Carrom Game With Sister Part One


I never thought I would have the set of experiences described here, but it did happen. It all started one evening with a game of Carrom, but I am getting ahead of myself here. So let me first tell you a bit about me. My name is Josh and I live with my mom and sister. I am 21 and I am a college student, 5 feet 10 and 150lb. I do workout at least twice a week to maintain my physique. I didn't have a girl friend at the time and you could say that my experience with girls were limited at the time this happened. If you could believe that! My sister Sara can be called “hot” in every sense of the word. She is quite tall at 5ft 7 with 32-26-34 figure with lovely C cups that she never flaunted whilst out of the house to the disappointment of most of my buddies. She would have made any guy happy with her mischievous and playful nature and to my knowledge she didn't have a steady guy. Her skin was nice and fair with a nice tan she got from mom's genes. Her legs looked awesome and I got a good glimpse of them when she wore shorts or short skirts at home. Her wide hips were inherited from my mom although she fell short by one cup size compared to mom and don't start wondering how I knew that. She didn't have an awesome butt like Beyonce but in shorts or tight skirts it did look quite nice and the wide hips more than compensated for this. It was tough not to look at her and she never seemed to notice or mind although I didn’t know which was which, when she caught my roving eyes. She would just smile and look down or look away as I hurriedly started examining my fingernails with great interest every time she happened to look in my direction at the worst possible moment.

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   Her clothes in the house barely hid her assets and that was my excuse for looking. That is not to say that she was practically naked, but she was quite careless in how she dressed at home. Most of the time she would not wear a bra or would have her legs in a lotus position when sitting and not caring much about what she was displaying. This was not due to her being slutty but it was because of the fact that she liked to dress comfortably at home. As you might be wondering about mom, mom was a splitting image of sis or rather vice versawith a bigger chest which was a D cup. Mom had a slightly rounded belly that I thought was nice for her age of 42.

My sister’s friend Kara was as hot at 5 ft 6, with b cups and a slim boyish figure (although what I mean there is that her hips are not as wide as my sister's) that showed off her nice butt which seemed to compensate for her slightly narrow hips. Her legs were slightly muscled from rigorous exercise but it was still feminine enough to get me all worked up. She had a habit of wearing lacy bra's that showed off her hard nipples and they were hard to miss. Needless to say that I have been caught many times staring “pointedly” at those nipples if you pardon the pun. Sometimes, in my wildest fantasies I wanted to think that she liked me looking at them. I guess most girls do like it although this is not a scientifically proven fact.

The trouble, if I may call it that, started when we first got a Carrom board. My sister and I started playing Carrom. Its a board game quite similar to pool but with disks that you have to strike into pockets with a bigger disk.

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   The thing about Carrom is that you have to have the board around 2 feet off the ground. We had to have it a little less than that since we couldn't find a stool higher than that. This meant that we had to bend over to take a shot. I hardly could concentrate during our first game. Sis wore a pair of shorts and t-shirt that showed some cleavage. Every time she bent over to take a shot, I got an eyeful of her delicious cleavage. I was glad that I wore a fairly tight underwear so that it was able to contain my hard-on. At first, she seemed conscious of her cleavage but as the game went on, she forgot about it. That night I went back to my room with a painful cock and ultimately jerked off like crazy to videos of lovely cleavages I managed to search on the Internet. I had to try hard not to use my sister’s cleavage as I felt guilty, but honestly, it was quite hard not to remember her creamy breasts.

A few days later she called me for another game. Since we make a racket during the game with our sibling rivalry, mom made us move the board into my sister's room. It was a fairly large room with her bed against the wall and a wall closet. This time it was late when we started. Sis was in her night dress that was slightly large for her and it had a very delicious habit of falling off one shoulder everytime she bent to take a shot.

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   It seemed like a comfy cotton material which had a light color and I could almost see the outlines of her bra cup which was definitely not padded. Her pink bra strap didn't help either by making an appearance as the dress slid off her shoulder. I could sometimes see the outline of her nipples when the flimsy material tightened against her body. After a while, she gave up trying to hold the night dress in place. She had her legs crossed on a chair that could hold at least 2 people.

I was wearing a pair of shorts that were quite comfy and loose and made it a point to wear something under them considering the stress my sister would create for my blood pressure as the game progressed. Secretly I wished her to see up my shorts but I was scared to try anything bold. I did wear a t-shirt that would help me hide any excessive bulges which was a backup plan. A few minutes into the game, something strange happened. I still can't figure out what really happened but it could have been all those silent sexual fantasies that had gripped my mind in the last few days. Anyway, I might have been too excited by a glimpse of Sara's cleavage as she bent to try and distract me from getting ahead of her by pocketing my Carrom men as they are called. I don't think she meant to show me her cleavage but she found out that gazing intently at me or my fingers just before an easy shot did distract me. What she didn't know was that it was partly the cleavage that did it but I would always blame it on her gaze just to get her to do it more! So I was about to take the easiest shot in the world and then my finger slipped and I applied too much force on the striker disk, that sent the Carrom man in the air. There was a squeal from Sara as it obeyed the laws of physics diligently and flew towards her face in a downward arc. She seemed transfixed for what seemed to me like an hour before she started rising up.

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   The disk continued on its trajectory to end up conveniently inside her night dress.

She looked at my face and then down at her body and giggled. “Woah Josh, that was quite a shot! Who is going to find the little guy?” she asked, looking at me mischievously.

