Chloe Moretz: The Safe Word


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Chloe Moretz or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M+/F, Non-Con, Exhib

Chloe Moretz, The Safe-word

Dick Jizzum looked around at the small, enclosed set. It was covered in fake jungle plants and a faux rock wall but luckily it also had a large, ornate bed big enough to fit a half a dozen people and a camera man. "This'll be perfect," he said with a wide grin, "And the price is perfect. "

Thaddeus Temple looked at Dick. "Two hundred bucks cash an hour and your promise of complete discretion," he said simply. He looked over the at the director wearing a simple white T-shirt and faded jeans. He adjusted his suit before speaking again. "And I'd like to stress the discretion part of out arrangement. "

"Not to worry," Dick said as he looked around, extremely pleased.

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  "Nobody likes to admit they like porn but everybody watches it. And trust me, you're not the only person to rent out for cash and discretion. And, as a bonus, please feel free to come by and watch if you'd like. "

Thaddeus blushed at the invitation. "I, ah. . . I have meetings today. "

"Sure, sure, sure," Dick said with a knowing smirk. "Two hundred bucks an hour and discretion. I'd say we've got ourselves a deal. "


After only two hours of prep time, the crew was ready to shoot. The cameraman had unloaded his cameras, the actors themselves had set up the lights, and Dick had reinforced the bed. The six actors stood around waiting for their orders to roll as the director went over the instructions.

"Right, listen up, everybody," Dick said as he closed his notebook, "This is going to be pretty simple.

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  It's a rough gang-bang so pretty much everything goes. When I yell for action, strip the actress, fuck the actress, and most of all try to get her off as much as possible. The whole gist is that she's all repressed and whatever and just really wants to let herself go and enjoy letting go of her inhibitions. We'll be re-dubbing the lines later so you don't have to worry about memorizing anything. Got it?"

One of the actors held up his hand. "Do we have a safe-word?" he asked.

"Right, right," Dave said as he opened up his notebook again. "It's. . . It's, ah. . . It's 'blueberry waffles'. "

"And who are we filming with?"

Once again the director opened up his notebook.

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  "It'll be a new actress. Chloe Moretits. "


Twenty minutes later, Chloe Moretz sped into the studio lot already a half an hour late for the start of filming. "Stupid L. A. traffic," she muttered under her breath as she skidded into her parking space and jumped out of her car. She was supposed to have reported to wardrobe already and so had dressed extremely casually in nothing more than a spaghetti strap shirt and short denim cut-off shorts. She had gone bra-less and the pink nipples of her small, firm breasts created two twin peaks under her shirt as her slim legs carried her effortlessly into the studio.

Chloe walked through the back halls of the studio but didn’t see anyone as she knocked on doors and peeked behind curtains. After two minutes she saw a couple of guys dressed casually carrying camera equipment and chased after them down the hall. “Excuse me!Excuse me,” she shouted after them until she had their attention, “Are you my camera crew?”

The two men looked the young girl up and down from her honey colored hair, pouty lips, bra-less chest and down to her finely sculpted legs. “I certainly hope so,” one of them chuckled.

“Okay, great,” Chloe said with a sigh of relief, “I’m kinda lost and kinda late. Mind if I follow you?”

“Sure,” the other guy said and waved her on. The three of them walked down a small series of halls until they reached the room the men were recording in.


  “Look who I found,” the one of the men called out.

“Hi, sorry I’m late,” Chloe said with a cute wave, “I’m Chloe Moretz. ”

Dick turned around and saw the beautiful young girl and he smiled in relief. “Thank goodness. I was getting worried about you,” he said.

“Sorry, traffic was a bitch,” Chloe said with another wave. “So where’s the costume department. I’ll get changed and we’ll get started,” she offered.

“No need, no need,” Dick said as he sat down in the director’s chair and turned on his monitoring equipment. “Guys, gather around,” he shouted and the six actors surround the much shorter actress.

Chloe looked around in confusion. “Wait, I don’t need a costume?” she asked.

“You already look hot,” one of the men said.

