Emma Watson Meets The Fanboys


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Emma Watson or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

This is a series of loosely connected stories (they all share one character) about actors promoting their projects at a Comic-Con. You don’t have to read any of the other stories to understand any one story. Please to enjoy.

Story Code: M+/F, Exhib

Emma Watson Meets The Fanboys
By Muhabba

The portly, balding main in the ill fitting suit ran as fast as his stubby legs would carry him up the hall. “Emma!Emma!” he gasped as the beautiful young star turned around and stared at him with a confused look on her face. “I’ve been trying to catch up with you all day,” he huffed as he reached the actress. “I don’t think these London streets were designed for cars,” he panted, bent over with his hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath.

“They’re not. Do I know you?” Emma Watson, former child star of the Harry Potter movies asked, with suspicion in her precise British accent, not quite sure of what to make of the over weight American.

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  Since he looked like he was about to have a heart attack he didn’t seem very dangerous.

“I’m Mel,” he gasped before taking a deep, panting breath, “We talked last week. ”

Emma thought for a moment before exclaiming, “Oh, the Meet & Greet!Oh, pleased to meet you. I’m Emma Watson,” she said cheerfully and held out her dainty hand to the gasping, sweaty man.

“Uh, yeah, I know,” Mel huffed, grasping Emma’s hand in his moist palm. “Pleased to meet you. I’ve been trying to book you for ComicCon for years. ”

“Yeah, I know,” Emma said as he wiped her hand nonchalantly on her simple black dress. “I’m afraid filming the Harry Potter movies kept me quite busy,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to attend, ‘tho. ”

“And I’ve always wanted to have you,” Mel said, finally able to stand erect. “And your fans would have loved to have you at one of my Meet & Greets. Everyone always enjoys them,” he said finally taking in Emma’s slim body, newly short, chestnut colored hair and sparkling eyes. “So have you given any thought to my proposal?”

Emma thought for a second before answering, “Well it certainly seems intriguing. And it would definitely help me bridge the gap between the younger audience of the Harry Potter movies and the more mature films I’m pursuing now.

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“And to help ensure your Harry Potter fans to follow you from one to the other,” Mel said helpfully as his eyes crawled over Emma’s slim, sexy body. With his heartbeat now under control he could turn his attention from not dying after running up the hall to the beautiful starlet standing in front of him.

“One stipulation, I’m afraid,” Emma said.

“Anything you want,” Mel said as his eyes trailed up Emma’s slender legs to her knee length dress, her slim waist, her small chest, and her stunning face.

“There is a charity I support,” Emma said seriously, “They rescue bunnies from testing by cosmetic companies. All proceeds must go to them. ”

“I love animals,” Mel said with all the sincerity that he could fake, “I’ll personally see to it that all of your precedes go to saving all of those cute, fluffy animals. ”

“Not animals,” Emma said sternly, “I feel bunnies don’t get enough recognition in being used so viciously. ”

Mel vigorously nodded his head. “Right, right. Oddly specific but of course. ”

“And it’s all proceeds,” Emma added, “Not just mine. ”

“Right,” Mel agreed, “All of your proceeds. Got it. ”


It was a pretty seedy motel set in the middle of London but it was the best that Mel could get on such short notice.

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  He’d been trying to get Emma to attend one of his Meet & Greets for years but she had always declined and now that he had her he wasn’t going to waste time. Plus, the deal he had worked out with the motel manager actual cut a hefty amount of money out of his budget meaning more for his share of the profits while leaving Miss Watson plenty to give as much of her cut as she wanted to whatever breed of animal she wanted.

“Are you sure of this?” the motel manager asked as he held his arms out helplessly.

Mel looked over the managers robes and long, fake beard. “Every bit the wizard,” he said. “How do I look?”

“Like a transient,” the manager said matter of factly.

