked her into a frenzy again as the first wave of climax was finally subsiding. It wasn't until he brought her off several times that he concentrated on his own orgasm.

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   His pace slowed, each thrust jolting her body like a rag doll.

Her sensitive pussy continued to conform around him as he pounded it with each stroke. She was convinced that he had exhausted her arsenal of orgasms, as he approached his own. His lips left her neck, moving to her left nipple. They caught the tiny pink nub as he began to suck intently. She could feel him throbbing intensely inside her as he reached down, pulling her one leg up around his waist. She shrieked as he pushed deeper, bringing her to yet another intense release. Her body trembled and squirmed beneath him as he gave a final thrust. She felt his hot, thick flood of cum filling the deepest recesses of her womanhood. Her juices mingled with the overflow, still trapped inside her while he held himself so deep inside her. He spit out her nipple and looked down at her.

She looked so beautiful laying there covered in the thin sheen of sweat, her hair a mess against the pillow, the exhausted by blissful look on her face. She managed to smile as she drew slow deep breaths, to regain some of her composure. He slowly pulled out of her, a flood of their fluids escaping as he freed his cock from her. He moved, lying on his back next to her.

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For several long moments, neither of them spoke. It wasn't until he felt her stir that he said anything.

“The bathroom is through that door over there if you want a shower. I can give you something to wear if you like. ” He said.

“Thanks David. ” She said quietly, still in shock.

She climbed off the bed, her thighs sticky with cum, and walked toward the bathroom. He tried not to laugh as she crossed the room. Her legs were still weak from the ordeal. She did not bother to shut the door as she got into the shower. He laid there for several minutes before getting up and going to the dresser to find her something to wear, knowing that this would not be the last time she would find herself in his bed.
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