Daddy on the phone


As my boyfriend came in I went running to him in my pigtails and little skirt, "did you get my message daddy?". "What message?" he took out his phone, and looked at it, shaking his head. I looked at my phone, "oh god" I laughed, "I sent it to the wrong daddy!". "Call him" Max said, looking straight in my eyes for a long time.

Daddy answered by the time Max and I sat on the couch "I'm so sorry daddy, I sent that message to the wrong daddy!" "Don't be sorry sweetie, just, next time, maybe give me ten minutes before you call back" dad laughed. Max started tickling and rubbing me through my panties, I knees up to my chest so that I could feel it. "You dirty pervert daddy!" I didn't decide which daddy I was saying it to.

"YOU sent it!" he complained. I decided to join in with Max's trick and tease the dirty old man "Am I a bad girl daddy?" Dad drew a troubled breath. Max's hand made its way into my panties and was rubbing my girl around. "Do you want me to be a good girl for daddy?" "Yes baby" came his voice "be a good girl for daddy". I could hear jostling and rubbing over the phone, I turned to Max and pointed at the phone, laughing silently but wildly.

Max started fingering my pussy, which was getting wet. "I am a bad girl sometimes daddy" His breath shook with his jerking. "It's only natural. It's OK to like it daddy.

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  " He quickened his rubbing, letting out little moans "That's it baby, that's a good girl for daddy. " "mmm tell me daddy" "You're daddy's good girl" you could hear his body shaking in his voice. "Tell me I'm a bad girl" "Oh you dirty little-" "Yeees daddy" "Are you a bad girl for daddy?" "Yes daddy I'm a bad little girl!" He let out a long, shaking moan with bursts of pleasure. "I'll talk to you later daddy" "Yes baby" he quietly quiverred. Max and I had dirty sex for the rest of the afternoon.

The next time Max came he gave me a look, and said, call your dad again. Daddy answered quickly. Max stood in front of me where I was sitting, and sprung his big thick cock out. "Hi baby" "Hi daddy" I filled my mouth with the cock, and started slurping up and down on it "I thought you might want to hear me" I made sure he could hear the wet suck as I opened my mouth to talk, and immediately went back to sucking noisily and greedily.

"Oh you're such a good girl for daddy" his voice sounded different from when he said hello, like there was an echo. "Mmmm, I'm hard at work daddy" I popped my boy's cock out of my mouth with a loud suck, and made as much of that wet swishing noise as I could. "Mmm so I hear baby" *slup slup slup slup slup* he spoke again "yes baby, work it for daddy".

"Mmmmm I have so much schoolwork daddy" *spuck* "it's soooo big and hard" *sluuuurp*. Daddy wasn't hiding his moaning this time, and there was a wet sound, like he was slipping around in lube. He let me hear him cum this time, "Daddy!" I played "I'm trying to talk about school and you're thinking about something else you filthy pervert!" He answered straight back "Is daddy a dirty pervert?" "Yes daddy! You're so dirty.

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  " After he hung up Max fucked me all over the place, and a message soon came on my phone.

I didn't look at it until later, it was from mum's phone 'Great "work" sweetie xx' with a picture, she was blowing me a kiss, but she had a thick white stream up the side of her face. I was on speaker! I replied "oh my god mum! ;) xx" I forwarded the picture to my brother, "tell me if you want more xx".

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