Erotic Exploits of the Emperor 1


All people and participants in my stories are 18 years or older, all all my OC’s from my Fictional Empire Oriental series. This is going to be a rather long series, but I hope you enjoy! -Jacklynn

It had been exactly one year since the ascension of ToGoMei Son. Exactly one year everyone had spent mourning the loss of their previous emperor, Emperor ShonGo Mei. It had also been exactly one year that the Country had been without an Empress, without a mother to their nation. While there was no empress, no person in the country could get married; and the masses were getting weary of having to wait for their brides. Feeling his subjects displeasure, His Majesty instructed his mother to begin preparations to find him an empress. “Do not bring me a ugly wife, Mother. I am an emperor. I would strangle even a governor's daughter, was that she were ugly. ” The Dowager Orchid laughed and patted her son’s leg. “Only beautiful girls for my Tiger, I promise I will take care of this. ” She smiled at her son.
To solve this problem The Empress Dowager, in assistance of the Council, decided that one girl from the governing families of each province would be chosen, they would then be given ranks based upon their astrological charts: the new empress was also to be chosen from one of these girls. They were; in rank order, The Lady Chang Xiaoli; Concubine of the first rank, The Ladies Pak Jae, Dun Lingrong, and Xia Hua; Concubines of the second rank, The Lady Su Deok; Concubine of the third rank, The Ladies Wen JingBi and YuanMing Zetian; Concubines of the fourth rank, The Lady ShianLi KiKo, born under the luckiest stars of the lot had been chosen to become the Empress KiKo Pan.
After a very long day filled with ceremonies of blessing and those meant to aid in conception, and after the enormous wedding ceremony, attended by nearly every able bodied citizen, it was finally night. Time to decompress from the day, to bathe and have a drink.

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   To ready himself for his first night with his empress. His first night with a woman.
“KiKo Pan… heh” The empress’s head eunuch Kolta gave a quizzical look to his master.
“Your Majesty?”“I am just getting myself used to my new name. ” She gave a half smile.
“Ahh. I see. It is a lovely name your Majesty. ” … “It certainly is…” The empress cast her eyes down, took a deep breath and spoke, “The idea of tonight scares me. I have never before even seen a man who was not my family. I…” a small tear escapes the empress's eyes. “Y-Your Majesty,” Kolta says in hi quick soft voice, “these nerves are perfectly normal! I must assure you, however; that his Majesty is of a kind disposition. You will be treated well. ” He places a reassuring hand on her shoulder.
Kiko Pan composes herself.

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   “You are right. He is The Emperor. I am The Empress. It is only right that we lay together on our wedding night, it was chosen to be an auspicious night. We should not waste it. Kolta! I am going to bathe. Fetch Madam Kno for me?” He half bowed. “Yes, Your Majesty. ” Kolta backed out of the empresses chambers.
“. . . All I need is a son. I beg the gods,” She looked out her window to the moon,” a son. So I may be safe in this place.

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   There must be a prince of the Shian Li blood. ”
The empress dabbed her lips with rouge paper, and slid a scented oil stone between her breasts. Kiko Pan smiled at herself in the mirror. Madam Kno Patted her damp hair with silk cloth, and brushed it with a jade comb. The empress sat naked on a bench in the bathing quarters across from His Majesty’s bedchamber, then, saying a silent prayer she stood. “Is your Majesty ready?” Lady Kno asked quietly. The empress gave a curt nod. Two of Lady Kno’s underlings wrapped the empress in a silken gold sheet, then again in an stuffed silken red blanket. Lady Kno clapped her hands twice and a tall eunuch came in, head bowed and gently placed Her Majesty over his shoulder. They went the short distance to His Majesty’s door.
“ Your Majesty, Empress Kiko Pan. ” A moment's pause “Enter. ” She was carried to the bed and sat in an upright position. “Jonbek, Put out the lights, then send everyone away. ” Jonbek half bowed “Your Majesty,” and went to snuff the three lamps, then backed out.

