Erica's First Time


The party was in a relatively small house on the south side of the city.   This particular suburb was not quite as affluent as the one she lived in, but Erica could care less.   Another week of school was past; another weekend of loneliness had begun.

Her high school sweetheart was close to three years older and had joined the Navy right out of high school.   His duties allowed him to visit her only twice a year for a week, so Erica was often in need of something she couldn’t have.

Don’t get me wrong, Kevin was a great guy.   He was fit, handsome, intelligent, and a wonderful lover.   Not to mention he was her first and only thus far.   This only made it harder on her, even with their ‘arrangement. ’

Kevin had told her that he wanted her to have fun.   He suggested that she should ‘try’ other guys.   She was very surprised to learn that he wanted to share her with another man.

This sort of stuff did not make Erica feel better.   They spoke often on the phone, when he could, and wrote regularly to each other.   Neither one of them had yet taken advantage of the arrangement.   Erica didn’t want to…mostly.

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She turned heads wherever she went, provided she dressed for it.  Hell, sometimes guys went after her when she didn’t.   Erica’s look seemed to say, ’I’m beautiful, want to sit with me?’

So, despite being at a party and surrounded by many guys and girls who may have been interested, Erica remained alone.   She sat quietly on an easy chair in a corner, sipping a beer.   Occasionally she had to fend of some drunk, but mostly people left her alone.

Erica felt so alone and so horny.   It had been five months, three weeks, two days, and…let me see…. . thirteen hours since she had her last orgasm.   As she finished calculating this figure, Erica found she was not alone.

He was handsome standing there, in a wolf in grandma’s clothing kind of way.   His black hair slicked back with gel, his blue jeans a bit ratty looking, and his collared shirt a bit too clean to match everything else.

“Hey Dalton,” she murmured over her beer as he stood before her, just smiling like a cheshire cat.

“Hey sexy, why are you sitting here all alone?”

Erica looked at him a moment, thinking about her response.   She didn’t really like or dislike this guy, who tried a little too hard, and she did have a hankering for company.

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   (Not to mention a desire she had only begun to suspect. )

She smiled slowly while looking into his eyes, “There is nowhere for you to sit Dalton. ”

His smile broadened as he took a swig of his beer, “If you stand up a second, you could sit on my lap and we could talk. ”

Erica thought about this carefully too, and figured it couldn’t do any harm.   She was wearing blue jeans after all.

“Sure Dalton,” she stood and stepped aside for him to sit down.

As he slid past her to sit Dalton put a hand on her hip and slipped it up, under her shirt, to her bare mid-section, before pulling it out to sit down.   The whole process was meant to be a little erotic, Erica knew, but instead it made her feel…slutty.

Normally an obvious caress like that would have brought a slap from her, but instead, Erica smiled a bit and slowly sat in his lap.   She knew he wanted ‘it’ from her, but the part of her who needed just that from him had overridden her instincts.   More primal instincts had taken over.   She was actually a bit perplexed with herself, but Dalton never gave her much chance to think about it.

Once she was seated and comfortable, it was apparent Dalton was sporting a hard on, though not a large one.   Her boyfriend’s was impossible to ignore, where as his was merely a ‘bump’ under her ass.

‘A pleasant bump though,’ she thought to herself as he began talking to her about something she did not care at all about.

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As they chatted he constantly maneuvered his cock around, trying to arouse her she thought.   Normally this would not get to her, especially with a guy like him, but tonight she was flushed, breathing deeply, and her nipples were small stones on the tips of her breasts.

Now Dalton was no idiot.   It may have taken him longer than some, but he did pick up on her predicament.   He decided that instead of refills on their drinks, they needed something else more.

Setting his empty beer bottle down, he put his arms around her waist, under her shirt, then kissed her forcefully.   Erica was a loss, unable to do much except respond.   Her boyfriend was far from her mind as she ran her fingers through Dalton’s greasy hair, not caring that his hands were now under her bra, feeling whatever they could.

