Cruel Intentions (Part 4)


She took a large feather pillow and laid on it while still on her knees. I moved up behind her. I leaned down and ran my tongue down her spine, down the crack of her ass. I spread the cheeks of her ass and licked around her asshole before continuing lower. I sucked on her hairless taint and slid my wet tongue into her cunt. She pushed back towards me while moaning. I pressed my nose into her cunt while licking and sucking her clit. She moaned loudly and told me, "Stick it in me. "

I told her, "Roll over, I want to see your tits bounce. "

She promptly rolled over and spread her thighs. Her huge tits laid flat on top of her chest wobbling from every move of her body. I ran my tongue up her slit and over her clit. She looked at me lustfully with her mouth ajar. "Fuck me," she stated firmly.

I move up onto her pressing my hard cock that was dripping with precum against her crotch. I put my face into her neck as I reached down and slid my thick cock into her.

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   She gasped as I pushed it in over the coarse of several pumps. I told her, "Come on, I'm not as thick as your toy you showed me. " I being about as thick as the cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper. "Save those noises for later," I added.

She laid there with her eyes closed and her mouth open as I slowly pumped her. I thought to myself, this is too nice. Let's have some fun.

I sat back and lifted her legs up and put them over my shoulders. I pushed her knees to her chest as I deeply pounded her pussy. Her tits bounced hard from every pump. I kept fucking her hard as she came. She tried to push her legs down but I held them in place as her cunt gripped my thick cock. After a few seconds, her body relaxed, and she sighed quietly. I let her put her legs down beneath me again. I slowly kept pumping her as she laid there semi-conscious.

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Finally, I told her, "Roll over. "

I pulled my cock from her wet cunt and waited for her to roll over. Her body was glistening in sweat. I noticed a wet spot on the bed that was the size of a softball. I told her, "My wife won't be happy about you cumming in her bed. "

Degrading my wife seemed to turn her on. She responded, What she doesn't know won't hurt her. "
She laid flat on the bed with her face laying on the soft pillow. I straddled her ass and slid my cock back into her wet cunt. I laid against her with my face at the side of her face. I asked her in her ear, "What if your husband found out what you're doing right now?"

"The same your wife would do, kill me," she responded. The concept appeared to turn her on. She moved her hips back towards me and moaned quietly. "On your knees," I told her in her ear.

As she got to her knees, I pulled her ass back so her knees were fully bent.

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   This stuck her pussy and ass up for easy access. She continued to lay her body against my wife pillow.

I slid my cock back into her slit and continued to pump her. Without warning, I pulled my cock out and spit on the crack of her ass. The spit ran down to her asshole. She didn't seem to notice. What she did notice was when I started pressing my thick cock against her asshole. She exclaimed excitedly, "What are you doing?!"

"I'm about to fuck you up your fat ass," I casually said. I continued pressing against her shitter as she tried to lean forward and away.

"I don't do anal," she said.

"That's not what you said earlier," I responded.

"My ex forced me," she said pleading.

"Seems your ex and I have something in common then," I said smiling.

"No!" she pleaded.

I grabbed her by the back of her hair tightly and pulled her face towards me.

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   I told her plainly and quietly in her ear, "Look whore, I'm going to fuck you up the ass like it or not. The more you fight, the more it'll hurt. Got it?"

I could see tears in her eyes as she said, "Please no. . . "

"A white trash whore like you is made to take it up the ass," I told her.  

I dropped some spit on the head of my cock and used my thumb as a guide to push it up her ass. "This is much Better than that worn out cunt," I told her.
"Rub you clit slut," I ordered.

She did as commanded. I pushed it in slowly, but it didn't sway the sounds of discomfort she was showing. "Right now, your husband wishes this was him," I taunted her.

"This must be a big night for you, getting out of the trailer park and all," I added with an evil smile.      

"Fuck you," she responded.

"Fuck me? No Hun, fuck you," I told her.

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   I pushed my cock past her anal ring. She yelled into the pillow. She looked back with watery eyes and said, "I'm sorry, please be gentile. "

"That's better," I responded, "You're learning your place. "

She burried her face in the pillow and I said, "You've got an outstanding asshole hun. "

She groaned into the pillow as I pushed it in further. Her hand furiously rubbed her clit to mute the pain. I told her, "I have a present for you. "

"What?" she asked pissed.

I pushed my cock the rest of the way in causing her to clench in pain. I responded, "That's for the additude. "

"Sorry," she cried gritting her teeth, "What is my present?"

"I've got a nice vibrator for your cunt," I responded. I pulled my cock from her ass causing her to yelp. I went to the nearby drawer and pulled out one of my wife's vibrators. I handed the 9 inch vibrator to he and told her to use it on herself.

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She slid the vibrator in her cunt and turned it on. Her abused asshole was wet and red. I spit on my cock and began pushing it in again. I could feel the vibrator through the thin skin between her cunt and her asshole. The vibrator tightened her asshole considerably. She didn't appear to be in any more discomfort due to the pleasurable stimulus. Once my cock was completely in, I told her, "Since I like you, I'm going to let you get accustom to the size before I fuck you. Sit back on my cock and keep fucking yourself with the dilldo. "

She sat back on my lap with my cock up her ass. She slid the dilldo in and out of her cunt. I could feel the tightness change as it was withdrawn and reinserted. I reached around her and manipulated the dilldo myself. I withdrew it and told her to lick it clean. She reluctantly complied. "Spin around, I want to see your tits," I ordered.

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Without removing my cock, she rotated around to face me while impaled. I handed the dilldo back to her and said, "Put this back in. "

I laid back on the bed while she fucked herself with the dilldo and sat on my cock.  

Anytime our eyes met, she looked at me in disgust. "If you're so pissed, why is your cunt so wet," I asked, "Maybe you really like the idea of sucking off a dilldo covered in my wife and your own cum?"

I felt her body quiver as the revelation. "It's ok, I said, "Youre a cheap whore and you like it. "

To be continued. . . .

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