First story


This is my first story, please be patient. :)


this is a work of fiction.   Any similarity to actual people or events is purly coincidental.




My facination with being a cuckold started before i even knew what the word was.   I was a freshman in college, and came home to visit and see my 3 year girlfriend.   I had found myself fantasizing before about having threesomes.   I had also always thought of myself as a voyer.   When i got home and went out for the night with her, things felt odd.   when we were alone, i was hoping to get laid. (i had been faithful despite being surrounded by horny college girls 1000 miles from home. )  she stopped me and told me that she couldn't do it.   she then proceded to tell me that while i was away, she had cheated on me.   she said she had gone out to a party, and ended up fooling around with a guy she met there.   she paused and noticed that as soon as she said that, i had gotten hard.   she asked me "are you hard?. .

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  . you're turned on thinking about me fooling around with another guy?" and she kinda chuckled at me.   "Well then you would love to hear that i didnt just fool around, i got FUCKED. " she deliberatly emphasized that and grinned when she saw my cock throb through my pants.  


She somehow knew more about me than i did, and told me to get it out, and started playing with herself.   I pulled my cock out willingly, still thinking that i would get some.   She continued her story and when i tried to touch her she said "You need to pay attention to yourself, i want to watch. "  so i strted jerking off while she told me about how she met this guy and fooled around.   She told me that he was plaing with her tits and ass.   That she touched his crotch and couldn't believe how big he felt.   She knew that she had to see it and she knew that we were done.   She told me that when they found a place to go further, she was stunned to see his cock at nearly 9 inches. (mine is only 6 at best)  she took his cock and started to jerk him off and then she sucked his cock, which she usually did for me, but never really wanted to.   she said she could hardly fit him in her mouth, and she came just thinking about what it was going to feel like inside her.   She asked him for his condom aand he told he he didn't have one.

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    she told me she was so horny she let him fuck her anyway.  


I had precum driping from my cock at this point and she was grinning ear to ear watching me jerk off as i listened to her tell me about how she got fucked.   she asked "you like hearing this don't you?"  I whispered a soft "yes", and she chuckled again and shoved two fingers into her pussy.   She told me how she couldn't believe how tight he felt inside her, or  how much it hurt.   he fucked her long and slow and ened up cumming inside her. when she told me that, i blew my load and she laughed again.   Once i cleaned up and drove her home, she kissed me and said goodbye.

      before she got out of the car she told me one last thing.   She said "Oh. . and i wanted to make sure, now that i know you are so turned on by it, that he made me bleed when he fucked me.   I later figured out that as many times as you fucked me, you never actually managed to break my cherry.   so just remember that.   YOU didn't technically take my virginity. "  She looked down and saw my cock rock hard again.

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        she laughed and got out of the car.


    since then, i have been facinated with the desire to watch women get fucked by big cocks.   Through college, i was hardly able to keep girlfriends, and nearly all those that i did have, cheated on me.   none of them found out that it took three nights of jerking off to finally be able to settle my excitement when i had found out they had been fucked by another.


    Well, after college, i finally met someone and we got married.   things were fine, but i kept fantasizing about watching her getting fucked.   Finally one night she went out with the girls and