“Yeah, there’s no improving on perfection,” another added.

“Right, right,” Dave called out.

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  “Everybody remember the safe-word?”

All the men grunted and nodded their heads in agreement but Chloe just looked around in more confusion. “Safe-word?” she muttered.

“Great,” Dick called out, “Action!”

“Wait. What about my. . . ” Chloe started to asked before a sea of men washed over her. Her top was pulled up to expose her small breasts and suddenly hands and mouths flowed over her chest while her shorts were pulled down and fingers began roughly exploring between her supple legs. She tried to cry out but a thick, wet tongue suddenly filled her mouth cutting off her voice as her wide, teal colored eyes shot open in surprise. She was finally able to gasp out as the stranger broke the kiss but her voice was cut off as her shirt was removed leaving her completely topless in a room full of men.

Chloe’s short shorts and panties were yanked roughly down her well-formed legs and hands began crawling up and down, diving between her golden thighs. She tried to cry out again but suddenly two fingers were shoved into her mouth and her pouty lips snapped shut around them. They began thrusting in and out of her mouth as two other mouths closed over her pale, pink nipples. Fingers slid up between her legs, invading her vulnerable pussy, teasing her plump pussy-lips and clit beneath it’s hood. She managed to spit the fingers out of her mouth but before she could do anything about it another tongue thrust itself inside of her.

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Struggling against the men holding her, fondling her, caressing her, squeezing her, molesting her, Chloe was helpless. There was simply to many of them and they were far stronger than her. She was helpless but she never stopped trying to resist, her teenage body writhing and wiggling against her captures as they attacked her. Her eyes shot open even wider when she saw the cameras, two of them on tripods and one being held by a camera man. She looked up and saw a boom mic recording her every squeal and grunt as she tried to escape. It slowly dawned on her what was happening. She was on the set of a porno and everybody thought she was the star.

As her pussy started to become wetter Chloe’s squeals started to become pants and moans. She new it was simple biology: when genitals were stimulated they responded no matter what, but right now she didn’t care, all she cared about was that it was now easier for the several men to slide their knowledgeable fingers in and out of her struggling body.

Chloe's grunts and moans grew louder as she was feverishly fingered, rough hands molesting her body as several men's fingers worked their way in and out of her vulnerable pussy. She squealed loudly as another finger began shoving it's way into her ass using her slick juices as a lubricant. Her eyes rolled back in her head at the pressure of being violated by dozens of fingers thrusting themselves in and out of her every hole but she still valiantly continued to struggle against the men and the unwanted pleasure she was feeling.

Suddenly Chloe gasped in surprise around the fingers and tongues in her mouth as she was lifted up effortlessly by the group of men. They held her with her back down, her legs spread wide so the camera man could crawl in between her thighs and zoom in on the fingers fucking her pussy and ass. She knew that if only the cameraman would look up to see the look on her face he would realize something was wrong but instead he zoomed in at the hot, wet juncture of her wiggling body.

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  She could feel her juices seeping out of her body, covering the men's hands and her ass as her body was rocked back and forth with ragged intensity, dangling helplessly in the air.

Fighting off her orgasm as she defiantly fought against the men, Chloe groaned louder and louder, her hips bucking forward as her traitorous body tried to get as many of the men's fingers inside of her as possible. The mouths sucking on her chest had her nipples as hard as little stones and sizzling with desire as she was violated. She was suddenly distracted by the sight of the shoes on her feet bobbing up and down in the air, the only clothes she still had on, and suddenly came. Her orgasm rushed through her body like a train causing her to squeal out around the fingers still in her mouth as her teenage body shook and twitched. Her eyes rolled back in her head and glazed over at the unwanted desire crashing through her as the men's fingers delved inside of her a deeply as they could, her vision blurring.

As they felt Chloe start to come down from her orgasm, the men lowered her to the floor, sitting her on her knees. They quickly stripped their clothes off and huddled around the hot teenage girl like cavemen around a fire as they fisted their cocks.