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   ToGoMei Son stood facing the wrapped woman seated on his bed. This had been there wedding day, but he had seen little of her. There had been no time to look her over properly. He thought of the portraits he’d had make of all of his potential concubines.
“ Shian Li Kiko. ”The figure on the bed did not move.
The emperor walked to the bed. He un wrapped the red blanket, and slowly moved the silken sheet from his empresses face. “. . . I am pleased to see that you are truly beautiful, your Majesty. For all our wedding day your face has been behind veils and make up. Your face is as sweet and soft as I could have hoped for. ” He smiles at her, places his fingers under her chin and lifts her eyes to his
“Your Majesty flatters me.

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   A compliment from one renowned for looks is certainly a worthy one. ”
KiKo Pan blushes and looks down. “Hmmm…. ” His Majesty grabs the sheet and swiftly removes it from the empresses body. Her blush deepens to cover her chest, but she does not move. “And your body reminds me of the descriptions of the goddesses of love and beauty, of conception and plenty…”He sat next to her. She turns her head to look him in the eyes. “Your Majesty…” The emperor removes his robes, showing a body young and taut, of a well complexion and colour. He places a hand on her cheek and guides her face to his, capturing her soft lips in their first kiss. They let their lips move gently over each others, the empress let a moan rise in her throat. The emperor placed his other hand on the small of her back and laid her down, moving his kisses down her chin and to her neck.
“Y-your Majesty…” KiKo Pan began but was cut off by the emperor. “I am your husband. I am also your Emperor. I’m asking you, as both, to relax.

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   And trust me this night. ” He gazed down into her thickly lashed eyes. “I . . . will try, your Majesty. ” ToGoMei dipped his head lower, “Thank you. ”, and kisses her bare chest. At the same time he brought a hand up to circle her already pert little nipple. He felt little bumps break out all over her skin the moment he made contact with the sensitive pink caps of her breasts. She inhales sharply, and digs her hands into the sheets of the imperial bed, and he begins giving soft kisses to each of her breasts in turn before starting a trail of kisses down her torso. His Majesty’s large hands spread apart and massaged her toned thighs, as he paused his kisses to look at his empress's womanhood. His right middle finger traced her labia and gently tapped her clit.
The empress gave a distressed noise.
“A proper wife trusts her husband” She let out a long low breath and relaxed all of the muscles in her body.

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   “ I will trust you, my husband. ” She smiled at his face as it rested against her thigh, then laid her head back on the dozen soft pillows of the imperial bed. ToGoMei grinned. He began circling her labia again, slower than last time. Kisses along her inner thigh prompted a soft gasp from the empress, and deeply encouraged the emperor. His kisses became more and more fervent the closer he came to his prize until finally, he gave a soft kiss to KiKo Pan’s clit. The empress tensed but didn’t resist.
He spread her labia with one hand and reached up to fondle her with the other, his tongue giving short flicks to her most intimate area. He interchanges the flicks with long slow licks covering the length of her slit, and suckling her clit. It doesn't take his Majesty long to find a rhythm that suits her, and soon she begins pressing her hips up into his face, and begging him to continue, completely forgetting her previous un-assuredness .
“I- I - It’s so good, o-ooh your Majesty…”she moaned loudly as he slipped a finger into her now sopping wet cunt, then began working out and back in slowly, all the while still circling her engorged button with his hot fast tongue. His fingering and licking steadily picked up pace, and the empress began rocking her hips with the motion, with a cascade of moans escaping her flushed face.
“My Gods p-please don’t stop. I- I’m going to explode, husband!”She whined as she grabbed a hand full of his hair and smothered him with her pussy as she comes, he moans feeling her clamp down on his finger. ToGoMei quickly mounts KiKo, placing his rock hard member at her opening,
“I have tried to ready you, but this still may hurt.

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   I am sorry,” he says as he thrusts his full length into her. She makes a noise of discomfort and bites her lip. But his Majesty kisses the sour look off her face as he begins slowly pulling out to roughly shove himself back into her velvet grasp. Their moans and gasps come nearly in unison as he picks up the tempo. He releases her lips to lean down and capture her nipple in his warm mouth, to roll the hard bud between his teeth. “Uuuunf…,” she drug her generously nailed fingers up and down his sides, “ This night has been more than I could have ever asked for my dear. ” His reply was to suddenly hook his arm under her leg, bringing it onto his shoulder and shoot the empress a malicious grin. “I am not finished with you yet my bride. ” KiKo Pan blushed, but did not look away from her lords face. ToGoMei pulled himself nearly all the way out, and hovered there for a moment.
“Beg me. ” He dropped his grin. “Y-Your majesty?” He thrusted into her with one motion, and the empress nearly screamed. He leaned forward and huskily whispered into her ear, “Beg me to fuck you, until I grace you with my heir. ” He pulled back to look into her eyes.