He was a little rough, but she liked it.   Erica would not have believed it of herself until that moment, but she was ready to fuck this guy who she not only hardly knew, but didn’t even really like.   So, when his left hand made it into her panties, she could only gasp.   Of course so did he, once he realized that she was clean shaven.

Across the room, another party goer noticed the party was getting a bit private in nature and turned down the lights.   Erica seemed to think this was some kind of signal.

“Do you have any condoms?”

Dalton felt like he had just won the lottery as he fished them out of his wallet and started unzipping her pants.

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    Erica tried to be a little discreet, not letting her jeans go below her knees as Dalton was extricating his own privates.

She bit her lip as his condom covered cock slipped into her moist folds.   She could barely contain a deep moan as his member penetrated to its final destination and sat there unmoving.

After a moment, Erica realized she was on top.   She began to move slowly at first, then faster as Dalton shoved her jeans past her knees.   With her eyes closed, Erica opened her legs and half-stood to ride the cock that was in her cunt.

After only a couple strokes, Dalton showed why few girls dated him long.

“Oh yeah, oh fuck, there it is,” he gasped into her ear as his fingers pulled on her nipples and his cock filled the condom.

What happened next was brutal for Erica.   Dalton pulled out, stood up (dropping her on the floor), and dropped the condom on her foot.

Erica was shocked into silence as she watched him leave the room, his cum oozing onto her foot.

Hearing a moan to her left, Erica saw another girl getting hers and burst into tears.   There she was, sitting on the floor, jeans around her ankles, cum all over her foot, and she hadn’t even gotten to cum!  If only her boyfriend were here…

Erica stood up, grabbing the used condom and walked out the door.   She dropped the condom into a trash can by the front door and tried to leave, still holding her pants up with her left hand, but the door did not want to open.

Looking up, she saw a large, dark hand holding the door shut. 

    Erica turned to face the man halting her escape, but found she would be screaming into the middle of his chest.   In awe of his size, she stepped back, her mouth open.

He simply smiled at her, then bent down and pulled her over his shoulder.   Erica hardly noticed where she was going as she saw she could trace every muscle in his back.   It was not until she was tossed on the bed that she realized that being alone with a huge, heavily muscled black man may not be a good idea.

But they were not alone.

The man who carried her into the small room did not seem to care about the audience, seemingly ignoring them as he took off his pants and briefs.   Erica was wide-eyed, looking around at the three other black men in the room.   They were all normal sized guys, even their cocks seemed normal, except for the obvious.

Erica had heard the ‘myth’ about black cocks, so she was not much surprised until her captor cleared his throat.

She was stunned.   She had heard that all myths have some truth deep within them, that single grain which started it all, like an avalanche on a Colorado mountainside, but this was…incredible.

Don’t get me wrong, Erica had been exposed to as much porn as any typical nineteen year old girl, but this was by far the largest cock she had seen in person.   Standing out from his body a solid eight or nine inches was a black towel rod about as big around as her wrist.   The shaft was straight, with fewer noticeable veins than her boyfriend’s.

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    The head was not unlike those small mushrooms you may have bought in a can at the grocery store, except that it looked thicker than her wrist.

Stunned as she was, when the man commanding that huge dick motioned her to him, she sat up and moved to get a better look.   Up close she could see more veins and that it was not thicker than her wrist, perhaps only slightly thicker than her well-endowed boyfriends.   Hypnotized with curiosity, not lust, Erica reached out and grasped the thing.

She squeezed it hard, not really noticing the moan of the man it belonged to as she tested its rigidity, as if this was her own personal sex laboratory.   As she thought, it felt like steel to her small hand and she began to stroke the shaft, wondering how far she would let this go.

The other three men seemed obedient, just sitting in chairs around the room, stroking their more average sized cocks.   Erica wondered if they were cold, sitting their nude, as she wrapped her lips about the mushroom before her.