“Haven’t you seen the Harry Potter movies?” Mel asked dejectedly. “I’m Hagrid. ”

The manager rolled his eyes. “I’m British, of course I’ve seen the movies, and read the books, it’s pretty much compulsory. And you look like a transient. ”

Mel waved his hand dismissively at the manager. “Whatever. This is the best I could get on short notice. Now remember, when the actress gets here, you’re me and she’s auditioning for the next Harry Potter movie.

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The manager rolled his eyes again. “It’s not a Harry Potter move per se, it’s just a spin-off. ”

“And she doesn’t need to know that,” Mel said in exasperation. “Now you take the audition and I’ll handle the conference room. Just don’t forget to record everything, got it?’

The manager shuffled into his office. “A bloody monkey could do it,” he mumbled under his breath as he sat down and flipped on the two monitors sitting on his desk, one showing the interior of his office and the other showing the interior of one of the hotel’s two conference rooms made to look like a set piece for the Harry Potter movies. And then he waited.

Mel made his way down one of the motel’s long halls to the conference room and the large group of people milling around outside of the door. “’Ello, mates!” he said in his best British accent which was so bad that several people in the crowd groaned, “. . . and welcome to ‘Ollivander's Wand Shoppe’. Hope ye have ye wands ready ‘cuz we only got one employee today. ”With a flourish he opened the door and shouted, “May I introduce you to Hermione Granger of Hogwarts!”

Emma stood in the middle of the room surrounded by shelves filled with small boxes. The room was trying very hard to look like the Ollivander’s set from the “Harry Potter” movies and failing terribly with only Emma, wearing her actual Hermione school robes and Gryffindor tie that she had kept from the movies, looking even remotely authentic.

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  Wearying a bushy brown wig Mel had brought to cover up her newer, shorter, brown hair she held her arms open wide to greet her fans. “Today we’re running a special on wand cleaning,” she announced as the group of men began slowly trickling in, “. . . so I hope you’ve all brought your dirty wands. ”She smiled devilishly as the group of men with her trademarked grin that most men knew her for.

Two of the first fans shuffled nervously over to Emma with their plain brown, wooden wands held out. They were both wearing Harry Potter T-shirts with fake, round glasses and stuttering nervously as they stood in front of the beautiful actress. “Pleased to meet you,” Emma said still grinning as if nothing strange was going on while her deft hands unzipped their pants and quickly pulled out their rapidly hardening dicks. “My, my, my. . . ” she said, clicking her tongue in disapproval as she began tugging on their shafts, “These certainly look dirty. ”She looked up at the faces of the Fanboys in admonishment. “You haven’t been keeping very good care of your wands, have you, boys?” she asked as her delicate hands slid up and down the two now hard cocks.

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“Nuh uh,” both of the fans grunted at the same time as they stared in wide-eyed wonder at Emma Watson nonchalantly jacking them off. She added a small twist to her wrist at the top of their shafts so that the palms of her soft hands slid across their tips before sliding back down to their bases, twisting her wrists again before sliding back up their lengths.

“You should really take better care of your wands,” Emma said with a disapproving tone in her voice as she rubbed her fists around the two fans’ cock-heads. “And also bunnies,” she added as their pricks exploded in her talented hands, shooting their thick loads across the front of her black school robes. “Have a good day, gentlemen. Next,” she announced as her first two fans tucked themselves back into their pants and walked out the back of the conference room.

The next two fans waddled over to Emma with their pants around their ankles and their dicks already hard. They looked like your average collage boys with their university T-shirts and mussed hair and she licked her lips seductively as she gave the Fanboys a heavy lidded stare. “Glad to see you gentlemen are already prepared,” she said as she firmly grasped the base of their cocks. The time she used firm, slow strokes, pumping one cock up with one hand while pumping the other cock down intermittently. Their heavy balls swung against her knuckles as she pumped them and continued to stare deep into their eyes. “And do you boys clean your wands regularly?” she asked in a innocent tone of voice.

“Uh huh,” one of the Fanboys said. “At least once a day. ”

“Sometimes twice,” the other one added.

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Emma continued stroking as she leaned in closer, the tips of the young men’s pricks rubbing against the front of her robes. In a deep, husky, lust filled voice she asked, “And do you think of me when you’re cleaning them?”