As Chloe's vision slowly began to clear she could see a large, throbbing, purple cock-head pointing right at her with a small pearl of pre-cum glistening at the tip. Her eyes crossed as she looked in surprise at the tip of the soft velvet helmet ad muttered, "Wha. . . ?" before having her mouth plugged by the invading dick.

Choking around the cock now in her mouth, Chloe looked up at all the pricks surrounding her. For an odd moment she couldn't help but think about being surrounded by a nest of snakes about to attack before the cocks did exactly that.

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  The man fucking her mouth gripped the sides of her head as he fucked her face, his balls slapping wetly against her chin. Two men on either side of her grabbed her wrists and brought them up to their swollen pricks, wrapping the young girl's hands around their shafts and using her to jack themselves off. Two more men knelt beside her and began rubbing their slick pricks across her small, firm tits and hard nipples. Men standing behind her grabbed fist fulls of her hair and began using her silky blonde locks to masturbate with and all she could do was kneel there in stunned silence.

As the initial surprise and shock at being technically attacked started to wear off, Chloe slowly began to regain and order her thoughts. There was no logical way something like this could be happening to her, it was far to bizarre. She could understand being attacked by a group of men but accidentally wandering into a gang-band was something else entirely. She could even understand the biology of being forced to orgasm, as far as her body knew stimulation was stimulation no matter what was going on, even something as ridiculous as this. Suddenly she realized that she had her full, pouty lips shut tight around the cock sliding in and out of her mouth while she unconsciously massaged it with her tongue. "This is beyond ridiculous," she told herself.

In an effort to finally take control of the situation, Chloe steeled her nerves and tried to take a deep breath around the dick in her mouth. As the dick slid out she began to scream but the previous cock was quickly replaced by another, drool sliding down her chin and dripping onto her chest. "Dammit," she thought to herself, "Not fast enough. "The cocks in her hands were quickly replaced with new pricks and she quickly tried to Sign for help but once again the men were to quick for her as the new men used her hands to jerk themselves off. She stretched her neck out and looked up at the men surrounding her and began blinking "SOS" at them but the man now fucking her beautiful face used the opportunity to slide his prick into her tightly clutching throat.

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  With the man fucking her throat, resting his balls in her chin as he enjoyed her throat gagging around him, another man began sliding his throbbing cock-head around her face as she started to turn red from lack of oxygen, smearing his pre-cum over her reddening skin.

Suddenly the cock in Chloe's mouth pulled out completely and she managed to take in a deep breath before a new prick plugged her and began vigorously fucking her face. She tried to squeeze down as hard as she could on the dicks in her hand but they were far to large to get a grip on and she heard the men using her to jack themselves off groan in pleasure before being replaced with new, throbbing cocks. She looked around at the men surrounding her as they got down on their knees around her body, she pleaded with her eyes for one of them to help her but not a single one was paying any attention to her face, except perhaps her mouth. She could see their eyes crawling over her naked body as they moved in closer, their pricks in their hands as they began rubbing their throbbing man-hoods over every available inch of her exposed flesh.

Chloe's brain became muddled at the strange sensation of being covered in dick. There was really no way to describe the feeling of a half-dozen cocks rubbing along her vulnerable body. Her nipples sizzled as the thick shafts slide across her slight chest and she suddenly found herself actually sucking again on a cock in her mouth, rubbing her moist tongue along the length despite herself. She tried to shake the strange, lewd thoughts out of her head, the prick in her mouth accidentally popping out and being quickly replaced with a new one. At least she thought it was a new one, there was no way to keep track of which cock was doing what to her.

There was only one clear way for Chloe to help herself and she hoped the owner of the dick in her mouth would forgive her later. Steeling her resolve she prepared to bite down on the shaft fucking her face, hoping not to hurt him to much but just enough to get his attention.

"Up on the bed," Dick ordered from his director's chair.

Chloe hadn't realized exactly how much the men were holding her up as she struggled weakly against them until they all took a sudden step back. Every man, hand, and cock suddenly disappeared leaving the confused young star to slump forward and down.

