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Thanksgiving morning found me with a carrot up my ass. "Has it really come to this?" I pondered while I pushed my new friend in and out wishing it was a warm cock of a real guy willing to talk dirty to me as we both got off on my vulnerable position. Laid back with my legs spread wide open like a school girl, allowing my warm hole access to a horned up hee haw wanting no more than to shoot his load forcefully and deep into me, grunt for minute and roll over on his back, spent. At least, for me being a guy also meant it was my turn. Unfortunately, a carrot doesn't talk, come inside of you, nor can it house a hot fucking dick needing release of its own. "Harry palm" will have to take over now. And he did, conjuring up memories of first encounters with another guy's dick in my hand for real.
As I stroked my lonely cock, I recalled a time when I spent the night at a friend’s house. We were 10 and he had a little brother who was 8, and we often lounged around nude like guys in a locker room. It was really no big deal to us, but one night I got a hard-on and played with it and joked about it. I got up and showed it off like I was Hercules. Little brother got up and stood in front of me and said, "Want me to suck it?" To be honest, I did want him to suck it, but I immediately said no, mainly because his brother wasn't smiling over where he was. In other words, I didn't get the go ahead. The brother was close enough where my hand being on my own cock already, was right there to touch his. And I did. I'll never forget the feeling that went straight to my gut when I felt his little shooter.

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   We needed big brother to go and take a nap which never happened. That situation is a source of moaning out loud orgasms for me to this day. I wish I would have scoffed at my friend and taken up the 8 year old boy's offer to put his mouth around my hard dick and let whatever would happen, happen. I just fill in the blank nowadays. Talk about wanting to turn back the hands of time! In a minute!
This isn't taboo! Stories like this have happened, and still do all throughout a boy's childhood. Far back as time can reveal its secrets. Ask your Grandpa about sexual encounters with a brother, a friend, or a friend's brother. He'll squirm in his depends, choke up some phlegm, and look around to see if Grandma's looking. He'll tell ya'.
So that wasn't my only encounter with another guy's dick in my hand, but by this time, it was early eighties, and the mainstream feeling about homo-erotic feelings was a little loosened. I was 18 and moved out of the house. I hooked up with a traveling salesman group who went from town to town when I found myself in San Francisco. Not being a good salesman, I was often with little money to get along through the day, and was tired and upset when I decided to take a break. I went inside a taco place to get a small drink, and a burly and bearded guy sat at the next table and we struck up a conversation. I told him of my hardships and gulped down the last swallow telling him I had to go back to pounding the pavement.

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   As I was walking away from the place, a truck pulled up beside me and the driver called out to me. I went up and it was him. The burly and bearded guy who I was just talking to. He asked if I wanted to make a quick ten bucks. I asked him how and he said, "Suck my dick!" I pretty much froze but blurted "I'm not gay!". With that he screeched out of my sight. Those two words in the same sentence, ("suck" and "dick") stirred up my loins as I found a trashy, unoccupied building two blocks away. Yeah, I was downtown San Fran, but it was early eighties and there it was. A space with no door, trash and beer cans. No one there but me and my regretful hard dick for not taking a guy up, once again, on his offer for something I'd really enjoy. I took my cock out and stroked it for a very short time as I thought about getting in his truck and and taking a beautiful cock out those jeans to admire it, feel it and lean over out of the sight of others around to let him give me a full belly of lust. I had the most intense orgasm to that day as my load went into the wall like a shotgun. I wished that guy was there to put his dick into my mouth and let me have it but good. I wished he would come in and take me to his home away from the bullshit and just lounge around naked and suck each other off all fucking day long. After I was relieved I zipped back up and went to be a salesman again in the gloomy city.

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I dropped out of that sales gig there in San Fran and took a bus trip, which they provided, to the nearest big city. Los Angeles, Ca. I didn't have a bad sex life through the years. I was handy with the girls, and the proof was on that trip to the depot in LA. I was sitting next to a young lady where the gestures of our hands in conversation turned to gestures of the hands where they were not needed for a lot of talking. We both got off sufficiently before we got off the bus at the downtown station. I'd go into that further, but this story doesn't involve a vagina.
A year and a half later, I joined the army. The world's most effective aphrodisiac. If you can't get laid in the military, well. . . you've got a bed waiting for you at an institute that studies abnormal human behavior somewhere.
I was picked up at my new base by a guy in a jeep who would become not only be my next room neighbor in the barracks, but an invaluable part of my life forever. We hung out a few times when I wasn't fucking some young private.

