Fiction is Never as Good as Truth


Before I met my wife I was a reclusive bachelor, hanging out at the local college theatre in western Montana and going fishing during the days. Work was never more than a way to make money for beer, fishing tackle and rent in that order. I was often cast in plays and had a pretty high opinion of myself in that aspect of my life.   I met and bedded a lot of college-age girls, or women as they peferred to be called, and generally , life was good.
After a minor run-in with the law I withdrew from my fringe life in society for a while, fishing more, drinking beer with my neighbor and staying away from the college. Even theatre wasn't pulling me back to socializing. Having lunch one day at a local restaurant, sitting off by myself, some folks I knew from previous years came in and joined me, over my protests that I was just leaving. They were a traveling acting troupe (really!) in town for a show that evening. There were four of them, one man, three women. I knew all but the youngest woman. Six feet tall, slender with small tits and long brown hair , she was quite animated in the conversation  ,which soon enough revealed itself to be because of an affinity for Black Russians. She had three during lunch and then declared herself to be 'tired' and needing a nap. She left to go back to their van and sleep off her lunch. The man and one of the other women also departed for more interesting surroundings leaving me with the last , an old friend named Gwen whom I had known for years.
Gwen told me about the sleeping Jenny. She and Jenny had been on a road trip the previous week, bajaing all over the area, looking for free booze and willing men.

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   I told her she should have looked me up as I had always wanted to have a go at her, but she just took a sip of her beer and laughed, saying mostly she did the driving and Jenny did the picking up. She told me that during the week she had been laid once, but Jenny was insatiable, fucking almost 4 guys at the same time.
In Billings they had been to the movies, went to get some popcorn , struck up a conversdation with a couple of guys at the snack counter, joined them during the movie and given both of them a pretty aggresive blowjob. they left together, stopped for beer and headed back the apartment of one. His roommate was there with two friends when they came in and within a few minutes everybody was getting high, smoking copious amounts of pot and drinking a lot of beer even though it was only 3 in the afternoon. Gwen took one guy to the bedroom leaving jenny in the living room with the other four. They continued with the party as Gwen gave the guy the ride of his life. When she came out of the room (she told me) there was Jenny, naked, on her hands and knees with  cock in her mouth and another buried in her cunt. Gwen was not into that particular scene, but Jenny was definitely in the mood. As she was pumped in the face and the pussy she was maoning, then as she broke for a breath she said she needed to change postions. She was the director of the ensuing action, having one guy lay on his back as she rammed her cunt down on his cock. the she leaned forward, taking another in her ass. then she stated taking turns sucking the cocks of the other two. in what seemed to Gwen to be a porn movie experience, Jenny was soon covered in cum and wanting more. As people changed spots and rhythms Jenny got more cum on her and in her than Gwen had seen in a month.

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'My kind of girl' I said. Gwen told me to come the show that night and see if I could get lucky. We continued to talk, but moved the conversation to something less gossipy and more mundane. Gwen said they were going to have  abirthday aprty for Jenny the next week. 'The big 18. ' Thinking abut the story I had just heard I was thinking about some sweet teen pussy was just what I wished the doctor would order. After we finished our beers we took our leave and went our separate ways.
That night I made a point of being at the show. Gwen was very good, John and Rhonda(the other two) had some very good moments, but it was Jenny who seemed to sparkle, playing the piano and doing comedy schtick that had people laughing during the whole show. Her costume showed off her legs, long and shapely, and was tight across her tits, causing her nipples to be prominently displayed through the thin material. She had very dark eye shadow on, and makeup that accentuated her high cheekbones and full lips. Very dark crimson lipstick set off teh color of her eyes, a vivd green.   After a stirring round of applause the show was over and I stayed around to help strike and pack the set. The troupe disappeared to change into working clothes and soon rejoined me. Jenny was now wearing a tee shirt with no bra and cut-off shorts that showed the crease of her ass and barely covered her cunt with a narrow strip of denim.

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  since there were 5 of us, strike only took about 15 minutes and Gwen, John and Rhonda left to go to the bar. Jenny and I stayed to lock up and promised to see them in a few minutes.
'So, how'd you like the show?  I heard you laughing a couple of times. ' She stood a few feet away from me as I gave one last look around the theatre.
'It was good. Funny, fast moving, . . . . ' I said all the right things, praising the play and actors and as I was talking Jenny crossed to me and took me in her arms and kissed me deeply. I returned the kiss enthusiastically, and put my hand on her right tit, fearing it to would moved away, but it seemed to have just the effect I dreamed of and soon both of my hands were in her shirt. Her tits, as I said, were small, barely rising from her chest, but her nipples were to die for. They were almost an inch long and constantly erect. I lifted her shirt and sucked each of them in turn. There was a lot of moaning from bioth of us and slurping sounds as I took my fill of those magnificent nips.