“Uh huh,” both Fanboys grunted in unison as they came, the thick, white loads splashing onto Emma’s robes and then dripping onto the floor.

Emma released the softening pricks and took a step back. “That’s good and don’t forget that bunnies are regularly tortured and mutilated by cosmetics companies. ”

The Fanboys gave each other a confused stare before shrugging and then slipping their spent cocks back into their pants. “Sure,” one of them said. “Right,” the other agreed before walking past Emma as they looked at her peculiarly.

Two more Fanboys approached Emma and displayed their plain, wooden wands. One of them was older than they other and they looked similar enough to be father and son. Their dicks were also strangely similar looking and already hard, their soft cock-heads bright red and dripping with pre-cum and it struck Emma strange that a father would bring his son to something like this but ever the professional she just shrugged her shoulders. “It’s all for the bunnies,” she told herself. Both cocks were already throbbing, practically vibrating, in her hands and she could tell that the Fanboys were already on the verge of cumming, probably after stroking themselves while watching her stroke the others.

Emma grasped the two pricks and began hurriedly jacking them off, her hands a blur as the Fanboys grunted in pleasure. “And what do you two think about the bunnies?” she asked.

“Love the bunnies,” the older Fanboy groaned, his balls boiling with the need to cum.

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  “Love the fuckin’ bunnies. ”

“Me too,” the younger Fanboy said with a note of desperation.

“Oh good,” Emma said happily as she released the younger fan’s cock and used that hand to fondle the older fan’s heavy balls. She leaned up and gave the older Fanboy a soft kiss on the lips, her pink tongue darting into his mouth slightly as he suddenly grunted and came, staining her robe with his cum. As the older fan softened in her hands she released his prick and grabbed onto the younger fan’s shaft in one hand, jerking him quickly as she squeezed his balls with the other hand. “I’m so glad you care about the bunnies too,” she said gleefully before kissing him as well, her warm tongue caressing the inside of his mouth as he suddenly grunted and came.

With the younger Fanboy’s semen dripping down the front of her robes Emma stood up on her tip-toes and looked over their shoulders at the group behind them. “Next,” she announced.


Back in his office the hotel manager was furiously tugging on his cock. “I can’t believe it,” he muttered in wonder as he stared at Emma Watson giving hand-jobs to strangers. When the shifty American had approached him with his proposal the manger had, of course, not believed him. He had thought that it would have been just another Emma Watson look-a-like but as he stared in disbelief it was obvious that it really was the actual Emma Watson herself. So engrossed with watching Emma he didn’t even hear the knock on the door to his office before it slowly swung open.

“I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeVille,” a sultry voice said, breaking the manager’s concentration.

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  Apparently this was something else the American hadn’t been lying about, he was going to get to “audition” a budding young starlet. Except this starlet wasn’t exactly budding, she had already fully blossomed. In her hooker heels she had to be at least 5’ 10” with wild brown hair flowing around her head like a chestnut colored halo. Her impressive bosom was stretching her small, gray sweater with a orange tie tucked underneath it. Her flat stomach was completely exposed and her short skirt started several inches below her belly-button and barely covered the top of her thighs. Her long legs were wrapped in fishnet stockings and he saw she was wearing a short, black school robe like a sexy Hogwarts student.

“My name is Harrilson actually,” he said as she stared dumbfounded.


The next two Fanboys approached Emma, both looking nervous and about her age, and held up their silver painted wands. Moving on to the next part of the Meet & Greet she looked down at her cum stained robes and exclaimed, “Oh no!I’ve gotten wand cleaner all over my new school robes. ”She looked back up with a sly grin at the two Fanboys that turned into a wolfish smirk before adding, “I guess I’ll just have to take them off. ”

Without a flourish of any kind Emma pulled open her stained robes and let them fall unceremoniously to the floor and stood unabashedly in front of her fans. The only part of a Hogwarts students’ outfit she had left was the orange Gryffindor tie lying flat between her sheer, black bra encased breasts. The bra was virtually transparent and clearly showed her rosy pink nipples and matched her sheer black panties. They were the same transparent she had worn on her 18th birthday and once again did nothing to hide the small tuft of brown hair above her bald pussy-lips. “Alright, gents, let’s see what we can do about those wands,” she said in all seriousness to her fans as she quickly freed their pricks from their pants.

