Gotham: 2 Girls, 1 Butler


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own Gotham or the characters from it. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/ff, Anal, First time

Gotham: 2 Girls, 1 Butler
By Muhabba

It wasn't raining yet in the alley but the clouds threatened to unleash by later in the afternoon at least. Alfred wasn't to worried, he knew he and his guests would be safely indoors by then. He looked up and caught a flash of black and brown moving swiftly across the edge of the rooftop. He'd found his first guest.

The second guest was much easier to find outside the Gotham Prep Academy. Alfred had arranged for Bruce to have extra classes for the rest of the afternoon giving him plenty of time with his two guests. He walked up to his second intended guest, the milling crowed of students parting around him, until he was close enough to call out to her, startling her.

A half hour later both of Alfred's guests we're seated rather stiffly on the overstuffed couch in the main study of Wayne manor. It was now raining outside and fat drops of rain we're causing the glass of the windows to rattle.

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  He sat in the matching chair opposite the couch watching the two young girls. He hadn't talked to them since they all arrived and he sat in silence for a few minutes more, letting the girls' nervousness roll over them.

Without warning he broke the silence and startled the two girls. "I suppose you're both wondering why I called you both here today," he said in his peculiar Cockney accent.

"I didn't nick anything the last time I was here," Selena Kyle said trying not to sound defensive.

"Miss Kyle, we'll start with you then," Alfred said, holding her eye just long enough to make her feel uncomfortable, "You've known Master Bruce the longest. "

"Is something wrong with Bruce," Silver asked worriedly.

Alfred held up his hand to the beautiful young girl. "We'll get to you in a moment, Miss St. Cloud," he said before turning his attention back to Selena. "Now, Miss Kyle, as having known Master Bruce the longest have you noticed anything odd about his behavior?Anything out of the ordinary?"

Selena relaxed on the couch and tried to look like nothing bothered her, ever. She shook her wavy brown hairsticking out from under her cap and then glared over at the blonde girl. "Just him hanging out with this skank," she said with a petty smile on her face.

"Skank?!" Silver said in disgust. "At least I'm not a common thief!"

"There's nothing common about me!" Selena yelled back.

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"That's enough," Alfred said sternly, "Or I'll take you both over my knee. "

Both girls looked sullenly at Alfred and he took a moment to look at how opposite they both appeared as they sat next to each other. Selena, with her wavy brown hair and uniquely colored eyes, was dressed head to toe in leather, possibly to help her in her nocturnal criminal activities. Silver, with her straight blonde hair and hazel eyes, was dress more properly in her school uniform with gray blazer and knee length pleated skirt. Both girls were quite striking and Alfred could easily see why Master Bruce would be attracted to them both.

"Your problems with each other are exactly why I've brought you together this afternoon," Alfred said. He glared at both of the girls for a moment and watched them squirm on the couch, Silver's skirt pulling up slightly to show her knees. "Lord knows why but Master Bruce has feelings for both of you and your animosity towards each other is causing him great distress. "

Selena glared at Silver out of the corner of her eye as she mumbled, "She's a animosity. "

Silver chuckled at Selena, "Ha!That's not even what that means, skank. "

Alfred stood up to grab their attention before a fight could break out. "Alright, that's it. I told you both what would happen if you couldn't behave. "He sat back down and pointed at Silver, snapping his fingers and then pointing at his lap. "Miss St.

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   Cloud, here please," he ordered.

"But she started it," Silver muttered meekly before getting up and shuffling over toward the butler. She could hear Selena snickering behind her and threw the small thief an angry stare from over her shoulder before Alfred grabbed her arm and yanked her over his lap.

Alfred pulled up Silver's skirt to reveal her pink panties pulled tight over her curved ass. As he yanked down her underwear he had to admire her ass which was far more round and shapely then he would have thought for a girl her age. He ran his rough hand across her sensitive skin and felt goose bumps break out across her bare, tan flesh before raising his hand up and bringing it down with a slap. Silver yelped out in pain as he spanked her bare ass again and again, her firm flesh jiggling with each painful slap until her rear-end was bright red and she was nearly sobbing.

Running his hand across Silver's red, sensitive ass, Alfred felt her shiver on his lap. He slid his thumb between her plump cheeks, rubbing over her tight asshole and dipping down to just above her tiny little pussy and felt her shiver again. He waited for her to settle down a little before raising his hand again and bringing it down across her firm ass again and again. She began gasping and moaning with every slap, sliding down his lap a little and grasping the thick rug as she was rocked back and forth.

