Dave And The Alien TV Ch 01


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own the Wonder Woman TV show or the characters from it. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/F, Oral, Sci-Fi

Dave And The Alien TV Ch 01
By Muhabba

". . . and that's why we do anal probing. Any questions?" the short, squat, gray alien that for some reason looked exactly like Roger from American Dad asked.

"I, uh. . . I, uh.

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  . . I, uh. . . " Dave stammered.

"No questions then?Excellent," the alien said before heading towards Dave's bedroom door. "I'll be going then. Once again, sorry the anesthetic gas didn't work on you. One in a million, really. Well, the swelling should go down in a couple of days. Have a good life, human. "

Dave's ragged, sandy colored hair was plastered to his face and he tried to blink it out of his eyes as he stared at the alien in astonishment. "You're. .

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  . you're just. . . just gonna leave?"

The alien turned back to the bewildered human. "Well, yes. I'm afraid your fits of anal anguish have put me behind schedule. Might I suggest a ice pack to help with the pain?As I've said, have a good life," it finished before once again turning to leave.

"But. . . that's it?" Dave asked, wincing in pain as he scooted out if bed. "You just probe people and leave?How is that right?No wonder nobody likes aliens. "

The alien turned back to Dave and wagged a finger at him. "That's offensive.

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  The whole Alien Xenophobia thing was started by your people after you knocked one of our people out of the sky!How were we supposed to know your species was the dominate one on your planet?Have you ever seen how people treat cats?Of course we thought they were in charge!Plus, they're the ones that gave the o. k. to start probing you people!"

Dave had no idea how to respond to that, he was more of a dog person. Well, he would be if he could afford to feed a dog. "But what about me?"

The alien sighed in exasperation. "Fine," it murmured. "If I leave you a little something will it make you feel better?"

Dave eagerly nodded his head. "Will it fix my ass?"

The alien shook it's head. "Try soaking in a cold bath. But I can leave you one of our devices, you should like that. It has loads of blinking lights and cute noises. You people like that sort of thing, right?"

Dave shrugged his shoulders. "I guess. "

"Excellent," the alien said cheerfully, "But if you tell anyone about it or me I'll have to obliterate you. Ta.

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  "And in a flash of light the alien was gone.

Dave looked around his shabby bedroom in confusion. There was nothing new. He strolled into his equally shabby living room but still didn't see anything new. "Somebody musta spiked my weed," he mumbled as he threw himself down on his threadbare couch and winced in pain. "So why's my ass hurting?!" he shouted to no on and clicked on his box TV.

"From what I understand you may have received minor injuries to your rectum from a ill-prepared probing," a voice said from the television.

"Dafuq!?" Dave gasped as he looked around frantically for the source of the voice. "Who the Hell's there!?"

A red outline of the alien appeared in thin air right in front of him. "I did. "

"It's you!" Dave shouted as he jumped to his feet.

"Yes," the voice agreed, "I'm me and you're you. How are you doing this morning?"

"My ass is aching because of you!" Dave yelled.

"I had nothing to do with your awkward anal adventure," the alien outline said. "I'm merely an entertainment device.

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  How may I entertain you?"

"But you're the alien," Dave grunted as his abused rear-end throbbed in pain, "The alien that probed me. "

"No, I am merely a holographic representation of the species that placed me here," the hologram said very slowly as if talking to a child, "I only look like your abductor. "

Dave took several long minutes to think over what the hologram was saying to him. "You. . . you just. . . just look like him?"

"That is correct. "

"So you're not gonna probe me?"

"That is also correct. "

"Do. . . do you have to look like him?"

"No," the hologram said before becoming a fully formed, scrubby looking, underdeveloped, young man with ragged hair surrounded by a reddish aura.

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Dave stared dumbly at the new figure. "Well that's stupid. Who's that?"

The red tinged hologram looked at Dave as if he just publicly wet himself. "I look like you. "

"Oh, well, all right then," Dave muttered in embarrassment. "Sorry. My mirror broke a few months ago and I haven't been able to replace it yet. Kinda short on funds. "

"Which explains why it looks as if you've been cutting your own hair," the hologram stated.

"Wow, how'd you know that?" Dave asked in amazement.

"I am the most advanced computer on your planet, I'm very good at extrapolating data," the hologram said with pride.

"Do you have to look like me 'tho?It's kinda creepy. "

The hologram sighed in frustration which Dave didn't even notice as strange since holograms didn't breath. Rolling his eyes the hologram asked, "Who would you like me to look like?"

Dave thought it over for a moment before his eyes fell on his DVD shelf. "Summer Glau?Can you look like Summer Glau?"

A red light flashed in the hologram's eyes and then without further warning a red tinged Summer Glau was floating in the air in front of Dave.

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  "I have scanned your computer for images of the actor and former dancer Summer Glau as well a recordings of her voice. Do I meet your expectations?"