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  Her eyes shot wide open in surprise, the shock of not being molested leaving her stunned so that instead of shouting out for help she merely gasped, "Wha?" again with a confused look on her beautiful face.

Suddenly a dozen hands lifted Chloe up off the floor and deposited her sideways on the bed, her head hanging off of one side and her slender legs hanging off the other. She opened her mouth to yell for help but her voice was silenced by a cock plunging into her mouth, her pink lips snapping shut around the girth, to late to stop it from violating her. "Dammit," she cursed herself as the dick began sliding in and out of her mouth, his heavy balls swinging back an forth, slapping against the bridge of her nose and eyes.

Crossing her arms angrily under her small breasts, Chloe rolled her eyes in frustration as the man fucked her mouth and two more men grabbed her wrists. She tried to resist them but they were too strong as the pulled her arms up, wrapped her small hands around their shafts and began using her to jack themselves off. She knew her breasts were to small for a guy to get much stimulation from but that didn't stop two of the performers from crawling up on the bed on either side of her and rubbing their slick cock-heads across her sensitive breasts and hard nipples. "This has gone beyond ridiculous," she thought in a oddly detached way.

With no other choice, Chloe decided that there was no way out of her predicament except for her teeth. She stopped struggling and braced herself, no longer caring about injuring someone even if it wasn't really their fault they were technically raping her. She may have been brought up to be conscientious and respectful to those around her but enough was enough.

Chloe's teal eyes shot open in shock once again as she felt one of the men dive between her legs and throw her slender thighs over his shoulders. She knew what was coming next but there was nothing she could do to stop it. She tried to struggle free of the grip the men had on her writhing body, to scream out around the cock sliding easily in and out of her throat as the man between her legs shoved his tongue forcefully into her wet, tight pussy. Her entire body shook as she screamed in unwanted pleasure around the thick meat in her mouth as she came, her warm juices gushing out of her cunt and soaking into the bed.


  She rode out her orgasm as the men rode her, pricks of various sizes and shapes slid over her trembling body, her muscles twitching as electricity coursed through her and she moaned and mumbled dumbly around the prick now buried in her tightly clutching throat.

As the beautiful young star came down from her orgasm, Dick checked the monitor to make sure he had caught the shot. "Good job, guys," he congratulated his actors, "Now move on to the next shot. "

Completely limp, Chloe allowed her naked, sweat slick, and spasming body to be moved around the bed like a wet rag-doll. She barely registered the fact that a man had slid in under her as she was flipped around and sat up over his lap. She was pushed forward, her hands braced against the headboard as her tan, slender body was lowered down, the actor's cock pointed straight up between her still twitching thighs.

The actors released Chloe's pliant body and let gravity do the rest of the work. Her wet, hot cunt slowly enveloped the man's cock beneath her causing her to groan in unwanted pleasure as his thick tool slowly parted the velvet walls of her tight pussy. Her head rolled back, her eyes closed in pleasure as her wanton body slid down the actor's cock, completely forgetting how, just moments before, she was trying to escape. She groaned out lustfully as she took in the last hard inch of him, the muscles in her arms locked as she gripped the headboard, her slender hips working automatically to adjust to the thick prick being buried inside of her.

As Chloe's head rolled forward, the man took that to mean she was ready. He gripped her slender hips tightly and began thrusting himself up in and out of her tight, tan, young body. Her blonde hair began whipping back an forth as he fucked her like a jack-hammer from underneath, her small tits jiggling wildly on her small chest. He leaned up slightly, sucking at her amazingly hard nipples as he thrust himself up like a piston. Two other actors crawled up on either side of the moaning actress, their hard pricks pointed straight at her gasping face while another actor crawled in behind her and aimed his prick at her heart shaped rear-end.

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A hand cupped Chloe's jaw and gently pulled her face to the side. Too horny now too realize what was going on, Chloe surrendered. She opened her mouth and let the cock slide inside of her. Her pouty lips slid up and down the hard shaft as her tongue massaged the large vein underneath. She bobbed her head automatically in time with his thrusts, rocking her body up an down until the man to the other side of her pulled her talented mouth towards him and took his turn to fuck her face.

