Finding Out III


Within maybe just two minutes of this interaction taking place, I felt him stop moving, holding himself up against me, keeping his penis fully inserted. I heard him grunt. I was sort of shocked and amazed to realize that he was coming, that he was enjoying the intense pleasure of his manhood ejaculating inside of me. In the next instant I was startled to find myself ejaculating uncontrollably. My boner was pulsing and my semen was squirting wildly out all over the chair. I just couldn't help it.
"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" I panted as my boner throbbed and pulsed relentlessly. My bare toes dug into the soft fibers of the carpet, my hands gripped the arm of the chair. It was fantastic and I was completely overwhelmed by the intensity of my orgasm and the exciting sensation of feeling his hard manhood in my butt.
After that I don't know how long it took for either of us to recover our senses. I remember some heavy breathing as we both drew in much needed air. Then we slowly pulled apart. I saw Mr. Harris smiling. I saw that he was wearing a condom, the transparent latex showing the end of it full of his creamy white release. I smiled weakly.

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   He proceeded to peel the rubber off.
"That felt so good," he remarked contentedly.
"I. . I wasn't expecting that," I confessed, a little stunned by what had just taken place.
"I thought that I'd surprise you," he said with a blithe nonchalance. "I figured that you were ready. "
I had to think about that. Had I been ready? Had I wanted to be that accommodating? Had I actually wanted him to have sex with me. In a way, I supposed that I had. I mean, getting naked, having a boner together and playing with each other like that. I suppose it was natural that we would fuck. And now we had. It was as simple as that, really.
I was still kind of taken back by the idea that I had actually had sex with another guy.

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   But was that bad? It didn't seem at all bad. I had enjoyed it. It was an experience that I really had no regrets having.
I blushed a little.
"I'm sorry. . . " I apologized. "I'm afraid that I came all over the chair. I just couldn't help it. "
Mr. Harris grinned. "No problem," he said. "Easily cleaned up. I'm just glad that you enjoyed it that much.

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"Oh, man. . . did I ever," I admitted with a shy, but happy grin.
I already knew that I was not about to become gay. I lacked that sort of male desire. But it had been interesting finding out what that was like, and already I also knew that the two of us were going to do a lot of fucking that summer. And I mean, a whole lot!
In fact, I'll let you in on a secret. Mr. Harris nailed me twice that day. How sweet it is!.