Dave And The Alien TV Ch 02


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles or the characters from it. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/fF, Oral, Sci-Fi, Incest

Dave And The Alien TV Ch 02
By Muhabba

Dave had promised Summer-Gram that he would listen to her explain what all of her functions were but he was having trouble concentrating. It wasn’t just that she was still wearing her bikini but his mind was just filled with all the fantasies he had ever had since he had been old enough to masturbate. Granted, his fantasy about fucking Wonder Woman hadn’t really gone the way he had expected but he considered it more of a learning experience than anything else and he really thought he had grown as a person since earlier this afternoon. As far as he was concerned, he was ready. He was. . . Hackerman!

“. .

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  . and that explains my financial functions. Any questions?” Summer-Gram asked after finishing her speech.

“Got it!” Dave exclaimed as he got comfortable on the couch. “So how do I program a fantasy again?”

Summer-Gram slapped her forehead and rolled her eyes. A small drawer opened up beneath the TV screen and she pointed at it with her free hand. “Grab the master remote. It folds out into a keyboard. Program what you want into that,” she said as she practically groaned in frustration.

Dave hurriedly grabbed the remote and began hunting and pecking on the remote. “Okay, I think I got it. Make it so, Number One,” he said giddily.

“I don’t know what that mean,” Summer-Gram muttered.

“Engage!” Dave said.

“Whatever,” Summer-Gram grumbled as a bright light flashed out from the television screen.

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As the bright light faded, Dave found himself sitting at a simple dining room table with a bowl of cereal in front of him and a spoon in his hand. A voice called out to him from off to his side as he was looking around and grabbed his attention. “Eat your cereal and get to school, John. I don’t want to get any more calls from your principle about you being tardy,” the voice said as he looked over and saw Lena Headey washing dishes at the kitchen sink.

Lena was haphazardly cleaning the counter while drinking a beer with several already empty beer bottles surrounding her. She was swaying lightly on her feet while staring out of the window paying no attention to what she was doing. Her dark hair looked stylishly ragged and came down to just above her shoulders. She was wearing a checkered pink and white waitress uniform that came to just above her knees with white, sensible shoes. She was Sarah Connor of the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and one of Dave’s life long crushes.

“Yessss. . . ” Dave hissed under his breath with excitement. If Lena was Sarah Connor then he was John Connor, her teenage son and future savior of humanity.

“Don’t give me any attitude,” Sarah said, staring at her son with bleary eyes, “Just eat and get to school.

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  I’ll try to make you a better breakfast tomorrow. ”

Dave tried to stifle his excitement and get into character. “It’s okay, mom. I know how tired you are. Did you work all night at the diner?”

“Yeah,” Sarah agreed as she turned back to the window, “The tips weren’t great but to make up for it I got hit on by every drunk or over caffeinated truck driver that came through. ”

“Sorry, mom. I know how lonely it is on the run from killer, time traveling robots,” he said as he stared lustfully at her. She had a slender build with small breasts and a tight ass, broad shoulders and toned legs. She was holding her bottle up to her lips, running the top absent mindedly around her mouth and he watched her chest as she breathed in and out.

Sarah sighed as she continued playing with the beer bottle, paying no attention to what she was doing or the looks her son was giving her. “It’s okay, John, it’s not your problem,” she admitted with another sigh.

“I know, mom,” Dave agreed, “But it still must be lonely on your own, with a teenage son, getting hit on all the time by men where ever you go. . . ”

“It’s not to bad,” Sarah said with another lonely sigh, “I can take care of myself.

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  ”“Sometimes to much,” she said under her breath but accidentally loud enough for John to hear. “It wouldn’t be so bad if. . . ”

Dave stayed in his chair but turned towards Sarah. “If what, mom?I want to help. ”

“There’s nothing you can do, John,” Sarah said with a smirk, unable to tell her son what was really bothering her about being a single mother on the run.

“No, mom. Please tell me,” Dave asked, almost pleading, “It can get very lonely on your own, all that pressure building, not knowing what’s going to happen next. Having all that stress but not being able to release it. All those men all around you, hitting on you constantly. It must be terrible. ”

Sarah chuckled. “Ha!It wouldn’t be to bad if. .

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  . y’know. . . Hell, I’d settle for a dick to suck. . . ” she blurted out suddenly. And just as suddenly she turned slightly, shocked at what she had said, wondering what John had thought of her over sharing like that, and suddenly their eyes locked.

