Cousin Seduction
It was a market day and as usual I, together with cousin and my two sisters, had gone loitering around, meeting old friends. On our way back, when we chanced to be together again, I and cousin conveniently kept a distance from my sisters. At the nearest opportunity, when cousin was sure we were out of everyone’s earshot she asked;
“Do you want to talk about yesterday?” she asked in a low tone, referring to her attempt to seduce me for sex the previous day.
“Sure. You played too rough. ” I answered shyly trying to avoid her eye as we moved on.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so. Did you like it?” she asked with a shy smile.
We talked on an on as the distance between us and my sisters increased. As we neared home, we branched off into the unkempt banana plantation with thick undergrowth, cousin gesturing me to follow her. Many a time, on our way from school, we had branched there with my sisters to look for abandoned ripe bananas. This time however, I was alone with cousin; I followed her.
“I think nobody will see us here. ” She said looking me straight in the face.
I felt shy. I just stood there as she found some spongy dry banana leaves and sat on them.

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   She reached for me, all the time looking me in the eye. She pulled me towards her. It was like I was waiting for it. I fell on her, my heart pumping hard. She unbuttoned my shorts as I pulled off her knickers. I thought about nothing else. I didn’t think about my sisters or anyone else seeing us. My cock was rock-hard. I abandoned all caution to the wind. This time I was a bit slow. We had enough time to break each other’s cherries. We then quietly got off each other, and walked off each to our respective families. Despite the sweet experience, I was not sure what I would say if mother asked me why my sisters had left me behind.
Mother was already in the house. Older sister was in the kitchen lighting fire to begin preparing dinner.

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   Younger sister was outside sorting firewood. On seeing me she signaled to me to move closer.
“Hey big brother, have you found your souvenir?” she asked sort of shouting for mother to hear. “I am sorry we couldn’t continue the search with you. We had to rush in to help mom. ”
I felt embarrassed but happy. All along my sister new the game I was up to with cousin!
“We told mother about it. ” Older sister quipped in from the kitchen. “After making the fire we were planning to join you in the search!”
I marveled at their ingenuity. Knowing that mother would not be bothered to find out what souvenir they were talking about, younger sister had created this cover up and it had worked so well.
Sisters Replace Cousin
“Let’s pass there as we go to the well. It may be harder to find it tomorrow. ” Younger sister continued the conversation gesturing and winking at me.
“It’s already dark; just go to the well. The rest will be for tomorrow.

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  ” Mother joined in.
Knowing what I knew, it really felt funny and romantic to hear mother telling us, her children, to search for the souvenir the next day. It was like she knew as much as my sisters knew. Was it acceptable?
My sisters intentionally prolonged the talk enjoying mother’s innocent comments. In my thinking they saw nothing wrong with it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have suggested joining the search for the souvenir! This thinking alone rekindled my hard-on which I tried to hide by constantly placing my hands on my crotch. It was no use. Older sister noticed it or, at least, she was the first to signal to me that she had noticed. Mother seemed to pay no attention at all to the innuendos. She always never seemed to care as long we were there; the three of us around her, no matter what we were doing. Tonight was no exception.
I picked a pot as my sisters got hold of two big calabashes (common containers at the time) to go to the well, about a kilometre away. Once out of mother’s earshot older sister moved closer to me and whispered between soft laughter, “Did you enjoy searching for the souvenir?”
I was not sure what to say. Both my sisters had kept me out of trouble but my feeling was that I shouldn’t let them into it. I decided to deny that I had had sex with cousin.