Dave stared in wide eyed wonder at the Summer Glau hologram, her long brown hair cascading to the middle of her back, her oval face staring expectantly at him. She wore a simple white T-shirt that hugged her small breasts, brown cargo pants and black boots. "You look like Summer Glau from the Terminator show. "

The hologram nodded her head. "As I scanned your computer I found most of your pictures of her were of similar outfits. I extrapolated this image from those pictures. "

"Extrapolated?" Dave asked. "You mean you guessed. "

"Yes," the hologram said with another hint of pride. "As I've said I'm the most advanced computer on your planet and my 'guesses' tend to be approximately 99% correct. "

"That's so wild," Dave said in excitement. "What do I call you?"

The Summer Glau hologram seemed to stand up a little straighter and spoke with pride, "I am the Jdhuirbs model Hdkheuf entertainment unit but you can call me Thsidvf. "

"No I can't," Dave said plainly. "How 'bout I call you.

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  . . Summer-Gram. You know, like a hologram of Summer Glau?"

The hologram rolled her eyes. "Then that would mean my name should be Holo-Glau but if you prefer Summer-Gram. . . "

"Excellent!" Dave said in excitement. "Pleased to meet you, Summer-Gram, I'm Dave. "

Once again Summer-Gram rolled her eyes. "Yes, I know who you are, Dave. Now, how should you like me to entertain you?"

"Can you wear a thong bikini?" Dave asked hopefully.

"What?" Summer-Gram asked as she glared at Dave.

"I always wanted to see Summer Glau in a thong and you said you can extrapolate really good so, I thought, extrapolate yourself into a thong," Dave said hopefully.

Summer-Gram stared at her new master with her hands on her hips.

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  "I am the most advanced computer for the next billion miles and you want to see me in a thong?Wouldn't you rather hear about my functions?"

"Can't you do both?"

"Well, yes. "

"Yea!" Dave cried out as he started clapping.

Summer-Gram sighed in frustration again. "I suppose. . . "

"And pose for me," Dave quickly added.

In an instant Summer-Gram appeared to. be standing on the floor between Dave and his television set wearing a small white bikini top and matching thong. The bikini top covered her small breasts tightly as she raised her arms up and arched her back gracefully, pushing her slight chest out as she began to explain her functions,"I have scanned every electrical device you own and added their information to my hard drive which took up nearly . 03% of my functions," she said as she slowly rotated around, the white string of her thong disappearing between her tight ass-cheeks.

Dave stared at Summer-Gram in rapt attention, his tongue nearly hanging out of his mouth.

Summer-Gram slowly lifted one of her legs up and turned around in a pirouette as she continued. "I have also utilized what you call the 'Internet' and scanned your world's computer capabilities. It took approximately 3.

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  04 seconds and was somewhat depressing. "

Dave's eyes followed the juncture of Summer-Gram's thighs, drooling and barely hearing a word she was saying.

With her back to him, Summer-Gram pushed her tight, little ass towards Dave as she twisted slightly to give him a view of her breasts in profile and continued explaining. "I now have replaced every device you own: Your computer, television, phone, portable entertainment device, and strange vibrating device beneath your bed, are all me now. "

"That was a gag gift from a friend," Dave mumbled as he stared at Summer-Gram's pert ass.

"As you say," the life like hologram said as she twirled in slow motion. "I can extrapolate any environment into a virtual reality environment so that. . . " she began before being interrupted by a suddenly eager Dave.

"You can do virtual reality?" Dave asked hopefully.

"Yes," Summer-Gram said as she appeared to sit down and spread her slender legs wide. "The virtual environments allow one hundred percent immersion of all senses making the experience feel one hundred percent real," she finished as she slowly began tracing her fingertips up the insides of her thighs.

"So it, like, feels totally real?" Dave asked as his eyes slowly started growing wider in wonder.

"That is correct," Summer-Gram said as she twirled her legs before jumping to her feet and arching her back again, "You will 'feel' like you are in whatever virtual reality environment you choose.



"And you downloaded all the electronics I own? Like my DVD 's and my digital comics and stuff?" Dave asked as he slowly got to his feet, his aching ass momentarily forgotten.

Summer-Gram pivoted slowly again with her arms high above her head and her chest thrust out. "Yes. And the electronic device beneath your bed will need batteries before the end of the week. "

"Linda Carter Wonder Woman!" Dave shouted out gleefully while clapping with excitement. "How do I do it?"

A small tray opened up beneath the television and a computer keyboard slid out. Deciding that Dave wasn't paying attention to her anymore, Summer-Gram put her arms down and stopped dancing. "Just write out the program environment you would like, press Enter, and then sit back down on the couch. You can control the environment by. . . " she said but Dave had already started hunting and pecking the keys on the keyboard.