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   He asked me if I wanted to go to a party he was heading to. I said of course, and hopped into his car to a park where everyone was to meet first. We were the first ones there and just sat and drank a couple of beers while slowly people he obviously knew started showing up. More and more people showed and it dawned on me that there were no women. I made mention of this to him, and his response sent me into a tailspin. "I forgot to tell you, this is a gay party!" My insides curled up! I started shaking with nervous intrigue and delight, mixed with a little anger for not being informed and being prepared for the unknown. I still would have went with him. Hell! I probably would've shoved his ass aside and drove us there. He asked if I was ok. I said yes but I didn't know what to do. He assured me I'd be fine and that they were all cool. And they were.
After the men were gathered in the park there, we were told of the place where the party was to be held. Many of the men were also GI's. I soon found out first hand that the military holds a secret that they don't want to be widely known.

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   Don't ask, don't tell? I'm here to tell! There are more cock suckers enlisted in our military than there are who graze at the local magazine store. And later on that night, I became one of them. (He said, wiping his chin!) LOL
The host of the party was a tall, good looking, flaming, girly guy with flowing blond hair. He was not in the military. But his new boyfriend was. This guy looked like he was the man of that relationship for sure. He was much shorter, masculine to the tee. mannerisms and all, he looked liked there was a whole lotta rompin goin on in that bedroom. If the blond baby doll wanted to be someone's bitch, I'm sure he was when the door closed behind them. Among the others in the crowd was a guy about my age with a young boy, maybe 16, who were playing with each other like teens in school who had just met. I was kind of jealous. Another score for later J/O sessions for me. I wished I was playing with him. Or them. Anyway, I was in the kitchen talking with the host when somehow it turned to me being gay.

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   By now I wasn't nervous and was having a pretty good time, but I told him that I wasn't gay. He touched my hand and said, "But you're so adorable! You have such beautiful blue eyes!" I said thank you and not too long afterward he stood before his fireplace to make an announcement. He said the party was moving to _____, (a gay bar), and he pointed me out and made all aware that I wasn't gay so don't hit up on me. Well, he should've just dared everyone instead. We're all guys here right?
We all hit the road. Me and my friend went with another guy in his car. I was in the back seat by myself. We talked for a few until it became sexual. I had questions, lots of them, and I had things to say. Lots of them. In no time my friend's hand was reaching through the seat and to my legs and groin area. I sooo immediately obliged his groping and unzipped to let my hard dick out to his waiting hand. It had been waiting for this moment for years. It felt so good to have a guy's hand wrapped around it, I can't begin to explain. He stroked me as we continued trying to talk.

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   I didn't need anything else at that moment. My cock was straight up with a dude jacking me off good. It wasn't going to take long before I woul. . . . . . except that the car's engine seized up right there on the freeway. I don't know. I guess he spent more on lube for his ass than oil for his car. The three of us surmised that that was the problem. We weren't going anywhere in the car soon. We needed to get oil and call for help. It wasn't going to work, but we needed to at least try.

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   The driver and I were going to make the trek to find a store while my friend waited at the car. But we still were horny. It was right there on the freeway, Saturday night, cars whizzing by, that my friend laid back in the front seat, unzipped, took his dick out, and I gave my very first blow-job. The driver was looking out and looking in at the same time as my mouth and hands were busy in unison to bring a hefty wad out of that big fat dick I was intently slurping on. I was in awe while I did everything and more than any chick did to me. I knew what I wanted, and I knew what needed to be done to get that monster boiling in my mouth. I did the inevitable and said, "Tell me when you're going to cum!" Much to his surprise, and the driver's, I was not about to pull my mouth away when this glorious event happened. Oh no! I had been waiting too long for this to let his jizz fly into the darkness. If I couldn’t see it, I was damn sure going to feel it and taste it. When it came time, my friend said he was going to cum. I kept sucking that hot cock as he said it louder, then he tried to push me away. NOPE! I took every glob of that warm cream he spewed into my eager mouth. There was nothing to clean up by the time we relaxed. Nobody pulled over to see if we were ok. They really should've.

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   That was the best time of my sexual life up to then. I got to suck on a big fat dick and swallowed the load to boot.
Alas, this carrot I've been partying with tonight is pleasing me, but my reminiscing is making me wish for the real thing. I can tell you what happened later if you want. Let me know.

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