I laughed, “I will look away,” I said without having any intention of doing so. She started patting her chest and moving lower feeling over her dress, giving me lots of naughty thoughts. She went right upto her crotch, and shook her head puzzled. Finally, she put her legs down and put her hand between her thighs and started looking for it. I was able to catch a few glimpses of her panties as she finally found the lucky Carrom man. Then she smiled at me and said, “Well I seem to have found the man,” and moved forward and placed it on the board. I was breathing like I had run a mile very fast or so it seemed to me.

“Next time you do that, I am going to have to ask you to look for it,” she said giggling. I tried to look shocked but it was half-hearted. Either she must have assumed that I would never agree to do it or it was surely a challenge. As usual, with her, it was hard to figure out.

“Better not give me challenges.

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   I love challenges. ”

“I am sure you do. Lets see how it goes,” she said, her eyes twinkling. She bent over to take her next shot and I bent over to give the same look that she did to make her lose her aim and obviously to stare down her dress. My feet were planted on the floor as I could never hold the lotus position for a long time. Her next shot got her a point with the Carrom man going into the pocket easily. She squealed and lined up for the next shot. I could see her hand tremble as she tried to ignore my gaze. I cheated. Just as she was about to take the shot, I felt her shoulders tense and I screamed. The shot went wild with too much force being applied and the heavier disk ended up on my lap. In the confusion I managed to slip it under my thigh inside the shorts. Sara was annoyed and giggling at the same time.

“You are so mean! Where's the striker disk?” she asked.

“I don't know, I think it went inside my t-shirt or was it my shorts?” I said, smiling.

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   She rose up, fixing up her her dress and walked over to me. Her breasts jiggled invitingly under the dress as she walked over to me. She was so close and lovely. She started running her hands lightly over my t-shirt looking for the disk. I pretended I was ticklish. I was trying to prevent her two hands from searching me and that lead to delicious bodily contact that I was starting to enjoy. When she bent over, I got a glimpse of her lovely breasts encased restlessly inside her bra.

“Close your eyes!” she said.

“Why should I?” I asked.

“I am not exactly dressed for a wrestling match with you. Close your eyes until I find the disk!”

That seemed like an interesting proposal. So I closed my eyes. She put one hand over them anyway, not trusting me and she bent over me touching my upper body. Her fingers were gentle and filled with curiosity as she looked for the disk.

“Where is it?” she asked when she had exhausted the possibilities on my upper body.

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   Each probe was exciting because I was picturing her hands moving closer and closer to the sensitive places on my body. As I had my eyes closed, it was even hotter.

“I guess you will have to try my shorts!”

“Oh god, that's not pleasant. When did you last wash them?” she asked jokingly and she started to prod and probe my shorts. She avoided the obvious bulge but had to put her hand inside the leg of my shorts eventually. Her fingers were tentative but I was starting to feel her breast rub against my upper arm. She was too intent on finding the disk and covering my eyes, that she may not have realised it. I was enjoying her hand inside the leg of my shorts. Her fingers were tentative but gentle creating all sorts of minor tremors. I was willing my cock to reduce in size but it was impossible. Her soft breasts were doing crazy things to my heartbeat. Thankfully, it started to harden and lengthen towards the right side of my shorts and sis was checking the left side. I was hoping she would stop at that but she didn't.

“Stop!” I murmured as she started going up the right side. She made a triumphant noise, thinking that she was closer to finding it.

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   Her probing fingers met my hardening bulge. At first she didn't understand what it was and started pushing her hand against my bulge which was quite pleasurable. For a fleeting moment she held it between her fingers and I almost felt her squeezing it but I was not sure. She found the disk half under my thigh. She kept pushing my cock aside when she felt the edge of the disk poking out from under my thigh. I didn't move. So she had to take her hand off my eyes and use both hands. Started looking at her as she struggled to pull the disk out which she managed after giving me a few more pleasurable nudges. Although it was for a few seconds, it was a great feeling. Suddenly she must have realised what she was doing. As realisation dawned on her face, she blushed crimson and she withdrew both hands.

“Oh my god!”

That was all she said, walking back in a daze to her seat. She looked at my face for a reaction. I was blushing red too. We looked at each other for a moment.

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   She folded her hands across her chest showing me that her nipples were hard which was inevitable with that flimsy dress and bra. I could see her thinking hard. Her eyes kept flicking back and forth between my face and my crotch as if trying to decide what to say. It was almost impossible to read her thoughts. I decided to break the silence.

“Shall we play some more?” I asked and she nodded absently. She nodded as if my words dispelled any guilty feelings that she may have started to have.

“Give me the disk,” I said.

She giggled and held it towards me and as I reached to get it, she did something I never would have expected from her. She put it inside her dress.

“You get it, and that’s for making me put my hand in your shorts!” she said, smiling. I looked at her for a moment and her eyes were twinkling and her face still had a trace of redness. I had to get up and I knew she would notice how hard I was. The underwear did nothing to hide it. I got up, pulling down my t-shirt to cover my shorts and it still stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb.

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   She never seemed to look at my bulge directly but I was sure she had seen it. I walked towards her and asked her to close her eyes. She obeyed, smiling nervously. I stood next to her shoulder and started feeling around her tummy over her dress. My hands were light on her skin. She shuddered a little. The material was soft and slid across her skin easily. My bulge made gentle contact with her shoulder as I moved. She didn't pull away.

Her eyes were closed and I could see the cleavage slightly as her shoulders were hunched.

“Its not on my tummy silly,” she murmured her voice had taken a strange tone.

I moved my hands up to her breasts, running my hands lightly over her night dress feeling the outlines of her bra. My crotch made delicious contact with her shoulder as I did so.

“Is it here?” I asked.

“I can't help you.


