Eliza by Carmenica DiazEliza patted her husband’s cheek and he whimpered at the touch of her warm flesh against his.
‘Poor baby,’ she cooed, ‘so horny and so desperate. ’
‘Eliza, please,’ Hunter said, his face covered with perspiration, ‘please untie me. This has gone far enough. ’
‘It’s just a game, sweetie,’ Eliza smiled, her red fingernails trailing down her husband’s naked chest, ‘just  a little bondage, a little fun. A little sexy fun and you are terribly sexy when you look so needy and desperate like that. ’
‘Please, baby,’ Hunter tried again, ‘it’s been hours…’
‘And you’re still hard! I think that’s a new record. I should give the Guinness people a bell!’
How could he not be hard!
For hours Eliza had strutted around in front of him in that skimpy red dress and high heels and then squatted in front of him to breathe on his rigid cock.
Every time Eliza did, he tried not to look at her crotch, not look at those tiny black panties or look down her dress at those magnificent breasts but he couldn’t! He was human, after all. And, fuck, how he loved those breasts!
Not once did her hand touch his cock – he would have come instantly if she had – not once did her lips touch it, even though he strained to push his pelvis forward when his wife lingered over his red and needy erection.
The handcuffs and the rope around his legs kept Hunter bound to the chair and he could only dream of fucking Eliza.
God, she was beautiful – beautiful and sexy!
He wanted her!
Needed her!
And all she did was tease!
And if there was one thing Eliza was good at, it was teasing. She wore the epithet Cock Tease proudly and even had those words embroidered on the crotch of a pair of pink, skimpy panties.
Eliza smiled at him as she sat on a chair opposite him, her legs slightly parted so he could glimpse her black panties.
Her large breasts threatened to spill from the skimpy top and he so wanted her!
Eliza smirked, reading his mind.
‘I suppose,’ she pouted, ‘you want to bend me over the dining table, push my dress up, pull my little panties down and fuck me?’
‘Yes!’ Hunter croaked.

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   ‘Yes, I do!’
‘Slide your cock into my tight little pussy?’
‘Oh fuck yes!’
‘I’m so wet from teasing you, honey. ’
‘Please…please,’ Hunter begged, his cock pulsing madly.
He had lost all concept of time. It was dark outside, so he realised he had been restrained and teased for at least three hours.
Three hours!
She’s insane!
‘Is that how you fucked Melinda?’ Eliza asked sweetly.
Hunter shook his head to try to concentrate.
‘I said, is that how you fucked Melinda? Bent her over your desk and fucked her from behind? Fucked her when you were supposed to be working late?’
How did she know?
‘Don’t worry, honey, I’m not going to cut your dick off,’ Eliza laughed, ‘or your balls but I thought about it. ’
‘Look, honey,’ Eliza said as she casually unbuttoned the top of her dress and, smirking at him, eased each breast from her black lace bra cups.
‘Here are the girls! Look, my nips are hard!’
Hunter groaned and licked his lips.
‘And what do we have here?’
Hunter tried to tear his eyes away as she lifted the hem of her skirt and displayed her tiny black panties.
‘You loooove my panties, don’t you? Do you remember that time I gave you a hand job with a pair of my knickers? You loved it! Yes, darling, I think you have  a thing for my all right,’ Eliza said brightly, ‘I’ll pull them down so you can see kitty. ’
Wide eyed, Hunter watched as his wife shimmed her panties down to her knees. Smiling at him, she idly stroked herself with one finger.
‘I have a neat kitty, don’t you think? No flabby wings, just all tight and neat. Oooh, I’m sooo wet!’’
Hunter’s eyes bulged as she touched herself and then brought a glistening finger up to lick the juices
‘I have a nice taste.