Dave’s cock lurched as he stared at the look of hungry desperation on Lena’s face. “I could, maybe, help you with that?” he said awkwardly. It didn’t matter if he was in complete control of the situation, he still couldn’t get over his awkwardness around women. He had played this fantasy a million times in his head and he was always so much cooler in his head than in real life, even if it was pre-programmed.

Sarah blushed and looked away quickly in shame and embarrassment. “Oh, John, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

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  I’m your mother for Christ’s sakes!” she said, trying to play the situation. A sudden noise drew her attention and she looked over and saw her son scooting away from the table and standing up, his erection tenting his pants and her eyes locked onto the bulge.

Walking over and trying to act far more confident than he felt, Dave watched as Lena’s stayed locked onto his hard-on. He strolled over slowly, giving her plenty of time to take in the sight of her son’s erection, her eyes never breaking away as she unconsciously licked her lips at the sight of him.

“Oh, John,” Sarah whispered as her son walked in front of her, her head bent down staring at his man-hood as he presented himself to her.

Dave placed a tentative hand up and placed it reassuringly on Lena’s shoulder. “It’s okay, mom. I just want to help. It’s no big deal,” he said softly, his cock aching in his pants, the tip of him scraping painfully against his jeans. He cold see Lena’s hard nipples poking against her top and could hear her breath coming in ragged gasps.

Sarah pulled her eyes away from her son’s erection and looked into his eyes. “I don’t. . . I.

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  . . It’s just that. . . You’re my son, John,” she pleaded.

Dave smiled at Lena as he squeezed her shoulder re-assuredly. “It’s okay, mom. We won’t let it get weird,” he said.

Sarah’s booze addled mind took a few moments to come to a decision and she sighed in surrender to her body’s needs. “Oh God, John, thank you!” she gasped out and quickly fell to her knees. Her hands reached up to his jeans and unfastened them, yanking them and his underwear down to his thighs, freeing his hard prick. She looked at his hard, throbbing cock and her eyes became blurry with tears of need. “It’s been so long,” she gasped as she reached her trembling hands up and grasped the base of her son’s prick with one hand and his dangling balls with the other.

Her mouth watering, Sarah bent forward and licked the tip of John’s cock, the taste of his pre-cum sizzling against her tongue.

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  “You taste so good,” she whispered reverently as she opened her mouth and used her tongue to draw in her son’s cock-head. She moaned hungrily as his soft head filled her mouth, caressing him with her tongue as she sucked him in more. She began bobbing her head back and forth slowly, relishing the taste of a cock in her mouth again, any cock, even if it was her son’s. And somewhere deep inside of her, Sarah realized that the fact that she was sucking on her son’s prick just turned her on even more.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” Dave gasped as he wound Lena’s hair through his fingers and gripped the sides of her head. He began rocking his hips, fucking her mouth, her expert mouth working his cock as it slid over her lips and across her tongue. He felt her inhale sharply before pushing herself forward, deep-throating his cock, making it slip into her throat. She swallowed around him, her throat rippling around his shaft and his eyes rolled back in his head as he groaned in pleasure.

Sarah repressed the need to sneeze against John’s pubic hair tickling her nose, his balls resting on her chin. She slid her hands up and down her son’s thighs as she pulled her head back and took a deep breath again and began bobbing her head back and forth again. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard on him, rubbing his cock-head along the insides of her cheeks and the top of her mouth. She gripped the base of his cock with one hand and his dangling balls with the other as she pulled his prick out of her mouth and looked lustfully up at him. “Come for me, John,” she pleaded, “Let me taste you. Please. ”

“Oh sweet fuck,” Dave groaned as Lena sucked his cock-head back in and began lashing it with her warm tongue.

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  She jacked the base of his cock with one of her talented hands and squeezed his bloated balls with the other. Suddenly his hips lurched as he exploded into her mouth, trying to bury himself completely in her mouth but she held his prick still so that his cum filled her mouth completely with a few small drops sliding out of the corners of her sucking mouth.

Moaning in lust at the taste of a man’s cum on her tongue, Sarah sucked her son’s dick dry, one hand milking his shaft while the other milked he heavy balls. His thick seed slid down her throat like warm silk and she shuddered with a tiny orgasm as she felt him fill her stomach. She pulled back from his sticky cock as realization over what she had down filled her mouth. She looked up at him with tears of shame in her eyes and whimpered, “I’m so sorry, John. Oh my God what have I done?”