   You are supposed to find it inside the dress. Not outside it,” she countered.

I took her advice and pushed my hand inside her dress through the neckline. My hand was shaking like a leaf. She gasped but did nothing to stop my hand from searching for the disk. I felt gently between her breasts and she broke out in goosebumps. Her cleavage parted reluctantly opening up to my probing finger. I slipped a finger inside the cleavage and my hand was shaking like crazy. I was sure she would ask me to stop but she didn't. I moved my hand over the bra cups, squeezing gently. I could feel her hard nipples under the thin lacy material. She leaned against me and that brought her shoulder in contact with my hardness. If she felt it, she never showed any signs of it. I kept massaging her breasts and she just let me do it. After a while, I moved lower towards her tummy again.

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   Her skin was soft and smooth under my fingers and getting slightly sweaty. I took a chance and rubbed my bulge against her shoulder and she just let me do that. I started moving my hand lower.

“You are going to tear my dress if you do that. There is more than one way to skin a cat right?,” she said and kept her eyes closed. Her face was flushed and there were goosebumps all over her skin.

I took my hand out and then knelt by her reaching between her thighs. My hand shook on its way inside. The thighs parted gently. It seemed to get warmer between her thighs as I felt my way up, reaching her panties almost by accident or I would rather like to imagine it was so. The area around her crotch was like a furnace and later I realised that this is a sign of arousal but that's another story. I felt around her crotch gently and then moved to her thigh. She just waited, breathing hard. I was not sure, but I felt as if she pushed her crotch towards my fingers but I could not be sure and I didn't want to find out. I found it under her thigh and pulled it out and to be honest I was feeling disappointed that I found it so soon.

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She was still breathing hard by that time and her eyes were still closed. I was starting to sweat. My cock was so hard that I gave up trying to hide it. She opened her eyes slowly and her eyes went to my hardness and then back to my eyes.

“I am starting to like this game a lot,” she said.

“Which game is that?” I asked.

“The Find-the-disk game,” she said, mischievously.

“That's a nice name for this game and we should play it at our next college party!”

“Then we should figure out the rules first,” she said.

“What rules?”

“That's what we should figure out and its your turn now. Hide the disk! Hide the disk! Hide the disk!”

I looked at her incredulously but when my sister got into that mood, she would never let up until I did it. Well that again was an excuse I made for myself.

“We better close the door before mom gets suspicious,” I said. It was close to 11 pm and mom was an early sleeper. I closed the door and my hard-on didn't seem to be subsiding. I made Sara close her eyes and this time I decided to hide it in the waist band of my underwear just above my ass crack.

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   I was banking on her assuming that I would use the front part of my body and I also wanted her to take her time finding it.

“This time, you have to close your eyes too. I think that’s more fun,” I said.

She nodded, her face going red, realising the implications.

“Lets switch the lights off and that’s like the same thing,” she said. I agreed. The room suddenly plunged into darkness and we could barely see each other with the aid of the street lamps.

“Should I sit down?” I asked feeling dumb the moment the words were spoken.

“No you stand there big brother,” she cooed.

She walked to me as if she were blind. She was breathing hard and I could almost hear her heartbeat over mine. Blood was pounding to my brain and everywhere else. She stood about 2 inches from me and started feeling my chest. Her hands were gentle and they did wonders to my blood pressure. She moved to my side and started to go under my t-shirt.

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   Her breasts were rubbing against my arm when she leaned forward. She went up towards my chest feeling the nipples and pressing her fingers. I was starting to wonder how the disk could possibly be there, but I didn't say a word. After what seemed like ages, she went down towards my shorts. First, her hands went inside my pocket feeling the tops of the thighs. Then she found my hard cock struggling inside the underwear and felt it. I stifled a moan.

“Rule number 1, you can't say anything,” she whispered in my ear.

I nodded dumbly. Then her hand came out of my pocket and felt over the crotch. My cock stood out a mile and she felt the tip of it and I tried my best not to move against her hand. Her hand then went to my balls and felt them. Although this was over the shorts, it felt good. I was shaking as I felt her fingers feel every part of a place I considered private. She then pulled back the waist band of the shorts and pushed her hand inside.

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   She felt the shape of my cock slowly over the underwear. Her tentative touch was so hot. I kept silent feeling her hands explore me. She squeezed every part of my cock and made it even harder.

“Looks like I might have to go inside. I don't know where you could have put it,” she whispered again.

I shuddered at the thought. She pulled the waistband of the underwear and went inside. She explored my cock againrubbing its length gently.

“This is very hard work Josh. I can't find it,” she whispered. She then moved lower and cupped my balls, squeezing gently. I was in heaven. Her hand was exploring and caressing themover and over as if she couldn't get enough of the sensation. Her breasts were gently rubbing against my arm as she did so.

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   With her movements, suddenly the disk fell down to the floor and the sound seemed loud in the quietness of the room. She jumped away a little, removing her hand from my shorts in a hurry. I was disappointed again that she had found it too soon.

“Looks like I found it,” she said bending to get the disk. Her voice was husky and we were both breathing hard. I could also detect a level of disappointment in her voice or I could have been imagining things.

“Its your turn now,” she said and I heard the rustling of her dress which I assumed was being lifted to hide the disk.

“Done, “ she whispered again. This time I stood behind her and pulled her towards me. Her butt rested gently against my hardness. She giggled saying it was tickling her and she reached back and held the protruding head of my lucky cock firmly in her hand behind her back as I moved closer. I started by caressing her tummy. This time I used both hands moving gently, encircling her lovely soft warm tummy over the nightie. She leaned her head back slowly against my chest. She sighed letting me touch her.