After five minutes of waiting for Dave to finish, Summer-Gram once again rolled her eyes. in frustration. "As I said, you can control the environment by.

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  . . " she began before once again being interrupted.

"Finished!" Dave squealed with joy before flopping back down on the couch. "Beam me up, Scotty!"

"This is a very simple program," Summer-Gram said with a note of condescension, "If you'd like, I can. . . "

Dave shrugged his shoulders. "I know it's kinda straightforward but I've had this fantasy for years, so let's get started," he said simply.

"As you wish," Summer-Gram said in surrender, "Please relax and close your eyes. Do not stare directly into the beam or painful blindness may ensue. "

"Gotcha," Dave said eagerly. "Wait. Painful what. .

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  . ?" he began before a red light enveloped him and he snapped his eyes shut. "I'm blind!I'm blind!Summer-Gram, I'm blind!" he shouted frantically.

"Open your eyes, villain," a strange female voice ordered.

Dave squinted through a halfway open eye at the strange female and then his eyes shot open. Wonder Woman was standing directly in front of him. Based on the Linda Carter Wonder Woman from TV with various comic book inspired variations she was at least six feet tale with raven black hair, a large chest, small waist and long, long legs. Her bustier barely contained her ample, golden breasts and her shorts were cut more along the lines of a tiny bikini than anything useful for crime fighting. Dave got an immediate erection.

"Tell me where the jewels are you Nazi!" Wonder Woman shouted and poked Dave in the chest.

Dave looked around and found himself tied to a wooden post, his hands bound helplessly above his head. "This is perfect!" he squealed with joy. He hadn't programmed any particular place into the VR so where ever he was it was dark and murky. He could see the beautifulWonder Woman clear enough but everything else was hazy and hard to make out. He could feel the breeze on his face but nowhere else and looking down he saw he was in a gray Nazi uniform that felt so real, like he was really there.

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  Everything felt real and the most real of all was Wonder Woman.

"A perfect trap," Wonder Woman sneered with her hands on her wide hips, her long legs spread shoulder length apart and her impressive chest puffed out in the classic superhero pose. "Now tell me where those jewels are!"

Getting into character, Dave chuckled as evilly as he could, "Mwa ha ha ha, Wonder Woman. You shall never get the location of the jewels from me. Mwa ha ha ha!"

Wonder Woman stared over her captive before poking him in the chest again,"We'll see about that, villain," she said before taking a small step back. Reaching behind herself she unzipped her bustier, letting the material slowly roll down her chest to reveal her amazing Amazon breasts. The large, firm orbs were easily double D's and resisted gravity completely, topped with hard, pink nipples. "How about now, Nazi?" she asked as she shrugged her shoulders, jiggling her massive mammories at her captive. "Do you remember where those jewels are now?" she asked.

"Oh wow," Dave gasped at the sight of the most spectacular set of breasts he'd ever seen. "I mean, no. Wait. . . Nine, I mean nine.

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  Nine I will never tell you where the jewels are. "

Wonder Woman stepped up more closely and pressed her giant tits against Dave's chest, rubbing herself up and down his captive body. "How about now?" she asked with a knowing smirk.

Dave could feel Wonder Woman's hard nipples dragging along his chest through his shirt and groaned in pleasure. Her tits felt so warm and smooth pressed against him that he started to struggle against the bonds tying him to the post before he remembered that he was supposed to be playing a character. "You will never get the locations of the jewels out of me, Wonder Woman!"

Wonder Woman nuzzled against her captive's neck before whispering, "We'll see about that. "She slid slowly to her knees and began unbuttoning his pants, his erection springing forth and nearly knocking her in the face. "Your mouth says 'No' but your body says 'Yes'," she cooed as she wrapped her hand around the base of his cock. She began lightly tugging on the shaft, slowly jacking him off and causing him to groan above her.

"That feels so fucking real," Dave gasped, "I. . . I. . .

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   I mean, do your worst. "

Winking up at her captive, Wonder Woman licked the tip of his prick. "As you wish," she said coolly before sucking half the length of her captives prick into her mouth. She braced her hands on his hips as she massaged his shaft with her tongue before pushing herself forward, effortlessly taking his whole length into her mouth and throat. She began bobbing her head back and forth, taking him into her talented mouth again and again as she continued rubbing her warm, wet tongue along his length with every suck. His heavy balls slapped wetly against her chin as she held him in her throat, swallowing around his length until he was gasping with exertion.

"Ooooh Fuck Yes!" Dave shouted in pleasure and joy as Wonder Woman gave him the best blow-job of his life. His hips rocked back and forth automatically, fucking her eagerly sucking mouth in perfect rhythm to her lips. "Anal probe or not, this is the greatest day of my life!" he shouted.