Dave took a moment to burn the image of Lena Headey on her knees before him with her cum dripping from the corners of her mouth before bending down and yanking her up by her armpits. He shoved her against the counter with her ass pointed out and bent down behind her before yanking her dress up to her hips. He yanked down her simple white panties and thrust his face between her taunt ass-cheeks, spearing her wet cunt with his tongue. He heard her grunt out in surprise pleasure as he shoved his tongue in as deep as his could, moaning as he tasted her tart juices. She cried out for her son and he gripped her muscular ass-cheeks, digging his thumbs between her cheeks and probing her puckered asshole.

“Yes, John, yes!” Sarah cried out as her son licked her hated, horny pussy and stuck the tip of one thumb into her ass. Her shame had disappeared the moment his tongue had touched her and now she was wantonly grinding herself back against his hungry mouth. He gripped her hips possessively, holding him to her as he tongue slid in and out of her cunt like a small, wet, wiggling cock. “Thank you, John!Thank you!” she squealed in glee as she felt a orgasm rise up from somewhere low in her stomach.

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Suddenly Dave released his grip on Lena’s hips and stood up, quickly grabbing his prick and pressing it against her wet, dripping pussy. He slid the tip of his prick in and grabbed her hips again, sliding his cock slowly inside of her hot, tight pussy.

Sarah groaned in lust as she pushed herself back against her son’s cock, her tight pussy parting around him and gripping his shaft. She could feel her juices running down the insides of her thighs as John filled her completely, his hips pressed against her taunt ass, holding himself against her. She ground herself against her son, working her needy cunt around his cock, panting in lust as he slowly pulled himself back and then slowly back in, fucking her as deeply as he could.

Dave threw his head back in pleasure as he started working his cock in and out of Lena’s hot, wet pussy. He started out slow and deep, relishing the feel of her wrapped around his prick, gripping his tightly, before increasing his pace, going faster and harder into her. His balls dangled beneath him, swinging wildly as he thrust into her faster and faster, his hips starting to blur and he reached up her body and squeezed her tits through her uniform.

Suddenly a voice from the side drew the happily fucking couple’s attention. “I see you’ve reached a new level to your relationship,” the cyborg Camren said flatly.

Dave looked over at Summer Glau as the Terminator named Camren. Her long, brown hair was down past her shoulders and she was wearing a simple, white tank top with black cargo pants and combat boots.

Yanking her dress down to cover her exposed ass, Sarah glared angrily at the cyborg killing machine. “What are you doing sneaking around?” she practically growled, unsure if she was upset that the Terminator had once again sneaked up on her or if it was because it had caught her fucking her son.

“I heard moans and thought you might be in distress,” Camren said without inflection.



Dave didn’t even try to hide his erection bobbing in the air, he just stuck to the script he had written. “What do you mean ‘new level,’ he asked.

“When future you sent me back in time he notified me that your relationship with your mother took on a sexual component,” she said as she walked over to the two humans, “And he ordered me to assist you. ”Despite her immense strength she grabbed them both by a wrist and led them into the living room and the large couch. She turned back around to them and saw that Sarah’s panties had worked themselves off and were laying on the kitchen floor but that John’s pants and underwear were still wrapped around his ankles.

“What do you think you’re doing, Camren?” Sarah asked. She was still confused by what she had allowed to happen with John and the cyborg’s strange behavior was only adding to it. But she had learned long ago that no matter what happened or what she was feeling, always go with anger first. “I think we’re done here,” she said sternly to Camren before turning to her son. “John, we’ll talk about this latter. . . ” she began before becoming distracted by the Terminator.

Suddenly Camren pulled her top off to expose her small, firm breasts, silencing Sarah and not noticing John’s eyes lighting up with a wide smile on his face. She pressed herself to Sarah, chest to chest, wrapping her arms around the human woman’s waist and kissing her deeply.

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  At first Sarah stiffened in shock and surprise but as Camren’s tongue began exploring her mouth, Sarah relaxed into the embrace and began kissing her back.

Dave shuffled closer to the two kissing women with a dopey grin on his face. He grabbed each woman by the wrist and brought their hands over to his groin. Camren’s surprisingly warm head wrapped around the base of his cock and began tugging on his prick while Lena’s hand grasped his heavy balls and began massaging them. He cupped each woman’s ass in his hands, squeezing their tight cheeks as they pressed themselves tightly against each other, rubbing against one another’s bodies.

Both women released their hold on Dave’s cock as Camren undressed Sarah and then herself. The cyborg lightly pushed the human woman back on the couch and Sarah automatically spread her toned legs as Camren laid down on top of her. They resumed the kiss, Sarah moaning in pleasure into Camren’s mouth before the futuristic killing machine began kissing down her chin and nuzzling her neck.

