Daddy and his princess #1


After a long day of work and finally arriving home I walk in to see my little princess sitting on the couch in nothing but her pink see through teddy, pink thigh high fish nets and nothing else. She smiles as I walk in the door and says “How was work Daddy?  I thought I would surprise you with a cute little outfit”.   I smile and respond “Daddy really likes the outfit princess, and I see you aren’t wearing panties. You are catching on to what Daddy likes. ”  She stands up, does a little turn and giggles as she says “Does Daddy approve my outfit?” As I look her all over I shake my head and give her a big hug and kiss her on the forehead. She leads me to a big reclining chair, sits me down and straddles my lap. She smiles and whispers “Now relax Daddy and let me take care of you”. She starts to work her way down my body. Once she gets to my pants she undoes them and pulls them and my boxer all the way off. She smiles as she sees my cock and she looks up at me for approval. I nod for her to go ahead, she pulls my cock into her mouth with her tongue. She starts to get my cock nice and sloppy, because she knows that’s how daddy likes it. Every time she takes my cock deep in her throat she just lets her spit run down my cock onto my balls. She starts to lick and suck up the side of my cock.   She starts at my balls and works her way up to my head, making sure to lick every inch.

As she reaches the head of my cock she starts to take it in the back of her throat inch by inch.

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   She can’t take it all the way yet but she is getting there.   She continues to suck my cock, speeding up and sucking harder. It feels amazing as she takes it as deep in her throat as she can then holding her head down till she gags and has to come up for air. She keeps going, I reach the point where I am going to cum. She suck really hard as my cum flows from my cock. She follows every drop, she then opens her mouth so I can see that she has swallowed all of my cum. She stands up and starts to rock back and forward in a cute manner. “What’s on your mind princess?” I ask her as I watch her rock back and forth. “Well… Daddy… I was wondering… could we try anal? I’ve kept my plug in for a while and I think I’m ready to take you”. I respond “You sure you are ready princess?” She giggles and slowly slides the plug out of her ass. Once she gets out she sits in on the coffee table. She smiles and spits on my cock before she slowly sits down on my cock. She takes it’s all the way down. She starts to bounce on my cock slowly and play with her breast. I reach around and start to play with her clit, which causes her to start moaning.

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   As her ass adjusts to my cock she starts to speed up and get rougher.   I keep rubbing her clit, the faster I rub the more her ass squeezes my cock.   She stops playing with her breast and put her hands on her knees as she bounces her ass on my cock. I am getting close and she can tell. So she speeds up, getting faster and faster, till I fill her ass with my cum. She then sits all the way down on my cock and leans back to kiss me. She stands up and says “Daddy will you fuck little pussy it feels neglected?” She lies down and spreads her legs wide for me. “Okay princess I want you to cum big for Daddy. ” I say as I get on top of her and slide my cock deep in her pussy. She lets out a moan as I slide in balls deep. I start to fuck her deep and slow, as she bites her bottom lip and moans a little louder. The sound of her moaning turns me on so much I start to speed up. I lean back as I am fucking her and I start to rub her clit. She reaches forward and buries her nails deep in my chest. I let out a moan as I feel her nails dig deeper into my chest the faster I go.

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   I keep rubbing her clit faster and faster, between her moans I hear her say in a shaky voice “Daddy…. Can I… Can I cum… Please Daddy…”  I smile and tell her not yet and I keep fucking her. I start to get harder and deeper, still rubbing her clit. She starts to drag her nails down my chest. The pain turns me on more so I go harder, I she start to scream. I know she wants to cum I can feel her pussy squeezing my cock hard. I look down at her and tell her she can cum. As soon as I give her permission she starts to scream louder and her legs start to shake as she squirts, forcing my cock out of her. I smile and kiss her forehead while she pants and wraps her arms around me. I help her up and say “Let’s go cuddle princess” as we head to our room.  


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