When he thought Silver was on the verge of tears Alfred ran his hand over her gleaming, silky ass one last time before pushing her off of his lap. Before her pleated skirt had settled he caught a glimpse of her hairless little slit before she bent down and hastily pulled her panties back up. He looked over at Selena and her eyes were bright with amusement but quickly dimmed when he said, "Your turn, Miss Kyle. "

Selena's face fell and her eyes widened in fear as she stood up slowly and shuffled passed Silver.

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  When she was in arms reach Alfred grabbed her and pulled her down onto his lap. He pulled down her tight leather pants to reveal her black thong and her small, muscular ass. His eyes widened and his breath caught as he took in her gymnast's ass and he unconsciously licked his lips. He ran his hand over her tight cheeks as he gently tugged down her black thong and licked his lips again as he revealed her pale flesh. He almost couldn't bring himself to spank her, to mar the beautiful flesh of this girl's amazing rear-end almost seemed like a crime but he'd warned her and she had stepped over the line and deserved her punishment.

Alfred took a moment to simply rub his hand across her ass, his fingers gliding over her smooth flesh, amazed by how firm it was. He had already been semi-erect after dealing with Ms. St. Cloud but the feel of Selena in his hands brought him to full hardness. He knew Selena could feel his erection digging into her stomach as he brought his hand down but he didn't care, all he cared about was the fact that her ass was so tight it barely moved as he spanked her. He had to work harder and longer on her ass than Silver's before the cat burglar began panting and moaning on his lap, her bare skin flush and seeming to glow in the dimly lit room.

Running his hand across Selena's sensitive flesh, Alfred was amazed by how much pressure he had to use to get his thumb between her muscular cheeks. He lovingly stroked her puckered little asshole before dipping his thumb down to her wet pussy. When she began moaning he pushed her off his lap and she stared up at him with a bizarre look of fascination and anger on her face, amazed that he would have taken advantage of her like that. He pointed sternly at the couch and watched her tight rear-end as she struggled to cover herself before sitting down.

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"There," Alfred said as if he hadn't just fondled two teenage girls, "I hope that has taught you to keep your manners. "When both girls nodded meekly he said, "Good. Now on with the business at hand. I think we can agree that each of us cares for Master Bruce in our own ways, correct?"

The two young girls glared at each other before turning back to Alfred and nodding tersely,"Good," he said sternly, his back straight and his nose slightly up. "Now each of you is suspicious of the other for your own reasons so I suggest a truce. Each of you are to be civil to the other in Master Bruce's presence, agreed?"

The girls tried to completely ignore each other as they both slowly nodded. "Very good," Alfred announced. His fingers twitched as a sudden memory of the two girl's very different asses crossed his mind, so real he could almost feel their skin in his palms. "Now I want you both to make up," he ordered.

Selena and Silver glared daggers at each other before Selena put her hand out first to her blonde rival which amazed Alfred, he would have thought Silver, the better raised of the two beautiful girls, would have gone first. They shook hands as if the skin of the other burned and then went back to ignoring each other.

Alfred reclined more comfortably in the chair. "I'm afraid that's not nearly good enough," he said in a strange tone of voice, "I'm afraid that the seriousness of the situation demands a more. . .

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   in-depth show of acceptance on both of your parts. You must kiss. "

"What!" both girls shrieked in disgust.

"There is no other choice," Alfred said plainly. "I'm afraid the depth of your dislike for each other will make a handshake easily breakable. Now kiss or do I need to remind you both I am Master Bruce's guardian and can forbid him from seeing either one of you. "

Both young girls glared hatefully at each other before the both leaned towards each other and had a quick, clean kiss.

"Well I'd bloody well hardly call that a kiss," Alfred said angrily before standing up. He walked over to the couch and sat between the two teenage girls. He looked down at Selena who stared up at him defiantly. "Given your history I would hardly imagine you've never kissed anyone. Now for the sake of Master Bruce and any possibility of seeing him again, show me how you kiss. "

Alfred leaned down and waited for Selena who glared at him angrily for a moment before shutting her eyes slightly and leaning up. He slid his hand up the arm of her leather jacket and held her shoulder as their lips touched. He ran the memory of her tight, muscular ass in his mind as he slid his tongue into her warm mouth.

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  He squeezed her shoulder the same way he had squeezed her taunt ass as he caressed her pink tongue with his own and with his years of experience soon had her moaning in appreciation of his skill.

Breaking the kiss, Alfred looked down at Selena and saw her still trying to kiss him back, so lost to what he had done to her she was completely unaware that he had stopped. After a moment her eyes fluttered open and she saw him staring down at her with a condescending smirk, "I knew you knew how to kiss. "She glared angrily up at him for a moment before crossing her arms across her slight chest and looking a way.

