Doctor and Physical


The clock struck one. . . . . . . .

This was it, my appointment time had arrived and as I sat there waiting eagerly in the doctors waiting room

I could feel the hairs on my arm start to rise, my stomach getting the feeling like it's all tied in knots,

I just wanted to get in there to see him, my doctor was fresh out of med school he was young, tall dark hair and had the most piercing hazel/grey eyes that you can ever imagine.

When he just looked at you, you couldn't help but just melt as he gives you that smile.

He comes out and calls my name, and I follow him into his office, he closes the door behind me as tells me to take a seat.

"What seems to be the problem today?" he says staring directly into my eyes,

It was like he was looking right into my soul,

I then shudder as I have flashing images of him taking me over his desk there and then I take a big gulp and proceed to describe my symptoms.

He tells me to hop up on the bed and remove my shirt so he can check me over,

I hop onto the bed and he tells me to remove my shirt,

I started slowly undoing my buttons which felt like forever and after the 3rd one I look up to him and catch his eyes watching me intensely.

I wondered to myself "is he enjoying this?" He's eyes then caught mine as I reached the last button and proceeded to take my shirt of revealing my ripped abs and defined torso.

He takes his stethoscope to warm it up before placing it on my chest but as he moved into placing it on my chest his finger brush past my nipple, wow his smooth fingers just caressed the tip making my body just wants to scream with ecstasy.

He makes me lie on the bed to make me more comfortable, I place my hands above my head to expose my full chest and so he can accurately listen to my chest.

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He places his other end in his ears and places the other end of my chest I stare at him intrigued wondering what he was then thinking about at that moment in time, as I then start to look at his lips I began to sense my pulse beginning to race, my heart just starts to feel like its beating out of my chest.

Surely he must hear that my heart is beating a lot faster, just as i thought it feel his hands start to move up my chest, across my clavicle, just the tip of his fingers barely touching, up along my biceps and along my forearm, it was just a gentle caress, he probably wasn't even aware he was doing it he was that soft.

He reaches for my wrist and brings it to my side, he's fingers reaching around then he rests them there checking my pulse to ensure it was as accurate as when he was listening to it through his stethoscope.

He looks at my chest to check my breathing why he also checks my pulse this is also quite rapid because he is just so dam hot!

He looks at me and tells me that I need to take deep breaths to control my breathing as it was a bit too fast, so I look away from him close my eyes and block him from my mind, just until , my breathing and pulse rate decrease at least.

He then brings to run his hands across my stomach pressing on it to check for any signs of tenderness, I lay there just feeling his smooth fingers as they glide across my skin, if he's hands and fingers were this soft I wondered how the rest of his body felt.

He asks me to drop my trousers to my knees and pull my underwear down to my knees also and turn onto my side with my knees to my chin, at first i thought was dreaming and I would snap out of it at any second, I thought that my mind was working overtime, but no he had just actually asked me to do that.

I do as I'm told and layed on my side facing away from him with my trousers down and knees up, he proceeded to run his fingers down each of my vertebrae getting lower to my buttocks, wow my mind was really going into overdrive now, it was like the start of one of my fantasies.

He was only a couple of fingers away from the top of my buttocks when he stopped, I just stopped and felt like I couldn't breathe, I just felt like I wanted to have him in my arms, on this bed, in this office and I didn't care how but I was going to make this happen.

I hear the sound of a lid pop and the sound of rubber being stretched behind me, before I felt his breath against my ear and him say "this will be very cold, but I want you to relax, can you do that for me?" I lie there speechless, the warmth of his breath just blowing into my ears, giving me goose bumps all down my arm.

He spread my cheeks apart and placed a finger at the entrance of my hole, he asks me to take a deep breath in to which I agree and with that he slipped in two fingers, I could feel them forcing their way through me, reaching for my sweet spot, this was one part of the examination I wasn't going to forget in a hurry!

After a few minutes, massaging my prostate I began to get aroused, I tried to subtly tried to move my hand across my genitals as to hide my shame at how hard I was getting and how turned on i was getting at a part of him being inside me, granted it wasn't the part of his anatomy I had hoped but it was still a part of him.

He must have already noticed because he reached for my hand and moved it away so that he could see the effect he was having on my body was he getting off on watching my cock growing before his eyes and start to throb on his table where he had performed many of these before.

I think he was because he then turned me so I was flat on my back, his eyes fixated on my throbbing boner which he had just given me, he then took off his gloves placing them in the bin and reached around to my testicles and started to massage them with his right hand why his left started stroking the head.

Electricity ran through the whole of my body, his touch just making me charge, my muscles tensing with every touch, he removed his white coat and placed it over the curtain, rolled up his sleeves, loosened his tie and undid tis top 2 buttons and then, he went down on me, his lips closing around my throbbing head, he works his way down my shaft and backup again, reaching to the top and I hear him slurp up all the excess saliva, precum and then swallow it, he looks at me with his big hazel/grey eyes to see if I am paying attention and lets out a smirk.

He must be loving the taste of my cock, he was lapping it up so hard I thought he was going to rip it off, his speed was increasing, he was really getting into it as was I, this had always been a fantasy of mine since the moment our eyes first met, I wanted him and I was also curious if he wanted me too.

I reach for the belt on his trousers and start to undo it so I could reciprocate the favor, I drop his trousers and tight boxers in one big swoop the sexual chemistry between us was just so intense it was like it was now or never moment and I just wanted him inside me, his bare cut cock pounding away at my arse, his balls making the slapping sound as they banged into my cheeks.

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I pull him closer and start guzzling away on his averaged sized cut cock, mmm the precum was just so warm, his cock just pulsating in my mouth, I could hear him beginning to gag on my throbbing errection as it hits the back of his throat, trying to take as much of me as he can.

He stops and pulls away, reaching for the already open tube of lube rubbing it all over his cock and places some on his fingers, pushing his fingers inside me again ensuring that I'm wet and lubed and ready for me to take him.

He turns me over, and climbs onto the bed bringing me onto all fours, places his cock at the right height and thrusts himself into me, letting off a groan as he enters me.

I sit up so that my bum falls into his lap making him deeper inside me, he reaches around and starts to stroke my lubricated cock why he continues to thrust, I feel his lips kissing just below my earlobe his other hand around my neck holding my head up and not being able to move it.

He reaches down rubbing his fingers through the hairs on my chest stroking each follicle I could feel the sweat building up between us, as our bodies entwine and embrace each other, reaching for my nipple, he gives it a tweak between his fingers, my legs begin to quiver and shaked with excitement and anticipation.

His cock rubbing my prostate with every thrust making me want to shoot my load, I feel it building up inside me and pant harder the closer I get, I let out a big groan as I just let my load fall from my cock all over his fingers, covering them with my hot sticky liquid, as he watches me cumming he gets more aroused, making him get deeper, I push back and move forward so he is close to coming out of me and then push back into him so he's deep inside again.

I done this a couple of times before he grunts and groans and loses control and his only option is to cum inside me, he reaches for my neck again as he is just about to shoot, kissing me from behind, the passion intensifying.

He shoots his load deep inside, his ejaculatory muscle throbbing to each squirt the he deposits inside of me, we both sit on the edge of the bed and just kiss until our breathing returns to normal, we pull apart and continued to get dressed, his cum still inside me I pull up my underwear, button up my shirt and sort out my hair as not to look suspicious when I walk out of his room.

I walk out of his room thanking him for his time and walked home. . . . . . I never did get a diagnosis of why I went to see him, but the treatment I got was a lot better than any pills or medicine he could have prescribed.

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