Watching Summer kissing down Lena’s body, Dave stripped himself completely naked and began fisting his cock. His eyes were drawn between Lena’s small, firm tits and rock hard nipples and Summer’s heart shaped ass. He could see Summer’s pink, plump little pussy-lips beneath her ass as she bent lower and lower, kissing down Lena’s flushed body.

Camren kissed down Sarah’s chest, licking and caressing her firm flesh with her moist tongue and causing the human woman to pant in lush. Sarah ran her fingers through Camren’s long brown hair, steering her head back and forth from sensitive tit to sensitive tit, moaning in pleasure at the cyborg’s oral talents. Camren licked and sucked at her hard nipples, lashing the fleshy nubs with her tongue as she squeezed her firm flesh. The cyborg began kissing lower down the human woman’s body, her wet tongue sliding over her stomach to the warm, wet juncture of her thighs.

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Sarah gasped and her body writhed as everything the heartless cyborg was doing to her but she refused to watch, to admit how much pleasure Camren was giving her. Her eyes were locked on her son, naked and jerking his hard cock, his own eyes darting between her and the cyborg’s bodies. She gasped as Camren’s wickedly talented tongue moved between her legs, her back arching, her chest thrusting out as her eyes rolled back in her head. Killing was not the robot’s first talent.

Wrapping her arms around Sarah’s thighs, Camren licked down to the start of the woman’s slit. Using her tongue she circled the human woman’s plump, dewy labia, running her tongue over Sarah’s sensitive taint before licking up her wet pussy to her hard clit. She sucked the hard little nub between her lips, lashing it with her tongue and causing her to gasp out in pleasure before licking back down. She parted the human’s pussy-lips with her tongue, pushing it into her sopping hole, and began fucking her with it like a small cock.

Dave got on his knees behind Summer and aimed his throbbing cock at the entrance to her pretty, pink pussy. He rubbed his sensitive tip across her plump pussy-lips, teasing them both until her juices began to gather on his purple cock-head. Grinning wildly he began sliding his cock into her tight cunt, groaning out loudly and he released his cock and grabbed her hips, balancing himself as he pushed inside of her, her pussy parting around his shaft. Her tight, hot, wet cunt gripped him like a vice as he bottomed out inside of her, his bloated balls dangling beneath him as he held himself there for a moment and looked in front of him. Lena Headey as Sarah Connor was completely naked with her thighs spread wide, her small tits raising and falling on her chest as a equally naked Summer Glau knelt between her legs, fucking her with her tongue as he fucked her pussy.

Life was good.

Starting out slowly, Dave began fucking in and out of Summer’s wonderful pussy, admiring her ass as his hands wandered over it, squeezing and fondling her silky smooth flesh.

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  Her pussy sucked wetly on his cock, drawing moans out of his mouth as he stared at the two naked, horny women. He needed more cocks, more hands, there was just so much he wanted to do that he couldn’t. As he fucked Summer harder and faster, his balls swung up to slap wetly against her pussy, their bodies making loud slapping noises with every thrust, Lena gasping and writhing in front of them. It was all just to good to be true. But it totally was. Sorta.

“F-u-u-u-u-ck,” Dave stuttered as he came, his cock throbbing inside of Summer’s pussy as he filled it with his thick seed.

“Oh Fuck!” Sarah cried out as she came, her sopping cunt gushing with her juices, her thighs squeezing Camren’s head as the robot slid it’s tongue as deep as it could into her spasming cunt.

Dave bent over Summer’s body as Lena bent forward. She placed a hand on the back of his head and he did the same to her, drawing each other closer so they could kiss, their tongues thorough exploring each others gasping mouths.

Suddenly the world turned red and Dave found himself sitting on his couch. His eyes flew open at what he thought had happen and he quickly checked the front of his pants. His jeans were still dry so at least he didn’t have to worry about washing them again this week. He looked up at Summer-gram staring down at him expectantly with her arms crossed below her breasts.

“Well?” Summer-gram asked with a note of self-satisfaction, “How was it?”

Dave’s eyes slowly went wide as he realized that the VR felt, look, and even smelled one hundred percent real.

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  “That was fucking awesome!” he yelled with a fist punch in the air.

“Perhaps I could tell you about some of my other features now. . . ” Summer-gram began before being interrupted by Dave.

“Put a pin in that,” Dave said as he got off the couch and stretched and yawned, “Daddy needs a nap. ”

Summer-gram glared angrily at the human as he walked through her, completely dismissing her.

The End. .

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