Can you help me with my computer?


This is about a computer repair that turned into more. It started on a Saturday in September of 2014. I'm in the computer networking business and everyone around here knows that. I was on a site something like FB and a hot chat with pictures got me a bit hard to say the least. There was a knock at the door and so I answered it with a notable bulge in my loosely fitting shorts. As I open the door I see it's a neighbour from 2 doors up. She's not on any sites like this one, so no names. She's Asian 5' 6" tall, Black hair, 37 at the time and a very nice body. Oh also she is married to a workaholic husband.

After opening the door I say hi and see her holding a laptop. As I'm asking her if there is a problem I see that she is taking looks at my bulging shorts. She told me the computer is not working and can I help. I asked her to come in to the front hall and I'll look at it. Inside the front hallway I have a bench seat across from the stairs going up. She sat on the bench and I sat across from her on the second step with my feet on the first step. As I was checking out her laptop I could that she was looking on and off at me, but not my face.

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   I clued in that she was looking at my crotch. May of 2014 I changed to boxers from and she could see my still somewhat hard cock up inside my shorts. I also noticed that she was doing some fidgeting on the seat. I forgot to say that she likes to wears Lulu Lemon yoga pants a lot and she had purple ones on with a white T-shirt with a what looked like a blue bra. I couldn't help seeing that her pants were showing the shape of her pussy lips and mound. With seeing that and knowing she was most likely looking at my cock. I started getting harder. After about … minutes of work on the computer and her fidgeting getting greater. She asked if she could use the washroom. I told her to use the one at the top of the stairs.

As she passed me I told her I'd be about another 10 minutes and got a great look at her crotch. What a beautiful eye full I had and I thought I saw a wet spot. Also a perfect ass and she was wearing a thong too. Wow! When she disappears into the washroom I checked and yes the head of my cock was sticking outside of my leg opening. She could see it.

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   I'm getting harder and harder. She was up there for about 10 minutes and as she came down by me I got another great look. "It's fixed" I said and hand her the computer. I stood up to walk her to the door I noticed my shorts looked like a tent from my hard cock, but I don't care at that point. I followed her to the door thinking about what to do, but she's married. Shit! At the door she opens it and turns to me saying "What do I owe you" nothing or a beer sometime. She leans into me and whispers into my ear "Ok, but I hope you don't mind the way I left the washroom" at the same time I feel her rubbing her hand across my hard cock in my shorts. I got a kiss on the cheek and out the door she went. I closed the door and ran upstairs to see. In the washroom I found a pair of light blue thong panties on the countertop with a note. The note said "You may me so wet. Next time I'll show you. Thank you". The panties were very wet. I found out later she had fingered herself to a orgasm in the washroom.

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   She also couldn't say any longer as her husband was home that the time. The scent of her was strong in the room and along with her wet panties I needed a shower. Quick!

It was about a week later and I was in the front of my garage. I was sitting on one of my three little 16 inch high kid stools I have. I was working on my trailer wiring with my back to the open garage door. It was a warm sunny day and I hear a voice say would you like a cold beer. I see my neighbour standing there holding a couple of beers. I noticed that she had a skirt on which is not a normal thing for her to wear. She sat down on one of the other stools and gives me one of the beers. We got to talking and it soon turned to what happened last time she was here. I started to tell her I was sorry about exposing myself to her (it was an accident but what a lie). She said it was ok and that at first she didn't know what to do about it, but she couldn't stop looking at it and it was getting bigger as she watched. She said that she was getting turned on by it. She went on to say that her husband and her only have sex about every two or three weeks. That he had gotten more and more into his work over the last couple of years.

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As she's telling me this and I was thinking about everything else that had happened before. I starting to get hard. She could see what was happening to me, so she said payback time and maybe this will help. As I'm looking at her she parts her legs and I could see she had no panties on, but just a beautiful neatly trimmed pussy. Her hairless lips were already wet. Wow now I'm getting very hard very quickly. So I pull my shorts to the side to let my hard cock and low hanging balls out. Shit I'm sorry for doing that (another lie). No no it's ok she said I like it. Then something all guys like to hear was you're bigger than my husband. Can I touch it? Yes go ahead I said. She moved closer to me with her legs wide I could see her pussy lips opening up. As she touched the head of my cock I thought I would blow my load just like a lot of young guys do on their very first time. Then she started rubbing the head of my cock and up & down my shaft. I was in 7th heaven.

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   As she's telling me that I'm a couple of inches longer than her husband she grabbed my balls. I like these they're so soft and hang down. I've never seen ones like this other than in pictures. Then with her other hand she grabbed my cock too. Oh you're a lot thicker that my husband. I can see that her pussy was getting real wet and I had to feel it without stopping her from what she was doing. I got my hand to her pussy and start rubbing her very wet lips. Her inner lips come out past her outer lips by about half an inch or so.