The men took care of everything and Chloe found that she didn't even have to move. The man fucking her from beneath was rocking her slender body up and down so that every thrust up sent her face forward towards one of the cocks in her mouth leaving her nothing to do but suck and wiggle her tongue. Then the men fucking her mouth would switch by themselves to leave her to concentrate on the prick underneath her. The other men surrounding her rubbed themselves against whatever body part they could reach, leaving her tan flesh gleaming with streaks of pre-cum. "Who knew fucking so many men at the same time would be so easy," she wondered through her haze of lust, "I shoulda been doing this since the start. "

As Chloe was pistoned back and forth between various hard pricks, she began to realize how odd her thoughts were becoming until the men, as a seemingly organized whole, switched up their positions again. She found herself on her back, a man fucking her between her wildly stretched thighs as she rolled her hips up to meet his thrusting prick, a cock in each hand that she was eagerly jerking off on her own, two cocks on either side of her head that she was enthusiastically sucking on in turn, a man on either side of her chest once again rubbing their shafts across her firm breasts.

Again, as Chloe slowly began to realize what was going on, she was twisted onto her side with the man between her legs now buried balls deep inside of her horny hole. She felt another man slide up behind her and began rocking her body back and expecting the man between her legs to pull out and the man behind her to push in she wait patiently but she soon realized that she was wrong. The man fucking her mouth pulled out quickly, a long stream of drool sliding down her chin as the man behind her thrust his cock into her already full pussy.

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  She screamed out at the strange intrusion as one cock slid into her wet, tight pussy and the other slid out only for them to reverse and start over. Three hands gripped her waist, holding her still as a fourth hand slid over her slick pussy lips and began strumming against her clit.

Chloe screamed out as she came again, her impossibly stretched pussy gripping down on the thrusting cocks, her juices spraying out like a hose, her eyes wide and glazed, her vision blurred again. Her scream trailed off into a ragged gasp and a new cock slid it's way into her mouth. She simply left her mouth open as she continued cumming and the third cock fucked her face, unable to concentrate even on something as simple as moving her tongue.

Barely noticing what was going on around her, Chloe was barely able to focus on a sudden cock throbbing in front of her gasping face before it exploded. She closed her eyes as it coated her with it's thick, white load before rubbing it's warm seed into her face. The cock in her mouth erupted next and she swallowed the load as fast as she could before becoming overloaded and felt the creamy white load dribble out of the corners of her mouth.

The men in her pussy kept rocking Chloe's small body back and forth as the other men surrounded her, all fisting their cocks and pointing them straight at her gleaming young body. As the two cocks pistoned in and out of her pussy her eyes rolled back in her head as she gurgled in pleasure around a cock in her mouth. With the mass of men surrounding her and rubbing every spare inch of her body with their incessant pricks she didn't notice as a lone cocks-man wiggled up behind her.

Writhing and bobbing between a group of horny men, Chloe barely felt a splash of lube against her tight, taunt ass. Rough hands spread her tan cheeks wide and she gurgled again as her tiny, puckered asshole was probed by a thick finger. More hands slid over her body, massaging her tan flesh keeping her distracted as the finger slipped into her ass. As the finger began sliding in and out of her, the helpless starlet's eyelids fluttered in pleasure as another orgasm rocked her young body.

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  Her eyes rolled up completely into her head as her hands curled into fists, gripping the sheets of the bed, her toes curling as she mewled around the cock fucking her mouth.

"Good job, guys," Dick called out with a single clap of his hands, "Next position please. "

Chloe was completely limp as she was moved around, groaning quietly as a stream of drool escaped from her mouth. She was again positioned over one of the actors, his cock pointed straight up in the air as she was lowered down, his thick cock penetrating her well fucked pussy. The actor held her up by her chest, his hard hands palming her small tits as another actor scooted up behind her. She groaned out with a sloppy grin on her lips as the actor behind her slid his cock into her already filled cunt. "Soooo good," she moaned at the feel of two pricks buried inside of her while another actor knelt behind her next to the other man.