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   I understood that this was no longer about finding the disk.

“I wonder if its here,“ I whispered in her ear and she broke out in goosebumps. On a hunch I blew into her ear. She gasped, her reaction telling me that she liked it. I moved my hands up to cup her bra. Her nipples were hard and I started to squeeze them gently. Almost by reflex she squeezed my cock gently in time to the same rhythm as my hands.

“Keep looking there,” she whispered forgetting the rule but I was not about tell her that. But then again, I thought about it and got an idea.

“You broke a rule. Now you have to be punished. We have to take off garment covering the place where my hands were when you spoke,” I said. She calmly put her hands inside her dress and removed her bra. I watched amazed when she pulled out the bra from inside her dress after expertly unhooking it and threw it down. The darkness didn’t help me to figure out how she did it but in a few seconds the bra was gone.

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   Then she rested against me rubbing against my bulge. I was starting to wonder if she was ticklish anymore.

I was in a dream state not wanting to wake up. Without waiting for an invitation, I reached under dress after lifting it right up and held her breasts for the first time. They were warm and big in my palms. She moaned when I squeezed them gently. She went back to my cock, but this time, she put her hand inside my underwear and started to rub it. I moaned and started licking her ear, pushing my tongue into it. She shuddered and moaned and rubbed my cock harder. I pushed my hand down to her panties and made her spread her legs and started to rub her mound over the panties.

I was going crazy. My sister and I were having a mutual masturbation session! She was so wet and the panties were soaked. I kissed her neck making her shudder again.

“Search inside my panties, ohhhhh!” she moaned. I went inside her panties.

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   She was dripping and slid my fingers along her slit and it went deeper as I pushed downwards. She moved her hips against my hand and I kept rubbing her clit. She let go of my cock and turned towards me, feverishly urging my hand to move faster by placing it on mine. She buried her head on my chest as I continued to rub her. She urged me to go faster and faster and shuddered as she came hard biting my shoulder to stop herself from screaming. We stood there for a while, our breathing filling the room with a lot of sound.

She remained still for what seemed like hours to me. I was starting to wonder if she had passed out. I shook her shoulder gently.

“Oh my god, where did that come from? I have never had such a hot orgasm!” she said, her voice barely above a whisper. I could feel her chest rising and falling in the dim light.

She suddenly felt my cock flattened against her tummy and pulled away and put her hand on it.

“He is still hard, isn't he?”

“Yes,” I said, my voice a croak.

She pushed her hand inside my shorts and started to move her hand, jerking me. I moaned, feeling her hand rubbing my cock.

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   I started to move against her hand creating a delicious friction.

“Can I ask you to do something?” she said, her voice a loud whisper.


“Can you rub your cock between my thighs? It will be nice for you. ”

Without waiting for my answer, she pulled me towards the wall. I started to wonder when she started spitting on her palm and then she rubbed it between her thighs and got me to put my cock between them. I had to bend a little so that there was no chance of my cum hitting her pussy. After that, I placed my cock between her thighs and she closed them together, trapping it. She put her hands behind my neck and asked me to start moving. It was so hot to feel her smooth wet thighs tightly holding my cock as I moved back and forth. I moved slowly as I didn't want to cum too soon. I felt her body push against me in concert, meeting my thrusts. It would have looked so perverse although it was an erotic and innocent activity between two people. I forgot she was my sister for a moment. I was getting so close to an orgasm, so I stopped.

“Why what's wrong, Josh,” she asked.



“I am gonna cum now, but it will make a mess,” I said.

She pushed me back and stumbled over to her bedside table and came back with a few tissues. She simply slid down and started pumping it with her hand and covered the head with the tissues. I came after a few more strokes right into the tissues. I stopped myself from moaning loud by covering my mouth.

She stood up. “How was that?” she asked.

“Awesome,” was all I could manage.

It would have gone further if not for the sounds we heard outside our door.

“Oh crap, mom is up, I think,” said Sara.

I straightened my shorts and went to the door and opened it a crack. She was coming coming out of her room half asleep and started to turn towards the direction of the room we were in. I switched the light back on and motioned for sis to get back to the carrom board. We sat down just in time when the door opened and sister was bent over the board.

Mom peered in and she looked divine in her short night dress.

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   I tried not to stare.

“You two should sleep, its late,” she said bending over to pick something up. She held a bunch of tissues in her hand.

“How many times have I told you to keep the room clean Sara?”

My heart sank. She then picked up the bra and walked over to the dirty laundry basket and put it in. I was blushing like crazy knowing what she held in her hand. She took it with her out of the room.

“Oh my god! Did she just take your cum tissue with her? I must have dropped it!” Sara whispered.

I nodded dumbly hoping she would not notice the load of cum in it. We quickly finished the game and I went back to my room thinking that this night was one of the most unusual I have ever spent.

The next day was a bit weird when I met sis at breakfast. We didn't talk about the night before and I started to think that it was going to be a one-off thing. We walked to school in silence and she seemed preoccupied. I tried to forget the episode but it kept bothering me. For a few days we didn't talk much about carrom and the board remained in her room.

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   I of course couldn't stop fantasising about it and craved for sex but stopped short of thinking about my sister.

However, a few nights down the line, things got too much for me to bear. I was rubbing my cock under the sheets and it was close to 10 pm. My phone pinged. I almost didn't look at it but there were 2 more urgent sounding pings. Cursing, I opened up the phone to find that my sis had messaged me.

