Erica ready to play


Erica was a little tipsy as we drove to her house. I’d picked her up from the bar and she looked stunning. Her black summer dress barely covered her huge tits and rode the bottom of her ass to the danger zone. As she was sitting next to me she layed her head over toward me, staring over as I navigated her home. She told me about her evening and how she’d had several cocktails.

I made several glances over at Erica, noticing she wasn’t wearing a bra. I got a few glimpses of those 34dd’s. They were gorgeous. I couldn’t help but imagine them in my mouth.

Erica slouched herself down in the seat and her dress failed to move. This allowed a view of her pelvic area. She had on a purple g-string and had an amazing tan. By the lack of hair you could tell she was freshly groomed.
“Do you like what you see hornball” Erica asked
“ I’m sorry I didn’t mean to look” I exclaimed
“It’s ok I knew you wanted to” she blurted out
“ Oh you did, I asked. So it’s ok that I look?” I said
“ Of course , I’ve been waiting for you to notice. What do you think, does it look good enough for you?
She said while winking
“More than good enough, it’s perfect” I managed to get out while all the blood rushed to my cock

Erica reached over and put her hand on my thigh.

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   She began rubbing up and down. Grabbing a hand full of dick each time.
“Oh someone is awake I see” she laughed out
“ Between the view and your hand, how couldn’t it be? “
Can I get a better look? “ Erica asked while unzipping my pants and freeing my cock. “ Oh my that looks yummy” she said and lowered her mouth to my head. She slowly took the tip into her mouth, swirling her tongue around.
“ Uh, yes I guess so” I moaned out

Erica swirled my cock around her mouth like a lollipop. Sucking the head in and out with just the right amount of pressure. I knew I wouldn’t last long in her mouth. She began bobbing up and down, turning her head back and forth while taking in my shaft. Her mouth was so warm and moist. I don’t know how I was managing to drive.
I decided to reach back and smack her ass, then rub it. I worked my way to her pussy. Sliding her panties to the side I slid my fingers along her slit. Her pussy was so wet I couldn’t stop.

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   I rubbed her clit, which got an immediate moan from her cocksucking mouth. I could tell she was turned on as her pace increased. She was throating my cock at an incredible pace. Her vagina got more and more moist with her tasty juices. I thrust two fingers into her hole. This brought a loud moan out of her.
“Oh my god yes” Erica groaned
“Finger my pussy” she begged
My dick was throbbing and pre-cum was flowing down her eager throat.
“Oh babe, suck my cock” I bellowed out
The sight of this beautiful woman destroying my manhood , while the feeling of her drenched pussy was about to make me explode.
I increased my pace of fingering her lovehole which made her slow her pace to long deep sucks. I knew I was almost done so I began to hammer away on her tunnel. Shoving my fingers deep inside her. Bringing out the most passionate moans.

Just as I began to fill her mouth I felt her pussy contract and a gush of warm cum flow on to my hand. We came together. She swallowed every ounce I offered and lapped up everything I had.

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   I was in ecstasy. Her mouth was unbelievable.

A few minutes later I pulled up to her place.
“You want to come on?” She questioned
“Did you want me to?” I replied

“Well my pussy is way better than my mouth, so if you want to cum harder than you ever have, you should follow me” Erica exclaimed

Before she finished her sentence I was out of the car.

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