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“It’s not as you think. You are getting it all wrong” I denied.
I heard a giggle from younger sister. This gave me the feel that she didn’t believe me. I needed more courage. At least they weren’t offended by the “souvenir” search.
“I was going to join you but mother came too early and spoilt it all. Would you have liked it?” Older sister joined in ignoring my denials.
“Mother will be mad at us if we delayed returning from the well. ” Younger sister reasoned. “Why don’t we do the whispering when we get back from the well?”
That night, as my sisters did their usual chores, I kept moving around the house doing this and that till supper time. As usual older sister picked a small paraffin lamp and went to my bedroom. Since we had joined senior school my sisters had made it routine to make my bed for me. They would spend a little time tiding up my room and then call me to come and appreciate their bed-making skills. By help of the dim lamp light, we would then spend some time there exchanging notes on the happenings in school.

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   Our mother never seemed to worry about it. Actually, if my sisters seemed to forget to tidy up my room, mother would be the first to scold them.
Tonight it was different. Younger sister didn’t participate reorganizing my room. She excused herself and left it to older sister to handle; reminding us that even their bed had not been made. In a few minutes older sister called to say she was done. I bade our mother goodnight and joined older sister in my room. I found her lying on my bed pretending to read one of my books. On seeing me come in, she motioned to me to sit on the bed, by her side. In whispers she recounted how she had seen my hard-on, reassuring me I dint need to worry at all; that in case I had a problem she was there to help. The talk made my coke harden even more. I began to think about the two incidents with cousin.
“Are you sure it’s right? You are my sister. ” I said pretending to moralize.
“Of course I know, but how am I different from cousin? I know you fucked her today and yesterday.

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  ” She said with determination. It was the first time I had heard her talk like that; use a word that was obscene in our house.
As we talked my sister focused on my penis which was now so hard that it had began to hurt. I felt I wanted her; sister or not, that’s all I wanted; fuck her. As I got lost in thought, my sister touched my chest to feel my pulse.
“Yes, you will not need cousin again because I love you more than she does; I know you . . . ” She mumbled on and on, as she moved her hand to my crotch; on to my penis.
My hands had found their way to sister’s piss hole. It was so wet. The fondling was short. She pulled me over her. I was soon trying to push into her wet cunt but it was too tight. She encouraged me on, pushing hard against.

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   She did everything she could to make me feel good. Then she tensed, pushing even harder against me. I felt my coke penetrate deeper beyond what felt like a tight ring. She whispered my name, telling me not to stop. She held me hard as I experienced that unusual feeling; a shiver and a spat from my penis as I came deep into my sister for the first time. She too shivered holding me even tighter. She then relaxed asking me to get off her. We both had got our first orgasms together and I had broken her cherry. It was so good; much better than fucking cousin. I would never need cousin again.
The next day it was younger sister’s turn to make my bed. With her, no cajoling was needed. I had broken all taboo with older sister and knowing that my sisters had no secrets between them, I had correctly guessed they had shared this too.
We had opened the proverbial “Pandora’s box”. From then on, we fucked anytime, anywhere we felt there were no prying eyes; on our way to the garden in the mornings; on our way to fetch water or even as we collected firewood from the thickets around our home; and in the house as we prepared for the night.

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The following holidays I and my sisters kept more to ourselves. Outside our house we were the best-behaved children. Back in the house mother had no complaint at all. We had developed greater love among ourselves and seemed to love our mother even more. Mother seemed to have noticed the growing intimacy but she never had any negative comment. Instead she encouraged us on; many a time noting that we gave her so much pride; that everyone was talking about us as model children in the village.
It was one evening when she had found us together in the merriest of moods. The merry mood was not without reason. Mother had gone visiting one of her distant relatives and stayed there for a night. In her absence we had had a romp in the house. Since father was never in the house till late in the night and mother had left early in the day, we had done everything we had, till then, feared to do in the house. Early the next day, we had cleaned all around the house and put everything including mother’s stuffed small bedroom, in good order. My sisters had cooked food and left it on fire covered awaiting mother’s return. She had looked around and everything had pleased her so much.
Brother and Sister Sojourn at Uncle’s House
After two years, the three of us joined high school.