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   You don’t like to taste me much though,’ she pouted. ‘I bet you’d taste me now, wouldn’t you, honey?’ Eliza asked slyly.
Bobbing his head frantically, Hunter croaked, ‘yes! Yes, let me lick you!’
‘No,’ Eliza said, closing her eyes, ‘I think I’ll just play with myself. I’m so horny it won’t take long for me to have a sweet little come!’
‘Please…Eliza…please let me come, let me fuck you…’
‘If you slipped that dickie inside me, honey, into my wet velvet box, you’d spurt straight away!’ Eliza frowned prettily. ‘Ewww! What a mess! No, that won’t do. ’
She settled back in the chair, knickers around her knees and breasts displayed.
‘I’m going to tickle myself here now and you can watch. Enjoy honey, watch and know that I’m going to love having an orgasm. ’
It was agony for Hunter as Eliza slowly and delicately caressed herself using both hands. Hunter had never seen a woman masturbate before and he realised that the movements of both hands and fingers was nothing he had ever done to her.
In any other situation, it would have been mildly educational as well as erotic. Hunter realised that all those porn movies showing women masturbating were just a parody of the real act as he watched how she arranged the fingers and palms of both hands.
This was unique and she reached around with one hand while caressing with the other. He tried not to watch but couldn’t help it until, open mouthed, he watched as his wife orgasmed!
While his neglected cock throbbed madly!
Eliza opened her eyes sensuously and smiled sexily at her husband.
‘That was gorgeous, not fantastic but an appetiser for the rest of the evening.

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   It is Friday night, after all. ’
Hunter looked hopefully at his wife.
Did that mean she was going to let him loose?
Eliza pulled her knickers up and Hunter watched as they covered her pussy.
‘I’m all wet so the panties will smell a bit but that just means I’m on heat, doesn’t it, darling?’ Eliza said calmly as she buttoned her top and smoothed her dress.
‘I was a little angry when you fucked Melinda but I got over it. ’
She walked over and patted his cheek.
‘So I decided not to cut your balls off – not with a knife, anyway. ’
‘Eliza…’ Hunter began but she placed a finger on his lips to silence him. Hunter could smell her on her finger, could taste her!
‘Shh, darling, listen. I’m going out now. I’m going to find a guy to fuck and I’m going to let him fuck me in a motel, or in the backseat of his car – I don’t care! I feel like being such a slut! And then, I’m going to find another guy, maybe another after that! I’ve never fucked two guys at once; tonight could be the night!’
Aghast, Hunter stared up at her beautiful face that now seemed so cold.
‘I’m going to find guys that you know, Hunter, men you do business with, your friends, and I’m just going to ask them not to tell you. I’ll only fuck them if they promise not to tell you! They can tell anyone else, in fact I’ll encourage it but they can’t tell you!’
Eliza leaned forward and planted a kiss on his forehead.
‘So when you go to golf, play squash or strut around that office of yours, you won’t know if  the man you’re playing sport with or even doing business with, fucked your wife! Perhaps the elevator man, the courier or your boss – any of them. I wonder who’s out and about on a Friday still hard, darling, the idea of me being such a slut must appeal! I’m glad because tonight won’t be the last night.

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   There are a lot of well hung studs out there and I’m going to get me a lot of them!’
‘Please,’ Hunter whispered brokenly, ‘don’t do this…our marriage is over if…’
Eliza shrugged as she picked up her handbag.
‘I think our marriage ended when you fucked Melinda. I hope you and your two new lovers will be very happy. ’
Nonplussed, he stared at her, mouth open. ‘Two…?’
Eliza laughed.
‘Left and right hand, darling. That’s all you’ve got, now! If you can’t get free, I’ll send someone to get you loose about five tomorrow morning.
‘Don’t go, Eliza!’
‘Goodnight, Hunter. Hope the erection goes by the time I send someone to free you. ’
‘Don’t go!’
Eliza opened the door, lifted her dress to flash her panties at him.
‘Got to go, honey, kitty wants a date!
The door closed and Hunter stared at it, tears forming.
Eliza from the short story collection ‘More Dominant Wives’ by Carmenica Diaz





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