Getting Fucked by Uncle... Part 1


This is based on a true story!!!
Therefore it is short and to the point!!!
I am telling the story just the way it happened so I hope you enjoy!!!

I would start of by telling a little about me first. My tits are a 18/D. I have a nice figure since I do yoga. A round, perfect ass.

This story is when my mom's younger sister took me out to her apartment for the holidays. My uncle had brought 2 bottles of tequila. We were in a good mood so the three of us finished both the bottles in a few hours and fell asleep. I was on one bed alone while they were on the other bed. I woke up in the middle of the night and heard noises, my aunt and uncle were fucking, the noises turned me on and I got wet. I kept still and listened to them fuck. Since it was dark I opened my eyes a little and saw their shapes. Uncle was fucking my aunt in doggy style and later he was on his knees while aunt lay back with her legs on his shoulder. After another 30 minutes of fucking they climaxed and they fell asleep. Once I was sure they were sleeping I took off my panties and started masturbating and soon I was sighing slowly ahhhhh ahhhhh ohhhhh yeah. My uncle looked up and I realized he hadn’t fallen asleep. Feeling embarrassed I reached for my panties; he got up and came to me.

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   Getting undressed again he asked me “Need some help. ” That made me happy; I hadn’t had a cock in me for weeks. I got on my knees and started sucking his 8 inch cock. After about ten minutes he told me to lie on my back and he went down on me. I had a boyfriend but he had never eaten me as my uncle did. I was in ecstasy. After a few minutes I climaxed more then I ever had. He then got on his knees holding my legs wide apart and fucked me in that position for about 15 minutes before I stopped him and asked him to fuck me doggy style (my favorite position). Getting on my hands and knees he took me from behind and pounded my pussy for another 10 – 15 minutes. When he started to cum he took his cock out and dumped his load on my back. He leaned down and whispered in my ear “I hope I can fuck you again. ” “Anytime. ” I whispered back and he got off the bed. I got up and went to clean myself when I got back I saw that he was already back on the other bed and sleeping beside my aunt.

I had more awesome sex with my uncle the following the days… and my aunt also joined us later on but that is for another time
Let me know what you think of this story and if I get a good response more will follow.

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Oh and do tell me where I need to improve so I can do better next time!!!.