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A few years ago, I had a crush on my cousin, Jared. (he's adopted). The only problem was that, he was 23, and I was just about to turn 16. Every summer, me and my younger sister, Becky, lived with our Aunt and Uncle. Becky was 13, and she always hung out with Jared's sister, Jenny. When we got to his house he imediatly ran out to great us. He was so hot, with light brown hair, icy blue eyes, and a great tan. He hugged Becky and then me. But when My Aunt Sarah hugged me I caught him staring. I had changed a lot since I las saw him. I got my braces off, I was taller, and I grew a cup size bigger. A week later, we were watchibg TV in his room. "Wow Sydney, you changed a lot since I last saw you. " He said. "In a good way or bad?" I asked. "Definatly good.

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  " He said looking at my chest. I pretended I didn't notice him. I moved my arm so he could get a better veiw of my bust. "Thanks. " I said. That seemed to snap him out of his trance. "What. . . oh yeah, your welcome. " He said. The next day everybody went out for dinner, me and Jared stayed behind. I put on a tiny bikini and sat down on a chair by their pool. Jared was dangling his legs in the water. "Hey.

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  " I said. "Hey. . . whoa. " He said letting his eyes wander down my body. I spread my legs a little further but acted like I didn't know that I did. he got out of the pool and sat next to me. "So. . . do you have a boyfriend?" He asked. "No. . .

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   why?" I asked. "Uh. . . . no reason. " He said. "Hey, can you put this on my back?" I asked and held up a bottle of sunscreen. "Sure. " He said quickly. He opened the bottle and started to rub the sunscreen on my shoulders and back. After a minute I felt my bikini untie and he froze. "Uh. . .

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   your bikini came untied. " "Can you tie it again?" I asked. "Can I take it off completely?" He asked, his voice kinda shaky. "If you want to. " "I definatly want to. " He said and turned my around pressing his lips on mine. I felt his hands pull off my top and then start to rub my back. It was a good thing they lived in the country. He pulled away and started to suck on my chest while pulling off my shorts. I pulled down his swim trunks and threw them somwhere away from us. I had been taking birth control to slow down my period since i turned 14 which was good because he was to caught up in the moment to use a condom. He pushed his cock into me and started to thrust. "You're not a virgin are you?" He asked. I had a boyfriend when I was 14 and we had sex once. "No.

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  " I said. "Good. " He said speeding up his thrust. He groaned and I moaned. After about ten minutes I came. I felt him send a load of sperm into me. He pulled out of me and we were breathing hard. I laid over him and pressed my lips to his chest. I stood up, grabbed my clothes and walked back into the house leaving Jared staring hungrily after me. The next day while Aunt Sarah and Uncle George were going to a movie theatre and Becky and Jenny were at another friends house, I heard a knock on my door and I opened it and Jared pulled my into a kiss. He pushed me onto my bed and locked my door. That was just a first of many great summers. .
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