"Turning his head, Alfred looked down at Silver. "Your turn, Ms. St. Cloud," he said before cupping her astonished face, bringing her up to him as he bent down and pressed his lips to her's. He slid his tongue across her bubblegum pink lips, letting her know what he would be doing next. His tongue entered her mouth and sought out her tongue, caressing it before thoroughly exploring her tender mouth. It may have been her inexperience at kissing but it took a few minutes for him to draw a moan from her but as soon as he did he broke the kiss.

"Excellent," he said before standing up and sitting in his chair again. "Now since you both know how to kiss I expect to see a better effort from both of you," he sternly told the teenage girls. "Kiss. "

Both Selena and Silver glared at each other for a moment before leaning in towards one another.

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  Their pink lips met and Alfred could see that Selena was the first one to use tongue, slipping it between their lips and into Silver's waiting mouth. Being the bolder one, Selena held Silver's head as she explored her mouth and he could see the teen girl's tongue working inside the other girl's mouth and Selena soon had Silver moaning in pleasure.

Alfred started to grow harder as he said, "Silver, don't make Selena do all the work, please, it's rude. Kiss Selena back. "Silver began slowly complying, her pink tongue sliding back and forth into Selena's mouth, caressing and wrestling with each other until both girls were moaning in pleasure, their eyes closed as they each began enjoying what the other was doing.

Although Silver was participating more, Alfred could tell that Selena would always be the more dominate one and rather than turn this into a power play between the two kissing, teen girls he would just go with their strengths. "Selena, begin kissing Miss St. Cloud's neck. Silver, Selena is wearing far more layers than you, begin taking them off please. "

Silver gasped as Selena kissed down to her neck and she began undoing Selena's leather jacket,With the last button undone, Silver opened the jacket to reveal that Selena wore only a tight, black, spaghetti strap shirt underneath and it was obvious that she wasn't wearing any sort of bra under it. Selena helped Silver remove her jacket, kissing along the blonde girl's neck to her other side and causing Silver to moan out louder.

Alfred was amazed by Selena's impressive physique. Her breasts were barely more than mosquito bites with hard nipples poking through her tight top but her shoulders were broad and she already had the makings of a six-pack clearly visible since her top only covered her chest. "Miss Kyle, it appears I was mistaken about how clothed you were and now it appears that Miss St. Cloud is wearing more clothes than you.

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  This is hardly fair, remove them please. "

Even though the panting teenage girls weren't even acknowledging that Alfred was talking they still eagerly complied and that was all that was important to him, that they got along. Selena began removing Silver's blouse and school tie. With every opened button the dark haired girl kissed and licked the new patch of exposed skin causing the blonde girl to throw her head back as she panted with pleasure. Silver caressed Selena's exposed shoulders as Selena slid the blonde teen's shirt down her arms to expose her surprisingly ample breasts contained her her lacy white bra.

Selena kissed all around Silver's more ample cleavage before pressing herself up against the more tentative girl, their young, firm tits pressed together as they kissed passionately, moaning into each other's mouths. Selena wrapped her arms around Silver and began caressing her back as Silver slid her arms down Selena's more muscular back and then back up until her hands were under the dark haired girl's tight top. As Silver raised her hands up it pulled Selena's top up to expose just the bottom under-swell of her breasts, her hard nipples the only thing keeping the thin material of the top from raising above her chest.

Alfred decided he may have judged Silver wrong as the more passive girl, it appeared she just needed more motivation since she appeared to be more determined to get Selena's top of than Selena was to get her's off. But luckily he was there to encourage them to interact fairly, for Master Bruce's sake. "Selena, Miss St. Cloud appears to be doing more of the work. Please remove her bra. "

With a flick of her talented, trained fingers, Selena quickly opened Silver's bra. She reached up to the blond girl's shoulders and began sliding the straps down her arms as she kissed her way down the center of the other girl's chest.

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  She felt Silver shiver as she reached the middle of her breast bone and then sat up as she pulled the rich girl's bra all the way down revealing her large breasts. She held the bra up to Alfred like she had just proved a point and then flung the skimpy piece of material over her shoulder leaving the other girl completely topless.

Alfred could tell what the look Selena was giving him was. She was daring him to say something about Silver's larger breasts. Anything he said would be proof that he was just like any other guy, all about huge tits. If he had been a younger man he might have fell for Selena's little dare but he had years of experience on the young girl. "Silver, Ms. Kyle has done you a favor and helped you out of your clothes, don't you think you should repay her?"

Selena never took her eyes off of Alfred as Silver reached over and grasped the bottom of Selena's tight top. She was much quicker revealing Selena's tiny tits than Selena had been in revealing her larger ones. Silver began kissing down Selena's breast bone, going slowly down over the cat burglar's flat stomach to the top of her pants showing more enthusiasm now than she had previously.