As she's working me over I start running my finger up and down her lips. This got some moaning from her. I continue to rub her and went all the way to her clit. I could feel that her clit was as hard as my cock, so gentle started rubbing it. It wasn't a soft moaning coming from her anymore. She was lost to the point that she let go of my balls and was just holding onto my cock but not moving. My fingers were so wet from her.

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   I had to know what she tastes like, so I stopped and put my fingers into my mouth. Her eyes opened wide as I did. Oh god she was so sweet tasting. I asked her if she liked oral and she said that she nor her husband have not gone down each other. But she was curious about it as in giving and getting. I used my remote to close the garage door. I stood up so I could stand her up and my cock came within 2 feet of her face. I pull her up and then lifted her up on top of the trailer with her legs hanging over the side.

No we shouldn't I didn't think it would go this far. I'm only going to lick your pussy if that's ok. She wasn't ready to fuck me yet. Don't you want to know what it's like? Yes but stop if I ask you to please? Ok. I pulled her legs apart and lifted her skirt out of the way to see her beautiful wet pussy. I kissed my way up her inner thighs until I got to her pussy, which I kissed softly. She gasped.

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   Are you ok? Yes yes! I kissed, licked, sucked her lips and clit and her moaning got louder. With a few o god and yes it wasn't long before I got her to orgasm. She was one of the fastest ones to orgasm. I ate her to a second orgasm too. After that she sat up and kissed me deeply. I want to try to suck you ok? Ok I replied. I lifted her down off the trailer and she moved around in front of me. As she started to kneel down she looked at my cock that was dripping with pre cum. I though she wasn't going to do it, but she touched her tongue to my head and tasted it. It's got a salty sweet taste. I like it! It was her first time sucking cock and it wasn't the best but wasn't bad either. I like the taste but please don't cum in my mouth ok? No problem. She sucked, licked and played with my balls. As I got closer to cumming I told her and it turned into a hand job, which was good. I told her I was going to cum and she surprised me by taking it on the face, but she got some in one of her eyes.

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   I didn't know but that can sting the eyes. So that had brought this to an end and I helped her cleanup. I want to do this some more she said as I opened the side door to let her out.

A few days later when my neighbour and I can't keep referring to her as that, so I'll call her Jenn. Jenn came to me and said she'd like to talk to me about everything and maybe we could do it over brunch somewhere. I'm thinking that I pushed her into something she didn't want to do the other day. We met up at a restaurant about half an hour later. She started some small talk and I'm thinking what is she going to come out with. Just after the food arrived at the table she starts by saying how turned on she got and still was by the last bit we had in the garage. Thank goodness she wasn't putting a stop to us. She went on to say that she was so turned on by things we did that she needed to get fucked the next night and that her husband didn't want too. It was to late and she couldn't fine a way to get away from her husband to come over to me. I'm thinking that this is great that she wanted to me to fuck her horny ass.

Jenn then said that she has no proof, but that she thinks that her husband is fucking someone at work for maybe the last 11 months or so. As she's telling me this I feel her foot up between my legs rubbing my cock and balls though my pants.

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   I don't think anyone can see this as we were sitting at a booth, but fuck it who cares. Jenn then said at a volume that others in the restaurant must have heard. I want you to fuck me and just fuck my brains out. Wow did I just hear that. Ok! She said that she had been on the Internet and found that people like to act out their fantasy. She said that she had one or it's more a dream that she has had many times of her walking across a big field naked. Then a naked guy comes out of nowhere and starts chasing her. He catches her and does things to her and makes her do things to him. Like being raped, but I wasn't hurt and did like it. I don't agree with rape or anything like that, but wow the rest of it sounds so hot. I'm hard as rock now and she said that if I was the guy it would be a great first time fucking. Jenn said that she's getting so wet that she needs something soon. I said that know of place that should be good for that, but it's about half an hour away. That was ok with her, so we got the hell out of there quickly. We got into my truck and off we went.

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A little later and some rubbing of each other on the way we got to the field. Jenn looked at it. It's perfect she said. I drove up a lane way into the back of the field which looked like it hasn't been used in a long time. That's good for no surprise visitors. We got out and we're both horny as hell. Has we are taking our clothes off and doing it very quickly. I see her panties are very wet and her nipples are rock hard like my cock now was. She's as ready as I am. There we are naked but for shoes only. Our clothes in the truck and the key tied into my shoe so not to lose it. We are ready.

The field is very big and about a 1/3 of the way across is a big oak tree which is the place for me to catch you I told her. I'll go out and wait for you to come a long and then chase you to the tree. I got out into the field and got down to wait for her.