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   The shock was palatable on the empresses face. “I am not moving until you ask me to. ” She gulped. “P-please Your Majesty…” “Please what?” He cut in quickly. “Please…” She rocked her hips against his and moaned, “Don’t stop” she finally said quietly. He smiles. “Yes, my Empress. ” ToGoMei buck into her wildly, his balls slap rhythmicly against her tight bubble ass. At the deepest point of every thrust, he gives a low growl, and gently pinches both of her nipples. “My sweet, sweet Empress. ” His Majesty moaned. One of his hands moves to tap on her clit. “I want you to have your bliss as I have mine. You must tell me when you are close. ” He circles her clit with his thumb, and she loudly moans, “Yes, Your Majesty, Yes!” His strokes became harder and shorter as he feels her passage tighten against himself.

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   The empresses moans and noises fill the whole chamber, her whole body presses back against the force of his thrusts. “HARDER!” She screams suddenly. He slams his cock into her hot pussy over and over again harder and harder, all the while fondling her and playing with her button. He feels her begin to spasm “ Now Your Majesty! Please fill me now! Now, while it feels so good…” ToGoMei’s cock began to swell inside of his lover. “Ahh yes KiKo, beg me. Beg me!” She could feel how close he was to losing himself inside her. She pleaded “ Give me your son, my lord and master, make me your happy little pregnant wife!” That was what it took. He shoved himself fully into her still spasming cunt and shot his load deep into her.
KiKo Pan’s voice quivered as she kissed his face. “My husband. ” He kissed her forehead, nose, then lips “My dearest one. ” He sat up, detaching himself from her. “I have something for you. ” He held his hand out to his flushed bride. She confusedly clasped his hand and he led her across the room to an area of large pillows and mirrors.


   The empress catches sight of her used body from the corner of her eye. She blushes and smiles. From a box behind a mirror, the emperor grabs a pouch. He smiles, and walks behind the empress, and moves her, directing her to face the largest mirror. His Majesty wraps his arms around her waist, holding the pouch out in front of her. They both look at the mirror. Their eyes meet. “Take what's inside. ” He whispers. She holds his eye as she reaches in grabs the largest teardrop cut of the purest green jade KiKo Pan had ever seen. Her face is frozen in surprise. “I want you to wear this always. So you will always have me with you. ” He kisses her bare neck. She turns and wraps her arms around him.

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   “I was so scared, that I was going to be a trophy for some cruel old man. . . ” Laughing, her hands clasp his. “ You truly are a kind man. The nation will have a happy empress so long as I live, and that is thanks to you my love. ” She holds up her hair and holds the necklace out to him. “Will Your Majesty put this on for me?” He solemnly grabs the necklace, and as he lays it against her neck he speaks “I have six concubines. They were sent here in hopes that they would carry the next emperor. It is not my desire for that to happen. I would have my crown prince with my empress. Every child born to me of you will be Head Princes and Princesses. I will never honor another woman higher than you. ” She smiles, but he continues on, “However; I will have children with all of my concubines. Many children if I can.

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  ” Her smile is gone by this point. “ As my empress it is only right that you are the first other person to hear the slogan I want to define my reign. ” He clears his throat, and puffs out his chest,“I will not die. I will multiply, divide, and conquer. ” She is caught by the fire in his eyes. “My empire will be a golden age, Empress. I will make sure of this. ” He smiles down at her confused face, focused on a random point in space. He nudges her, “Here, put this on. ” he hands her a night robe. “Our days will be long ones for some time. And tomorrow will begin early. Let us sleep. ” He said donning his own robe. The empress gets into hers, and dutifully follows her husband to their bed.

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   She crawls onto the bed, laying down on the inside portion. His Majesty follows her lead and lays down beside her. “Goodnight my Empress KiKo Pan. ” He pats her thigh. “Goodnight Emperor ToGoMei Son. Sleep well. ” She lays her hand over his.


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