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Hi Friends this is pratap this is my first story so please send comments at [email protected], I going to say my real experience happen for me in real life which turn my sex life for real, ok coming to the story myself leaving in Guntur studying B.Tech first year with average body and the girl name is Durga she used to work at net centre near my house she is 18years old but looks like 14-16 of her age short thin average white small boobs and butts, one day when I was returning from college I had to go for net centre for scholarship application where she was I have got sexually attracted to her and called her even small problem in filling application and as she came she stand beside me and her body is touched to my shoulders my cock has made a tent in my pants which she observed and laughed. Like this from that day I used to visit net centre and I had made friendship with her and used to meet outside net centre after her duty time is over. One day I asked her shell we go for trip, for which she told that there should be no one, so that she will not be caught to others people & agreed. So, I took money from mom and took a room in a nearby village where my friends are also staying but they don’t know about the room one Sunday according to plan we left the city there in village first I went into room as the house owner asked how are you I told nice and went inside after some time Durga came inside as the house owner caught us and asked her who are you? For which she told that she is sister of me came to see the village as she leaves in city as she conform I had no choice left so I to told the same as she is my sister, and enter the room I got hurt inside but what can I do so as per plan I took a rice cooker from friend and cook her Chicken Biryani and we both had lunch and put a Horror Hollywood movie in TV and VCD player which are present in the room itself the horror movie is that I both and she likes the horror movies, as the movie played durga sleep on floor mat and started watching movie interestingly had got bored and disappointment from inside to call her sister, so I sleep on floor and started to watch movie then she told to sleep on mat for which I said I was having a habit of keeping leg on the side one in sleep for which she said nothing happens which turned me on I sleep beside her and started to play with her saying I will keep my leg on you, for which she said no problem suddenly I hugged her and acted like sleeping she did not say any word after some time I started to rub my cock on her legs she turn away from me but her right boob is in my left hand which is around her neck and my cock was on her butts and I did not stopped rubbing soon she smiled and turn my side, I got fear and asked, “only one time can I hug you” for which she replied “what?” as if she did not listen, with no choice left I hugged her tight and pressed my rock cock to her pussy at the same time durga too pressed her pussy very hard to my cock so I got green signal so with no waste of time I started kissing and removing her Panjabi dress one by one with her small boobs revealed first I kept in mouth and started sucking she started saying ahaaaaa...., I got very hard in my cock so I without wasting my time I removed her pant and saw her pussy clean shaved, she said now please stop I said please only one time we will use condom for which she replied ok and hug me, I tried to get up to purchase condom butshe said ok it is fine please fuck me so with no choice left I inserted my cock into her pussy and started fucking like piston pump for one hour and as I was about to cumm I took my cock out and tried to cumm on her stomach but pressure is very high such that all the cumm is on her face and in her mouth which she swallowed and said please can you fuck me again so from that day I fucked her for one year but suddenly
Two week gap came to meet her so I called her and I got one good news and one bad news Good News: she is carrying my baby and Bad News: she has got married to a person in her relatives I have became very sad after seven months she has my boy and he is named by my name now we ended our relation and I engaged to another girls, thank you friends hope you all enjoyed my story.

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