Cinderela - A true story


This is a true story.

My name is thiago, and I'm a very reserved bisexual. It means that very few people knows it.
I never had a male partner, although i wish for it so much everyday, but I'm scared to death of people pointing me fingers. But i guess that ifi would find true love, i would most certainly come out of the closet.

I masturbate over bisexual porn, and when I see a cock. Although I also enjoy a good wet pussy. Anyways I'm not here to explain what a bisexual is. . . . . . .
4 years ago

One day I was coming out of a pub in the middle of the night, and thought of instead going home, to look for a male stranger, so that i could fulfill my appetites. I was drunk and had a few lines of coke.

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   I was so horny.
I just walked the streets looking for cock, i wanted to suck a cock so much. But the streets seemed empty. I knew that would have more chances in succeeding withthis if it would be with a completely stranger.

Then I saw this guy, quite muscular, but it really didn't matter all I wanted was between his legs, he was walking towards me and i didn't want to loose the opportunity, so i said hi, and asked the time. He replied, and then I asked him if he likes massage, he replied, ''yes!'' I asked him if i could do a massage on him, or if whether he knew a private place. He said "for sure!" and then i walked with him.

In the middle of the way he changed his mind and told me that it wouldn't be possible at his place. So we found ourselves a good corner in some suburban. I then, started massaging his shoulders, and then went for it. I unzip his trousers and swallowed his 8 inch cock down to my throat, i sucked and sucked. All the pre cum was sweet, and then i heard a hummm, i think he came on my mouth. I just spat on the floor. He then put his arsenal back in the house. I said alright, he too.

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   then we said bye, each one going his own way.

Next morningi woke up and looked myself in the mirror to the inner eye level, as if to see how naughty the little girl hidden inside me could get. I never regretted it because i was in desperation. That's then when I realized, that i forgota CD with him. I gave him to hold it while I was sucking his triumph. Damn it!thanks there was no phone or other details he could track me.

My cousin lived in the suburbs, and it was her birthday,was 3 months afterward, i went there for the usual booze, and being there i realized that it was just meters aways from my act of desperation. I passed the site, and recalled my wild memory.

I just wonder if he kept the CD, or if he remembers me.

After a while, the rock band I play in, made a video clip and it was showing on TV everyday. I was a bit worried if he would recognize me and come after me, or laugh and tell everybody that i sucked his cock eagerly. . has the huge list of hotties and escort services in Brussels!

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