As the two cocks inside of her pussy began sliding in and out of her stretched pussy, the other actors began caressing her rocking body. The actor beneath her pinched and twisted her hard, pink nipples as another set of hands slid between her widely spread thighs. "Oh yessss. . . " she hissed in pleasure as several fingers danced over her stretched pussy-lips and strummed her sizzling clit. And then she suddenly yelled out as a hard cock was shoved halfway up her ass. "F- f- f- fuck!" she stuttered as her tight rear-end was suddenly filled with hard, thick dick.


  Her entire body began thrashing around as she came again ad three men fucked her pussy and formally virgin ass.

Her tongue slid numbly out of her mouth as Chloe was rocked back and forth, gasping and moaning in more pleasure than she had ever felt before. A fourth cock entered her, her lips stretched wetly around the girth of the fourth actor's prick as it slid in and out of her mouth, the sensitive cock-head bumping against the back of her throat. Gurgling she allowed the men to do whatever they wanted to her wherever they wanted. Their hands crawled over her skin, their pricks slid over her flesh and filled her holes, their lips and tongues caressed her entire naked body as she felt another orgasm rise up inside of her.

Chloe drooled around the cock in her mouth as she came, the men passing her around so that everyone got a turn fucking her entire body. She was covered in a sticky mess of cum, sweat and saliva as she was moved around the bed, meeting new cocks with every turn, fucked senseless as she was rocked by one orgasm after the other. A small, pathetic squeal escaped past a cock in her mouth as her body twitched with another orgasm before falling forward into unconsciousness. Her limp, senseless body didn't stop the men as they continued passing her bonelessly around between them.

"Okay, guys, money shot," Dick called out.

The group of men laid Chloe's unconscious body down on the bed on her back and surrounded her on their knees. The all began fisting their pricks, aiming down at the beautiful actress's beautiful, prone body as the cameraman climbed up behind them and zoomed in.

"And. . .

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  " Dick started as he stared at his monitor waiting for the perfect shot. "Now!" he excitedly called.

Unconscious Chloe Moretz was covered in the cum of a half a dozen men as one orgasmed above her and the rest followed. From her hair to her face, from her small chest to her flat stomach, and from her abused pussy down her legs to her feet, her vulnerable body was evenly glazed as the men groaned in satisfaction above her.

"That was fantastic, guys, just fantastic," Dick called out as the last load of cum splashed on the hot, young star.

"Hey, fellas. Sorry I'm late but traffic was a real bitch, y'know?" a voice called out from the door to the sound stage.

Dirk's head snapped to the side at the sound of the voice and saw an attractive middle aged woman dressed in a halter top and yoga pants standing there waving at him. Suddenly his stomach dropped in fear. "Can. . . Can I. . .

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   Can I help you?" he asked worriedly.

"Sure, sweet thing," the woman said with a blank smirk, "I'm here to film. You're the director, right?"

Dick looked from the woman to the cum stained young girl laying unconscious and prone on the bed and back again. They looked similar and he bet that with the right make-up the older woman would have more than a passing resemblance to the younger girl. And it wasn't exactly unheard-of for a porn actress to adopt a similar name to a main stream actress especially if she could look the part. "You, ah. . . You, ah. . . What was your name again?Your professional name, I mean," he stammered nervously.

"It's Chloe, sweetie. Chloe Moretits. Like the actress, y'know?" she said with a grin.

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All the actors began slowly crawling off the bed with looks of fear in their faces. "The fuck we just do?" one of the actors asked in horror. "The fuck is she?" another actor asked. "No fucking way," a third actor gasped. A fourth actor looked at the director, trembling in fear as he asked, "What the fuck do we do now?"

Dick looked around the studio. He looked at Chloe Moretits standing there in the doorway without a care in the world. He looked at the actors standing in a ring around the bed holding the soft cocks protectively. And then he looked at pretty and young Chloe Moretz naked, fucked every which way, and covered from head to toe in cum. "Hose her off, get her dressed, and run, motherfuckers!" he cried out frantically.

The End. .

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