   I'm so turned on and hard that my cock was dripping with pre cum. Just as she got to me I jumped up and she screamed because I scared the shit out of her. Sorry. Off she went with me chasing her. As we got to the tree I grabbed her and put my arms around her. My hard cock started to push in between the cheeks of her ass. No no don't hurt me please? As I grabbed one of her tits and ran my other hand down between her legs to her dripping wet pussy. I said I'm going to get you to suck my cock and then I'm going to fuck you hard. No please no, don't fuck me I'm a virgin she said. God I'm getting so turned on by her and the way she's acting. A side of her has come out that I wouldn't have thought of. I want to fuck this lady and soon. I'm so turned on that I thought if she touched my cock that I'd blow my load like a school boy would. . .

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   then and there.

As I turned her around to push her to the ground she smiles at me. Jenn then said no more fantasy I just need sex. It's over fuck me. I want to suck your cock and fuck you. I didn't know that I would like it, but I love to suck cock and to eat cum. Well your cum because it's the only cum I've eaten she said. I found that back in the garage that she had her mouth open a little. So of my spurs of cum had gotten into mouth.

I laid down in the grass and as she started for my cock I said no. The look I got was funny just like saying no candy to a little kid in a candy store. You can suck me but I want to eat you too. How about 69? Sit on my face and I'll eat your pussy while you suck me. She got a big smile on her face as I saw her beautiful wet pussy coming towards my face. She was so horny that she was happy to ride my face for a few minutes first before going down on me.

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   It was great! The more I ate her the harder she sucked me and I could feel myself getting very close to cumming. I let her know, but nothing back from her. I know she was getting close too because of the o god's, the number of Mmmmmm and other moaning than was coming from her.

Then it happened I shot my load. Because of being so turned on it was a big load of cum and she had a hard time with it. I could feel it running down my cock, balls and legs. That didn't stop her as she proceeded to lick it all up. As she was cleaning me her first orgasm hit. She sat up and was rubbing her pussy so hard on my face that I couldn't breathe. As her orgasm subsided she went back down on me and I continued to lick her. I didn't lose much of my hardness and after she had lick me clean she concentrated on my balls. I licked her to a second orgasm, which was a very wet one but not a squirter.

Jenn got off me and turned around. Then straddling me she dropped pussy onto the underside my cock and start rubbing that beautiful pussy up and down the length of my cock. It was the first time my cock and her pussy came in contact.

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   What a great feeling of her wetness and my hardness. Jenn wasn't even looking at me. She had her head back as she rubbed back and fourth on my hardness. So I reached up to grab hold of her hard nipples to pinch and pull on them. As I did her pace increased until she reached a third orgasm. I was getting close to cumming again myself, but I couldn't let that happen because I wanted this one to go deep inside her. She lift herself up to move the head of my cock to pussy opening. Then with a slow easy movement my cock disappeared up inside her. What an amazing feeling of this beautiful woman's warm wet pussy all around my hardness on top of me. . . naked in the middle of the field. She didn't move, so I asked Jenn are you ok? With a Mmmmmm yes, but I shouldn't be doing this! Is she feeling guilty? But I can't stop! Thank you!

Then she started to move up and down slowly. She moved a hand to her pussy to rub her clit and the other one to a nipple. I was just laying there watching this amazing sight.

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   She did this for I think about 10 minutes or so. Just moving slowly and rubbing. This was getting to me in a big way. I wasn't going to last long and so I told her so. Jenn just looked down at me and with a smile that said pure pleasure. Then she quickly popped of my cock to move onto all fours with her ass and pussy towards me. Fuck me from behind! I pushed my hardness balls deep into her and pumped slowly has I knew this wouldn't last long, but I wanted it to last. Just I thought I was in control I felt her grab my balls from between our legs. She was so good with rubbing my balls that I wasn't going to last, so I started pounding her hard. I was so lost in what was going on that I had no idea how long I lasted, but I came for my second time deep inside her. It was another big load as it was dripping from her as I continued to fuck her. After I stopped and pulled out of her, but she surprised me again by tasting our juices from her fingers after rubbing her pussy. Yet another smile as she told me she liked the taste of my cum and her own pussy juices.

I was almost soft when she did that which made my cock twitch. She saw that and also that I was covered with our juices too.

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   It didn't take long for her to clean me up. Then Jenn laid down beside me and gave me a big tongue filled kiss. I've got to say that the taste of our sex wasn't bad. We laid there for a bit in each other's arm before fucking a couple of more times.

Then we got up to head back home. What a sight we must have been walking across the field naked, covered in some cum and smelling like sex. We drove naked down a country road to a small lake 2 minutes away to wash up before getting dress and heading home. On the way back she told me that she didn't know that she was like that and hoped that I didn't think she was a slut. I told no way. That she is just very beautiful woman that's very horny.

Jenn has come up with a few more fantasies and role playing that we have tried. One of which was a threesome we had with an old girlfriend of her that she has told all about this. More parts to this on going sex only relationship. If anyone wants them?

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