Selena sensed Silver's new enthusiasm and turned to her as Silver took the opportunity to kiss her. Their tongues met and immediately began wrestling against each other as the young girls pressed their bare chests together. Selena seemingly forgot all about Alfred as Silver's larger breasts enveloped her's and the two girl's began slowly but firmly rubbing against each other. Their firm, young bodies began moving in sync as their hands slid over their naked skin and began struggling with the remainder of their clothing.

Smirking with a small sense of pride, Alfred watched the teen girls strip each other nude without any prompts from him, eager to explore each other's bodies on their own.


  Selena quickly became the dominant one again and began kissing down Silver's naked body and the blonde girl eagerly opened her legs to the young thief. As Selena crawled onto her knees on the floor her tight ass was pointed straight back at Alfred and he eagerly eyed her puckered little asshole and her pink, dripping pussy. Above Selena's head were Silver's surprising large tits and for a few minutes as the brunette ate out the blonde he thought he had the perfect view but he wanted to see more.

"All right, girls," Alfred said with a stern voice and a clap of his hands, "Time to change things up a bit. "

Selena pulled her face out of the juncture of Silver's thighs and glared evilly back at the British butler. "Why?" she growled.

"Yeah. Why?" Silver pouted sweetly.

Alfred stood up and crossed his arms across his chest as he stared down at the naked, horny, teenage girls. "Because I don't want to listen to the lot of you bickering about taking turns. Now, let's get ourselves organized. "

With some grumping and groaning Alfred soon had the girls organized into a 69 in the couch. Selena was on her back with Silver straddling her face, bent over the young thief with her face between her legs. "Very good, children. Begin," Alfred ordered.

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"I'm not a child," Selena said with a scowl, glaring hatefully at Alfred before leaning up, wrapping her arms around Silver's thighs, and licking her wet slit.

Instead of arguing the point of the girls' ages, Alfred simply reclined in his chair and watched as both young girls writhed against each other. Their hands slid over each other's bodies as the hungrily ate each other's pussies, gasping and moaning between their spread thighs. He opened his pants and pulled out his hard prick, massaging himself slowly as he enjoyed the sight of the two teenage girls fucking one another. Their young bodies were so different from on another's: Silver pale and soft, Selena firm and tan.

As Alfred watched he could tell that Selena was once again the more dominant one as Silver moaned louder between the thief's thighs and Selena practically growled between the rich girl's legs. His cock was practically throbbing now, almost aching in need as he listened to the teen girls' moans of pleasure. He released his cock and began to slowly undress, his eyes locked on the two fucking girls as he readied himself.

When the girls' moans had reached a fever pitch, Alfred interrupted them,"I think that'll be enough of that for now," he said as he stood up.

Selena looked up from between Silver's spread legs at the annoying butler. "I knew it," she mumbled as she began trying to get out of Silver's grip.

"What. . . what's going on?" Silver asked bleary eyed, Selena's juices coating her chin.

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"The butler wants us to blow him," Selena said as she rolled her eyes.

Alfred walked over to the two horny girl's and presented his cock to them. "I'm afraid you'll be doing much more than simply blowing me, Miss Kyle. In the interest of either or both of you continuing your relationships with Master Bruce I'm going to need to see exactly how well you can please him," he said with a smug smile.

Selena rolled her eyes again. "Whatever," she grumbled.

"Thank you for volunteering, Miss Kyle," Alfred said as he gripped the base of his cock and pointed it at Selena's up-turned face. "Now, will you please show Miss St. Cloud what to do. "

Selena sighed in frustration before slapping away Alfred's hand and replacing it with her own. "Whatever," she grumbled again as she glared up at the butler and began tugging on his prick. She looked down at the bulging purple head, a drop of pre-cum already gleaming on the tip. She slid her tongue out and swiped up the small drop of fluid before circling the tip. She drew the cock-head into her mouth, caressing it as she swallowed it until it was bumping against the back of her throat, holding him there as he groaned above her.

Silver's small hands slowly wandered up to her ample chest as she stared in wide-eyes fascination at the naked thief sucking on the naked butler's penis.

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  She began toying with her large breasts as Selena took Alfred's thing as far as it could go into her mouth, his heavy balls resting on her chin. As the cat burglar bobbed her head back and forth she gripped the base in one hand and began playing with his balls in the other making him groan as he began rocking his hips back and forth.

With every suck, Selena rubbed Alfred's cock shaft with her tongue as it bumped against the back of her throat. When she pulled back she circled his tip with her tongue before sucking him back in, never once losing they rhythm of her small hands on the base of his cock and balls. She may have been a great thief now but that wasn't always the case and a young girl had to make her way in Gotham any way she could.

Holding the sides of the young thief's head, Alfred slowly took control and began fucking her talented mouth. His balls slapped wetly against her chin as she continued to stare defiantly up at him which turned him on even more. He heard a groan coming from the side and turned his head to see Silver was pawing at her spectacular chest with one hand as she slid her other hand between her quivering thighs.