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Unlike the plain wand bearers, the silver wand bearers were allowed to touch Emma wherever her skin was exposed and as her hands flowed over their throbbing pricks their hands began flowing over her body. Their hands slid against the tops of her breasts, barely skimming over the top of her hide-nothing bra, down her sides and graceful back, over her flat stomach and waist to just barely inches above her pussy where her panties started, across her slender hips, and up and down her silky thighs. She never lost pace with her hands jerking off the fans’ cocks as their hands reached around her to caress the under-swell of her taunt ass-cheeks just as they exploded in her hands, covering her flat stomach in their warm cum.

Emma wiped the Fanboy cum on her hands onto her thighs before leaning up and kissing them both deeply before whispering, “Don’t forget, bunnies are people too. ”

“Right, right. Sure,” both of the Fanboys agreed before shuffling away and being replaced with two more silver wand bearers.

Emma immediately got to work jacking off the new Fanboys as their hands began fondling her nearly naked body. She kept up a slow, steady pace on their shafts and when her fists reached their tops he ran her thumbs across their sensitive tips, smearing their pre-cum and using it as lubricant before sliding her dainty hands back down to their bases. She was smiling coyly up at the two fans and concentrating so hard on her double hand-jobs that she was startled when two more fans approached.

Ever the professional Emma smiled politely at the two extra Fanboys, who were unfastening their pants and pulling out their eager cocks, and said, “I’m sorry gentleman but as you can see my hands are full so if you could stand back in the que I”ll be with you momentarily. ”

“That’s all right, Miss Watson,” one of the Fanboys said as he placed his dick against Emma’s soft thigh. “I think we can take care of the cleaning on our own,” the second added as they both began sliding their pricks up and down her smooth thighs.

Thinking it over for a moment Emma decided, “Well, the program did say that they get to touch me, and come to think of it, the program was unspecific as to which body parts they could touch me with. ”With a shrug of her shoulders she went back to her hand-jobs while spreading her slender legs slightly wider to give the second pair of Fanboys easier access to her legs. The Fanboys at her thighs humped against her slowly but firmly, dragging their shafts and balls up and down her legs as the two Fanboys in front of her began rocking their hips, fucking her dainty hands.


  “I’d say this lot are more like horny puppies rather than bunnies,” she giggled to herself as she felt her nipples harden and her pussy beginning to warm as more Fanboys left the que to join her little group.


Harrilson's entire body shook and thrashed as the young starlet wannabe slowly drew her teeth up the length of his hard shaft. "Oh great God!" he gasped in a mixture of pleasure and pain as the sexy young woman sucked hard on the tip of his prick before releasing him from her talented mouth.

"Enjoy that, did ya?" the slutty Hermione said with a cheeky grin as she pulled her tight sweater up underneath her arm pits and then pulled down the cups of her orange bra beneath her tie to reveal her massive breasts. "Then you're gonna love this," she added in a cockney accent as she wrapped her tits around the old man's dick and used them to jerk him off.

"Oh bloody fuckin' great God!" Harrilson moaned as the largest, firmest pair of tits he had ever seen slid rapidly up and down his shaft. He had been stunned silent when the sexy actress had just plopped down between his knees, yanked up his robe, pulled down his underwear and then shoved his soft penis into her warm mouth. Even now he could barely believe this was happening but knew by the feeling in his balls that it was real and he was about to cum.

Suddenly the young woman released her tits and stood up. "Tut, tut, tut," she said, wagging her finger in the old guy's face. "No cumming yet, luv. We're not done 'til I'm thoroughly auditioned. "

Panting and feeling as if he was on the verge of a heart attack, Harrilson looked up and gasped out from beneath his askew beard, "How'd you know I was about to. . .

