I love my boyfriend. There is no doubt about that. I think of him all the time and he always seems to be on my mind. I only have a few complaints about him. He has a temper, he is usually not on time and he has a small package. We have been dating for about a year and a half and the sex used to be really good, but then he started getting me bigger toys and we started watching raunchier porn and I realized that I wasn’t completely satisfied in bed.

We had talked about it before seeing as how it was a HUGE turn-on, but had never really thought about going through with cuckolding. We have phone sex all the time, and cuckolding always came up and it was fun. One night, he decided that he wanted to post an ad (with a picture) to find a guy for me to fuck. I went along with it, not thinking that it would lead to anything. I then proceeded to receive tons of email responses. Most of the guys were older, but some were young and attractive. I didn’t think that I would like it, but I started to enjoy the attention I was getting.

There were a few guys that caught my attention for they provided face pictures and were very cute. Most of the guys that emailed me back didn’t think I was real, so I had to go through a lot of emails to confirm that I was not a hoax. I started to talk to the two that I was interested in. David was very kind and sweet, so I decided that I was going to choose him.

I sent him an email with my phone number so he could contact me when I was not on the computer. I got a txt around 9:00am the next morning that said “Hey Mandy, this is David. ” I got really excited and immediately txted him back. We had a conversation for about 20 min. and all the time he was calling me sweetie and beautiful, while we talked about our plans for the day. If I hadn’t had already made plans with my boyfriend that day, I would have fucked him then and there, but I didn’t want my boyfriend to be bummed about our missed date, so I teased him about it instead.

David and I talked for the next few days and we were trying to work out a date that would work for the both of us. Finally, we decided to choose Monday after I got out of class. I was excited all day just thinking about his beautiful body brushing against mine and his dick sliding into my wet pussy.

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   I could hardly wait to get out of class. My boyfriend called with a tone of disbelief when I told him that I was actually going through with it. He wanted to see me afterward, so I agreed to let him wait for me.  I also needed directions since I only had an address, so instead of getting out my GPS, I made my boyfriend give me directions over the phone. He knew exactly where I was going and what I was going to do, but he went along with it like any good sub boy should do.

My boyfriend got me to my fuck buddy’s house with ease, so I had to hang up to call him and let him know I was there. David said that he would be right down, so I called my boyfriend to let him know what was going on. After I told him that I was about ready to go to his apartment, I simply said “I love you and I will talk to you in a few. Bye. ”

I waited outside my jeep until David came around the corner. I was so excited to see him and my heart was pounding so hard that I could hear it in my ears. I couldn’t believe that such a beautiful man wanted to fuck me. He came up to me and picked me up and swung me around while giving me a peck on the lips.

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   He said with a bright smile “Hi! How are you?” I just smiled and nervously said “you smell really good. ”

We walked around the corner and to his apartment. He told me that he had been cleaning all day in preparation for my arrival. I felt honored that someone would do that for me, especially a guy. His place was crisp and clean and I put my keys on his counter as we headed up to his bedroom.

We walked upstairs and into his bedroom. He immediately grabbed me and looked me in the eyes. He started holding me and caressing me. Then, he tilted his head and his lips met mine. It was such a strange feeling, especially since I was used to my boyfriends lips, but I just went along with it. I must admit, I definitely enjoy my boyfriend’s kisses more than his, but they were still nice. After a good amount of making out, he started to undress me. I took off my shirt and bra as he took off his shirt.

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   He was poking me through his boxer-briefs and I felt his precum rubbing against the bare skin on my belly. My pants were unzipped but not off completely. That started another round of making out until I pulled away and took off my pants.

When I took off my pants, he saw my underwear that said “PEACE” on the butt.

He told me that he loved them and thought they were extremely cute. I smirked as I thought to myself “These are my boyfriend’s favorites too. ” He mumbled something about hating to wear underwear, but we moved on. He pushed me against the bed, rubbing his erect penis (still through his boxers) all around my pelvic region. He took me by the legs and pushed me up on his bed. He started to suckle my nipples and kiss me all up and down my body, making my pussy even more lubricated. I had my hand in my panties the whole time. It felt so good to have such a hot guy on top of me pleasuring both him and me at the same time.

I was definitely very horny and ready to go, so I sort of pushed him up and said “I have a question for you.

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   If you hate underwear, why are you still wearing them?” He said “Good question! I only put them on for you. ” He then took off his boxers and took a hold of my panties and slid them off. He proceeded to kiss my whole body and made me tingle all over. The whole time I was getting kissed I was thinking about my boyfriend and how he would love to be watching me get pleasured the way I was and how he must be either pacing his room or playing with himself.

David took me and positioned me so I had my head on a pillow as he was lying on top of me. He was rubbing his penis on the outside of my pussy as well as licking his hand and gently playing with my clit and pussy. You could tell from the noises that I was making that I was thoroughly enjoying myself. He finally slid his nice, big dick into my hairy pussy. It was euphoric. He just started thrusting away while he kissed and caressed me. He hit my G-spot several times, but it only took once to forget all about my boyfriend.

He didn’t fuck me very hard, but he really didn’t need to. His big, mushroomed head made for a great fuck anyway, so I just laid back and enjoyed myself.