I coaxed the hard cock through the leg of the shorts pulling it up so that most of it could be seen. She stared at it, her eyes never leaving it. She pulled the neck of her t-shirt lower and showed me her breasts, lovingly covered in a lovely pink bra. The nipples stood hard against the thin material. My cock twitched and became harder at the sight. She noticed it and reached down to take one breast out and showed it to me. Her breast looked so suckable and inviting and I wanted it in my mouth. She must have read my mind and teased me by putting it back into her bra slowly. I loved it.

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she pinged.

I nodded, while sending a reply.

She took her next shot with her t-shirt raised up. Her breasts rested on the board as she took the shot, bulging and making them look even bigger.

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard myself say the next few words. “I need help with the next shot. ”
She smiled as if to say, that she thought I would never ask.

She got up and came to my side and sat on the arm of the chair. She put one arm around me making sure her breasts rubbed against my shoulder, and then took my hand and positioned it for a shot. Just as I was about to shoot she grabbed my cock with her other hand. I almost toppled the board at the unexpected experience. She giggled as she held my cock calmly in one hand and steadied my hand with the other. I was breathing so hard and my hand was shaking like a leaf. I took a shot that was not aimed at all.

She got up and went back to her seat.

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“I need help with my strokes too” she said pushing her chair back and making room. She patted the spot between her thighs. I stood up and went to her and sat down between her legs. Her chair was big enough to accommodate both of us. She leaned forward and pulled me closer. I could feel her globes pressing against my back and her hands were all over my thighs and moving up to my crotch. She was kissing my neck and ears whilst her hand got hold of my cock. I couldn't move or do anything.

“This is the stroke I was talking about needing help,” she said laughing. She was rubbing my cock rhythmically, making me moan. I tried hard not to make a sound knowing mom might hear. But the sound of my breathing filled the room and I hoped it couldn't be heard. After a few strokes she stopped.

“How about helping me with a few strokes?” she murmured. I stood up and we changed our positions.

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   She sat between my legs. She leaned back abandoning the idea of the game altogether, resting her body on mine. I caressed her tummy going under her t-shirt. I unsnapped her bra with some difficulty and started rubbing her breasts. She seemed to melt into me. She reached back and rubbed my cock pushing my hand to her crotch. I rubbed the crotch of her panties that seemed to be getting wetter by the second. She lifted her legs and scooted lower to help me rub her. She put her legs on the arm rests to make it easier.

“Go inside my panties,” she murmured. I pushed my hand inside. Her slit was very wet. I used another hand on her breasts, squeezing the nipples. She squirmed and struggled pushing her crotch against my finger. I rubbed her up and down slowly not wanting her to cum too soon.

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“Do you think we can do more and be still OK about it? “ she asked.

“What do you mean?”

“There's lot more we can do right?”

“Yeah. ”

“Have you licked a girl's pussy?”

“No. ”

“I wish you could lick mine,” she moaned.

“Are you sure?”

“No. But I don't care. I want to suck your cock too. ”

“OK. ” We both stood up and then I made her sit in the chair facing me. I raised her t-shirt and bra. Her breasts looked so inviting and larger than ever. I kissed around the nipples slowly. She became impatient and pulled me to her nipples. I kissed her nipples lovingly. I sucked each into my mouth, biting it gently and making her gasp.

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   I went upto her mouth and kissed the lips gently. Her mouth opened and suddenly we were kissing. At first it was experimental, with a bit of bumping teeth and giggles. Then we got the hang of it and her tongue probed my mouth. It was a nice sensation. We were both so horny at that point. I forgot for a moment who it was I was kissing. Her mouth was wet and her tongue was awesome. I liked the way she kept pushing my tongue away and retreating. Kissing seemed so erotic and enjoyable. She pushed me lower and I licked her nipples again, sucking them into my mouth. I bit them gently making her squirm. I moved lower to her tummy. I licked the skin of her tummy spending a bit more time on her navel making her break out in goosebumps. I moved lower and lower to her panties wondering what I was doing for a moment.

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   But I felt her hands push me down urgently to her rising crotch. I started to lick her thighs and moved towards her wet crotch. I licked it gently. I heard a rustle and looked up to see her taking a pic of me licking her. I was too far gone to care. She kept holding it in her hands and I realised that she was making a video. I pushed the panties aside and started licking her pussy. I pushed deeper when I reached lower probing her with my tongue. She was dripping and I loved her taste. I teased her ass hole with my finger making her squirm more. She pulled me up towards her clit making me lick there spreading the lips with her fingers to help me lick. Her movements increased and she was getting closer and closer to an orgasm. I licked until my jaw hurt and she shuddered as she came hard but she wouldn't let go. She kept humping against my face and I continued to lick her clit. She moved even faster.

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   My jaw was starting to feel as if it was made of lead. I kept going, meeting her rising crotch and adjusting my pace to her thrusts. I was about to give up when she shuddered again but this time it went on for like ages with the intensity of the shudders reducing slowly. She finally let go of my head and I was able to relax my jaw. She looked at me dazed almost as if she was not sure where she was. I looked at her and knew that she had had an amazing orgasm.

She smiled at me and waited like that for about 2 minutes until she finally held her hand asking me to help her sit up straight.

“Oh god, that was amazing. I don't know what happened. It was awesome!” she whispered.

I stood up and my shorts had a huge bulge and she looked at it like she was seeing it for the first time. She reached forward towards it when we both were interrupted by someone calling out my name. I froze solid. Sis straightened up her dress pretty quickly. I opened the door cautiously.

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   Mom was calling out from her room which was just across from my sisters' room. The room seemed to be in darkness.

“Yeah mom?”

“Josh bring a torch. I need your help. Bring a screwdriver too. And hurry up!”