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Nearly nude, sexy Hermione interrupted the old guy to reveal her tan, completely bald pussy. "A girl just knows these things," she said as she began to straddle his lap.


"I hope this is over soon before I do something embarrassing," Emma thought as her hard nipples sizzled with the need to be touched and her pussy churned with desire. She'd lost track of the number of Fanboys she'd Met & Greeted because now, instead of two by two, they were coming in groups of six. She would give hand-jobs to two fans while two more would hump her legs and two more would stand behind her and rub their cocks against whatever exposed ass flesh they could get. Her now sticky panties covered her rear-end almost completely except for maybe an inch or two of the under-swell of her ass but that was all her fans needed apparently. And they were all so polite as they molested whatever bit of skin they could get to, no pushing or shoving or cursing, just happy with whatever she could offer them. "It's kinda sweet in a somewhat perverted way," she thought with a odd sense of pride over how polite her fans were.

Even though she was touched with how thoughtful her fans were, Emma still thought it was strange that the two Fanboys rubbing themselves against the underside of her ass seemed so content with only being able to rub the tips of their pricks against what was basically only a few inches of exposed skin. "Of course, if I was them and as randy as I am now, and I got the chance to rub up against me, I'd be happy with whatever I could get too," she thought with a giggle. With a sudden lurch from one of the Fanboys she felt a something warm splash against her lower back followed by another one on her left hip. From her hips to mid-thigh she was sticky with Fanboy cum from servicing three pairs of fans in several groups over the last few minutes and with every single splash of fan-cum she felt herself become hornier and hotter. She"d been warned about what the constant sexual attention could do, it had been in the brochure after all, and had heard stories about actresses losing control of their libidos but as she felt her own juices sliding down the insides of her quivering thighs she believed it now.

As the fan on her right sprayed his thick, warm cum across her waist, Emma began rubbing the cocks in her hand across her flat stomach, using the spongy tips to push her soaked panties down to just an over her pubic mound. "Should I?" she wondered with a naughty grin right before the pair of cocks exploded, further soaking the front of her panties as if they weren't wet enough with her own juices.

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"Well, so much for that idea," she thought with a small sigh of disappointment as the six fans waved good-by and shuffled merrily towards the back exit.

Suddenly a gold painted wand filled Emma's vision. "I'm here to get my wand cleaned," the much older fan said from underneath a white, bushy mustache. At first her now rampant libido had made her forget what she was supposed to be doing but after a moment of concentration her professionalism kicked back in and she remembered what she was supposed to do with fans that had bought gold wands.

Getting back into character, Emma looked down at her slender body and barely covered chest. "Oh my!" she exclaimed, "I've gotten wand cleaner all over myself again. This'll never do. "She reached behind her back, pushing her slight chest out and pressing her hard nipples firmly against the transparent fabric, and uncooked her barely there bra. With a small shrug the bra straps slid down her shoulders, down her arms and then fell on top of the sticky mess of cum on the floor exposing her small, firm tits. The cool air of the room caressed her aching nipples and across her flushed breasts, sending a shiver through her now mostly naked body. She had always been a earnest young woman and was always making sure to maintain her professionalism in what ever she did but right now her young body was positively vibrating in need.

Even though they were now empty, Emma could feel the throbs of all the various cocks she had serviced in her hands, the insistent rubbing of the hard shafts against her slender thighs, and the urgent need in her loins as even more cocks had caressed her taunt ass. The dozen of fans she had met today had stared at her in such a strange mix of reverence and hungry need that it had affected her low and deep in her body and had left her with a longing she had never felt before. She was suddenly aware that all the fans she had met today would do anything for her, or to her, with no hesitation or judgment, just the simple need to see and make her happy. And it had turned her on more than anything she had felt before.