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   He thrusted in and out and often times pulled his dick all the way out of me just to tease me. He loved teasing me and he noticed how squirmy I was when I wanted him inside me. He smirked when he realized that he had that power over me. We continued fucking until I finally reached orgasm. My whole body was shaking and he was panting but loving every minute of it. I continued to move my body with him and we were doing synchronized moves.

When he finally came in my pussy, my whole body was quivering and covered in sweat. We both laid back on top of his bed and just started to laugh. I loved it. His hand never left my body even though we were both separated by at least 2 feet. I asked him how it was and he just smiled and said “That was great. ” At this point, I still hadn’t told him that I was cucking my boyfriend, so I figured I had better tell him. I sat up and looked at him. He could tell that I had something to say and he had a cute, longing look on his face.

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   I looked at him square in the eyes and said “David, I need to come clean with you about something. I have a boyfriend, but don’t worry; he knows about this and likes it”

David’s reaction was at first, disbelief, but then he just started laughing. I explained everything to him, about how my boyfriend has a small penis, but I still love him and how we are in a semi open relationship. He was very understanding and we hit it off great. For about half an hour, we just talked about our lives, what we liked and what we didn’t like. He became more than an object to me at that point, the whole time not taking his hand off of my side.

While we were talking, I started to notice that he was playing with himself. I smiled at the thought, especially since I love watching guys jack themselves off. He was rubbing my side the whole time and brushed hair out of my face-just like my boyfriend does. It was so erotic and I loved every second of it. When I realized that my boyfriend was probably waiting for me, I asked David if it was alright that I shot him a text message. He said it was fine, so I send my boyfriend a message that said “It’s going to be a little bit longer. I love you. ”

            I didn’t even wait for a response.

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   I could tell that David was happy with my decision to play with him again. Instead of him starting the fire again, I went ahead and made the first move. I ducked underneath the covers and put his very hard dick into my mouth. I played with it a bit and his moans were like music in the air. He started thrusting in my mouth and placed his hands on the back of my head, playing with my hair in the process.
    I could only stand it for so long before I wanted his dick back into my pussy.

                I rose up from under the covers and kissed him passionately. He flipped me on my back and mounted me like a stud. He felt my pussy with the tip of his dick and seemed to be very surprised to find that I was very well lubricated, mostly with cum but some was my own vagina wetness. This time, we skipped pretty much all foreplay and went right at it. His big balls were pounding on the outside of my pussy and ass. He was moaning and kissing me the whole time. He loved it when I bit his lower lip and started sucking on it and he did the same to me. I orgasmed two times and each time I was screaming into his mouth. The screams made him pound me harder and harder which made me cum even harder until he finally let his own semen flow into my throbbing vagina.

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                Again, we separated ourselves and flopped onto the bed, his hand never leaving my side. He was dripping with sweat and trying not to get it on me, while I was very moist myself. We just started laughing again and I said “you’re such a great fuck that I think I will have to keep your number. ” He laughed and told me I was cute and ended that statement with a peck on the forehead. He crawled over to me and wrapped his muscly arms around me. I could have fallen asleep right there and would have been perfectly happy. I explained to him that after I cum, I’m really tired and usually want to sleep. He laughed and said that that was really cute.

                It was time to go back to reality and I realized that I had kept my boyfriend waiting for over half an hour. I got dressed as David went to get me something to drink. We talked a little more, made out a little more and then he saw me to the front door. He was such a beautiful specimen, that I didn’t want to leave. He picked me up at the door, swung me around and gave me another very cute kiss and said goodbye.

                As I walked around the corner of David’s apartment, I saw my dear little cuckie standing on the other side of his jeep which was parked next to mine. He was frantically doing something and looked very nervous.

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       He didn’t see me until I walked right next to him and said “Hi!” He screamed and said “Oh! Hi Mandy, I didn’t see you there. I was just… I was just writing you a love note…” I noticed that his hands were shaking and his forehead had a little sweat on it.




    He was so cute and helpless that I couldn’t help myself. I just had to go and give him a big hug and a kiss. He would hardly let me go. We finally decided to go and get something to eat since I had worked up an appetite. We both loaded up in his jeep and I grabbed one of my cloves. He is turned on by smoking, so it was almost more than he could handle. He had huge wet spots on his pants from his precum. He was quivering and couldn’t keep his eyes off of me.

    I was expecting to go to one of the local pizza places that we love to go to, but instead, he drove straight. We ended up on the side of a road at the end of a cul-de-sac where there were no houses. It just so happened to be the first place we had sex without a condom.


       He begged me to let him eat the cum out of me. He was so pitiful that after a while, I just had to let him gorge himself on my other partner’s deposit.   

    My cuck absolutely loved it. He begged me for more, but didn’t really have any left. I did, however, had to pee and had been holding it for quite sometime. Being the good boy that he is, he offered me his mouth in which I stood over and emptied my bladder into. He looked up at me with a cute face and simply said “Thank you mistress. ”

     He was so worried that I was going to leave him for my new found obsession, that we had to sit down and have a talk about it. It was really cute, but I was agitated because I was hungry. We talked for over an hour about our relationship and how much he worships me. I may not have sex with him very often anymore, but I do love my cuckie very very dearly.




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