I used sign language to tell sis that I will go and help mom. She nodded getting up and walking towards her bed. I looked at her body longingly and kissed her one last time before I left her room.

I managed to find both objects after some effort. My mind was reeling with different thoughts. I was wondering what had just happened. The taste of my sister was in my mouth. I was half crazy with raging hormones and my heart rate was through the roof. However, after a bit of effort my erection seemed to go down by a few notches and I hoped it wouldn't be noticed. Mom's room was dimly lit with her bedside light.


   Mom was perched on the dresser holding a light fitting. She had both hands on the fitting and that movement lifted her short nightie even higher giving me a glimpse of her lovely thighs. The thin straps of her nightie exposed her shoulders and I could see the sides of her breast when I shone the light upwards. I realised that I was tracing her body with my torch and quickly stopped before it became too obvious. It didn't do my erection any good. She told me to get onto the dresser and help her. She had wanted to change the light bulb and the fitting had become loose. I climbed onto the dresser which was quite sturdy and barely big enough for two. She took the torch in one hand while I took over. In my haste to reach the screw I brushed against her body. At the feel of her rounded butt, my cock responded even more. I had no way of moving back mainly due to safety reasons. Since she let go of the light, she shifted the torch into her other hand and reached back and held me with what I assumed to be motherly concern. This drew me even closer to her and my cock had no way of making the decision not to respond.

If she noticed my erection, she didn't say anything about it.

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   I was having a hard time (pardon the pun) concentrating on turning the screwdriver. Every movement seemed to create more and more friction against her body. To my horror her hand tightened around me, pulling me closer to her.

“Don't fall off, Josh. ” she said chuckling.

I took that as an excuse to move in closer. My cock was nestled nicely against the crack of her butt and the turning motion gave me an excuse to rub against it. Suddenly she seemed to lose her balance or so it seemed. I had no choice but to use onehand topull her back towards me. I had my hand across her tummy. The upper part of my arm brushed against her breasts that were free to move around in her nightie. She wasn't wearing a bra.

“Oops, baby. Sorry. I almost lost my footing there.

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   Can you manage with one hand?” she said breathlessly.

“Yeah mom, I don't want you falling down,” I said my voice barely sounding normal.

“Yeah, and you sure know how to hold a girl!” she said laughing leaning back into me sending shock waves up and down my spine and needless to say, my cock responded accordingly.

“We may never get this fixed at this rate,” I said chuckling.

“I don't think I should answer that. Its been a long time since I was held by a young man!” she said laughing. I don't know why, but that made me bring my other hand down. The lamp stayed in place with the few turns I had managed on one of the screws. I used both hands to hold her. The handle of the screwdriver dug into her tummy while I tried to impress her with my hugging powers. I could feel her breasts resting against my arms. My hard cock snuggled against her butt and I could even feel minute movements of her body that sent delicious waves of pleasure.

I used one hand to caress her rounded tummy. She gasped but didn't say anything. I moved my face closer to hers and we were cheek to cheek in the dimly lit room.

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   All thoughts of returning to my sister's room evaporated. I wanted to do a lot of things, but it seemed as if I was frozen solid. My cock remained mashed against her butt.

She seemed to be holding her breath. Slowly, I inched my hand up. She tried to pull back but found my body instead. I cupped one breast with my hand and kept it there. It was big and filled my palm. The smooth thin material of her nightie stuck to her skin like it was not there. I could feel her nipple hardening under my palm. She didn't say a word. Her breathing had started to increase in pace and was increasing in its intensity. I wondered what the hell I was doing but the heat of the moment and the darkness was doing amazing things to my boldness. Her lower body started moving imperceptibly against my hardness. I was sure I was mistaken but the faint movements were unmistakeable.

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   I got enough guts to start massaging her breast. To my shock, she took the screwdriver, freeing my hand and threw it back onto the bed. I stood there, like an idiot. She then moved that hand to her other breast. She never said a word. I massaged them gently, feeling the weight of them as I explored them slowly. She was breathing hard. I kept massaging the two awesome globes gently, exploring them.

I felt her turn her head towards me and then I felt her warm full lips on my cheek. She kissed gently and for a moment it seemed maternal, until she moved to my neck. She sucked my skin gently and her chest rose to meet my hands. Her delicious movements did wonders to my cock. She raised one hand and pulled my head towards her, seeking my mouth. I felt her suck on my lips and her tongue started probing. Suddenly we were kissing deeply.

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   Her tongue seemed impatient to find mine. She was breathing hard and kissing me. She seemed to want to melt into my mouth.

She took one of my hands and guided towards her belly. She moved forward arching her body and put her hand between us, searching for my cock. She found it and started to rub it slowly over my shorts. I moved lower and lower towards her belly. I lifted her dress and rubbed the lovely smooth skin under the dress. Her belly was soft and warm. She was breaking out in goosebumps. I moved lower towards her thighs and caressed them. She let go of my head and urged my hand to move to her pussy. There was a sense of urgency in her. I found her pussy and it was wet. She was completely shaved.

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   She was totally aroused and dripping. I dug my fingers into her slit rubbing it slowly. Her hand tightened around my cock. We were still kissing hard. I rubbed her clit and labia gently. She moved against my hand as she rubbed my cock. She released my mouth to catch her breath. I pushed my shorts down to give her access to my cock. She started jerking it slowly in time to my fingers which were buried deep in her warm slit.

“Put two fingers inside me,” she murmured.

My hands were on autopilot. I pushed two fingers into her pussy. I started fingering her slowly. She jerked me off in time to my fingers inside her, increasing her pace when she wanted me to move faster. I could feel the experience behind her movements.