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It was in that instant that Emma realized that she couldn't even remember when she had last mentioned the plight of the bunnies at the evil hands of the cosmetics companies. "Forget the bunnies," she thought as she pulled down her cum soaked panties, leaving her perfectly nude, "This is all about me. "She quickly dropped to her knees and reached into the older man's pants and yanked his hard dick out with one hand and slid her other hand between her sticky thighs. As she slid the throbbing cock into her warm, wet mouth she slid two fingers into warm, wet cunt, shivering and moaning in lust as her ripe, young body was doublely penetrated. She hungrily sucked on the hard prick, her mouth watering at the taste as she bobbed her head back and forth, rubbing her tongue along the length of it as it slid in and out if her mouth while she fisted the base. She ran the soft cock-head along the insides of her mouth, her cheeks, the roof of her mouth, as she enjoyed the different textures of the fan's shaft on her pink tongue. While licking and slurping along the length of the cock in her mouth she slid the two fingers sawing in and out of her dripping cunt along either side of her G-spot while she rubbed her erect clit with her thumb.

Just as she was starting to feel her much needed orgasm begin to rise, the prick in Emma's mouth exploded and shot strand after thick strand of cum down her throat. She swallowed quickly, not missing a drop because she tried to be thorough and professional in everything she did, until the ridged prick softened and slid out of velvet mouth with a wet pop. She looked up at the older man from her knees, realizing that she hadn't even cared what he had looked like, barely remembering his face except for the mustache. All she had card about was that he had a erection explicitly for her. With one of her patented smiles she said, "Thank for choosing Ollivander's for all your wand cleaning needs. Please cum again," and giggled girlishly at her pun.

The older man was flushed and panting, sweat running down his high forehead as he stared down at the naked Emma Watson and nodded enthusiastically before wandering away, forgetting to put his spent cock back into his pants as he meandered towards the exit. Across the room Mel was rubbing his excited prick through his shabby pants and trying to decide if he wanted to try and stop the Fanboy from leaving with his spit wet cock hanging out of his trousers or not but the sight of Emma on her knees and taking another dick into her mouth while frigging herself was just to good to miss.

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  "Everyone always enjoys my little Meet & Greets," he thought as he continued to absentmindedly rub himself. "Professionalism or bunnies be damned, there's no fan love better than Fanboy love. "

Emma took the entire unfamiliar cock into her eager mouth and throat, gurgling around the bulbous head, her nose buried in the Fanboy's wirey pubic hair and his heavy balls resting on her chin. Strings of drool escaped from the corners of her lips and dripped down onto her petite breasts before she pulled her head back, slurping noisily as she sucked the excess saliva off the length of him. She kept two fingers buried inside her tight pussy as she used her free hand to massage her fan's dangling balls and swirled her tongue around the tip of his dick, wishing she had a third hand to use on his shaft. She buried his cock in her throat again and hummed loudly, the vibrations coursing over his sensitive flesh, causing him to explode. She quickly pulled her head back to let his load fill her mouth before letting his head slip out from between her wet, pink lips. She opened her mouth wide to let him see his creamy load before making an exaggerated swallowing motion and then opening her mouth again to show him she had taken it all.

"Next," Emma said unceremoniously, hungry to taste her next cock and she didn't have to wait long as another dick was shoved haphazardly into her wet, gasping mouth. She gripped the base and began sucking hard and eagerly on the stiff cock as the Fanboy grabbed the sides of her head and began fucking her mouth, his heavy balls bouncing off her chin. With the Fanboy holding her head steady she slid her free hand down and behind her, between her taunt ass-cheeks and over her tiny, puckered asshole. Using the slick juices dripping from her horny cunt she groaned as she slid her middle finger deep into her ass as she slid her other finger slightly out of her pussy before reversing and sliding her fingers back deep into her pussy as she slid the finger in her ass out slightly and then reversing again.

Emma was so lost into her own enjoyment she barely noticed the cock throbbing against her tongue until it pulled out of her mouth with a pop. "What?" she gasped as the fan pointed his prick down at her chest and began fisting himself. "Cleaning is my job.