"Right, I think that's enough of that," Alfred said as he pulled his dick out of Selena's mouth and patted her on her head. "Miss St. Cloud, I hope you've been paying attention because now it's your turn," he said as he angled his hips to aim his cock at Silver's flushed face.

"What?I don't. . . " Silver stuttered as she stared at the butler's throbbing penis.

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Rolling her eyes, Selena grabbed Alfred's cock in one hand and the back of Silver's head with the other. "Just get it over with. Maybe the old guy'll bust a nut and we can get this over with already," she said with disdain as she pushed Silver's head forward.

Silver opened her mouth mostly out of shock and Selena took the opportunity to shove Alfred's cock past her pink lips. Her mouth snapped shut automatically and the butler immediately grabbed the sides of her head and began rocking himself back and forth, fucking her startled face. The blond girl tried to pull her head back but the little thief kept a firm hold on the back of her head as Alfred used her mouth. With no other choice she began sucking on the older man's dick, her wet tongue randomly fluttering up against it as she braced herself with her hands against his waist, waiting for him to get done with her.

While Selena had been able to easily swallow his entire length, Silver wasn't as talented and Alfred could only get half of his shaft into her warm mouth. While Selena had been a superb cock-sucker, Silver still had a lot to learn so he would have to make due with taking more control than he had with Selena. Besides, Silver had something that Selena hadn't. Pulling his prick out of the blonde socialite's warm mouth he pointed to the back of the couch. "Lean back please, Miss St. Cloud,"

"What?Wha. . .

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   Why?" Silver asked in confusion, her eyes darting between Alfred and Selena.

Selena scoffed and pushed Silver back. "Cuz guys like tits," she said as she wrapped an arm around the blonde girl's slender shoulders. Alfred settled over Silver's chest while Selena wrapped the nervous rich girl's tits around his cock, holding them as the old guy began fucking them. "It's called titty fucking," she told the confused girl.

"It feels weird," Silver said, her eyes locked on the butler's throbbing cock head as it kept popping up out of her firm, pale cleavage. Alfred reached down and replaced Selena's hands with his own, squeezing her breast as he fucked them and occasionally pinching her hard nipples. The little street thief began digging between her thighs so Silver opened her legs automatically as Selena's fingers delved into the nervous girl's pussy.

"That's the spirit," Alfred grunted as he fucked the teenage girl's tits and Selena played her her moist pussy. He was simply amazed by the young girl's breasts and how well they sat on her frame. The twin orbs were so firm and felt like warm silk as he plunged himself between them that he could have spent the entire night fucking her tits but he had other plans. Releasing Silver's breasts he took a step back and stared down at the two naked, teenage girls. "Right. Let's move on then, shall we?"

Selena rolled her eyes and huffed as she pulled her fingers out of Silver's drooling pussy.

"Thank you for volunteering to go first, Miss Kyle," Alfred said, "If you'd kindly lay back and spread your legs,"

Selena rolled her eyes at the butler again but willingly complied, laying back against the couch and opening her legs.

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  She didn't try to hide her bare, smooth, pink cunt, instead opening up to the old guy defiantly and hooking her hands behind her knees to keep her legs up as he got down on his knees. He leaned in between her spread thighs and began licking at her pussy expertly while she tried to hide her groans and moans of pleasure and his tongue slid around her wet pussy-lips. Her hips bucked uncontrollably as he slid his tongue between her labia and into her hole, fucking her slowly with his tongue until she was on the verge of cumming.

Alfred licked at Selena's dewy cunt until she was writhing around in front of him and then suddenly stood up. "Right, I'm a bit old for fucking a young girl on the couch, bit of a bad back. Miss St. Cloud, could you move over a bit. "The blonde haired girl pushed herself to the very edge of the couch with a slight look of fear on her face as he sat between the two naked girls.

Selena had a dumbfounded look on her face as Alfred sat between her and Silver. "Really?You're gonna make me do all the work?"

Alfred didn't say anything, he just used his hand to present his cock to Selena and waited.

"Fine. Whatever," Selena grumbled as she straddled the old guy's lap. His hands quickly latched onto her tight little ass as she gripped the base of his prick with one of her small hands and braced herself against his chest with the other. She lowered herself down slowly, letting gravity pull her down onto his prick. She groaned with unwanted pleasure as his cock slowly stretched her pussy, her juices trickling down his shaft as she slowly slid down.

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  He didn't move or force her, letting her control everything as her pussy enveloped his cock until she could feel him bottomed out inside of her small body.