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  Jenny lowered herself to her knees and unzipped my jeans and sucked in my now straining cock. 'Lipstick on the dipstick. . . ' I though, realizing too late I had said it out loud.
She stopped , looked at me and said 'That was crude. '
Looking down ands seeing the circle of bright red on my cock from her mouth I said 'But true. '
She realized it WAS true and laughed and went back to giving me a truly heavenly blowjob. She swirled her tongue around the head of my cock, sucking hard. My very life was concenttrated on the pleasure I was feeling in my cock. Suddenly she drove her mouth down on my cock, clear to base, and I exploded down her throat. She pulled back, sucked me dry and then got up from her knees and kissed me again. I tasted my cum on her tongue.
Finally after the kiss she said, 'Hi. I'm Jenny.

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'William here. ' was all I could manage.
'You must have a pretty strange impression of me after that. I don't normally do that. '
I didn't say anything at that time, thinking about what Gwen had told me that afternoon.
Jenny said,'I could use a drink. And I need to pee. '
I knew the perfect place, thinking of my cabin out of town and told her so. 'I have beer, Kahlua, vodka, wine. . . and a bathroom. ' I keep my home clean and neat so  had no worries there, and a full pantry and 'fridge. 'Do you want to come with me?'
That was all it took, and we headed out of town, stopping only to make a call to the bar where our friends were  making our apologies. I spoke to Gwen who said 'We guessed.

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   The 'I don't normally do that'; was probably dropped on you. You really should tell her that you know otherwise. She won't be mad, she'll laugh and  keep you around. What she should have said was that she doesn't normally do that and let the guy stay with her. She loves to fuck, I should know since she's my roommate, but there aren't very many repeats. '
Jenny joined me in my car, and rubbed my cock through my jeans as we drove out into the dark mountains outside of town. Whne we got out of the car I showed her the sky which was so dark at my cabin you could not believe the stars. It was a perfect night andI wanted to show her my telescope but she insisted on going in . 'Bathroon call. . . ' I relaized the imperative truth of that myself.
She went into the john first and as I stood outside the door I could hear her peeing. Sha came out. realizing i had been listening.

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   'Small house. ' I said.
Iwent in , closed the door and let loose a strong stream of my own. It went on and on. When i was done she called through the door,'That was some good peeing. ' We laughed as I cameout and started to get us a beer. '
'You said something about Kahlua. '
'So I did. I forgot. You like Black Russians?'
'Adore them. ' So I mixed what I thought was a pretty large drink, but she said to make another just like it and pour them in the same glass. It resulted in a nearly full kithen tumbler of straight booze. 'If I'm drinking like this, you should ,too. If we both have the same level of relaxation it might have a very favorable effect on the evening. '
As i made one for myself she came up behind me , reaching around with both arms and taking my cock in her hands.

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   i turned to her and we kissed as our clothes hit the floor.
'As we were making out she asked me what I knew of her since he knew I was a friend of Gwen's. Taking a deep breath, I said,'Well, I know you and Gwen went to Billings last week went to the movies. Made a few new friends there was what she told me. '
Jenny took a deep breath and then said,'Yes. Actually I made four. But I won't see them again. You know she told me about you, too. She said you had a lot of women here, kind of a rotation is how she described it. Rhonda told me the same thing. Do you?'
'Yes, and I WILL be seeing them again. '
'Okay. Since you know and since you weren't afraid to tell me and since it was my idea in the first place, I'll see you again, too. But enough of that. Come over here and fuck me.

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  ' We were occupied with serious fucking for the next several hours. she had the most amazing mouth, her cunt was so tight I was halfway thinking I wouldn't even be able to get my cock in, and her ass. . . . . . . . I had never fucked anybody in the ass before Jenny, and as a life experience, I was changed forever.
Soft music, low lighting and multiple orgasms is a great way to get to know your future wife. I have fucked this woman for nearly twenty years now. She has never said no, neither have I. We have improved with practice over the years,and she still has a tight cunt even after two kids and getting fucked nearly every night in that time. Her ass has never ceased being a magnet of my lust and eating her now shaved pussy is one of the joys of my life.

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   We have long since stopped seeing other people, though we didn't stay with each other after that first night for nearly a year, but everybody else has paled in comparison to her near perfection. About 10 years ago she had implants and her formerly A cup tits are now D's but her nipples remain long and sensitive. She hasn't ever worn a bra and I know that men lust over those nips wherever we go, New York, Paris, or back to western Montana.
And now, I'm going upstairs to fuck my wife.