Noting that he did not taste any different than her boyfriend or the few other men she bad given blowjobs to, she decided this might not be too bad and looked up at the large man.

“Excuse me,” she said, getting his attention, as his eyes had been closed, enjoying the moment.

“Yes. ”

“Do you have any condoms?”  She said this expressionlessly, a girl asking where the beer had been moved to in the convenience store.

Suddenly four three packs fell on the bed around her, leaving her smiling as she picked the purple one up.

“Magnum,” she read, “for larger men. ”

No one commented as she opened the package and unrolled the latex onto the largest cock she had ever seen in person.

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    Now the man was holding eye contact with her as she shed her jeans and panties seductively, baring her hairless pussy to all the men present.   Some began stroking faster.   Her man stood there, waiting for her to finish.

Erica smiled as she turned around slowly, assuming the doggy position in front of her latest lover.   That would be the last sensuous thing about this fine evening of fucking.

This man had not brought her up here for her pleasure, but rather so that he may extract pleasure from her body, as much as he could, then leave the rest to his boys.   She would figure this out immediately.

Grabbing her hips, the man guided his cock into her very wet pussy, not waiting for her to get used to his girth.   Her pussy obviously had experience with large cocks, he noted as he slipped in to the hilt without a peep from her.

Except for her orgasm that is.   Erica always came whenever a guy hit her cervix, no one knew why, but for her it seemed to be an erogenous zone, granting her the most intense orgasms.   So there she was, cumming her brains out with a complete stranger filling up her vagina completely.

Her cunt had become a vice as he began to move, but it did not matter to him, he simply grabbed her by her long, brown hair and started slamming into her nice, round, white ass.

One of the other men watched her face as the enormous cock was sunk into her pussy initially.   Her eyes rolled up and he thought she was going to pass out, but instead she bit and held her lower lip between her teeth.

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    He could tell his buddy was making her cum already…she was his kind of slut.

He moved swiftly, but smoothly, slipping onto the bed unnoticed as Erica was enjoying her fucking.   He made eye contact with his bro as he settled in front of her and nodded.

The hard lunge made Erica cum very hard, opening her mouth in a scream.

“Fuck!. . . . Yes!. . . God Yes!. . . Oh y,” suddenly she was silenced as another cock was unceremoniously stuffed into her mouth.


    Shocked at first, Erica did not know what to do; the man simply looked into her eyes, licking his lips as her wet mouth warmed his cock.

The only man Erica had ever finished a blowjob with was her boyfriend, and that was only once.   She did not really like doing it and her boyfriend’s cock was just too big.   Thinking about this, Erica had to decide if she wanted to let this happen.

Her cunt decided for her.   She could not ignore the orgasms and could not ignore one simple fact: she was not repulsed by the idea that ALL of these men wanted to fuck her; in fact it turned her on.


    The man in her mouth soon found that while she was not much good at this, she was definitely into it.   He felt good, so he let her decide how deep and how fast, knowing that his big buddy would soon be out of steam and that he would get her ass next.

    Erica could not believe what she was doing as the two cocks pleasured her.   The occasional nudging of her cervix, the pulling of her hair (that was new), and the cock in her mouth all had her in a state of bliss unlike anything she had ever experienced before.

    Unexpectedly, she felt the big man slow, his strokes getting more forcefull, he was ready to cum.

    And cum he did…

    After, Erica thought she would take a breather…she was wrong.

    As the big cock slipped from her pussy, the man in her mouth also pulled out, pulling off her shirt as he left, leaving her in only her bra as another man stepped up and put his cock in her mouth!  She could not believe it; they didn’t even have the decency to offer her a drink in between cocks.

    Soon she felt a man slip underneath her, his hot body rubbing against hers as he came up to where he could slip his cock into her pussy.   He was not a very big man, but he would do.

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        His fast upward thrusts spoke of an athletic body, capable of going for hours.