"You may begin," Alfred said and heard Selena mutter a fuck you as he leaned forward and took one of her ripe nipples into his mouth. He sucked and licked her hard nub as his hands gripped and squeezed her tight ass, amazed at how firm it felt I'm his hands. She began slowly rising and falling on his dick, her tight, teenage cunt gripping him like a hot vice. He could feel her warm, slick juices sliding down his pole as she lifted herself up and down while rolling her hips, riding him like an underage pro. He switched from one small tit to the other, licking across her small chest and he could hear her moaning in pleasure despite herself.

Selena forgot about how annoying the butler was, all the times he had treated her like a street urchin or a common thief. She forgot about how he never wanted her around Bruce or the fact that he even slapped her once. All she was concerned about now was the feel of a hard cock stretching and filling her horny pussy, rubbing her in all the right ways with a pair of hands to knead her ass and a mouth to play at her chest. She rode him slowly at first, just enjoying the feel of a cock inside of her, her hips rising and falling over him as she ground her needy clit against him.

Silver's eyes were wide open in shock,She had never seen anything like young Selena fucking the much older butler. The thief's small pussy was stretched wide around the older man's hard prick which was shiny with Selena's juices. Alfred was licking and sucking the brown haired girl's breasts and she had one arm wrapped around his neck to hold him to her as she rode him like he was some kind of horse, her eyes closed as she moaned and panted in pleasure. Silver jammed two fingers into her needy pussy, her legs spread as wide as she was able while she watched the couple fucking only inches from her.

Selena's young, tight body rode Alfred's hard, throbbing cock harder and faster.

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  She was groaning and gasping with pleasure every time she threw her heated body down against the older man's lap. His hands touched her everywhere, her back, her legs, her neck, her shoulders, her arms but of course they always returned to her taunt ass. Without warning he slid his fingertips between her muscular cheeks and pressed one against her puckered asshole. "Hey, perv!Not there!" she shouted as she tried to squirm away but was trapped by Alfred's prick inside of her.

"You will not dictate terms to me, young lady," Alfred said sternly. With one hand he slapped Selena's tight ass while with his other hand he used the combined lubrication of her sweat and pussy to shove his middle finger deep into her ass. She cried out in shock as she came and he thrust himself up as far as she could, her tight, teenage twat gripping down on him even more tightly. Her entire young body seized, her head thrown back, her graceful back arched and thrusting her tender chest out as tremors ran through her gleaming body.

Selena didn't come down from her orgasmic body, her body simply collapsed. She panted against Alfred's chest, unable to move, her eyes glazed and her vision blurry as she stared off to the side, not even realizing Silver was looking right at her. Silver stared worriedly at Selena as she slowly pulled her wet fingers out of her gooey pussy. "Selena, are you okay?"

"Don't worry about our Miss Kyle," Alfred said as he pulled the spent girl off of his hard prick and sat her down on the opposite end of the couch to recover, "She'll be just fine. "He held his hand open and presented his cock to the confused, blonde teenage girl. "I believe it's your turn, Miss St. Cloud.

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Silver began shaking her head no, unable to pull her eyes from the butler's sticky cock. "I can't. . . I don't. . . " she stammered.

Selena focused her eyes at the scared rich girl. If she had to fuck the old guy there was no way Silver was going to get away with not doing it. "Go ahead and get it over with. Otherwise you can kiss Bruce good-bye and leave him with me," she said with a sneer.

Silver looked at the common gutter thief with disdain. She had her own reasons for wanting to be with Bruce and there was no way she was going to let Selena or the butler's penis keep her from him. She nodded her head and Alfred grabbed her by one arm and Selena by the other and dragged her over the older man's lap, his erect dick pointing straight up between her legs.

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  Alfred held her by her hips while Selena parted her wet pussy-lips with one hand and held the base of the butler's prick with the other.

Alfred steered Silver over his cock until his throbbing head was nestled at the entrance to her hot, wet hole and then let gravity do the rest. She slowly slid down his pole as Selena strummed her clit causing Silver to moan out in pleasure despite the discomfort he knew she had to be feeling. He grabbed on to her abundant tits and began sucking and licking her silky flesh, burying his head between them and squeezing them hard around his face, amazed at how firm they were. The moment she was settled completely on his lap he began thrusting up into her, her overly developed body jiggling wildly as she groaned and gasped in pleasure.

Selena smiled wickedly as she continued playing with Silver's clit while the annoying butler fucked her. She was glad that the bitchy little rich girl was having to fuck Alfred the same as she had too but she also knew this was a competition between her and Silver and she refused to lose.

Groaning around his face full of young tit, Alfred could feel himself about to cum already. He had guessed that Selena had been no virgin and had been proven right but he hadn't been as sure with Silver. He hadn't felt a hymen as he entered her but if she wasn't a virgin she certainly wasn't experienced with sex. Her pussy was squeezing down on him almost to the point of pain as he thrust up into her, her body jiggling wildly as he fucked her and molested her chest.