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   She knew what to do.

“Maybe we should get off this dresser,” she moaned. I stopped for a moment and got off the dresser and helped her down. She got on her knees and pulled down my shorts further in one motion and started sucking my balls without a word. Her fingers played with the head which was oozing with precum. She held it against my lower tummy and licked the length of it up and down. Her tongue was loving and wet. After teasing me, she sucked my head slowly taking it little by little into her mouth. Her lips were tight around the shiny rosy head as it struggled to go inside her wet mouth. It was an awesome sensation as it slid between the tight lips. She moved it in and out of her mouth making me moan. She made wet noises with her mouth. Her movements increased and she cradled my balls in her hand while she sucked me. I was getting closer to an orgasm quite fast. I tried to push her away as I could feel the orgasm starting.

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   She didn't stop. I whispered urgently for her to stop but she kept sucking. I felt the orgasm overtake me so fast like an express train. Within seconds I was shooting into her mouth. She just kept sucking almost as if she didn't notice. I was shuddering like crazy and I slowly urged her to let me move out of her mouth which she did reluctantly. I just stood there breathing hard, still in the grasp of the amazing orgasm that was given to me by my mom. I couldn't believe she had let me cum in her mouth. She simply, stood up and lay down on the bed, pulling me to her. She kissed me deeply pushing her tongue into my mouth. I was on top of her and her hands were all over my back. I pulled the nightie up to expose her body. Her breasts were so hot in the dim glow of the room. I bent to suck the nipples and she pushed her torso up towards my waiting mouth. Her breasts were really big and hot like two pillows.

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   She let me play with them for a bit. After a while she pushed me lower towards her pussy with some urgency. I started licking her pussy almost immediately diving deep between her wet lips.

I found she was dripping wet. I used one finger to finger her while I sucked her clit into my mouth. She moaned pulling me more towards her pussy and her thighs locked around my head, imprisoning me. Her hips were raised off the bed giving my thumb room to rub against her anus. I kept licking and she pushed against my mouth. My finger was deep inside her pussy, making her moan. Her movements became faster and faster until she shuddered for what seemed like a long time. She was gasping like a person who wanted to make the lowest noise possible. My jaw hurt and she released me from her grasp.

She pulled me towards her face and kissed me deeply, hugging me tight. After what seemed ages, she released my mouth.

“I'm sorry baby, I just couldn't help it,” she said in a dreamy voice.

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“I am sorry Mom. I couldn't help it either,” I said trying to make her feel less guilty.

She kissed me again and her tongue was inside my mouth again. My cock responded, but I pulled away.

“Mom, we shouldn't do this,” I croaked.

“You are right,” she said, reluctantly.

I looked longingly at her breasts and kissed them for the last time. She gasps as she felt my tongue on her nipples. Then I got back into my shorts and walked back to my room. I didn't dare go to my sisters room again although I wanted to. I found it hard to sleep. I wondered if I should tell sis about what happened. It felt too weird.

The next day I woke up and lazed around in bed as it was the weekend. I had a long shower and went down for breakfast.


   I could hear mom and sis giggling and talking. I felt awkward as I walked in. Mom looked at me and blushed and I blushed too. Sis looked at me and she blushed too. She wore a sexy t-shirt and I could see no evidence of a bra. Mom was in a t-shirt and I could almost imagine her breasts the night before. She was in a skirt that ended above her knees and I felt my eyes going over her body.

“Sit down Josh,” she said as she poured orange juice bending over giving me a glimpse of her cleavage. I did my best not to look. My sister was opposite me at the table and she was pressing her breasts against the edge of the table, smiling. I blushed again.

I almost fell off my chair when I felt her leg on my crotch. Luckily mom had her back turned to us. I raised my eyebrows at sis and tried to push her foot away but she kept teasing me. I was getting harder and harder.

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   Mom came back with some scrambled eggs and toast and she sat to my right. I hoped she couldn't notice what sis was upto. After she got me all worked up, sis announced that she was going to upstairs to finish her assignment. I was left alone with mom.

I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back and reached over to squeeze my hand.

“I had a good time last night. But I won't bother you again. We can both forget it,” she said.

I nodded giving her another smile.

“You must have nicer looking young girls in school,” she said.

“Well, you are nice too mom,” I said.

She smiled and finished her breakfast. I toyed with the eggs for a while, watching her body shake gently while she washed the dishes. Her body was hot and I suddenly realised that she could see me in the reflection.

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   I blushed and looked down.

“Its OK Josh. Bring your dish over if you are done,” she said.

I got up trying to hide the stiffness in my shorts and failed.

I walked over to her and stood behind her and reached forward and dumped the dish on the side of the sink. I found it hard to move away, so I put my arms around her and pulled her to me. She didn't resist. I ground my crotch against her butt. She pushed against my hardness. I licked her ear that made her moan. She turned her head towards me and we were kissing. We heard faint sounds and she pulled away quickly.

“Go to your room and wait for me,” she whispered. I nodded and rushed back to my room. I went to my desk and pulled back the chair and sat down.

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   I was going crazy. I waited for a few minutes and the thought of mom coming into my room was so hot. But she was taking time. I couldn’t help it so I opened up a porn clip and started watching it. My sister was nowhere to be seen. I hoped she would still be in the shower.