    Suddenly cum started gushing down her throat.   Erica gagged, but avoided the worst by swallowing most of it.   Just as she was going to protest, her lover gave her another orgasm.

    Erica threw her head back and sat up, riding her partner.   As she did this, others were commenting…

    “Never saw one so into it…”

    “Look at the cum on her chin man…”

    “I’ll bet her titties are amazing…. ”

    Looking down, she saw that her man had given up on keeping up with her and was letting her do all the work.   Placing her palms on his muscular chest, she clawed him hard.

    “Fuck!  You bitch,“ he yelled as she smiled down at his dismayed face.

    “Shut up and take your fucking like a man you bitch!” Erica could not believe what had just come out of her mouth.

    Someone, she did not notice or care who, removed her bra and began fondling her c cups.   A moan escaped her lips as she picked up the pace.

    “Fuck!  This whore’s cunt is like a vise!”

    “I wonder what her ass is like?” One of the men thought under his breath as he pulled out a small tube of lube.

    Walking behind Erica, watching as she bounced up and down on his buddy’s cock and enjoyed having the man behind her pulling on her nipples, he knelt down and slowly began to lube her ass.

    Though Erica was coming down from all the alcohol she had consumed earlier, she hardly noticed the man rubbing the lube onto her asshole.


        She did feel something unusual down there, as his finger penetrated once or twice, but nothing else.   The only thing she cared about was coming again on this awesome man’s cock.

    The hands on her breasts moved down her sides to her hips, then someone pushed her forward, where the man she was riding could get onto her nipples…this stopped her.   That was when she knew something was up.

    At the first nudge she tried to escape, but it was no use, the four of them held her still as the man behind her slipped his, thankfully not too large, cock into her anus.   The big man was before her again.

    “Don’t worry honey, we won’t hurt you any more than necessary,” his voice sounded sincere as he handed her a shot of clear liquid.   The cock was half into her.

    Taking the shot as one does bad tasting medicine, Erica dropped the glass onto the bed and was turning to say thanks when the big man’s cock was put into her mouth.   It was about then that she came again.

    The story is that some women can cum if the outside of their g-spot is stimulated.   Erica’s boyfriend would later point out that this is why she loved the anal sex, despite the pain.

    Only the man behind her moved, pumping his cock in and out of her virgin ass.   She worked carefully on her new lover’s cock, relishing the feel of being double penetrated.

    It was not long before the man in her ass announced his orgasm and Erica spit out her large companion’s member to tell him to cum on her back.

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    And cum he did…

    The condom landed next to her face just as she felt the first gush of cum hit her shoulder blades.   Erica always loved that feeling, the feeling of hot cum pooling on her back.   Her latest lover seemed to cum a bucket full, completely filling the small of her back with his cum.

    Erica suddenly orgasmed.   The man in her cunt had driven deep, hitting her cervix, and triggering a massive cum.   As she sat up and screamed, he started fucking up into her.   It wasn’t much longer…

    She felt him cumming into the condom as she calmed down, looking deep into his dark eyes.

    “Little white bitch has been good to us boys,” the big man began, “I think we need to give her all that we can give of what she wants. ”

    Erica did not know what that meant exactly, but it did not take long to find out.   Her last lover got out from under her, but she was forced to remain in the doggy position.   Suddenly a latex covered rod slammed into her pussy as the new man grabbed her hair, jamming her face into the mattress.

    Over the next two hours, Erica was fucked just like this.   Face down in the bed; her pussy was fucked raw at least once more by each man.   She lost track of her orgasms and at some point passed out.

    When Erica awoke, she was alone in the room, her clothes folded neatly at her side.

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        She felt sore all over, not to mention sticky in some areas.   As she got up, she felt what must have been half a gallon of semi dried cum oozing down her back.   This made her feel very dirty, but not as much so as the fifteen used condoms on the bed next to her.

    She made her way out of the house, noting that she had to find a way to take a shower before going home.   Erica did not want to go home smelling like cum, no matter what her roommate said.
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