Despite herself, Silver couldn't deny the sensations coursing through her young body. Alfred of course had years of experience and had her quickly moaning in pleasure no matter how rough he was with her and Selena, being a girl herself, of course knew what a girl wanted. She threw her head back, her blonde hair cascading down her gracefully arched back as she unconsciously thrust her chest forward to give the butler easier and unrestricted access to her chest. And then she felt two, slender fingers slid into her ass and came explosively.



"Bloody hell," Alfred grunted as he quickly held onto Silver's thrashing body before she could accidentally throw herself to the floor. Her orgasm rocked her small body sending her into thrashing fits as she came, her fluttering cunt gripping down on his cock like an angry fist before she collapsed in his arms. He heard snickering off to his side and saw Selena, now wearing her cap and boots again, giggling wildly as she pulled her fingers out of the blonde girl's ass.

"I guess she just couldn't handle it," Selena snickered as she wiggled the two fingers previously occupying Silver's ass at Alfred.

Alfred set Silver off to the side before turning back to Selena. "Couldn't bloody well handle what?" he growled angrily.

"We both know what this is about," Selena said coyly as she slowly, seductively got up on her knees, her boots hanging off the edge of the couch and her hair flat around her face from under her cap. "This isn't about who you think is good enough to be hanging around with Bruce," she continued as she leaned forward against the back of the couch, "It's about who you can put up with," she said as she pressed her chest against the back of the couch, "It's about who you want around the house," she said breathlessly as she licked her lips erotically and pushed her tight ass back. "So, Alfred, what kind of girl do you want hanging around the mansion?"

Alfred licked his lips as Selena wiggled her tight, little backside at him before realizing what this night had been all about. He crawled behind the sexy, little thief and knelt down on the floor with her ass pointing straight at him. He raised his hands up and parted her muscular, little cheeks and extended his tongue. Bending forward he then rammed his tongue into her tight, tiny, little asshole. She gasped as he began fucking her tight hole with his tongue, thrusting it into her like a small cock. Her gasps quickly turned into moans and then ragged panting as he tongue fucked the sexy little thief's ass.

Dipping his fingers into Selena's gushing pussy, Alfred began smearing her slick juices around the tight ring of muscle at the entrance to her ass.

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  Using his saliva and her own juices he lubed her ass as he tongue and finger fucked her tightest hole causing her to pant and groan in pleasure as her fluids nearly gushed out of her cunt. He did not take his time, he did not go easy, he did not try to ease her into it, he only wanted to get the young girl ready to take his cock, to be ready for his dick pounding into her. Sensing her impending orgasm he slid his fingers as deep into her ass as he could while licking her tender little ring.

Selena's head was draped over the back of the couch as she cooed in pleasure at what the annoying butler was doing to her. Annoying or not, old or not, kind of a dickish ass or not, pompous and condescending or not, she was amazed at how quickly he had brought her to the brink of cumming. And then he suddenly stopped. She looked over her shoulder at Alfred as he rose up behind her and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance to her ass. "Gonna fuck my tiny little butt now, Alfred?" she asked with a smart-ass grin.

"Just stop talking," Alfred groaned in frustration at her grinning, knowing face as he thrust his cock-head into the little thief's ass. She gasped out and giggled at him as she turned her head back around so he didn't have to look at her smirking face. It appeared she had won. She had known why he had brought her and Silver to the mansion tonight even if he hadn't realized it at the time. He had been deciding which of the girls he could tolerate more, which one he could take advantage of, which one wanted Master Bruce enough to give themselves to him because if he was going to have another little, surly teenager around the house he was going to get something out of it. And Selena, realizing that, had given him her ass and he was going to use it.

Alfred grunted and Selena groaned out as he bottomed out inside of her, her unbelievably tight ass wrapped around his throbbing cock and his bloated balls resting on her sticky pussy-lips.

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  He held himself still to keep from cumming to soon, just relishing the feel of the young girl wrapped around his prick as she moaned in pleasure or discomfort in front of him. He didn't really care if she was feeling pleasure or pain, all he cared about was using the little thief's ass, fucking her until he came and filling her with his thick cum.

Trying to get her breathing under control so the old, annoying butler couldn't see how much pressure and discomfort he was causing her, Selena looked over her shoulder at Alfred and smirked. "Need a minute to catch your breath?"

Alfred glared at the smirking teen. Then, with out warning he raised his hand up and slapped her tight, toned ass causing her to squeak out and leaving a red hand print on her out-thrust rear-end. "I thought I told you to stop talking," he growled before gripping her tightly around her small waist, his fingers almost touching, and pulled out an inch before roughly thrusting back in. He pushed her forward hard enough she nearly fell over the back of the couch as he started fucking her hard and deep.

