Enjoying with my Aunt…..and Uncle… Part 2


Well after that night we pretty much opened up to each other and I am sure glad that happened. I didn’t know I could have handled secretly having sex with my uncle and having my aunt fuck me with the dildo without the other realizing soon enough. I enjoy with both but I think I liked threesome with them the most so after that night we slept on one bed. I moved over to my aunt and uncle’s bed since it was bigger. Being the youngest in the trio I got to sleep in the middle.

Of course we continued having a threesome party every night. The three of us stayed naked in the apartment most of the time since it was no use wearing clothes since it got taken off soon after. No matter how tiring our day got, we ended up fucking. Of course my uncle only ass fucked my aunt, not me, since I had never done that before.

Well, my uncle had a day off from work so he got drinks and we decided to make the most of it. We drank, we talked. Drank a bit more and aunt decided to entertain us. Getting up, she walked over to a chair and threw her legs over the armrests giving us a good view of her pussy. Throwing her head back she started to massage her tits. Rubbing them, for us to see. With the other hand she started touching herself everywhere.

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   Running her hands up and down her body. I was getting pretty wet but stayed where I was and enjoyed the show. Looking at uncle I saw he was pretty turned on as well. Aunt asked me to get her the dildo and I did as I was asked then sat back to watch again. Using one hand she parted her pussy lips and with the other hand put the head of the dildo on the entrance of her pussy hole. Slowly she started to slide the dildo inside her. When it was totally in she pulled it out again and then pushed it back in even harder. Aunt continued to fuck herself with the dildo. Going faster and harder every minute. Looking over I saw uncle was stroking his cock. Following their lead I opened my legs and started fingering myself. Soon I was also finger fucking myself while still keeping my eyes on my aunt. In a few minutes her moans became a shout as she had her orgasm. Uncle and I also had our orgasms soon after. Getting up she came over and joined us.

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   We continued drinking.

When the drinks were over I got up and went over to my aunt. Kissing her lips I moved down and took her nipples in my mouth. While I sucked on them in my mouth I was also licking the tips with my tongue. Uncle watched us for a few minutes then got up and came over to us. Letting go of my aunt’s tits I reached for his cock and took it in my mouth. Now sucking his cock and massaging my aunt’s tits. She moved my legs apart and went down on me. Licking up my wet juices she started cleaning me with her mouth. We continued doing that for 5 – 10 minutes. Then changing positions. I lay down and my aunt bent over me. She gave her ass to my uncle and bent down to suck on my tits and put one of her hands down so she could finger fuck me. My aunt’s tits were hanging down and were bouncing up and down as my uncle thrust into her asshole. I started massaging her tits; taking her nipples between two fingers I rubbed them.

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   This continued for another 15 minutes before uncle stopped and decided to pound my pussy. Instead of giving him my pussy I asked him to ass fuck me. I wanted to feel how it felt to have your ass fucked. So my aunt and I reversed positions. He got the bottle of lubricant and smeared it on his cock and on and around my asshole. He put the head of his cock on the entrance of my virgin asshole and started to push in slowly. My aunt started to kiss me on my lips passionately. When I relaxed uncle holding onto my hips gave a sudden push. Entering my asshole in one powerful thrust. My shout was muffled by my aunt. When I had adjusted to his cock in my ass he started to thrust in and out slowly. Once I was over the pain I also started pushing my hips backwards. Realizing I had started to enjoy, he increased his speed and pounded my asshole harder. I started to finger fuck my aunt. I was ass fucked for 10 minutes before he withdrew and pushed his cock into my pussy.

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   Now having my pussy fucked. I started finger fucking my aunt harder. Wiggling my fingers inside her pussy hole and then pulling in and out as her husband was fucking my pussy. Getting out of me he asked my aunt to go down on me while he fucked her pussy from behind. Switching positions, I lay down and my aunt got on her knees in front of my pussy and started to eat me out. Flicking my clit with the tips of her tongue and making me moan louder. Uncle started to fuck her in doggy style. Another 5 minutes and we were all ready to come. I came on my aunt’s face and she licked up my juices while looking into my eyes. My aunt came on uncle’s cock. Uncle came inside my aunt. We fell down on the bed and were asleep in minutes.

This is my fourth story. I would like to tell my readers a little more about us I resemble “Jessica Rabbit” (my display picture). My aunt is also similar looking to me.

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   We have been told we look like sisters many times. My uncle is of average height and broad. Not very muscular but enough so as to be averagely handsome. All three are fair colored. My aunt and uncle both have black hair. My hair is a little brownish black.

Once again I would like to ask you not to forget to comment. I love reading comments and have decided I would stop posting stories if there are no comments. You are also, most welcome to tell me if you think there is something missing or something I need to change, anything. Let me know and I will try complying with your requests in my next story. .