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  . . " she started before another dick thrust itself into her mouth. She automatically began sucking on the new dick, lashing it with her tongue, forgetting about the other prick being jacked off over her slender chest, just happy to have another prick to taste. Her attention was brought back to the other prick as she felt something warm and wet splash against her chest and a sinful shiver coursed through her slim body. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensations of her fingers working themselves inside of her horny body, the cock plunging in and out of her hungry mouth, and the cum sliding down her firm tits.

The sated Fanboy patted Emma affectionately on the head and shuffled away as the other Fanboy shoved his dick as far as he could into Emma's mouth and came, his thick load sliding down her tightly clutching throat. She swallowed his cum, never missing a drop as he slowly pulled his dick out and moaned in pure bliss. Her eyes fluttered in pleasure at the sounds he was making above her as she released his softening prick from her mouth. His spent cock was quickly replaced by another and caused her to lose the motion of her fingers for a moment. The new fan was acting a bit more forcefully than the last as he mewled in absolute need which amused Emma in a strangely erotic way. He started slamming into her mouth as hard and fast as he could, forcing her to pull her fingers out of her needy holes to brace her hands on the floor between her knees. Suddenly he pulled his cock out from her mouth and came, his warm, white seed coating her gasping face and staining her wig.

The fan finished spewing his seed and then looked down at Emma in embarrassment at losing control and muttered, "Uh, sorry. Thanks.

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Emma looked up with her cum stained face and nodded as the fan shambled away. "I start to finally get into this and get a early finisher. Oh well," she thought before announcing, "Next. "When no new prick presented itself she looked around in confusion. "What the 'ell?Aren't there anymore?" she asked the only other person she could see, Mel.

"Well," Mel started, holding his hands out, "The Meet & Greet was on kinda short notice and with the golden wands being so expensive, these we're the only high priced fans I could find. "

The naked and cum splattered Emma glared at the horribly dressed American as she continued kneeling on the floor. "But I was just starting to get into it," she said through clenched teeth as her temper began to rise.

Mel smiled at the naked star like a used car salesman. "That's the thing about my Meet & Greets, everybody loves them. There's no love like Fanboy love and they certainly love to show their appreciation to their favorite stars. "

"But I was just starting to get into it," Emma growled as her anger rose to meet her libido.

"Everybody does," Mel chuckled without noticing Emma's angry tone. "Sure, some stars start out a bit nervous, it's perfectly natural, but everything changes when the see the adulation in their fan's eyes. Why, there was one year Zoe Saldana was using a pool noodle as a prop and then, about ten minutes into the Meet & Greet, she.

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  . . "

"But I was just starting to get into it," Emma said sternly, interrupting Mel. His eyes grew wide in confusion and then in fear as she stood up and angrily approached him, her small tits jiggling with every forceful step until she stood imperiously in front of him, her chest heaving and every muscle in her body clenched. "You can stop with the salesman's spiel, Mel, I get it. But you're forgetting one thing. ”

"I, uh. . . I, uh. . . I, uh. . .

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  " Mel stammered, unable to meet Emma's angry stare, barely even capable of looking at the seething star no matter how naked she was. "I, uh. . . What's that?"

Suddenly looking sweetly up at Mel Emma said, "Taking care of your celebrities. "Her sweet face suddenly turned back to anger as she reached up and grabbed his shoulders. "Knees, now," she ordered and shoved him to the ground.

"I, uh. . . I, uh. . . I, uh. .

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  . " Mel stammered in fear as Emma stared down at him from over the tops of her breasts.

Emma sneered down at Mel. "Lick, now!" she ordered before grabbing his wig and using it to pull him hard against her wet, over heated cunt. "That tongue of yours talked me into this and now it's going to finish this," she growled as she began viciously humping against the American's face. She ground herself against him, his fake beard tickling her thighs and pussy as she rubbed her throbbing clit against him.