I pushed my shorts lower and pulled my cock out and touched it while watching a MILF with a young guy. It took me a while to realise that a hand was on my thigh. I was so engrossed in the movie and my arousal, that I failed to notice a soft hand touching the base of my cock. I tore my eyes away from the screen and found the all too familiar hand of my sister. I started to panic but I was too far gone to make her stop. She peeked from under the table and smiled. She wore the same t-shirt she wore at breakfast and I could see her nipples hard against the material. Her skirt was bunched up and she was sitting in the familiar lotus position under my table. She helped me rub my cock and I totally forgot about my mom’s promise.

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It was all going well until I heard mom coming up the stairs. I quickly pushed my sisters hand away but there was no time for her to get out of the room. I whispered to her to go back further under the table and pushed my chair in so that she could stay hidden. The table was quite large so she had no trouble fitting in. Since it leaned against the wall there was no problem of being seen from the other side. I heard mom walk in. Before I could say anything, she came to my desk. The words of warning that should have come out didn’t make their way out of my mouth in time. I was wondering what I was going to do. I tried shaking my head at mom but she didn’t seem to notice.

“Oh you bad boy! What are you watching?”

I had forgotten all about the porn clip.

“Mmmm, you like older women?” she said walking over and resting her ample bosom on my shoulder. Her body looked even hotter than the previous night. Her breasts bulged against her t-shirt.

I started to panic.

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   She kissed my face and moved over to my mouth.

“Oh baby, your mouth feels so good,” she murmured starting to kiss my lips noisily.

“Mom! We shouldn't,” I protested.

“Don't worry, your sister said that she is taking a shower didn’t she? She won't be out for at least another half an hour,” she said pushing her hand down to my cock.

“Do you want mommy to give you another hand job or a blow job like last night?”

“Oh god, I don't know mom. This is so bad. ”

“Oh we'll stick to a hand job then,” she murmured, touching my cock.

I wondered what my sister was thinking. I didn't know what she would say afterward. Strangely, the fact that she was watching us made me even harder.

“Oh god, stand up baby and sit on the table. I want to kiss you while I jerk you off,” she gasped.

I got upand my shorts fell to the floor. I sat on the table doing my best to cover the opening under the table. She moved in close and started kissing me, pressing her boobs against my chest.

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   Her hand jerked me slowly. Her mouth was hot on my lips and her tongue found its way inside. I caressed her back feeling her soft skin, kneading it slowly. She moaned and relaxed in my arms.

I squeezed her breasts and moved to her butt, squeezing it. I lifted her skirt and touched her wet crotch.

“Oh baby, touch my pussy! Oh yes!”

I pushed my hand inside her panties and rubbed her clit.

“Tell me when you are close. I want you to cum in my mouth like last night. ”

I wasn't sure but I think I heard my sister stifle a gasp. I hoped that I was wrong. I was getting dangerously close to an orgasm.

“Mom, I . . I am.

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  . close,” I gasped.

She bent over and took me in her mouth. Her mouth was as hot as before, wet and warm. She started sucking noisily, taking me deep into her mouth and cupping my balls with her hand. I squeezed her breasts slowly while she sucked me. She took me in deep, slowly at first and increased the intensity of sucking. I felt the orgasm approach. I was going crazy and felt the orgasm start at the base of my base of my spine and slowly spread all over my body I shot into her mouth. I shook so hard holding onto her shoulders. I heard my moans fill the room. She kept sucking until my moans subsided.

I came back to earth in about 30 seconds.

“Can you lick mommy too?” She asked.

I didn’t say anything.

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   It was as if I had been shot into space. I was almost floating. I just looked at her gorgeous body and her big breasts. I wanted to lick her so much. I made her lean against the table and made her spread her legs. I moved between them and kissed her mouth deeply whilst lifting her t-shirt. I managed to pull one breast out of her bra half way to expose her hard nipple. Then I sucked it into my mouth. She moaned and pulled my head closer. I did the same to the other breast. I bit the nipple gently making her groan in ecstasy.
She pushed me lower and I knelt before her, drinking in her beauty. I lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties and rubbed her slit with my finger and then tasted it. She pulled my head towards her and pushed her crotch towards my eager tongue. I licked her clit and managed to insert a finger into her pussy.

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   She moved against my tongue and finger holding onto my head. She moved up and down fucking my finger and urging me to go faster and faster.

I almost screamed when I felt a hand on my cock. I tried my best not to stop licking mom. I was hoping that mom was already lost in her own pleasure. Sis kept touching me and I licked mom. She moved faster and faster against my tongue and finger. Her orgasm hit her suddenly and she held onto my head pulling me to her and I kept licking. Her body shuddered like a train coming to a stop. I gently pushed my sister’s hand away and rose to my feet. I pulled her close and kissed her again. She was still recovering from the orgasm and her eyes were heavy. She opened her eyes and slowly came back to her senses.

“Where is your sis?” she asked.

I shrugged.

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“I better go then,” she said, the guilty look coming back to her face.

She hurriedly adjusted her skirt and t-shirt and rushed out of the room without looking back. I sat heavily on the chair and then remembered about sis. She was sitting under the table, open mouthed. I looked at her and motioned her to keep quiet and slowly went to the door and looked around. It sounded like mom was in the shower.

I came back to my room. My sister was almost bursting with curiosity.

“Oh my god! You seduced mom?”

I nodded.

“How did that happen? Oh my god!”

I told her hurriedly about the episode the previous night. She was going crazy asking me questions. I managed to silence her finally by promising her to tell the whole story later. She reluctantly agreed. The next day was quite hectic for me at school and I didn’t get to talk to sis much. Mom seemed to have settled down and was almost the same as before but she seemed to avoid eye contact with me.


   I let her settle down and didn’t push further. I still did think about them both.

Hope you enjoyed the story email me on sam928089 at gmail dot com for any comments. .

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