Selena began groaning out as Alfred roughly fucked her tiny ass. She tied to stop herself so she didn't give him the satisfaction of making her cry out but it was no use, his cock felt like it was thrusting up through her entire body as it pushed and shoved inside of her. Her breath came in ragged gasps as she held onto the back of the couch like she was riding a roller coaster. Her small tits were jiggling wildly and her sensitive nipples were scrapping against the material of the couch stimulating her even further as she was ass-fucked. "Ni. . . Nice cou.

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  . . couch," she said through gritted teeth and a wide grin.

"Stop talking," Alfred grunted again as he began spanking Selena's taunt ass over and over again making her squeal. He pounded into her over and over, panting and sweating as he forced his cock deep inside of her tight, out-thrust ass. Her pants, moans, and gasps had become one ragged groan, her body tightening up as he hammed into her and he knew she was about to cum. Deciding she didn't deserve to cum just yet, he pulled her back by her hips, holding her to him with his prick buried as deep as possible. He slid his hands beneath her, squeezing her petite tits and pinching her hard nipples. She tried to move herself around, to fuck herself with his cock but he refused to let her move, he was in charge, not her.

"What do you want, you little thief," Alfred asked as he continued to toy with her small body.

"Fu. . . Fuck you. .

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  . you. . . " Selena gasped out.

Alfred chuckled as he held the gasping cat burglar to him, teasing her. "Tech, tech, my dear. Now what do you want because I certainly doubt it's to fuck an old codger like me. "

Selena gritted her teeth, refusing to answer, just mewling in need. Her young body was on fire and the only way to get what she needed was to give in to the annoying old guy. "Fuck. . . Fuck you," she growled.

"Now, now, my dear," Alfred chuckled again, "Watch your language.

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  "He swatted her ass again until her up-thrust rear-end glowed red. He reached under her and pinched her hard nipples, causing her to moaned out again. "Now, what do you want?"

Selena couldn't help herself. Alfred's hands were driving her crazy and she was becoming desperate. And desperate enough to lose to the annoying butler. "Fuck it!Make me cum!Fuck my ass and let me cum!" she shrieked.

Patting Selena's ass affectionately Alfred smiled with a self-satisfied smirk. "What's the magic word, Miss Kyle?"

"Please, Alfred, fuck me and make me cum!" Selena cried out on the verge of tears.

Alfred grabbed Selena forcefully by the hips. "There. That wasn't so bad now was it?" he asked before pulling his cock out and slamming it back into the girl's ripe, teenage body. He hammered himself as hard and as fast as he could into her ass and soon had her wailing out, in pain or pleasure he didn't care. His heavy balls slapped wetly against her drooling cunt as she continued screaming out, her shrill voice echoing through the mansion. He pushed his cock into her tight body with all the force he could, sweat flying from their bodies as her wails changed pitch and he knew she was about to cum.

Burying himself as deep as possible into Selena's tight rear-end as he could, Alfred reached down between her legs and strummed her clit, sending the young thief into a roaring climax.

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  Her little body shook and twitched in front of him, still wrapped around his cock. She yelled out loud enough to rattle the windows as he held her to his hips, enjoying the way her thrashing body squeezed down on his aching cock, her juices spraying out of her heated cunt.

As Selena's body began to quiet down, Alfred released his hold on her and pulled his throbbing prick out of her tightest hole and pushed her over next to Silver. The two girls shared a deleterious look from on their backs and he loomed over them. He fisted his steel hard dick as they slowly turned their heads to look expectantly up at him until he exploded, raining cum down on their faces as he groaned out. Finally his balls drained completely and he burned the image of the two girl's faces and tits covered in his cum before collapsing back on the other end of the couch.

After a few moments of panting silence, Alfred heard Selena from the other end of the comfortable couch.

"Is. . . Is that it?" Selena asked meekly, "Do I. . . I get to still be friends with. .

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  . with Bruce?"

It took Alfred a few moments to catch his breath. "Yes, I suppose you'd be the winner," he said with a chuckle to the small girl.

"Awesome," Selena said as she jumped off of the couch, "Silver was all wrong for him anyway. "She began cleaning up and looking for her clothes while pretending not to notice the look of shock on Alfred's face. "So, when you dropping the shank off and giving me a ride back to town?"

Alfred stared at the young girl in disbelief. "Are. . . are you telling me you faked all that?"

"Course not," Selena said as she began getting the last of her clothing on, "That was a great orgasm and if letting you fuck my ass keeps me around Bruce then it's like a win-win for me. Where's the kitchen, I'm hungry. "

The End. .

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