Mel automatically grabbed onto Emma's taunt ass as he obediently began licking at her gushing cunt. No matter what anybody called him, he had always been a professional as far as his celebrities we're concerned and he liked to think that he had always made sure never to take advantage of them when they got like this during the Meet & Greets. He'd leer at them, maybe grope them when the opportunity arose, spy on them, record them, masturbate, occasionally finger one or two for their own good, but outside of that he had always been a complete professional. He'd counted on Emma becoming horny during the course of her Meet & Greet and had even brought her a vibrating Harry Potter broom to use afterwards but now she was outright attacking him and forcing him to perform cunnilingus on her in order to take care of her rampant needs. He was a self-avowed voyeur and would prefer to be watching her rather than servicing her but his number one rule was to take care of his stars and dammit, as he orally serviced her, he was glad that she had reminded him of his duty to his celebrities.

"Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. . . " Emma chanted as she humped against Mel's face.

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  She honestly couldn't say how good he was at eating her out, he was simply there to get her off as something slightly better than her fingers. 'I'm gonna. . . I'm gonna. . . I'm gonna. . . " she stammered in lust.

"Always take care of your star," Mel thought as he felt Emma approaching her orgasm. Squeezing her plump ass tightly he slid the fingers of one hand between her clutching cheeks, caressing her puckered asshole before sliding his middle finger as deep into her ass as he could and wiggling it around.

"I'm cumming!" Emma screamed in pleasure, her slick juices gushing out and soaking Mel's fake beard. Her entire body shook and vibrated as every muscle tensed, her already tight ass squeezing the promoter's finger as it continued to wiggled around inside of her.


  She gripped his head tightly as she ground herself against him and rode out her orgasm, her breath ragged as she panted and moaned. It wasn't the best orgasm of her young life but it would do to get her through the rest of the evening and she signed in contentment as she came down from her sexual high and her body began to relax.

Emma slowly stood up straighter and released the shabby American man's head. "Perfectly satisfactory," she said plainly as she nodded curtly at him before turning around and walking to one of the fake shelves.

"Uh, thanks?" Mel said, not quite sure of what to have said as he watched Emma's naked ass moving away from him.

Emma bent at the waist and pulled out a hidden duffle bag from behind one of the shelves. "I certainly hope you've learned your lesson," she said sternly, her small breasts dangling and jiggling beneath her chest with her ass up thrust high in the air.

Mel nodded his head enthusiastically as he watched the naked star pulling out fresh clothes and a towel from her duffle bag. "Yes, ma'am. That was a pretty important reminder you gave me. Looking out for my stars' needs has always been my number one rule and I'm actually pretty embarrassed to have forgotten it. And don't worry, I'll make sure a hundred percent of all of your proceeds goes to the bunnies. "

"All the proceeded," Emma reminded Mel as she pulled off her wig and began using the towel to clean up all the cum. "Besides, the bunnies seem so childish now. "

Mel continued leering at Emma as she cleaned her ripe, young body and then began to get dressed.

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  "So what will you be pursuing now?" he asked, not really caring as he watched her small breasts jiggle and her pert ass clench and relax.

"I kind of liked ordering you around to service me," Emma said as she finished putting her dress on before pulling out a compact to do her make-up. "Besides, I'm eighteen now and going to college, I think I'll start looking into feminisium. "

"Sounds like a good idea to me," Mel agreed as he finished watching the young woman making her self look presentable. "Good luck at your panel, Ms. Watson. "

"Have a good evening, Mel," Emma said sweetly as she filled the bag filled with her sticky Hogwarts uniform and wig into the trash and exited through the door all the Fanboys had used.

As Emma entered the next room the dim lights turned brighter and a voiced announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, may I present our guest of honor and one of the stars of 'The Perks of being a Wallflower', Emma Watson!"


As he shuffled down the hall, Mel noticed the door to the manager's office was slightly ajar so he gently pushed it open. The manager was sitting up in his chair, his entire outfit looking ragged and his spent, sticky, soft cock blatantly exposed with a look of bewilderment on his face.

Harrilson slowly turned his head to the ridiculously dressed American. "She can bloody well have any part she wants!" he gasped.

The End. .

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