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Sex Story #1

This is my first story so please take a easy on me….

It all started one Friday night at the bar when a friend of friend of mine walked in, I have known her but never really talked. Her name was Kelly and never really caught my attention until that night. She had on some black tight jeans with a tight shirt showing a large amount of cleavage. She does not have the biggest of boobs but that night she looked like she was a bigger C cup. I always notice her ass; it’s just something you cannot miss.

After a few drinks, I was ready to start having some real fun and saw Kelly at the bar trying to get a drink so I went up to her and started to talk. I notice she got a red bull and vodka, which I took she was also out to have a good time too. The rest of the night went as planned, talked dance and drank as much as we all could. Before we knew, it was 2am and the bar was closing and since we were all getting up in age, we never really get a chance to go out that much so I decided to invite everyone back to my place, which was walking distance.

We got back to my place and after the first hour, one by one people started to drop, either leaving or falling asleep wherever they could find a place. I went out to my patio to get some fresh air where I saw Kelly sitting there looking at the stars. We talked some more, but at this point I was thinking more with the wrong head and I guess my eyes were glued to her chest because she said Hello my eyes are up her and at the same time look down at my pants and saw my creature waking up. My heart dropped and I got really nervous not knowing what to say so I just said I am sorry they are really nice. She said thank you and continue saying what she was talking about. I was like damn I have no shot with her.

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   After another 5min of talking my eyes went back down to her chest and she was like wow my tits never got this much attention, do you want to touch them? Again me being in a drunken stage I did not give up this shot, so I put my 1 hand over her right tit then slowly over her left tit, I seen her close her eyes in enjoyment so I took the chance and started kissing on her neck. As we are standing I push her against the house and take off her shirt. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist as she was moaning pleasure. We kissed passionately kissing her neck, behind her ears, which had to be one of her favorite spots because she really let loose and wrap her legs tight around me when I did that… She slowly started to unbutton my shirt as she kissed down my chest to my belt, by this time I was as hard as I was going to get and needed to fuck her now!!! She undid my belt and pulled down my pants and in all one motion took my dick in her mouth and her fingers played with my balls, it felt oh so good!!! I couldn’t believe this was happening… on my patio with people still up inside, one of the biggest turn on for me. . I tried harder and harder not to cum so I pulled out from her mouth and told her I need her now and went down to undo her tight pants and saw one of the nicest gstrings I have ever seen!!!! I had her turn around and model for me so I can get a good look at that ass before I rip her gstring off…. I didn’t want to waste anytime with chance of getting caught but I saw the enjoyment she was getting by my teasing her while I rub my dick up her inner thighs and around her pussy lips, her pussy was now dripping wet and her moans were getting louder and louder, she whisper in my ear fuck me now you fuck bastard and I did!!! All at once I put it in and the ecasty took over from there!!! The fact of people able to see us and hear us made this all much the better!!!! I was trying to be quiet but she seem not to care and was pretty loud with her moaning which made me fuck her harder and harder pushing as deep as I could go… She finally climax and I finally cummed as we fell to the ground!!! We put our clothes back on and went back into the party like nothing happen, drinking and talking with the guys that were still up talking about fantasy football… After a few more hours it was time for bed so I went up alone and she went to the couch.

The next morning I didn’t wake up until 1 in the afternoon, thinking everyone left I started to do laundry as I hear someone walking up the steps, I look down and see Kelly wearing my shorts and shirt. . o good morning, I thought everyone left, she said they did but I decided to sleep alittle longer after the long night last night… I just said yea it was a very good night and that I am going to start laundry and make some breakfast soon… she said that sounds good so I went to get my clothes to put in the washer, when I came out of my room there she was naked… “you might need to wash these too!!” with a very big evil smile on her!!! TO BE CONTINUE……………. .
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