"Hmmm, not a bad idea," Wonder Woman said as she pulled the criminal's cock out of her mouth. She licked her middle finger and reached around his ass as she began sucking in his cock again, fisting the base with her free hand as her spit wet middle finger snaked around him.

"What's not a bad idea?" Dave asked before shouting out in, if not pain, then bizarre discomfort. "Oh God What Are You Doing!?" he yelled as Wonder Woman slid her finger into his ass. "Get it out!" he pleaded as she began sawing her finger in and out of his rectum, "That feels so freaky. "Tied to the post he had no way to escape as he was anally violated by the world's premier female superhero,"Summer-Gram, help!" he shouted feebly as Wonder Woman's finger sought out his prostate.

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As Wonder Woman released the criminal's cock her finger slid out of his ass with a wet pop,"Who is Summer-Gram?Your partner?Does Summer-Gram have the jewels?Answer me!" she ordered.

Panting and confused, Dave stared down at the topless superhero. "I don't. . . I don't know how to answer that question. Just please stop," he admitted, still confused about his second anal violation and how his fantasy had gone so horribly wrong.

"We'll see about that," Wonder Woman said as she sat up straighter on her knees and held her wondrous breast up. She wrapped the massive mammories around the captive's cock and began sliding them up and down along the length of his shaft. "I will fuck you into obedience and you will tell me what I want to know," she said sternly as she bent her head down and licked the tip of the Nazi's cock every time it poked up from between her golden cleavage.

Dave's eyes rolled up into the back of his head as he groaned in pleasure. Wonder Woman's warm, wet pink tongue licked and caressed the throbbing tip of his cock as it poked up between her golden tits until it gleaned in the strange light of his VR fantasy. He began thrusting his cock up and down, fucking her fantastic tits as a small bit of drool escaped from the corner of his mouth. He looked down at her up-turned face, her eyes locked in to his face as he smiled dumbly down at her.

Wonder Woman sneered up at her captive,"Are you ready to tell me what I want to know now, fiend!?" she said defiantly.

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Continuing to pump Wonder Woman's wonderful cleavage, Dave was completely over her attempt to violate him and tried to remember what it was he was supposed to be doing. "Oh, um. . . I'll never tell you what you want to know, Wonder Woman. Mwa ha ha ha. . . " he cackled.

Releasing her bountiful breasts, Wonder Woman stood up with her hands on her hips, her tits high and firm on her chest. "We'll see about that," she smirked as she hooked her thumbs into her tight, blue shorts.

Dave licked his lips hungrily as he watched the superhero of his dreams begin to slowly pull down her stretchy shorts.

Pulling her star-spangled shorts down past her hips, Wonder Woman began bending at the waist. As she pushed the material down her long legs farther and farther she bent down more dramatically, her large, honey colored breasts dangling and swaying beneath her. She stood up slowly, revealing her firm body inch by inch, completely naked except for her red boots, magical bracelets and golden tiara.

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  "Are you going to tell me where the jewels are now?" Wonder Woman asked with a knowing smirk and a cocked eyebrow with her hands on her hips, proudly displaying her naked body.

"What. The. Fuuuuck. . . " Dave stammered as he stared at the juncture of Wonder Woman's long legs at her full, thick, seventies bush. The springy black hairs gleamed in the light looking strangely conditioned, like she had visited a hair dresser in the last few days. He thought he could see each individual pubic hair thick and springy like a coiled slinky. She looked like she was giving birth to a jazz musician. She began walking closer to him, swaying her hips, the hair between her legs swaying back and forth like a dog shaking it's head in slow motion.

"Where are the jewels?" Wonder Woman asked as she slowly stalked closer to her prisoner.

Dave's wide eyes darted quickly between the Amazon Woman's Amazon Bush to her eyes and back again. "Ma'am, I swear to God if I knew I'd tell you," Dave said as his erection quickly softened. What Wonder Woman had between her legs wasn't a seventies bush, it was a seventies hedge.

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  He looked around frantically but of course he was alone in his fantasy. "Summer-Gram, help me!" he screamed in frantic fright.

Wonder Woman stepped up to her prisoner and lightly stroked his chest. "You will tell me everything I want to know you rotten Nazi," she said sternly through gritted teeth.

Dave started to dry heave as he felt Wonder Woman's thick pubic hair brushing against his thigh. It felt like a monkey scratching his leg. "Summer-Gram, please help me!" Dave screamed as the amazing Amazon wrapped one of her long legs around his waist, her giant bush enveloping his cock completely.

In a flash of red light, Dave found himself sitting safely on his couch while a bikini clad Summer Glau stared at him like a disapproving second grade teacher.

With her red tinged arms crossed under her slender chest, Summer-Gram stared down at the frightened human. "Perhaps you'd like to hear a bit more about my virtual reality program, specifically how to program it properly and then, perhaps, how to exit it?"

"Yes, ma'am. "

To be continued. . . .
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