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   Coincidently, I and younger sister had been admitted to the same school a long distance away from home. Luckily, our maternal uncle worked and stayed near this school. When he learnt of our admission into this school he volunteered to come home and take us to the school himself. We arrived late and sojourned for a night at his small house. His wife lived back home in the village so uncle lived alone except when he got visitors like us.
The house was beautiful but had only one bedroom with one bed, one bathroom, kitchen and sitting room with rudimentary furniture that comprised of wooden chairs without cautions. After a delicious meal cooked and served by him, uncle announced he was on night duty so we would have the house to ourselves.
“I am sorry I can’t afford my kids enough company, but there is food and milk in the kitchen. Find your way around the house. ” He said with a smile promising to see us again in the morning.
That night we had our first sex outside home; on uncle’s bed. It was a wonderful night. Uncle returned in the morning and found us already up in kitchen preparing breakfast. We then got our packs onto a wheel barrow and uncle guided us to school where he presented himself as our father. Given that I resembled him so closely, no one doubted our relationship.

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Life in high school everything seemed new. The boys’ and girls’ dormitories were a distance apart and we only met during classes, meals and at games. Our major consolation was the weekends when students would go visiting wherever and whoever they wanted. In our case we always looked forward to going to uncle’s house. Uncle would mostly be in the village to be with his family over weekends so he had introduced us to his neighbours as his other children. He always left the keys to the house with these neighbours so we could have unlimited access to the house, partake of good food, enjoy good milk. Unknown to Uncle, his nephew and niece had an additional menu on the weekend agenda; enjoy brother-sister sex.
Home for Holidays - Sharing Experiences with Older Sister
We came back for our first holiday in high school to find older sister already home. She had come back two days before us. She welcomed us, especially me with a big hug and a wide smile, hanging on my shoulders as she hugged me, whispering in my ears that she had missed me so much.
Mother too hugged me holding me so close, squeezing my upper arms and shoulders, looking at my face and hugging me again as we went through the litany of traditional greetings. She was so excited seeing us back home after a long three months.
That day father came home a little early. He found us still seated around the fire place. The four of us were in the jolliest of the moods.


   We all stood up to hug him as was our tradition. When we had found our seats again, mother welcomed her husband, our father, with a short speech.
“Your children are so happy to be home with their family. Just before your arrival your son had vowed not to go to sleep before seeing you. Its good you came back early tonight. ”
It was such an appropriate lie as none of us had even asked about our father. Father was excited to hear this. He hugged me tight one more time, heaping all sorts of praises on me. I felt so good about mother’s wisdom. Everyone was happy. We exchanged pleasantries father asking me about some places he knew around my school.
When all of us had told our stories, father in his usual slow style, retold the story about the worrier man who loved and always protected his family from danger and the stupid lazy young man who loved no one but married off his young sisters just to enjoy the bride wealth. He likened me to the worrier man, saying that I should love and protect my mother and sisters.
Though I was the younger of his sons he knew he could depend on me. I promised I would do that and more.

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   I would love my family in its entirety, especially my mother and sisters. Indeed I loved them all. By the time we were all done, it was so late in the night. Our parents bade us farewell and went to their room. I and my sisters, with older sister in the lead, too moved to my bedroom. Older sister had actually slept in my bed for the last two nights as she expectantly waited for us.
We went directly to my bed and immediately older sister was over me; too horny to wait. Younger sister laughed so loudly that mother had to warn us that we were disturbing their sleep. We lowered our voices as we groped for each other, and for the second time we fucked together, the three of us in the same bed while our parents were in the next room. The urge of lust now reduced, we talked deep in the night. We exchanged school experiences; we told older sister about our sojourns at uncle’s house on our way to school; the romantic weekends we had had at uncle’s house while uncle had come home to his family. On her part, older sister didn’t have much to share. She had missed us, all through the term. She wished we could be together in the same school; visit uncle’s house and enjoy everything together.
Holiday in, holiday out; we continued thus.

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   Even as we completed high school, I joining university and my sisters joining other higher institutions, we never changed. We fucked on and on.
To be continued.

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